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All good so far - running about 2 weeks behind where we need to be but will start cranking late next week once the local flyers get their birds out. Windy weekend and we are out of town for the Superbowl chaos, Golf tournament, car show and what else is here in town this weekend.

THIS NOTICE IS FOR THE OLD BIRD FLYERS that left birds for me to fly OBs.

For the Old Birds that were left in 2021 banded for me to fly with the local AZ Federation - they have been loft flying for extended periods and trained 15-25-45-68-68-68-68-68 miles in the last  9 days - no babying ~~!. They have been settled in my personal flying loft AWAY from the OLR birds. We will have those local races up on Benzing separate from the OLR (some of the bands need to be switched to Benzing). The current OLR birds are Unikon. First OLD BIRD race is 2-18-2023. NOT every bird goes to every race - ship limit is 30 and so will rotate in the birds from 175 miles through 500 miles.

Best regards


The following 6 birds need new e-bands:

ARPU 15347


GSC 67


SHIT 2253

GSC 61.

We keep reusing e-bands year over year to keep our perch fees low. This year we have seen higher than normal missing of e-bands due to breakage or simply falling off. A lot of rain is here this week and currently heavy downpours so will be a few days before we dry out and run the birds out and in through the antennaes.


The weather has cleared a bit - after the rains/floods/mess at the lofts, it is now dry for a few days.

We are doing the painstaking handscan today and are almost complete. We should be done tomorrow - and have the corrections in. We had a few missing e-bands and a couple not working (again), and a few birds mixed up club/band number - so many entries with same number and different club this year (dutch to gene, aone to dutch, bon to foys, arpu to arc, ccif to tsr). Will fix these in the computer/Wincom and have them run through the traps on Thursday's upload.



Still a few perch fees missing (yes perch fees)- please send those in immediately ~~! We have been very laid back in collecting perch fees this year and entry fees in the past. The entry fee fiasco that happened last season will not be allowed to happen this season - when some of you waited to see birds perform after the due date - and then when the birds were lost, pretended that you did not know the entry fees due date - Arizona Classic Derby had to suck up your entry fees.

This year we will sell all birds with unpaid perch fees (via this message board, facebook, and even auction if needed) by early January 15th - so I need to hear from you. Of course we will give a gentle (very gentle) reminder in the upcoming days.

In the meantime - please send in your perch fees and/or contact me to let me know your plans. This notice is for PERCH fees that were supposed to be shipped with birds.

Happy New Year to all....


Wet rainy stormy days ahead - yes, even in Arizona we are not immune from the bad weather sweeping the country.

Today we plan to post the remainder of birds that we did not capture in the last inventory. These are birds that were in the sick bay or birds that had missing or non-working bands.

Hopefully we get to do a main inventory again this week - will see how we can manage that with the weather.

All else OK - will get busy around here in January -February as we put the birds through their routine...

Happy Holidays to all ~~~


Our local races are now officially over - we turn our focus to the OLR birds - rain rain and bad weather this week.

Full inventory being worked on this week with a few missing bands, and sick bay birds.

Overall schedule is: Loft flying January, training starts by mid Feb, races in March.

Best regards



Our setup is tested and working - so will be running all the birds through the antennas one section at a time per day - still not mixing birds yet.

Not much to report or a whole lot going on with the birds, we finished the booster and no more vaccines to give. Only have 5 sick birds in quarantine away from the loft.

Happy Thanksgiving to all ~!


On the later birds we have received some older ones that we feel are very strong on the wing and have to take more precautions in settling - as such we are building an 8x16 settling aviary to keep these guys in for a few weeks more before we try to settle (in addition to doing our soaping the wing strategy the first week out).

We have not mixed all the birds yet due to the two problem sections with birds becoming listless and few dying. Comtemplating to do a backup booster pmv/salmonella but not wanting to further weaken that section - will decide this week.

Hope to get the new settling addition installed this week - and we can use that to run birds through the trap for current inventory/chip check purposes....

Training does not start until February - remember this is a late hatch race in March/April.


Best regards


As we are winding down the acceptance period this week, please review your breeder list for any missing/injured/dead birds and replace if you can.

We also went through the loft this weekend to identify any weak, injured, sick birds. The following birds have been pulled out from one problematic section (water in crop, skinny, respiratory issues) and should be replaced if you can:

Hawaii 63

Foys 18260

Oak 22043

AA 2097

Foys 29663 (died)

Topo 104 (died)




Hope everyone in Florida takes the necessary precautions during this time.

There are a few breeders that were not able to ship this week due to the flight cancellations, etc... As such please feel free to ship through the 1st week in October through October 7th if that helps.

Best regards




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