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Dove season has ended. Lots of shooting within range of the birds - luckily no casualties on our local birds. OLR birds have been locked down - and continue to be locked down due to the finishing stages of the moult, incessant hawk activity - AND the mass liberations of birds in our area due to the Federation flying our OLR race direction this year. My personal youngbird team has been caught up in these birds traversing our area and we are down a few. Already early reports of birds getting dragged to the other side of town (50 miles away) ~! We made the earlier decision to delay the start training (mid October) of the ACD OLR birds once the massive flocks have moved through and further away from our lofts.

Two birds are in the observation bay (one for canker, other from last update that had excessive water in crop).

All else is good - doing our pre-training meds/supplement routine for 7 days followed by 5 days of canker meds.

Best regards

Steve F.



Remembering our fallen heroes and victims today ~! Let honor their memory by continuing the fight for freedom and security and thank those who serve.

All else good here - a high of 96 today (unusual) but we will take it. Back up to 105 by the weekend. Neck moult in progress with lot of the birds - health seems great. We did treat with Adeno-zap as a precaution, and had Ropa B in water on Monday.

Our Versele Laga container is cleared - just in time for training prep - we feed the best of Versele Laga for our OLR. Currently Energy Plus for the moult (20%), we will rotate in Champion and Junior mixes as the training dictates.


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Still record breaking temperatures here in the 100's. Usually by the end of August, I am breathing a sigh of relief to get the birds through July and August healthy and moulted. That said, we have 1 bird in the sick bay with water in the crop. As a precaution, we have Adeno-zap in the water for a few days just in case.... it's all natural and so it does not affect the birds.

During the dove season until Sep 15 - we do nothing with the birds - on lockdown. We did have 3 Harris hawks again patrolling the lofts - they got one bird from my personal youngbird team that I had on open loft prior to dove season.

We should be working the birds back in the air after Sep 15 in preparation for October training start. The later start the better as want the temperatures to be 70's to low 80's in the mornings. The birds dictate the schedule and we have ample time in December if we needed extra time to complete the series.


Best regards

Steve F.



All good and quiet here ~!

This year our Federation is flying the same course as the Arizona Classic Derby. This means that 1000's of local birds will be traversing our loft as we are on the short end. We would have to make adjustments such as delay training until the local birds are trained out past our loft, do not train/fly on Arizona Federation race days, be vigilant on time of day that large groups of training tosses are passing through.

We will start ramping up on activities once dove season completes Sep 15th.

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Hot hot hot spell from 110-114 for the next few days. We are not doing much with the birds - just rest during the moult - all the vitamins, minerals, all n one grit, feather supplements, and all you can eat buffet during this period when the birds are developing the most.

There are no birds in the sick bay - ACV and oregano-based supplements in the water a few times a week.

Until next time....


A record 115 degrees on Monday breaking a 50 year old high temperature on this date. Birds did not seem to be bothered... followed by some extremely high winds and dust storms that normally accompanies high desert temps. The next few days will be closer to normal 105 degrees but with potential dust storms ... will try to squeeze in an inventory in the mornings as we keep the birds inside and close off even the aviaries on stormy evenings.

Best regards

Steve F.


Rain, rain and rain in the Arizona desert. We have not seen temps to 81 degrees for a long time.... 20-30 degrees cooler with the monsoon moisture.

All birds are now integrated (including the last arrivals). The next inventory will reflect all birds on the property. We have a few bands that need to be checked: WOC 94 is not scanning, and a couple other mismatches with numbers correct but Club Name incorrect

9th and 10th are coming in nicely. We will try to do some facebook videos in August to showcase the health.

Until next update....



July is almost gone - now to August and looking for a successful moult (ACV, Oregano extracts, vitamins, minerals, Versele Laga pellets, All in One grits, feather supplements).


General note: The fastest way to get a reply is text (480-215-4255), email (, and Voicemail. With the abundance of TeleMarketing, Spam, Fraud Risk calls - it is not possible to answer every call.

For those that do not text or email saavy, If you want a call-back, please leave a voicemail if we do not pick up.


Best regards

Steve F.



After the above normal record heat for the last 2 weeks, the monsoons are finally here with cooler mornings and rain.

Birds have had 9th and 10th pulled (except the later arrivals). Later arrivals will be allowed to acclimatize and settle for a while longer. The feed content has been bumped up with Versele Laga pellets and higher protein to help with the moult.

Chip check is complete and sorted out.

We have started a manual hand inventory this morning with 4 sections completed. The remaining 4 sections will be finished later today and posted.


Best regards

Steve F.


Acceptance period for entries and replacements are over. We are cleaning up the inventory list  for lost/missing/replaced birds - so the list is not 100% accurate yet. There are a few birds that have been replaced that are still on the list.

Due to the extreme heat advisory, we have not completed our chip check/flight pull/boost as advised. We should drop down to normal temps in a few days. We don't think its is wise to pull flights and vaccinate on an extremely hot day.

All else is good - thank you for your support this year.

Best regards

Steve F.


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