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Accepting through September - time to get those champions in ~~! Flying from the West course again - Wenden, Salome, Bouse, Vidal and Daggett, California.

All checks have cleared our bank - means all the winners have been paid ~!

Trophies will go out this week for all the 1st place winners in the clock- the engraving plates are on schedule to be completed this week.


Best regards ~


Birds are starting to come in ~! New entries will be posted up starting this week - we have archived the old races and updated information on Wincompanion.

Also - all checks mailed out - so you should be seeing those in your mbox this week.

All requested birds have been mailed back - the remainder will be raced in Old Birds in the Arizona Federation and you can have those back after the races by request.

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We are running behind on everything due to our helpers being out of town the last week and also we are headed out of country today to visit my Mom for Mother's Day.
But did manage to get 23 boxes of birds sent out Tuesday - the cream of the crop returned - tailwinds, headwinds, heavy winds, dust, k-factor, heat, cold - these birds came through ~~!!! A good test with some challenges to make it through the Summer, then the consistent training, and variable working races to get feedback on a range of sprint/tough races.
Send your late hatches again Now thru Sep 30 - Entry Fees are due before the Final race - get to see your birds perform at 100-120-140-200 before sending any entry fees for the Final 320.
Perch $90 each (or $80 for 8 or more).
Trophies are here - just have to get the engravings done and should be another week or so for shipping.
Checks are late too - will get them in the mail next week as we did not want to mix up with the 23 boxes of birds going out.
If you do not get your birds this week and we did miss your shipping return request - please ping us again and we can ship out.
Best regards

Bird return shipping will start on Monday - ran out of time on Wednesday and several breeders have asked me to delay until Monday.

For those that communicated, deduct return shipping from winnings or sent via Paypal - all good ~!

Checks will also be in the box, and all other checks mailed out this week - Quick payout ~!

Noted also - those that asked me to fly their birds in 2023 Old Birds in January.

Best regards


Our website is updated with the simplified rules for March 2023 race. BIRDS are already incoming as of yesterday....

100-120-140-200-320 (Five races from the West again)

Perch fees $90 each ($80 for 8 or more) - Accepting NOW through September 30th.

Entry fees dues immediately after the 200 mile race.

These 4 races will adequately prepare the birds for the 320 mile Final. The first 3 races will be relatively easy as you saw. The 4th race could be a challenge across the Colorado River, and the Final should be right in line with what you saw this year.

Also for the breeders that paid their entry fees on time and lost birds in our 240 mile race - You will be allowed a free perch for each paid entry lost in the 240. However, you cannot just redeem the free perch only- you have to send a regular paid perch in addition. Any questions or clarifications, reach out to me. Checks will start going out this week.

Bird return shipping will start on Wednesday - thank you for all your participation and those who have sent return shipping money (or asked me to deduct from their winnings) $70 for up to 2 birds; $100 for up to 4 birds.

We can also fly your birds for free in our Arizona Federation for 2023 January Old Birds season on our North West course - just pay return shipping then for the ones you want back then. We won 1st Champion Loft in the recently concluded 2022 Old Bird season from 175 miles to 535 miles)


Best regards



Perfect race day today ~! After the little hiccup last week on the 240 ~!

46 degrees with Light Tailwinds, the birds had some 10mph North winds to contend with on the way but did not seem to phase them coming in right on line - 16 birds arriving into 75 degree weather and light tail winds. Congrats are in order to all 16 that will share the 1st drop payout.  All 16 trapped in 11 seconds, and flew really hard as evidenced by some wings drooping on arrival. 

Congrats to Fanway Family with 1st in the clock (CRPU 10068) sharing same second with All-In Loft Oliver Ignacio (BON 7775). Fanway also had 1st in clock on the 240 with another bird CRPU 10081. Fanway and Oliver will also receive trophies for their 1st positions.

Congrats to Brad Santos for winning 1st Average Speed (and a really nice trophy) with his really consistent entry GSC 1085 winning $ on the 240, 320 and Average Speed. Bradley also won 1st ACD 120 with GSC 1077 winning a second really nice trophy. And with another entry GSC 1074 which was 7th on the ACD 180 - Congrats on a super loft performance.

Congrats to Oakland Loft - with his super entry "Romo 0077" that was repeat 1st on the 180 and a 1st on the 140 - Truly a phenomenal performance. This bird will receive two beautiful trophies for those 2 performances.

That's all for now - we would like to start shipping birds back this week. The shipping seems to be at $70 for a 2-bird shipping, $100 for 3-4 birds.

More updates later ....... Thank you for your participation ~!

ACD Final  
1 10000
2 8000
3 6000
4 4000
5 2000
6 1000
7 800
8 700
9 600
10 500
11 400
12 325
13 325
14 325
15 325
16 325


  Average Speed
1 3500
2 3000
3 2000
4 1000
5 500


1 300
2 300
3 300
4 300
5 300


Trophies for all the 1st place winners (1st in clock) ACD 120, 140, 180, 240, FInal and Average Speed.


As of right now, the Final is scheduled for Saturday. Payout posted Friday evening - still waiting on a few Express Mail checks - will not have time to clear the bank - but at this point we are going with what we have - No further complaints and negative energy around activations.

Birds have been loft flying daily, yesterday open loft with bath, today flagging and then open loft until 10am, minerals/reload/carbo supplements to build back up after the tough last race. The majority of them look great - I let a few of the later arrivals rest up and rebound separately. Some of them got a lot more wing time than others and hopefully should help them in the Final. 



Saturday and Sunday are great temperatures with Saturday being a little cooler for a high of 81 degrees.

Sunday is currently forecasting strong North Winds 15-20 mph for the initial miles and tailwinds for the latter half of the race.

Will monitor to see if Saturday is any better -


Some breeders are still contending with cherry picking birds to pay for entry fees even after they told me they had the entry fees sent on 15th April - 


This means any bird in the loft as of April 14th MUST HAVD ENTRY FEES PAID - regardless of status on the ACD 240.

That's all I am going to say on Entry Fees at this point - we will have MUCH less talk and more ACTIONS to take after the race completes.  This race is a registered business and A debt will be treated as such ~~!!!

Best regards

Steve F>



Message me for a list : 4802154255

I am not going to embarass anyone - participating in our race is optional and courtesy is the right thing to do especially you got to see your birds perform for 3 races (120-140-180). Activation fees has always been on the honor system - they were due "10 days before the Final" (not after the 240, not 5 days before the Final, not after the Final, etc)  If for some reason, you did not want to activate - a courtesy message would have been nice. We have been very laid back on running down people for perch fees, etc - that is not our style. Due to the toughness of this Arizona desert environment, we allow folks to send an extra bird at no perch fee if a replacement is needed. We have not charged either for replacements sent after later missing birds returned. The big races will hound you down and make threatening demands for those extra perch fees.

Grant it, the ACD 240 was a tough one - but all birds that were basketed for that race needs to be paid. Some were playing games, saying funds sent, etc.... waiting to see their birds perform in the ACD 240 - never actually sending funds...

This is a hobby for me that I make affordable due to the fact that I am racing locally on the same course and training my own team heavily in the same timeframe (Feb - April) - means that training costs are reduced expenses and I can afford to offer low perch fees. I also get feed in at wholesale prices as I sell feed and supplies - even trimming costs more for the OLR. We will continue with this model - low key, low cost, no frills race ~!


Best regards



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