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Good morning everyone,

Rick basketed 290 birds and they're off this morning - a bit later and a bit unexpected.

The weather was awful last night and the weather forecast looked dismal for today.  However, when we got up this morning, the forecast was changing and Rick started to prep for what could be PREP RACE #1 today!

Currently 10am - the birds are on the road headed to 100 miles (I'm unsure of where the release will be and if indeed it will happen).

The weather is being watched and we'll see if the birds are released.  I prepped the module for a race, so we're ready that way.

I'll hopefully know more soon and keep you posted!


Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Hi Flyers!

Rick did a training toss today from Flamborough.

Just down the street from Bogle Feeds - near the 401 and highway 6.  The distance is approximately 55 miles.

It was 10:18 am when he released them and sunny and clear.  I have a video I will post on Facebook this afternoon of the release.  Results will be posted when I get home this evening.

The return was good - they seemed like they came in a large group.  There were many already in the clock when Rick arrived home but many were still flying around, so it's hard to say if they all showed up in one group.

This will be the last training toss before the 1st Prep Race.  Dependent on the weather, Rick hopes to have this race this weekend - likely on Friday or Saturday, hoping for Friday.


Jeane (aka "Th



Hi pigeon fanciers,

The birds had a rest day yesterday and this morning Rick was planning for a longer toss.  However, he waited for the fog to lift, and at that point brought the birds to Clappison's Corners for a shorter toss.  The heat was already intense - hence the shorter distance.

I'll upload the results when I am home later.  The birds had a great return though.

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Afternoon everyone,

Rick took the birds about 100kms this morning and after the fog lifted - he finally released them at 10am.

He released them all as one big group today and the return was good.  They beat him home and seemed to arrive in mostly a large group.  The results are now posted on wincompanion.

Hoping to have our 1st prep race later this week - likely Friday or Saturday, and of course weather dependent.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good late evening all,

Rick took the birds very early this morning to Puslinch, about 120kms away (near the 401 and highway 6).

Unfortunately it was extremely foggy - and he waited from about 8-10:30am to see if it would improve.  No luck.

So he drove the birds back home and let them out from our yard.

I've posted a couple of pictures of the fog on Facebook for you to see.  The pictures and videos posted but don’t do justice on how foggy it was - but at least you get the idea.

Tomorrow (Sunday) morning, another toss is planned - hopefully better conditions!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Evening all,

Figured I would update you to let you know that we didn't get the power on to clear the clock in time so we ended up doing an inventory by making the birds scan again this evening over the electronic pads.  The did get a toss from about 80kms.  Rick let them out in groups of approximately 100 birds per group about 10 minutes apart.

90 percent of the birds beat him home.  I have a video of the release from today that I will post on Facebook this evening.

Checking the weather - trying to figure out the first prep race date.  Planning for a rest day tomorrow.

Rick plans to hand scan the birds this weekend as he is wondering if there may be any dead band.

Have a great night,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good morning everyone,

Rick has taken the birds for another training toss this morning - with the intent on releasing them about 70kms again.

When he left, the power was out to our house and the coop.  So if it comes back on by the time he gets homes (and of course if he beats the birds home), hopefully the clock will be on and ready for their return.  I'll let you know asap.


Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")



Evening everyone,

Rick let the birds out for a 70km training toss at about 10:30am this morning.  The results are now uploaded to wincompanion.

He let the birds out in groups of 100 or so, each about 10 minutes apart.

I've listed the station as Bronte road as it's a 70km distance.  Rick actually had them up north on highway 6 at the 70km mark. 

Two of the three groups seemed to figure out the lake and make their way home pretty well.  The other group seemed to make their own separate way home and arrived a little later.

Have a great night,

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Good evening pigeons fanciers,

I've uploaded the training toss from today on wincompanion.

Rick took them further than Centennial but on this side of the lake (about 60 kms).  For the race station, I listed the toss from Clappison’s Corner but it wasn't there as I just used it for the distance.

He let them out in smaller groups of approximately 50-75 birds in each group.

There was a strong east wind for the return home - but they seemed to do ok!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


Hi everyone

Sorry, I was very late in posting the results from yesterday's training toss.  Rick took the birds 70kms just west of the point of the lake.

From the clocking, it looks like some of the birds had a bit of an issue getting home but eventually made it.

FYI - the 1st bird clocked did not go to the toss, it was a from an earlier toss and decided to return then!

The plan is a rest day today (Saturday) and then Rick would like to take them on the other side of the lake.

We'll see how it goes!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jeane (aka "The 1st Pigeon Lady")


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