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Training is progressing ~ The birds have a few longer tosses now ~! It's time to choose an appropriate day for the 1st race. We will run into abnormal temps later this week - so we have to decide if the short race can get released early enough and allow ample time for them to make it home before the abnormal heat of the day. Any wrong turn - could be disastrous ~!

We often rest and pause after tough tosses - but time is running out - we do not want to run into extended temperatures for the Final. We have taken our time (too much so) but the birds wer not coming as one group even on the short tosses. We like to see them coming together before moving out further - there are still about 10% of the birds not performing as we would like ~! For the majority of the birds- the conditioning is great - birds feel good - eating well - and have good body weight.

Our own birds on the same race course is our control group - we use these to gauge the OLR birds' readiness. Our personal season has been successful so far with 2 Federatin wins, top performances close to the top on Champion Loft, Champion Bird and currently leading average speed.

Training continues Wed and Thur -

Entry fees will be due after the 2nd race - just my personal decision to not have breeders pay for birds that cannot fly the short races!


Queuing up for two long tosses this week - and will pick the best day after that for the 150 mile.

Its been unpredictably windy, rainy, cloudy and crappy here the last couple days and so we have just been loft flying for a little bit. During these windy days, so easy for birds to fly low and hit wires, broken legs. We used this time to rest and build back up the birds.



We had a smash toss yesterday.

The K-factor was in the red zone (we did not check before the toss – our fault) and the temperature swings from 40 degrees at release rapidly warming to 85 degrees.

The winds also kicked up to 15-20 mph SW cross winds turning into head winds later in the day.

As of this morning, we had 180 or so home – and they are trickling in. We will upload at end of day again.


The Arizona Federation also had MASSIVE losses yesterday with many flyers NO REPORT and not having birds.

My loft had 13/30 home on the day.


So we will pause here and reset again. Our planned 75 and 90 mile tosses will be pushed out later in the week and so will our 150 mile race ~!


Will add more comments later as the day progresses – just not a good day ~!


Birds are on the road everyday that is not windy or rain. We had several days of wind or rain this week - and took the birds out shorter than we wanted to go. This next tosses are 35-45-55-75. They have had ample short tosses - we are being overly cautious on these windy days as we lost one basket on our initial 25 mile toss.

Last Friday and Saturday was wind and rain. Our Federation course from our 250 mile OLR station was headwinds 10-20 all the way - we did manage to get another Federation win this season at 950+ ypm several minutes ahead.

Unusual weather patterns everywhere - we just have to be prudent on distance, days and time that we train ~~!

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