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Birds are doing well - another 102 degrees here today - our record is stuck - maybe this is the last of the 100 degree days - HA !!

Our local birds are training with some level of difficulty due to the heat -

One Loft birds are on lockdown trying to get them through a successful moult. Another few weeks we should have them all out and loft flying again - reminding folks that our races are in January, so the bulk of our training will be in December.

Gentle reminder that all perch fees are now due - for those of you that took advantage of our deferred perch fee stimulus.




Hello breeders,

September has come and gone - but the heat is still here.

For those of you that took advantage of our deferred perch fess - they were due in September.

Paypal (Friends and Family):

Mail checks to:

Stephen Furlonge / Arizona Classic Derby 965 E Desert Lane, Gilbert AZ 85234

Credit card: Add 3.5% processing fees.


We keep saying one last heat wave - hopefully this is the last few days of records - and hopefully say goodbye to the 100 degree temperatures. It has been 105 and 10 degrees above normal.

Our own local birds are on training hold until later this week.

No treatments in water - just ACV, Probiotics, Ropa B a couple times, Vitamins/Electrolytes....


Best regards


Not much to update - birds are in moult - had a couple one eyed colds that seems to be gone now with eye drops/respiratory treatment.

We keep saying one last heat wave - hopefully this is the last few days of records - and hopefully say goodbye to the 100 degree temperatures.

Our own local birds have been on training hold until later this week.

The One Loft Birds will be trained starting late November thru December for January races - so lots of time for them to complete the moult.

Best regards


We broke another high record temperature yesterday in Arizona ~!

The smoke from Cali, Oregon and Washington is finally clearing out - there were 3 birds with eye colds - we gave respiratory eye drops and started a general Respiratory treatment for 5 days. I had problems staying outside with the smoke, and sunless days.

The one problematic sick section is still having a few skinny birds - probably a left-over from the viral effects that passed through that section. They are on all natural stuffs now - I cleaned them out with the usual antibiotics a couple of times - now I will only stick with the natural stuff  - sequencing through Oregano-based/Probiotics/Adeno Zap/ACV/Anti-bacterial supplements.

Lots of down feathers eveywhere, the older ones are locked down with pulled flights. We will get through a clean moult with all the crazy temperature swings - even with the August arrivals. Our acceptance period closed Aug 31 -  please do not get to excited and expect us to start training now as the early OLR races are showing their videos/training flights - everyone is anxious especially with the majority of OLRs on hold/delayed due to weather and smoke. Officially our training starts in November for a Final race in January - this is a late hatch race! We will start flagging later in October.


Best regards


Quick update:

Remembering the brave heroes that sacrificed their lives 19 years ago ~!

We screwed up on the last inventory and reset the clock by accident - there are 350+ birds in loft.

We have re-started the clock - there are a few corrections needed and a few birds need to be added....

It looks like an eclipse out here with no sunlight and very eerie feeling. The smoke from the faraway fires has filtered out the sun to an orange/yellow tone and with that the temperatures have tumbled to 80's and 90's.


Best regards


We hit 115 degrees on Saturday and broke another record Sunday - two days in a row breaking all-time heat records. The excessive heat warning is through Monday - Over 53 days of 110+ degrees  - the hottest ever for Arizona records.

Some of the birds are going thru a massive moult in reaction to the temperature swings. Good clean moulting feed Mutine by Versele Laga, All n One grit, probiotics, ACV, Ropa B - checking on the birds 3 times daily to make sure waterers are topped up !

We delay our inventory to start Tuesday morning where it is expected to cool down to the 90's and more conducive to handling the birds. As is, by the time we change waterers, feed and clean - it is already too hot to do anything else.

Best regards ~!


We had the monsoon rain roll in for one night with 0.5" rain and some cooler termperatures for a few days.... we are back up to hopefully one last heat wave of 112-113 for the next few days.

We have started pulling flights and pox. Hand inventory will be started on Saturday group by group over a few days during the cooler part of the morning. 

Not much else going on - really too hot to do anything ~!



Hot hot and hot - record breaking heat with higher than normal temps of 113+ through Friday.

We have not done any physical handling the birds, trying not to introduce added heat stress - pretty much leaving them alone - feed, water, ACV, probiotics, vitamins, Mutine moulting mix, ...

The temperatures are finally trending to be under 100 deg next week - we will do any final PMV/Pox vaccines, hand inventory of all birds in loft, updated inventory, flight pull on the intermediate groups, and continue settling of last groups. Our acceptance period is now closed.

Thank you to all the breeders for your participation.... another two months of prep before training starts in November.



The constant 110-114 degree heat of the past few days ~!! Just feed and water and leave the birds alone for the most part - there are a few entries coming in this week which will close our acceptance period. Inventory will be updated - remaining birds will be chipped, flights pulled on older ones, etc .... little by little in this heat ! We have also avoided handling birds due to the viral stuff in one of the sections.

Along with the overdue monsoon moisture comes sudden evening winds and blowing dust  - so have to be very careful in settling the last groups. We will soap the wings and let out late evenings ~!


Best of luck to all


This is the last week to ship entries/replacements. If you need a few extra days beyond this - its ok as well.

We got a handle on what was going on in Group 7 - no more casualties other than the 9 birds during the initial week of sickness. Breeders have been notified. We treated with Enroflaxyn 10% for 7 days and probiiotics. The worst is past - there are a few birds that are still fluffed up and that we also have notified and give you the option to replace if you are able to - but they look like will recover as they are eating and drinking well.

We have minimized physical handling of the birds as we do not want to pass anything along so we have not done a hand inventory. Group 5-6 are still out daily. Groups 7-8 will be settled next. Any bird that was pulled at any point for sickness is still in a separate "Recovery" group. Any birds that came in last week and this week are in a new Group 9.

Soon we will have all birds merged when we finish settling.


Best regards

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