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Good morning everyone,

We'll be posting a full inventory tomorrow - our regular Sunday update for all.  Some more birds did return yesterday - go figure our first decent day of weather...stay tuned as we will let you know who has returned!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jeane "aka The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning everyon,

Well the race is officially closed.  15 birds have earned a spot in the payouts, and a couple more birds are home from previous tosses.  

This weekend we will post an inventory of which birds are here.  If any other birds return home following the inventory, we will connect with the owners accordingly.  We will continue to contact flyers on an ongoing basis as needed.

Now, onto the payouts.  15 spots filled.  The Terry Wintle Memorial Award has been awarded to LeBreton Landing Loft for the last place finisher on race day.  As for the other 15 unfilled positions, according to our race rules, "Should sufficient birds fail to return in race time to close out the prizes, the unclaimed prize money will be paid-out proportionally to the birds that clocked in race time."


I will post a final payout this weekend and again, we'll have an inventory listed as well.

Thanks everyone for checking out the updates and we'll chat soon!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")



Good morning

It's rainy here...a little sun trying to cone through the clouds once in a while - but overall gloomy today.

The clock is continuing to run.  With the past 2 days of the south winds being fairly present and strong, we're holding out a bit longer for further results.

If for some reason no further birds return, Rick and I are discussing options for the rest of the payouts that are left.

We will confirm the final decision by the end of this week.

Thanks for keeping up to date with us - and see you soon, as I'll likely do a Facebook Live this evening!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good evening all

Well have to say there were more strong south winds today (just like yesterday) the birds are working hard to get home.

15 in the clock and counting.  We're not through yet.  The clock will continue to run and we'll keep chatting with you as we go!

Thanks for all the notes from yesterday and today.  We have some pretty amazing connections with this pigeon flying gig - happy to be a part of it!

Talk soon,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning flyers!

Looks like we will continue to have some birds clocking in!  We're currently at 12 birds as of 9am this morning.  Also note that we have a tie for 11th...which will mean the 11th and 12th prize amounts will be combined and then split to share between those tied winners.

Congratulations again to those that have birds returned so far!

The skies are starting to show some blue in Niagara now - it was pretty overcast earlier this morning.  I'm in St. Catharines, but very similar skies when I look to the east of me where Niagara Falls is.  A bit of wind...but they're making their way.

Stay tuned...I will continue to check (as can you - on the RACE results page!).

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening folks,

Well...8 are home.  We do have the one extra bird that returned late from a different toss (not eligible) - so technically 9 in the coop.  We will continue to clock the birds in tomorrow and I will leave the clock running in the live mode for those who wish to check throughout the day (including me while at work!!).

Congratulations to the flyers with birds that trucked home hard today!  We are proud of the birds so far who've made it back.

Ill let you know how the morning looks as I head to work - and I'll keep you posted with the updates as able through the day.

We had a great turn out of people here today and what a great vibe we had.  Lots of chats and laughs - and we appreciate all who joined on the Facebook Live posting - that was our longest one yet!  Thank you to everyone for their support and kind words along the way!

Have a great night - and we'll continue to update as the day goes on.

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")



Good morning flyers!

As our hands shake a bit this morning, and our stomachs a little uneasy with nerves...the birds were up at 8am in Englehart!

Unfortunately the internet was pretty spotty - but we got to use trusty FaceTime - and showed the release.  We couldn't use the school - as school's in session today - but managed to find the baseball diamonds at the arena and go from there.

Check out the release if you're interested.  125 birds we wait!

Good luck to all participants today!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening all

The basketing is done, the birds are ready to go, and the list is ready on wincompanion in the race.  All 125 are marked eligible and ready for clocking!

Rick is hoping for an 8am release in Englehart - we will do a Live for you on Facebook so watch for that.

If all goes smooth (is that a word in the pigeon language though?), Rick is thinking they might be back around 2:30 in the afternoon...let's keep our fingers crossed!

See you all tomorrow - plan to take some photos for our gallery on our website and if course to post onto social media - Instagram and Facebook.

Have a great night and here's to a wonderful day tomorrow!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")



Good afternoon flyers!

Just did a Facebook Live for anyone interested...showed the clock and then just now, uploaded the bird inventory/loft fly into the wincompanion program.  It's listed in the TRAINERS section.  122 birds have clocked in.  They had a fly around the property this afternoon - the sun was pretty bright and hot, but they all made it in.  We did have 2 extra birds that were not in the race, that did return home...always a great thing right?

A thought for anyone that is hoping to come on the race day, which is set, weather dependent of course, for Monday, Sept. 20th.  I will be here on Monday all day to assist with all of the uploading.  Here's the thought, if you are coming, you are welcome to bring pigeons for auction (just please speak with Rick first - so he has knowledge of it, and can set up your birds on display accordingly).  Also any pigeon products/items that you wish to sell - bring them!  We figure there will be great people here to perhaps see your items!

Plan tomorrow, Rick is planning another loft fly.  Looks like the weather is going to be great all weekend.

Have a great evening everyone,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning everyone

I've just closed the race this morning.  The total clocked in from the race was 117 officially.  Add the 4 injured birds makes 121.  Also, were thinking there's a couple of birds in the coop that weren't sent to the race but have returned from a previous toss.  Hence why we'll do a loft fly with inventory today.

I'm also reviewing the birds are that are now missing, and will update those on the lost birds lost today.

Plan is for the MAIN race on Monday still.  I'll do a Facebook Live later today with any updates and show the inventory at that point.

Thanks for staying up to date with us and we'll see you soon!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")

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