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Good evening flyers

Today there was rain on and off throughout the day - but between the showers Rick was able to loft fly both sections 7 & 8, individually.  Over the last few days he's had all sections out individually and yesterday he had a full 1 through 4 section loft fly - where they we're all together out.  Looked great!

He's had the birds on darkening liquid for about a week now.

We're planning to electronic band on Sunday this weekend - looking forward to easy inventory and posting updates with this.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")

(FYI - post created last night - forgot to hit send)


Good morning pigeon flyers!

It has been quite a few hot and humid days here in Niagara - today even Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Niagara - there's a humid airmass over the region...making it feel like upper 30s to 40s this afternoon.  This makes air flying time difficult for the young ones.  But we're still working on it.

All of the individual sections - now 1 through 11 have been out one by one on their own, flying around the coop over the past week.  This week, Rick is planning to start sections 1 through 4 flying all together.  Furthermore, the electronic bands for these 4 sections will be put on this week - making inventory so much more efficient!

Sick bay birds are looking good.  Rick is not in a rush to move them out, as he likes to keep a close eye on them for quite a while.

I did a Facebook Live last evening from inside the coop, as Rick was feeding them.  I noted that 5 birds have passed away and their owners have been contacted.  If you haven't been contacted, your birds are still here!

Hope everyone has a great day and stay safe, heatlhy, and cool!


Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening everyone 


Today the wind was too strong, so the birds didn't have any loft time...and Facebook Live didn't happen either.  Hoping the weather is better tomorrow and I can share on Facebook accordingly!

Yesterday, in between the rain spatterings, Sections 1, 2, and 4 had some loft flying time.

Rick is still aiming this week to have the birds in the West Wing (Sections 1 through 4) electronically banded.  This will be great for inventory and allowing you to see that you're birds are here!

Have a great night and we'll hopefully see you tomorrow night!

Jeane (aka "The1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening all,

Weather was sunny and nice today.  Rick had Sections #1 and #2 out for a loft fly, and the bobs were in as well.

Within a week or so, we're hoping to have all of the birds in the West Wing (Sections #1 through #4) electronically banded.  The  clocking pads should also be ready shortly to clock the birds in.  This will make inventory so much easier!

Think the weather is looking half decent for the weekend, so I'll make sure I get out for a Facebook Live soon!

Have a great evening!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening everyone,

The weather here is nice and sunny with minimal wind - great for the birds.

Rick had out Sections #4 and #5 for a loft fly, and has been starting to use the bobs/traps more for their return into the coop sections.  The bobs are new to Section #4, and Sections #2 and #3 have been using them more often now.

More "loft flys" will continue as the weather permits of course.

A quick Facebook Live was just posted from this afternoon, so feel free to check out a quick video of the birds who were outside at the time.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to Rick or myself via email or Facebook Messenger.

Have a great night!



Evening pigeon fanciers,

We just weathered quite the storm...might post the video I just took on our Facebook page!

Both Sections #1 and #4 had air time today - #1 was out earlier today and #4 was later this afternoon.  Sunny all day, until about 6:30 when the wind seemed funny and the skies got incredibly dark.  You could say it was a torrential rain storm...thunder and lightening and all.

Birds are all safe and sound.  The sections that were out today - had a bath as well...Borax and water.  Nice feet and healthy feathers!

There is a Facebook Live post from just before the take a peak if you're on Facebook.

Rick is planning to start the darkening process this week - for 21 days, he'll give the birds darkening liquid.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes!

Have a great night, and see you soon!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening flyers,

Sunny and much less humid today - still around 30 degrees but far less wind.

Rick had Sections #3 & #4 out for a fly today.  All continues to look great with the health of the birds.

Doing some further vacciinations, there is an end in sight for the vaccine process!

As I mentioned in the Facebook Live last night, after the vaccinations are complete, Rick will be moving a few Sections around to even things out, and then he will be organizing the electronic clocking set up...which will then lead us to finally banding the birds!

I'll have final numbers soon too which will then lead us to what the prize money will look like for the prep and final races!

Excited to get things rolling for this season!

Have a great night,

 Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")



Evening flyers,

Today Rick had Section #1 out for a loft fly, they were back in by the time I got home...but he then let out Section #2 - so I did manage to catch the tail end of that one on Facebook Live.  Take a peak at the Facebook post for a good look at the birds.  I also shared some video in the Live of the sick bay...those birds are looking pretty good.  They are housed at the far end of the Central Wing, away from the other sections.

We are still actively vaccinating, and this will still take us probably 2 more weeks to complete all sections with their 2nd dose for PMV.

Sorting still through wincompanion and making sure the "t's" are crossed and the "i's" are dotted so that the information is all there.  Let us know if you want to name your birds - as I can add that in the listing as well!

The weather was still pretty hot and humid today - over 30 degrees celsius...but felt slightly "better" than the last few days, hence why the birds had some air time today.  They were calling for thunderstorms again tonight - but looks like they missed us completely.

I'll aim for another Facebook Live this week - or at minimum some pictures or videos!  Let us know if you have any questions!

Have a great night everyone,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good afternoon everyone

Overcast and very muggy outside today, even when I walked out the door early morning today, it was hot.  Right now, as I type it's 28 degrees celsius and feels like 38, and there's a risk of thundershowers later.

Wanted to let everyone know that I'll be doing a Facebook Live this evening at some point...likely around 5 or 5:30pm - hopefully between the thunderstorms that are on their way.

Have a great afternoon - and see you later on Facebook!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good afternoon everyone,

Yesterday had to be one of the windiest days I've seen in months...maybe years?  The birds were in their aviaries, but that's about it yesterday.

Today the breeze is still quite strong, but as was yesterday, the sun is beating down and the heat is pretty exhaustive.

I'm going to be updating wincompanion again today - and I'll see habout getting a video or some pictures done at some point as well today...we'll see about Facebook Live - as I know it's hard to hear me when the wind is blowing so strongly!

More vaccinations again this weekend...we're getting there.  It will be nice when the coop has completed their entire vaccination process and we can start looking at banding, and more air time.  Just a reminder that Rick doesn't have to rush to train the birds as our main races are not until keep that in mind...we do have a process, it's just a little "slower" looking than other OLR's who have multiple races through the season.

Thanks everyone for their support and great to see so many of you tune in when I do a Facebook Live - thanks again!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")

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