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4:30pm Update: Congrats to the 30+ on the drop. 1st in clock Nathan Plantado (AZ Fed President) - with a nice trophy. Winds have picked up to 20-25mph and temperatures are over 90 - so that shut things off in a hurry... hope to see some more make it in early morning. Any bird that is deemed unable to compete due to late arrival will be refunded if already paid.

Flying from release into 56 degrees - 72 degrees at arrival today is much better than last Sunday's 100 high temp. Of course, with the cooler temps means the birds got a lot of help from the 10-15mph SouthWest winds which is the ideal wind for this course - not pushing them past the loft but keeping them to the North which is more favorable for returns. Today was special to see the birds streaming in - in the words of my late mentor Al Coury (who taught me this course in 2006), this is a raceway Son that funnels the birds on line and if you can see the second hand on your watch, let them up ~~!

Using the same decision making process, due to the relative easy race, we will do Saturday 6th May Final as planned. The conditions will be even cooler (the lowest of this week) than today with a predicted high of 84, a low of 55 and sunrise at 5:33am - it cannot get much better than that - and SouthWest winds 10-15 mph AGAIN ~!!! 

Headcount for food on Saturday please ..... and get those entry $  in before we have to offer them to others ~!



Due to temperature highs of 100 on Sunday, we have decided to move the race to possibly Monday (if temps/winds dip back down) or Tuesday (our 1st choice). We want to give the birds a fair chance of making it home by 85 degrees well before the heat shuts them down.  Tuesday at 12PM is estimated at 85 degrees and birds should be home well before that. The entry fees deadline will remain in place by May 3rd (at least a notification that funds are on the way).

Birds will be on a short toss to keep them loose in addition to the daily loft flying~


Some have already started to send in entry fees - THank you ~!

Entry fees ($325 per bird) are due after the next race by Wednesday MAY 3rd. Without this, I will NOT make a PRIZE LIST ~!

WE WILL SELL ANY BIRD THAT IS NOT PAID BY THAT DATE - YOU MUST LET US KNOW BY WEDNESDAY MAY 3 RD ***********************************************************************************************************************


Options are:


(2) Zelle: (480) 215-4255

(3) Mail - LEAST PREFERRED METHOD as I have to clear the checks (need to let me know they are mailed - otherwise I will sell the birds).

Arizona Classic Derby, 965 E Desert Lane GILBERT AZ 85234

Any bird that does not make the Final Basketing list will be refunded (with the same payment method) immediately.

There are some birds whose owners have not sent in Perch Fees - these birds will be available for ($90 PERCH + Entry Fee = $415). Unpaid birds belong to Arizona Classic Derby - and we will do whatever we need to do to recoup lost fees ~~! Purchaser will retain ALL RIGHTS, ownership and 100% of prize money for any activated bird.



Congrats to the winners today  - 14 on the 1st drop. We started the day at 59 degrees and by Noon at 83 degrees topping out at 87 degrees. As such the late arrivals stopped off somewhere and we will hopefully see the stragglers trickle in by early morning. Birds made good time with the light winds along the course with first arrivals around 71 degrees - so plenty of time to fly in the cooler morning temps. We have to monitor the rising temps this weekend and make some decisions regarding the next race - stay tuned. 


Congrats to the first birds in the clock - big 1st drop. We will tweek the feed slightly to get better trapping on race day. It is always nice to release into a 58-60 degree temperature and will stay that way this week also. All this week will see light tailwinds again SW and WSW forecasted on the weather sites at 9-14 mph - that's ok too, these short races are by design as part of training. Still a ways to go with another short one mid-week ..... best of luck ~!



8:20 am Update: Ring Cameras shows first birds arrived at 7:25 am but clock reports 6:13am.

This means our clock is off by 1 hr and 12 mins. We will adjust the release time by 1 hr and 12 mins less to make the speeds accurate. BUT clock looks like it malfunctioned, so this race will NOT count for Average Spped just to be safe. We had similar identical issue with Unikon in the club two weeks ago on a different clock/module and had to DQ some birds for another flyer. I suspect the Club Unit (the common denominator here) is the culprit  - as we use the club unit to put the clock in "Race Mode" and to do the basketing list and set the time on the clock for the races. In "Training Mode" we do not use the Club Unit and have not seen this problem in Training Mode.


7:40am NOTE:

Clock time is off or clock malfunctioned? We will resolve once most of the birds are clocked - so as not to mess anything up ~~!!


Tentative Schedule (+/- 1 day or so depending on conditions).

Wed 19 - 100

Sat 22 - 120

Wed 26- 140

Sun 30 - 200

Mon 1 - Entry Fees due

Sat  6 - FInal



Moving right along after a hiccup on Friday with strong South winds that pushed the birds north and past the lofts. But they got some good wing time with just a handful missing. They have been flying well with short tosses and locked out for additional wing time. This week we will get to 65-70 miles, and we will pick the best day for the first Sprint at just under 100 miles, and in quick succession at ~ 120 (assuming no issues). These short ones are not meant to be survival tough ones. Lot of handlers like to beat the birds up to 100 miles and take the race out of them before the $ are on the line - there will be plenty of opportunity on the final for toughness. 

Entry fees are not due until just before the Final. Some perch fees are still not here - we will break some hearts ~!



Extremelhy pleased with the birds this week - with the majority flying really well and several non-clocking training tosses. We start the live clocking up at 35 miles. The birds are being locked out on the shorter tosses after arrival to open loft/fly. We will train every day this week short and stretch them out at the end of the week as a cool front will bring perfect temps to the valley yet again.

Will upload yesterday's inventory asap - we have to borrow the club's computer cable as ours had water damage from all the rains. Club race from 175 miles today - so cable is being used basketing/figuring.



Birds were outside every day except Saturdays (local races ongoing) and are being locked out for several hours daily, to let the hawks do the flagging. The majority have been flying really well with the cool mornings at 50 degrees and sometimes windy and rain on a couple of days - After the 25-35 mile toss, we will have online clocking enabled. We are almost there......



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