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UPDATE JUNE 13, 2017

Good day all Niagara Peninsula OLR flyers!

We wanted to provide a quick update - so here it is!

8 birds have been lost to sickness and 4 have been lost to hawks that we are aware of.  Since then, birds have been vaccinated with KM - 1.  A bird inventory needs to be completed to determine how many birds, if any, have flown away.

The camera/live view process is in the works as we speak so that a live feed to the landing board will be up and running very soon.

A few new pictures have been posted to the gallery.

Again, thanks for reading!


Jeane (The "1st Pigeon Lady") - Rick's wife


Good afternoon all Niagara Peninsula OLR flyers!

All the birds have been vaccinated and have adopted very well to the loft.  In spite of this ongoing cold and wet weather, the overall health of the birds has been excellent.  2 birds have not made it, while 8 other birds have shown signs of a little stress and have been isolated from the other birds.  With the settling, vaccinations and initial health concerns addressed, the birds have been let out pending on weather and e-banding will begin within the next 2 weeks.

Once they have mastered the trapping systems, I will post regular inventories.

Everythings is progressing on schedule with regards to darkening.

Thanks for reading!


Jeane (The "1st Pigeon Lady") - Rick's wife


Sorry - forgot to add this to the most recent message about shipping your birds.

If you are unable to access the Hamilton airport for your shipping location, please contact Rick and discuss alternative arrangements for the Toronto airport.





Evening Niagara Peninsula One Loft Race Racers!

Rick has confirmed airport pickup times at the Hamilton, ON airport

All birds must be shipped the previous evening to arrive the next morning at the airport.


Scheduled Pick Ups:

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Saturday, April 15th, 2017


If you have any further questions, please contact Rick at 905-329-5139



UPS SENDING BIRDS INFO! Good evening participants of the Niagara Peninsula OLR!

Just wanted to let you know about new information that Rick and I found out today about UPS and shipping live birds.

Your UPS store needs to be pre-approved- and it may be already.   If's what to do:

UPS contact informed us that small and large UPS store can become eligible as a "PRE-APPROVED" shipping store with just a phone call to the UPS head office.  The store needs to request this "PRE-APPROVAL" status and the head office will ask them to complete a one page application which then takes approximately 24-48 hours to be approved by head office.

Many UPS stores DO NOT KNOW this information. 

Please call your local UPS now and ask for the "PRE-APPROVAL" status.

This status allows the store to ship live birds...and ANY store can become PRE-APPROVED!

Your local store can be pre-approved act now!

Call Rick if you have further questions or email us!


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