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Hello everyone!

We wanted to provide some information for you if you are planning to attend the big day here in Niagara Falls!

Things to consider bringing:

  • refreshments
  • lawn chairs
  • insect repellant
  • sunscreen
  • hats

We will be happily providing you with a free lunch and snacks.

Soft drinks and water will be available at a small cost - where are proceeds will be donated back to the CRPU.

There will also be a 50/50 draw as well as door prizes.


Look forward to seeing you!


Jeane & Rick


Good evening again!


Well today's toss was very interesting to say the least.  The birds were well fed last night so they weren't in a big hurry to trap this morning.  They certainly had a good time once they arrived home and then slowly filtered in.

We now have the live feature working perfectly and it will be set for real-time clocking on the next toss which is planned for Sunday morning - weather permitting.  The birds will be in proper form and we're expecting good trapping, so you'll have a good idea then on how your birds on doing for that toss.

The live trapping feature will now be activated for all future training tosses!

The birds are looking super and we are getting very excited for race day!




Jeane & Rick


Good evening once again,


My misunderstanding last night...there was no training toss this morning, but there is most definitely one tomorrow.


Rick is taking the birds in the morning, and I am linking the results via internet...while I'm at work.  Please be patient and the results will be posted - I may have to be at the house to download the results off the system...I'm still getting used to the whole thing.


Terry Gilmore has been a great teacher to me with this whole wincompanion let's see how it works out for us!


Again, there is a toss Friday morning and we will have the results posted by approximately 6pm at the latest...if I cannot do it from work through the intenet.


The weekend will be easier to post more immediately as I will be home.


Thanks again,




Good Morning Niagara Peninsula One Loft Racers!!


Rick and I are happy to report our morning training toss with the wincompanion tracking went great this morning and we will be finally putting our live feed to you Thursday morning - tomorrow - with our toss then.


Weather permitting of course...but things look good so far!

Thanks for being patient and we hope you look forward to watching for your birds!!


Jeane & Rick


Hi again,


We finally have our system running...we are doing a test training run in the morning - weather permitting.  Then we will be going live!!!


Jeane & Rick


Hi Flyers,


So our clocking system is working great offline...we are just awaiting our american contact to hook us up to the live mode!


Please hang in there - as we are!


It can be live at any moment now...thanks!




Good afternoon One Loft Racers!


Rick and I wanted to report that the pigeons have been training daily this past week and the distances were approximately 40 miles.  The birds are coming back nicely and things are looking great for race day!


We will have the WiFi system connected to the loft as early as tomorrow morning and then you will finally be able to see your birds coming in!


Have a great day!




Good evening Niagara Peninsula One Loft Racers!

Rick and I have been busy over the last couple of weeks and wanted to give an update for you.

All birds were e-banded and are training up to 40 miles now.

We are working to get the internet out to our loft - as there are some glitches going on with our internet provider...but it will be running soon enough!

Furthermore, there are approximately 265 birds in the loft.


Thanks for reading - and we'll keep you posted!




Hello from Niagara

As you must expect, things have been busy but exciting here at the loft.  The birds are doing well - and in fact our visitor, Terry Wintle was here yesterday and got to see the height of the birds flying over our property.  Terry made a wonderful statement about the birds being a mile high up in the sky.  What an exciting thing to see - so many birds flying so high!

The birds are healthy and looking great with training underway.

We're loving this busy life of the niagara peninsula one loft race!

Jeane & Rick


Good evening all Niagara Peninsula OLR flyers!


Rick and I wanted to share with you the great news about the newscast on CITY TV Toronto that aired this evening...what a great story and how wonderful to share our passion with Canada...and the world!!

You can find the link for the CITY TV airing on our website home page. 

Happy viewing!


Jeane (The "1st Pigeon Lady") - Rick's wife

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