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Birds loft flew today for 45 minutes... there were a couple that wanted to come down early...

One day at a time - we will take them for a short toss on Thursday.

There may be one or two more birds available for activation - again these are on a first-come first-paid basis ...

Best regards



These birds are Available to activate - they are no duds - any bird flying this series so far is worth it ~~!

.... check back




193 birds at the end of today - one bird has no electronic band and 5 birds in observation bay. These will be added back to the general population.

We will start a hand inventory to inspect each bird's condition and remove any hurt ones or those that may be unable to compete.

The forecasted rain is here and pouring at 6 pm (much later than predicted) but thankful that the great weather this morning allowed us to see some more birds home today. Tue and Wed 5-in-1 in water along with some carbo-loading to rebound the birds for a couple more tosses later this week. Tuesday is also rain forecast - 



A rough Saturday - feeling very encouraged today after several birds made their way back in the steady breezy and variable headwinds today. Hopefully the smart ones sat down in the winds today and the incoming rain with favorable winds blow several more home tomorrow - the clock will stay on ~!

Vita King Return Combo and Carbo-loading supplements in the water for the tired returns - the majority of the birds don't look too beat up.  We will start with 5-in-1 and continue with the Carbo supplements. Monday and Tue are forecasted clouds and rain. We will loft fly as the weather allows and back on the road with a couple tosses.

It has not been an easy 2 days after we felt the birds were conditioned well with the last few trainings. 


Not sure why the birds struggled today - still processing and at a loss for words  !!

We hope to get back more birds tomorrow as they have some good road miles on them - and then decide the next steps... Monday and Tuesday is calling for rain.. We will rest them up and back on the road 55-75 and then 1st race ~!

Starting out today was 10-15 mph variable winds and we had planned to go 55 miles today - got to 55 and decided to go further as there was another club releasing there and it was calm and clear. Another flyer was down 1/2 his birds also.

Looking back we had not medicated in a while except for respiratory, we saw wild temperature swings from 30 degrees and frozen pipes to 74 degrees this week, ... we don't know why !!!


Entries fees are not all in – I have noted all those that have
indicated the funds have been sent and are in transit.

A list of available bird will be published Friday if we have not heard from you.

These will be available on a first-come first-served for whoever
wishes to activate.

Paypal: Friends and Family
Check: Arizona Classic Derby
965 E Desert Lane
Gilbert AZ 85234

The pre-race warmup training is going well - 35-45-45-75 which will get us to 800
miles in training tosses. A few birds have been pulled into the observation bay. If they are not able to make the 1st race - they will be refunded. 

 Between races we also train at least one toss 50-75 miles.

The first two races are set:

Race 150 - Tuesday Feb 11th

Race 200 – Saturday Feb 15th


Funds continue to be sent in - I am assuming for 10 days from activation toss for funds to be received and cleared ( Canada included). Any bird not paid up this week (or communicated to me that entries have been sent) will be offered to others to activate. We hope it does not come to that.

Birds are being loft flown  -  we plan for 2 more tosses and then first race.

We want to have the first race scheduled this week -

best regards



Entry fees continue to come in - as soon as all are accounted for - we will schedule the first race, lockdown and post the payout.

Tried to get the birds out to 50 miles twice this week and had to bring them back due to windy conditions and some rain from the fronts that moved across the eastern part of our course. They were loft flown instead. Monday is also forecasted rain - will do 2 more tosses and off to the races !!


Make checks payable to: Arizona Classic Derby

Stephen Furlonge

965 E Desert Lane

Gilbert AZ 85234


Stay tuned...


Quick update-

Activation toss is complete. There are a few stragglers that will be updated from the clock today.

Check the toss to see how many birds you have remaining -300 for each of your birds left.


Make checks payable to: Arizona Classic Derby

Stephen Furlonge

965 E Desert Lane

Gilbert AZ 85234


No - the first bird did not break speed records - he was obviously clocking in from previous training/outing.

In the actual races - birds are scanned and a basketing list generated/published at basketing.

Windy day today as expected with 15-20mph headwinds - some winds in eastern state where we fly - take it one day at a time to see if we can get in a toss...

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