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Birds are looking and feeling great - They almost seem to sense that the time is getting close to get the show on the road.

Updates will be more frequent now that we are getting closer to flagging and subsequent start of road training.

Dove season ends on September 15th. We will then flag the birds for several weeks - as soon as the group starts multiple routing flights - we take them down the road. Our strategy is the same as last year - they will BE TRAINED. It's not right that an entry fee has to be paid for a poorly trained pigeon - only to lose them in the 1st race or two. Just as it is not right for someone to have to pay a Perch fee for a bird that is "lost" off the loft.

Our training schedule will be published shortly.

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Next year we are moving to Benzing Live clocking ~~!!

Working thru Live clocking issues: We were live clocking this morning up to about 7:40am when birds stopped uploading ~!!

Issue seems to be slow Hughes satellite Internet - that is halting/slowing the uploads and then causes Wincom to hang.

Today's clocking is now fully uploaded - we will continue working on this to get it optimal for training in October.


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Deleted the last live clocking on Monday as the clock malfunctioned and did not clock all the birds.

This to eliminate any confusion as some people thought they had lost birds.

We should be back up and running early next week with the live clocking.


Unikon clock malfunctioned today during our live clocking inventory. Will need to send it in for service - our backup clock is having a battery replaced - so we should be up and running again shortly.

Our temps are back up again this week 103 - 107 and drying out in terms of humidity. The birds seem to thrive better with the lower humidity. Soon the skies will be dark here in a few weeks as we put the birds through their paces...Training should start in October, with the first race in early November.

Thanks for your support this year...


9:48am: Looks like Wincom needs rebooting - will reboot in the afternoon when I get back to the lofts ~~!


Hand Inventory done today -

4 birds need correcting (AU to IF, 2 unassigned bands, 1 unassigned breeder). These will be corrected tonight, and clock is on Monday again for running the birds through the traps.

Dove season starts here soon - so not much activity from Sep 1 - 15 with the birds.

***** Perch fees are due in full at this time (for those taking advantage of the 50% down with shipping - the remainder is due now). We will be sending out invoices shortly for those...


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Another clocking inventory completed yesterday. Looks like we have an issue with a few bands - will do a hand inventory again to catch those few bands that are not working.

Birds are looking really good - we could potentially be ahead of schedule if we can get thru this neck and body moult on the latter arrivals.


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Clocks turned on today for inventory. We had one group through the traps in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Looks like some birds may have piggybacked as we are missing a few. 

Clocks will be on again tomorrow - On the weekend, we will do a hand inventory to double check the updates we made on the Unikon Administration software


Best regards


No new news to report. Birds are moulting nicely - with the rain and swing in temperatures has triggered a lot of body moult. We turn on the clocks this week - please check your inventory.

For those of you that took advantage of the 50% perch fee deposit - the remaining 50% is now due. 

For those that have paid their perch fee in full - any missing birds receive a credit towards entry fees.

We do not believe you should have to pay perch fees if a bird is MIA early on in the acceptance/settling process - hope this policy catches on to some of the OLRs that lose a lot of birds early.

Health is optimal - we have 3 birds in the recovery bay treating for respiratory with all the blowing dust around here lately.


Best regards


Monsoons daily with afternoon high winds and rain .... I counted 20 trees down/uprooted along the road on Monday morning near the loft from Sunday night storms. As such birds are on lock down for the remainder of this week. We will ramp up on live inventory updates next week as we get the birds back up in the air and release in two groups on alternating days.

Best of luck in your OLR endeavours...

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