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Most of the bigger OLRs have closed or are at the end of their acceptance period.

Arizona Classic Derby is open for acceptance through June, July and August15th. This is when we get the bulk of birds after the big OLRs are full. Send those last round of youngsters to fly the Arizona-California desert. Your birds are thoroughly prepared and trained on the faster early training races setting them up perfectly for a tough final race. We have been flying this course for at least 15 years.

It is hot here but we pick the birds up at the Distribution Center so birds are not sitting around waiting to be delivered.

All the best for those 2024 youngsters ~!




Birds are trickling in - we expect the bulk of the birds after all the big OLRs are prioritized. We accept thru August 5 for races in December. All is well with the first arrivals - we will start soaping and letting them out at the end of the month = no issues with settling here in the heat.

Old Birds is finished - we did manage to win 5 Federation races, Average Speed, Champion Bird. Unfortunately as expected the South East course is EXTREME in Old Birds due to winds. We only had 13 /36 return on the 500 which we won. For 2025, the Federation has voted to return to the NorthWest course which is somewhat easier in Old Birds due favorable winds. Results can be viewed on eWinspeed - Arizona Federation.

Best regards



After the Federation cancelling last week, and postponing to Sunday due to 30+ mph winds - the 500 was released today. It will be a tough one with headwinds most of the way - hope we get a few day birds ~!!


Birds are slowly trickling in for the 2024 race season - you have lots of time until August to get entries in ~!

Old Birds update: The race season was shortened, and last week's 500 final was postponed to this weekend. Best of luck - it will take a tough bird to fly through 15-20 mph headwinds and variable winds along the journey from Pecos TEXAS to Arizona. I will post the Benzing Live link once birds are basketed at the Club.

We won 4 Federation races in a row, and barely lost the 5th fallback 200 mile race by 5 seconds due to a bad trap - No excuses ~!

Best regards



Benzing Live for our 200 mile Arizona Federation race: Speeds are off due to incorrect timezone - see results under AU eWinspeed Arizona Federation.

Tough season with earthquakes, high K-factors, winds, rain .... with the heavy losses and reducing # of flyers the seasoned has been shortened by the AZ Fed to this 200 mile race followed by the Final 500 mile next week. Results can be viewed on eWinspeed AU site under Arizona Federation. Happy to have won 4 Fed races, and barely lost by seconds this week to poor trapping. Let see what your remaining birds can do for the 500....


Our 364 miles Federation race can be viewed on eWinspeed AU under Arizona Federation. There will be a 400 and a 500 to follow.

Here is our Benzing Live clocking


A rough 300 mile race with nearby earthquakes at release and/or 20mph winds with gusts that downed trees. Lucky to have 25/36 shipped. The Golden Valley only had 147/499 return also - so feeling good about the returns. This weekend will go to 363 miles and very low numbers of  flyers and birds being shipped in the Federation with massive losses in YBs and OBs..... the best will stay the course ~~! Good luck

You can check the eWinspeed AU results under "Arizona Federation" - we did win the Federation 3 weeks in a row ~~!


Link for trainers today from 195 miles - OLD BIRDS. These are old birds left over for me to fly in our AZ Federation. These trainers are released 30 minutes after Fed race.


For those that left birds from last series to fly Old Birds with our Federation: There are some supers in this group ~!

Birds have been turned around from West Course towards Dagget to our Federation South East course. It has not been easy with any turnaround courses but they have been to several 75 mile tosses, 120 mile training and 150 mile training on Federation trailer. Tomorrow Saturday the remaining birds will be on the 195 mile as trainers. We will post the link as soon as we get the LIVE Benzing working. After this, they will be spread out to the 300, 350, 400, 200, 500 mile races as there is a 36 bird limit.

Stay tuned ~!

For the 2024 Youngbird series, We have the first arrivals settling in nicely and out on the aviary - Lots of time through August to get those entries in - we will get to our usual 400 birds - very manageable amount





The first birds are here - they will stay in quarantine section for a few days and then banded (E-bands), vaccinated on Wednesday. I do not like to vaccinate birds right out of the shipping box.

Estimating our usual 350 - 400 bird intake from our usual participants. 

New this year is automatic loading of birds, new trailer and Benzing Live - so you dont need to wait on Wincompanion uploads.


Arizona Classic Derby 2024 Rules

This course requires a tough bird on the Final - birds that can survive the Summer and fly in desert conditions despite the early fast training races which allow the birds to be conditioned properly and have a high probability of getting to the tough Final. 2022/2023 Late Hatch (397 initial entries, after settling/training/Activation Race - 300, 264 went to Final, Speeds 1638-1529-1483-1394 ypm).

Accepting Birds February 5th, 2024 through August 5, 2024 (including replacements)

100-120-140-190-320 mile series in December 2024. Trophies for ALL 1st in clock winners and Avg Speed.

Perch Fees - $100 per bird due September 1st  OR  $150 per bird AFTER 120 mile Activation Race.

Perch Fees are due for only settled birds - you do not pay for lost birds off the loft.

Entry fees - $325 per bird due AFTER the 120 mile Activation Race

Payout 1st drop, then clocking order.
Payout on the Final Race limited to 10% of birds shipped to the Final.
OPTIONAL $500 High Roller Average Speed entry (40/30/20/10 split).
OPTIONAL 400 mile race 10 days after the Final - $150 entry.

Fly your remaining birds as Old Birds 2025 on our tough Federation course free up to 540 miles.

ALL decisions by the OLR manager are Final – by entering the race you agree to this.

Dates, Distances could be adjusted depending on weather, and any other unforeseen situation in the best interest of the birds and safety of all.
Any unpaid bird by due dates will be offered to others – new buyer will obtain ownership.

MINIMUM Training Schedule - All tosses above 50 miles published onWincompanion and ALL tosses on Benzing Live (link provided). We also train BETWEEN RACES ~!

2-5-10-15-25-35-50-50-50-50-75-75-75-90 before 1st race (PLUS)


Best Regards


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