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Good morning flyers!

As our hands shake a bit this morning, and our stomachs a little uneasy with nerves...the birds were up at 8am in Englehart!

Unfortunately the internet was pretty spotty - but we got to use trusty FaceTime - and showed the release.  We couldn't use the school - as school's in session today - but managed to find the baseball diamonds at the arena and go from there.

Check out the release if you're interested.  125 birds we wait!

Good luck to all participants today!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening all

The basketing is done, the birds are ready to go, and the list is ready on wincompanion in the race.  All 125 are marked eligible and ready for clocking!

Rick is hoping for an 8am release in Englehart - we will do a Live for you on Facebook so watch for that.

If all goes smooth (is that a word in the pigeon language though?), Rick is thinking they might be back around 2:30 in the afternoon...let's keep our fingers crossed!

See you all tomorrow - plan to take some photos for our gallery on our website and if course to post onto social media - Instagram and Facebook.

Have a great night and here's to a wonderful day tomorrow!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")



Good afternoon flyers!

Just did a Facebook Live for anyone interested...showed the clock and then just now, uploaded the bird inventory/loft fly into the wincompanion program.  It's listed in the TRAINERS section.  122 birds have clocked in.  They had a fly around the property this afternoon - the sun was pretty bright and hot, but they all made it in.  We did have 2 extra birds that were not in the race, that did return home...always a great thing right?

A thought for anyone that is hoping to come on the race day, which is set, weather dependent of course, for Monday, Sept. 20th.  I will be here on Monday all day to assist with all of the uploading.  Here's the thought, if you are coming, you are welcome to bring pigeons for auction (just please speak with Rick first - so he has knowledge of it, and can set up your birds on display accordingly).  Also any pigeon products/items that you wish to sell - bring them!  We figure there will be great people here to perhaps see your items!

Plan tomorrow, Rick is planning another loft fly.  Looks like the weather is going to be great all weekend.

Have a great evening everyone,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning everyone

I've just closed the race this morning.  The total clocked in from the race was 117 officially.  Add the 4 injured birds makes 121.  Also, were thinking there's a couple of birds in the coop that weren't sent to the race but have returned from a previous toss.  Hence why we'll do a loft fly with inventory today.

I'm also reviewing the birds are that are now missing, and will update those on the lost birds lost today.

Plan is for the MAIN race on Monday still.  I'll do a Facebook Live later today with any updates and show the inventory at that point.

Thanks for staying up to date with us and we'll see you soon!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening all,

112 birds have returned from the race (plus 1 injured bird clocked), and a couple have returned from prior tosses, and we still have 3 other injured birds ready to race in the MAIN race.  We have a race team!

Tomorrow, of course weather dependent, Rick is planning an inventory at minimum, and hopefully a loft fly.  I will close the race tomorrow so that a proper inventory can be done.

He is hoping to do a small training toss on Friday and/or Saturday, weather dependent.  We are planning for the MAIN race to be held on Sunday or Monday.  We'll keep you posted as to the plans as we confirm them.

Have a great night!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good afternoon everyone,

So far today, we have 109 on the clock - this would include the 2 unassigned birds (likely birds that weren't entered into this race, and have returned from a previous race/training toss).  This also includes the injured bird that is not eligible.  Leaving 106 on the clock technically.  Add in the 4 injured birds...we're at 110 home!

Just thought I would send out a message so you can know what I know as it happens!

The weather is quite sunny, and warm.  Some clouds in the the sky, and a bit of a breeze in Niagara.

I'll post another update later this evening, and likely do a Facebook Live when I return home from work later this afternoon.

Hope everyone is having a great day,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good evening,

A much more positive day - with a total now of 95 (96 with the ineligible injured bird) in the clock.  Add in the other 3 injured birds that are in the coop and the potential 2 unassigned birds that have clocked (that we're thinking are birds from a different training toss), we're actually at 101 that will be going to the MAIN race!

We will continue to keep the clock going so that we continue to show what birds have returned online.

Rick is really thinking that the birds went the other way around Lake Ontario and we'll likely get more birds tomorrow.  We will continue to post news and what our next steps will be.

Thanks to everyone who reached out today - again, you kind words are so much appreciated.

Talk soon!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning all

The sun is finally shining bright - the morning haze and some overnight rains are gone.  Now we wait.

I'm back to work for the next 3 days, and did not leave the connection on to the computer for the live clocking...however, the birds are still free to return home and clock into the module.  I will immediately post what has happening when I return home later this afternoon.

I just spoke to Rick and he is out watching the coop intensely - as we've seen hawks again this morning...he won't leave the coop so that he can protect any returning birds.  Another 15 birds have come home this morning...let's cross our fingers more keep coming!

Rick and I will take our time with decision making about the final race.  We will keep you posted as to what we decide.  We will be holding the final MAIN race - we just have to plan it properly.

Hang tight - we'll get there!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening everyone,

What a quiet evening in Niagara - but the rain and thunder are coming down setting a dull mood.  The bird tally tonight is 28 plus 1 injured - not eligible as stated last night).

At this point, we really are wondering if the birds decided to take the scenic route and fly the other side of Lake Ontario.  Not sure, and not sure if we'll ever really know where they went today.  Disappointing, but we truly want everyone to know, we did our best.  We put 150% (if not more) into this year and we were very proud of what we had accomplished, up until today.

So we start to look forward and see what do we have control over.  We will see how many birds return tomorrow and maybe the next day.  We can adjust the rest time and the date for the final race.  We still have some control as to what happens for our big day.  Stick with us, and we'll continue to give our best.  

Thank you again to everyone with your kind and encouraging words...we appreciated them all.

Here's to a great final MAIN race - whatever it may look like.

Rick & Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Afternoon everyone

Well everything seemed picture perfect with training and the releases and the returns.  Unfortunately the birds had other plans today, and we've only seen 9 so far.  They clocked in around 11:30am and we're still waiting for others.  One of the injured birds came out of it's section when Rick when in to check the birds and it stepped on the pad as it went by him (HV 918) - it does list as  injured to the side of the results, so please keep that in mind when looking at the places for all arrivals.  It is not eligible for this race as stated in the updates from last night.

Now, our thoughts go to - did the birds go around the lake the other way, which is a much GREATER distance.  We don't know.  We will sit and wait.  I will go onto Facebook Live if we seem them this afternoon.  I will post results as they happen. 

Here is pigeon racing at its best...the unpredictable nature of it - keeps you on your toes.

The weather continues to be wonderful...fingers crossed they get here soon!

Stay tuned...waiting we will do!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")

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