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So there was downpours last night with crazy thunder and lightning when Rick went to basket the birds - the rain was unbelievable and the hydro was flickering on and off.  Not a great idea to put the birds through that.

Our aim now, since there's rain the forecast all day, is to do a Hand scan tonight and do a Live to say hi while in the process.

Hope to see you on Facebook later this evening!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Hi everyone

I've finally uploaded the training toss from yesterday - Fri. Aug. 19th.  They were released at 9:05am and came home well.

I'm behind with this post - as I've been busy with my own work (this is Jeane) and went to the Canada Games early this morning and home later today!  Great times in Niagara with these events.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  Rick is basketing the birds tonight for another toss, planned for Sunday morning.  We will be doing a basket list for this so we'll have an updated hand inventory this way.


Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning flyers!


The first official training tosswas started this morning.  The birds completed a 5km toss in sunny conditions.  They came back as a large group and a video of their return is on Facebook as well.  Please look under the Trainer tab in wincompanion in the website for the results.  A hand inventory will still occur this week to check the bands.


With training underway, the plan is to continue training the birds for the new few weeks.  After each “Prep Race”, Rick will determine recovery time required before the next begins.  Likely the 4 Prep Races will be planned at about 5 days apart - of course weather dependent.  The Main Race will be likely a week following the last Prep Race.


Prize amounts to be posted in next couple of days under the Payout tab under wincompanion.


Good evening everyone

Took me a little longer than anticipated to get the inventory up.  It states 264 - however, Rick and I are pretty certain that some bands aren't scanning properly (this often happens each year).

We will be doing a hand inventory this week - if we can't get the scanning done accurately.  A hand inventory just means we will handle each bird individually and scan them across the pad to ensure their bands are working properly.

Training will start next week - and the races will start soon!

Hope everyone had a great Monday - and see you online!



Good afternoon everyone

The inventory is up on wincompanion - looks like we have 289 birds there.

I'm going to get a tentative training/race schedule on an update this week so you can see the plan.

The birds are looking great - and enjoying their flying time in the fresh air.

I'll keep you posted!  Tune into Facebook for the Facebook Live posts as well as some videos...

Hope you're enjoying your Civic Holiday weekend!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good evening flyers,

Rick was able to get an inventory done today.  The birds are getting lots of loft flying done, and the official training will begin soon.

There are a total of 293 in the module - and we will follow up with a hand inventory soon, so that we know all the bands are working properly.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and loooking forward to our race season truly beginning!

Have a great week,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning flyers,

Not sure if you got to check out the Facebook Live post from yesterday afternoon - but I did a loft walk through and showed the rain that was coming.

Birds are looking good.  Rick has them flying outside in groups of approximately 100.

It's overcast today - lots of rain so far this morning...hopefully we'll get some pictures/videos of the birds out flying this week for you.

Another invnentory will be coming this week.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and Happy Monday!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening flyers

After a long 2 days of internet issues, we are happy to say that an inventory is finally posted.

We do think there might be a couple of bands that might not be working as they scanned as unassigned.  We will be doing another hand scan inventory in the next couple of days.

Hang tight as there might be a couple of birds that are not accounted for at this point.

If you tuned into the Facebook Live tonight - you'll be happy to hear that the 2 birds that were "out on the roof" are now safely in the coop.  They decided to pop in through our large man door for the coop. :)

The birds are out loft flying.  They seem very healthy and are eating well.  There are 6 birds in our sick bay, which we are watching closely.

Stay tuned for more pics, Facebook Lives, and INVENTORIES!

Have a great weekend.

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")





Good evening pigeon fanciers,

Rick took a nice video of all the birds in the loft - and I have posted it on Facebook and Instagram.

The electronic banding is complete - I'm awaiting update from our wincompanion contacts for an upgrade so that I can post the list accordingly.

All the birds all loft flying now.  Should have some videos of the loft flying this week - Rick said he's going to help out with the pictures and videos for social media - so I'm excited on that one!

Have a great night,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good late evening all,

We hope you all had a great weekend, and to all the fathers out there - Happy Father's Day!

Rick and I have done more inventory tonight- taking us longer than we anticipated.

They are feeling great and the health is still strong in the birds.

Most of the birds are out flying now - around the loft.  I'll have to get some video/pictures of this for you - and I'll post onto Facebook/Instagram asap.

Have a great week everyone,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")

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