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Good evening once again


The top 20 positions are correct on wincompanion. 


Congratulations again to all of our flyers on a great race and furthermore, congratulations to our top 20 winners!


Jeane & Rick


Hi all,

Rick and I - and the birds are recovering from yesterday well :)


Also, Rick and I have had some deep conversations about when we will announce details of the 2nd Annual Niagara Peninsula OLR and will keep you posted with those details as soon as we can.


Thanks for all the wonderful comments we've been recieving - we look forward to working with you all again in the near future!

Jeane (& Rick)



Evening again!


Rick and I wanted to inform you that payouts will take approximately 2 weeks to process as we are awaiting cheques to clear first. 


Those who have paid for a 2nd bird activation but did not have a 2nd bird race will also be refunded within approximately 2 weeks.


Our focus is also on getting the birds returned to their owners at this stage.


Thanks for your patience. 


Any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Have a great night,




Please go to our instagram site for pictures and videos from today!






Hello flyers!


Thanks to everyone who came out to support us today.


We had about 160 members,as well as families and friends out to the loft to enjoy the festivities.


A very special thanks to Terry and Lexi Wintle for supplying the 20 draw prizes.  Terry also supplied the 10 late bred pigeons for auction with proceeds to the CU.

Between the draw, the birds, and the 50/50 prizes - we raised $813.50 as a donation to the CU for sports promotion.


Congratulation to all the winners!

In particular,

1st - Brian Swance

2nd - Black Creek Loft - Gary Barrett

3rd - Hurry Home Loft - Joe Oakley


We'd also like to thank Reg Whiltshire of Benzing Canada for the donation of the M1 electronic timer which was awarded to the best 2 bird average.

Congratulations to Glen Lyons - Paradise Loft - Manitoulin Island with his great performance of 5th and 7th places.


The weather was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!


As for the birds that are still here, please contact Rick by Septempber 17th, if you intend to pick up your birds.  After next weekend, remaining birds will become property of Niagara Peninsula One Loft Race.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and we look forward to doing this again next year.


Jeane & Rick


Good morning everyone!


The birds have been released in Tobermory with amazing weather!  They were released at 9:30am.


Lots of on-lookers in Tobermory wanting to see the awesome!


I'll keep you posted with any news as the day progresses.




Jeane (& Rick :)  )




All birds are in the trailer...186 shipped.


Plus an additional 26 birds had been paid for - and were lost.


This makes a total payout purse of $21,200.00


Based on this amount, the official payouts will be:


1st     $5,100

2nd    $3,100

3rd     $2,100

4th     $1,600

5th     $1,050

6th to 20th   $550 each


Good luck...again!


Rick & Jeane



How exciting it is getting!


We are currently scanning the birds in and loading the trailer!

The birds look healthy and ready to fly...can't wait to see them come home tomorrow!

Liberation should be 9:30-10:00am from Tobermory.

Good luck to all our flyers and hopefully we will see you tomorrow to enjoy the homecoming!


Jeane & Rick




Well...2 days to go and we're getting ready!


Rick and I want to stress the importance of getting your 2nd bird activation fee in by tomorrow night - before the birds are scanned they can be activated for the race!


The inventory is up and correct on the website - go to the home page and click on the inventory link for the update.


Check out our instagram page for other fun updates too!




Have a great evening!





Well we've finally completed a triple checked inventory.  It is posted under the inventory link on the main home page of our website.


Please view it as soon as you can.  If both of your birds are there, and you wish to activate your second bird for the race THIS SUNDAY -- please send your additional $100.00 payment to us as soon as you can - before Saturday night.  Remember, if you are unable to physically drop off the payment - you are welcome to use Rick's account for an e-transfer.


If you are not set up for e-transfers, your bank will do the process for you.


If you have already made a payment to activate your second bird, and you see that your second bird has gone missing - we will keep monitoring until Saturday night to see if your bird returns, and if not, you will be reimbursed that additional activation fee.


Thanks again and GOOD LUCK!

Jeane & Rick

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