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Rain rain and rain with almost an inch some places... finally some meaaurable but not put a dent in this year's drought...

No Loft flying today - puddles on the property ... 

Continue with this week's rolling inventory on Friday or Saturday...



No panic - this is the problem with putting up partial inventory. The inventory is partial - section by section - all birds are not out together yet in one group. Hopefully by next week -

We are flying evenings but yesterday and today was windy early - we should have another section out this evening as the wind gusts seem to have subsided - to add to the rolling inventory this week ~!


Birds are being let out in afternoons now - had some windy conditions and we had two birds reported about 45 and 65 miles away and went to go pick them up. Also picked up a couple of birds at the Liberty Wildlife about 20 miles NW of here - these may have joined up with other trainers traversing the area.

As such, we were locked down the last few days with windy conditions -

We have moved our trapping area to only one section (for having a camera on just that one trap vs 3 traps) - and trying to train the birds to go thru that section has been frustrating and slow but we will not give in as some of them are hanging on the aviary trying to get to their sections.

Just a few more weeks of loft flying - we have not started flagging yet ~!


Happy Thanksgiving - wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays during these difficult times ~~


Well - perch fees saga continues - we will continue with or without these breeders ~!

All unpaid (perch fees) birds have been forfeited and remain at the disposal of the Arizona Classic Derby ~!

Our inventory and loft flying will continue next week. Training should start up after the birds are all routing for at least an hour.

Best regards


Nice weather this week  - beautiful temperatures and not windy -

Birds are out everyday this week in 4 groups (Group A, B, C, D).

We hopefully should have all the perch fees squared away this week - and will start the clockings again.

Birds will be outside for about a month - let them acclimatize before we start flagging - and then training starts mid December - for races in january.


Best of luck ~!


Windy this week from an abnormal record November high of 99 - rough local race on saturday with strong winds/gust and cold front moving in to drop our temps to 37...

OLR birds will start being let out later this week  in 4 groups after the cold front pushes through. The earlier entries are moulted out, the August entries have a ways to go...

Again - some perch fees are seriously delinquent ~ those who have overdue perch fees please send thiem this week before 15th November. Last call ~~!


Best regards


Cool front moved through and dropped our temperatures by 30 degrees. We should be back up to high 80's tomorrow.

Birds are moulting nicely - kind of start and stop with our excessive temperatures hovering over 100 breaking records.

We should start back loft flying by middle of the month - once they start giving me 1 hr +; we will start training. The relaxed schedule this year is really nice - not rushed! Training starts in December and races in January.

A gentle and friendly Reminder: Perch fees are now way overdue (they were due in September). I will start emailing individual folks to get those perch fees in - and yes these are PERCH fees. Someone thought I was asking for entry fees without any training. This request is to get your PERCH fees in - the only race in the world that offered deferred perch fees - wonder if I will do that again next year ???

Best regards


Birds are doing well - another 102 degrees here today - our record is stuck - maybe this is the last of the 100 degree days - HA !!

Our local birds are training with some level of difficulty due to the heat -

One Loft birds are on lockdown trying to get them through a successful moult. Another few weeks we should have them all out and loft flying again - reminding folks that our races are in January, so the bulk of our training will be in December.

Gentle reminder that all perch fees are now due - for those of you that took advantage of our deferred perch fee stimulus.




Hello breeders,

September has come and gone - but the heat is still here.

For those of you that took advantage of our deferred perch fess - they were due in September.

Paypal (Friends and Family):

Mail checks to:

Stephen Furlonge / Arizona Classic Derby 965 E Desert Lane, Gilbert AZ 85234

Credit card: Add 3.5% processing fees.


We keep saying one last heat wave - hopefully this is the last few days of records - and hopefully say goodbye to the 100 degree temperatures. It has been 105 and 10 degrees above normal.

Our own local birds are on training hold until later this week.

No treatments in water - just ACV, Probiotics, Ropa B a couple times, Vitamins/Electrolytes....


Best regards


Not much to update - birds are in moult - had a couple one eyed colds that seems to be gone now with eye drops/respiratory treatment.

We keep saying one last heat wave - hopefully this is the last few days of records - and hopefully say goodbye to the 100 degree temperatures.

Our own local birds have been on training hold until later this week.

The One Loft Birds will be trained starting late November thru December for January races - so lots of time for them to complete the moult.

Best regards

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