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Evening all

The inventory/basketing for a training toss tomorrow is all done!

Looks like the basketing list worked - check it out.

The birds are feeling fantastic - check out the Facebook Live post tonight for a showing of some of the birds during our basketing.

Rick is planning to take them to the same spot - the Hamilton Pigeon Racing Clubhouse tomorrow morning.  The weather looks good so he's taking advantage of the day and going!

It is another 60km training toss.  I have it listed as a RACE this time, to again trial the wincompanion system and make sure everything is working well.

Rick will video the release again and I will post as soon as I have it available for you.

Watch for the results later in the day - when I get home to post them.  Reminder - I will be home starting Wednesday this week until the 12th of September, so get ready for updated news as it happens :)

Have a great night everyone,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good afternoon all

Rick did a 60km training toss this morning from the Hamilton Pigeon Clubhouse.  I have a video of the release and some videos of their return that will post up this afternoon.

We banked on the weather (checked late last night - and once again the weather wasn't quite what it said it was going to be) and got a great toss in this morning!  He released at 7:40 and we have 296 as of 1:30pm this afternoo.  Rick wasn't thrilled about how the birds came back, as they were in smaller groups until about 4 groups latee when 100 came in. He'll likely repeat that distance to get them coming together better.

I'll keep the clock running this afternoon and we'll see if we get the straggler home.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Hi everyone

The 50km training toss is now posted on wincompanion...looks like 295 logged and one bird is sitting outside the coop, not wanting to come in.

The weather is calling for storms tonight, tomorrow and the whole weekend unfortunately.  We will watch it closely to see if there's any chance to fly the birds.

I've posted some videos and pics from today on Facebook and Instragram...I'll try and get some in the gallery on the website as well!

We'll keep you atune to the plans for the next couple of days as they happen!

Thanks for everyone's support!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning everyone

Rick had to hold onto the birds for a bit this morning until 7:40am (he got to Centennial Parkway early), as the fog wasn't lifting as fast as he hoped.  So at 7:40am the release happened.

I was home for the return of the majority of the birds - and missed the video opportunity for the first group, but as I came out of the loft (after checking that the clock was on and a go...) I did manage to catch another group coming in.  The video of this will be uploaded later this morning into social media.  I snapped a few pics as well - so I'll post some of these as well today.

Looks like as of now, over 290 birds are home and clocked.  I will update the clock when I return home later this afternoon.

Have a great Thursday everyone,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")



So far 296 out of 298 sent have clocked in by 5pm...and it was another scorcher of a day!

The results have been posted on wincompanion under the TRAINERS tab in the RESULTS section of the website.

I did post the release video onto Facebook this morning - hope you can check it out.  Was cool to see the birds flying in the light of the sun...awesome really.

Rick has done some work to the front of the coop - he's added black tarping type material with wood bracing to block the pigeons from wandering under the coop...looks great!

Tomorrow's (Thursday's) plan is of course dependent upon the weather - but Rick is hoping to take them at least 50km, if not 75km for a toss again.

Have a great night!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady"


Good morning everyone,

Rick let the birds out at 8am this morning from about Fifty Road in Grimsby.  It was between Fifty Road and Centennial Parkway.  He measured it to be about 45km.

I have a release video to be posted shortly.

Once again, the majority of the birds beat Rick home, and now by 9:30 the clock is reading 292 (from a total of 297) sent.  When he got to the loft, many had clocked and there were 2 other large groups flying around the loft...which he whistled in and they came in pretty quickly.

One bird was so fast it clocked at 7:59am.  LOL - this was one of the missing birds from the Aug. 23rd Casablance toss CRPU 9062.  I'll update the missing status today as well for that one.

Rick will likely let the birds out again this afternoon for a short fly - as they are flying quick and ready for more.

Watch for the video on social media and we'll do a Live later!

Have a great one,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening all,

The day went great today - Rick released the birds from Casablanca (release video now up on Instagram and Facebook).  This was 40km, and he let them out at 7:35am.  The weather was pretty great at that time, no fog and not too hot.

Rick drove back, anticipating he would beat the birds home as in the shorter tosses he has often done.  He sat and waited from his truck, slowly getting frustrated as 15 minutes had passed since he arrived on the property.  D noted something walking inside the coop - and they went to check.  Low and behold over 200 birds had clocked and Rick was pretty thrilled that they beat him home.

Still continuing with the great day, I uploaded the training toss in a different manner to trial the "race-type" mode and had success!  Was a great feeling knowing the clocking system was in our favour again.  The only hiccup, which our Wincompanion contacts know about, is the basketing list.  Still doesn't seem to want to upload properly.

Time for rest, thanks to everyone who tunes in to Facebook Live and keep showing me their waves online...thanks again!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good evening flyers,

Basketing is done for the toss that is planned for tomorrow morning from 40km.  Rick is planning to take them to Casablanca - near Stoney Creek/Grimsby area.

301 have been entered into the clocking system.

I've printed off the basket list for my reference.  This toss can be found open now in the RESULTS tab on the wincompanion link of the website, under RACES.  It is not technically a race, but I figured this would be a great chance to test my uploading with the results in a RACE mode.

Unfortunately, the results won't be live, but just be patient - as I'm on vacation from Sept. 1st through till the 13th, so I anticipate the live clockings to be well underway then!

Look for the results to go up tomorrow evening - and check out our Facebook and Instragram pages for the videos of the basketing process tonight!

Have a great day tomorrow,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening all

Results from an earlier inventory combined with an evening loft fly showed 300 birds clocked.  Check the wincompanion TRAINERS tab for results.  It's still open for the evening in case stragglers return home from previous days.

Rick is hoping to do another training toss tomorrow morning.  He's thinking over 30km, of course weather dependent.

Hand inventory one by one is planned for tomorrow night - we'll do a bit of a show off of some of the birds on Facebook Live.

Have a great night and see you online tomorrow!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning flyers,

Rick took the birds on an early morning 25km toss this morning as planned and there were about 200 clocked by the time I left for work.  I just checked in with my son and he stated there are 270 now logged in (~9am).  There is a video of the release that will be posted on Facebook/Instragram shortly!  

I didn't bring my wifi connection out there - so I didn't link over the results to the computer.  That will be done when I get home later.  I do have a video of a group coming home at about 7:30am...will have up on our social media pages soon as well.

Have a great Friday everyone, and see you soon online!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")

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