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Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable July 4th ~~!


Check the "Breeders" page to see if you are missing and need to replace a bird - you are welcome to send any replacements next week.


All is well here - we will be finishing up pulling flights on the early groups, pox/salbac and booster pmv on all those that need one.

We just have a few entries/replacements coming in next week - and will upload the clocking inventory/chip check next week.


We realize with the abundance of OLRs out there that you have a choice. Thank you for your participation this year and best of luck to all your OLR entries for 2019 season. We will strive to be at the top of the OLR stats this year again.


Best Regards

Steve F.


All good here in AZ ~!! The Woodbury fires are burning NE of us (96,000 acres burned so far) - but on the other side of the mountains so we are not affected by smoke or in any danger. No lives lost or property so far  ~!!

Several breeders are shipping this week. We have a very good relationship with our Post Office - they call or send birds direclty out to us so that they are not driving around in the mail truck. Or we pick them up at the distribution center if they come in at weird hours.

Two breeders have asked for extra shipping time the week after the July 4th. That works for us if you need an extra few days.

Training starts in October so plenty of time to get them ready for that. On our own local team we are on our last round of babies - those June hatches really do better in the heat ~! One July hatch won the Arizona Open Classic one year from 358 miles in December ~!!

We are super excited as this year our AZ Federation is flying the SAME direction as the Arizona Classic Derby OLR - Southeast - so my training commute is cut in half. This means we can work twice as hard as our Federation birds and OLR birds will be going the same direction. We will not be training or racing on days of Federation races.


Until next update ~~!!


We hit 112 degrees (above normal) the last few days - for the next week or so we will be 10 degrees cooler to normal ~100 deg. The birds seem to be acclimated and was not bothered by the heat. Health-wise we are extremely happy with how the birds looked this week. As we approach the moulting period - we will be adjusting the feed accordingly with the best of Versele laga feed and supplements. We are a Versele laga distributor here in the Southwest and import several containers every year - call or email if you need a quote for shipping a skid of feed/grit/all in one.

Thanks for your support and confidence with several weeks to go - get those entries in - training starts in October - so lots of time to settle those birds and get them routing before training.


Best regards

Steve F.




***** Currently 340+ birds in the loft with over 450+ reserved.
We are accepting birds through June 28(replacements and entries). If you are sending entries/replacements in June, please feel free to send an extra bird just in case (at no extra perch).
We are beginning our booster round of PMV and 1st Salbac shot this week to the first 4 sections (except those birds that have had 3 rounds of vaccines by their breeders). All remaining birds will have their booster around July 4th weekend.
We pull flights on the first 4 groups by July 4th.The newer arrivals will be allowed to settle and route first before any flights are pulled. Our training starts mid-October so this is not an issue. All flights will be in by September.
Best of luck in the series - and thanks for your support and confidence.
Steve F.
Arizona Classic Derby

Several boxes of birds arrived this week - they will be reflected on Sunday’s inventory.

We will begin booster PMv and 1st Salbac vaccine on the first 4 sections. The other 2 newest arrival sections will receive a booster on july 4. Birds which have received 3 vaccines by their breeders will not be vaccinated at this time (unless you reqiest a 4th vaccine).

Thank you for your support - we should exceed our entries from 2018.

Best of luck for a great series ~~!


Entries and replacements are accepted through June 28. Training starts in mid-october, so ample time to settle and route.

Temps are warming up but in prep we have done our due diligence in preparing the gut for swings to the triple digits.

If you have a missing bird or have a bird in this list -  for each MIA/sick/lost bird, you can send a replacemnt plus an extra bird at no additional perch fee.

Some birds in the sick bay are better being replaced sonthat you can be competitive on race day.

Dehasa 19560

RAR 408, 423

APC 19282

APC 19294

AONE 345

AFL 063

Dutch 435


PNA 1925


JOEP 322



We have several birds pulled into the sick bay. Seems that a round of sickness is in one of the groups. Medication for 5-7 days - will advise on any lost/missing birds early next week when we update inventory.

Other than that, temperatures have been abnormally cooler.

All birds arriving this week and for the last few weeks of acceptance are in separate quarantine sections (as is normal procedure here).

Best regards


Unbelievable abnormally cooler temps this week with 75 degrees for a high today - 

All birds that arrived this week will be reflected on the website and updated on 27th May.

All is well - we are on our last round of babies in our own breeding program for our local races and a few International OLRs. Generally we like to breed in the heat (80-100 degrees)- the babies seem to fly better in the hotter climates.

We will accept birds until June 15th - 

Best regards and thanks for the support ~~!




Temps have been below normal back to low 80. Birds have been enjoying ...

Birds are coming in with accepting through end of May and replacements to June 15. We will relax the acceptance perioed for both entries and replacements to June 15th as some breeders are on the cusp. Our training starts in mid October so there is ample time to settle and route.

On a side note, when shipping birds if you can include a list of your birds so that there is minimal confusion on this side.


Best regards and Thanks for your support


We have had several hot days to 99 flirting with 100 - water intake has increased as expected. We currently have 4 birds in the sick bay as a result of this. Two will make it but for the other two will make a determination by weekend to see if replacement needed. As a precaution, we are treating with a sulpha drug right about now based on experience - this early heat tests the health of these birds.

Hand inventory completed - missing a few birds (breeders notified).Anyone missing a bird has the opportunity to send two birds at no additional perch fee to replace the missing bird. Replacements accepted through June 15th.


Our training starts mid-October with a final race tentatively 1st week in December. So get those remaining youngsters in. Personally I am banding my local Auction money birds NOW for a final 365 miles in December also - so it is not too late ~~!!


If you live in the California quarantine zip codes - and wish to get another breeder to breed your entries. We cann arrange to have local breeders that will breed for you.


Best regards





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