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WE had the worst monsoon storm came through last night that I have experienced....

For the OLR, the loading section(where we load birds onto the trailer) was blown open and off the blocks. The feed storage area roof was blown off - 20 birds from that neighboring section that we were in the process of settling got out through the open section and are outside flying around still. Those birds have only been outside twice. The rest of the One Loft is intact and those birds are all in and safe.

Not so lucky on our local loft and widowhood loft where we fly the local Arizona races - those two local lofts were destroyed ~!

Looks like a microburst came through the area - downed trees everywhere!

Update later once we get through the cleanup~!



Hope everyone had a great July 4th.

All good here at Arizona Classic Derby - we are in the process of settling all the birds on the property.

We are expecting a sizeable group of birds from Canada in the next couple weeks- if you need to get on board, contact me for the next shipping specifics. The Canadian birds have done extremely well here in Arizona over the years.

After yesterday's count, we are missing 2 birds - breeders will be notified shortly.


Best regards


Hot hot hot - it's been hot but the birds seem to be acclimatizing nicely ~!

Different things in the water on different days for healthy stomach and gut - Entero Plus, Primilac, ACV, Ocean Fly King products, Oregano-based extracts....

Accepting birds through September 3rd - send your late hatches. Several breeders have called and indicated they will be sending birds in July - we are expecting 300 - 350 birds.


Best regards


All good here - a little on the warm side. Birds are starting to come in - with many more promised than signed up ~~!

Various products in the water to keep that gut healthy during these months - have not seen any issues yet.

All birds vaccinated now for PMV/Adeno/Circo, quarantined by arrival week - looking healthy and alert.

Now that the bigger races are almost closed - we should see the bulk of birds starting to come in -

Best of luck in what will be a super series ~~!


All good here at Arizona Classic Derby. Accepting all your late hatches through September 3.

Some of the bigger races have extended their acceptance/replacement period - Consider sending your late hatches to Arizona Classic Derby.  We will start training in December (training schedule will be published shortly as the International Races do.....) folowed by a race schedule starting in February. We have extended/buffered the training period to make sure we are on track for Feb start to the races.

Updating the bird list today for the birds that were shipped in this Memorial Day week - they all healthy and acclimatizing - starting Section #2 Quarantine (we have 7 sections).

Best regards ~




Our race is a late hatch race ~! Send your birds now thru September 3rd. The response has been phenomenal to our $80 perch fees ($75 for 10 or more) AND Entry fees due 10 days before the Final Race. Many breeders have contacted me to send 10+ entries.

We do not have several hundred thousand $ guranteed payouts as we are a small operation but with a big 800 bird capacity -

Be sure to use a lot of probiotics, minerals for these late hatches, and vaccinate your birds at weaning before sending to us.  Send healthy, strong, vibrant birds with a lot of vigor and tenacity. You do your part to send healthy birds - we GUARANTEE the following:

1. We train HARD BUT SMART - birds need to be routing 1.5 hours BEFORE we take them down the road. Typically 1,2,5,10,10,15,25,25,25,40,50,50,50,50,50,75,75,75,75,75, 90, 100 - mile training tosses. Any time they struggle, we RESET ! This get us 20-25 tosses before the 1st race and also 50-75 mile training between races and once the races start 5-7 days between races. Healthy birds will fly this routine - any sick, stressed or weaker birds will be weeded out ~! Thease are my decisions as an experienced successful handler - you agree to these by entering the race. The decision of the loft manager is final.

The goal of training is conditioning - not just crating up and driving down the road - anybody can do that ~! 

2. Your birds get to fly at least 3 races with at least 3-4 hours on the wing BEFORE any entry fees are due. Too often, we see birds lightly trained to 100 miles and a request for Acitivation money. I am not slamming any race - just stating that we minimize that scenario at Arizona Classic Derby. 

If your bird cannot fly this regimen - it's good you did not have to prematurely pay an Entry fee. Not all birds are bred equal - some great breeding stock will breed a weaker or less than desirable bird at times that may not fly our regimen.

3. We vaccinate on arrival for PMV/Circo/Adeno. We will do a PMV booster once all birds are in house and settled. This year will use a different manufacturer for the booster vaccine.

4. We guarantee to start training early in December with race start early February. My local team is on the same routine and so I get to cut costs by training both along the similar course. Our Federation schedule is early February races - so we will be on track.


Happy Memorial Day - thank you to all that serve ~!

Engravings received and Trophies sending out to the 1st place winners ~! Congrats

Running a late hatch race has challenges that require changes for this season:

1. Acceptance window has narrowed, so that birds are roughly the same level of maturity and moult. This will allow us to start training by December 1st and extend our training window to December and January with the first race no later than Feb 1st. We will stick to the schedule as we will be training our own local birds during this time on roughly the same course with close to same start dates.

2. Weather patterns have changed and our Race course direction has changed to our West course which makes for a great working Final race. Not a blow home but a large percentage of the birds will make it home on the day. This is where we flew our 2012 AU Convention race. Our Federation has also made the switch back to the North West course after going SouthEast (like our OLR) and suffering humiliating losses for the last two years.

3. Perch fees $80 and $75 for 10 or more ~~! Entry fees due 10 days before the Final race - how can you beat that? Cheaper perch fees and you get to see your birds race several races before having to pay any entry fees ~! I dont know about you but I hate to pay entry fees and my bird never makes it beyond the first 2 races.

4. We train thoroughly (before and between races) - when you pay your entry fees, you can be assured the bird is ready and has several hours of wing time and races already. Impressive trophies again for all the 1st in the clock winners and 1st Average Speed.


Our Wincompanion entry list is now reset - we are accepting birds ~!

Wincompanion list will be updated shortly for the birds that have been sent in for our 2021 Acceptance Period - 

1. Please try to ship on Monday - Tuesdays

2. Include a note as to what vaccinations birds have been given

3. Perch fees $80 each (10 or more - $75 each) - Entry fees due 10 days before the Final Race.


Other news: Trophies are here - Still waiting on the engraved plates with all the specifics for the 1st place winners.



The last few requested birds will go out on Monday ~!


We are NOW accepting Birds through September 3 for the next series.

120-145-180-250-330 mile series in February/March 2022 (Salome, Bouse - Arizona; Vidal , Amboy, Daggett - California)

Perch Fees - $80 per bird or  ($75 each 10 or more) at working man's prices

Entry fees - $325 per bird due 10 days before Final (which means you get to see your birds race a few races BEFORE having to get in the entry fees).

Our training regimen is thorough - birds MUST be routing several hours and loft flying (unforced) BEFORE training, and gets the birds in condition to fly several hours on the wing in several races BEOFRE payment is due, we also train between races (which is a rare phenomena these days) ~!

Best of luck -


We shipped out 12 boxes of birds - brand new boxes with clean bedding.

All checks have been written and addressed and to be mailed today.

We have ordered the engravings for the trophies for the 1st in the clock in each of the races - they will be mailed out as soon as we receive. Please send a picture of yourself with your trophy - will add you to the photo section of the website.

If any other birds return that you asked us to keep an eye for - will notify you ~!


Check us out for the next series flying West towards Daggett California - several birds already in the loft. It is a great race course - 

Also if you like me to fly birds in our local Arizona Federation vs 58 or so flyers - I have space on my team for $75 perch fee. Breeder owns bird at end of series. YOu may also enter the various small money races available.

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