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Congrats to the 1st drop of 10 today - they will split the top 10 prizes ($7900).

We hope to see a few more tomorrow - they were in great condition.

Last week our local birds took 1-2-3-4 in the Arizona Federation from 200 miles.

This week we placed 2-4-6-8-9 in the Federation from our 250 mile station.

So health and conditioning is optimum for both our local birds and OLR birds that are on the same management system.

Monday - rest

Tuesday - short toss

Wednesday - rain

Thursday - short toss

Friday - loft fly?

Saturday - rest

Sunday - Ft Hancock, TX




ACD300 is ON for Sunday ! Rain up to yesterday and drying out here - but since last race, we got in 3 short training tosses and several loft flights - the birds look ready ! More rain on the way during the week - is this really Arizona?

Corono-virus update: The grocery stores are empty here, My company is working from home with lots in recommended self-quarantine as there was an incident where an out-of-state employee visited my building and was later diagnosed with CV. Social distancing is mandatory (maintain 6 feet in common areas between others),  no more than 4 in an elevator (one in each corner), eat at your cubicle for those who must be on-site, no in-person gatherings, company jet - no side by side seating or directly in front of or behind someone, self-quarantine for 2 weeks if returning from ANY travel ~! Let's see how this unfolds this week in Arizona - before we make any plans for Final Race Day.



Soaking rain moved in overnight - we did find a break in the action this morning to get in 45 mins of loft flying - they flew really well and ranging - which shows their condition is great ~!

We will get in at least one road training (preference is to get in 2) before the Sunday ACD 300.



ACD 300 - Sunday March 15

ACD 363 - Sunday March 22


Early morning rains - we did get a window to loft fly birds under heavy clouds and no sunshine for about 45 mins.

The forecasted drenching rains are delayed to tonight - ACD300 is scheduled for Sunday - we need to get in 2 short tosses  before that along with loft flying...


The rain is moving in tonight - rain from Tuesday, Wed, THur and Friday in the valley of the Sun -

Just when the birds were ready -will have to see the way to get in loft flying and at least one toss before the next race -

ACD 300 is now moved to Sunday Mar 15th - unless the weather clears up ~~!!


Toss - Open Loft and Bath today...

We are monitoring the unpredictable weather - the best day seems to be Tuesday for the next race ACD300 from Las Cruces or we will have to wait until the weekend as rain forecast along different parts of the course from Wedneday, Thursday, Friday. 

150 - 2/17

200 - 2/23 -> 2/26

250 - 3/1 -> 3/5

300 - 3/8 -> 3/10

363 - 3/15 ???


Early in the week it was looking like doom and gloom headwinds and tough for today's race - after the rains moved thru New Mexico.

Today the first birds made great time - thanks to some 10 mph tailwinds along some sections of the race course. A few birds overflew ...

With a release at 34 deg and ENE winds less than 5mph, and arrival at 65 degrees warming rapidly to 84 degrees - returns slowed down - we hope to see the rest of the birds trickle in this afternoon and tomorrow.


Friday - rest

Saturday - short toss

Sunday - short toss/open loft

.... evaluate weather for next ACD 300 ~!


A little windy today but able to get a short toss in this morning. Winds to 25 mph this afternoon at the lofts. Rain/wind chances increasing along with cloud cover along course this afternoon and tomorrow at 70%.

We will get another short toss in Tuesday morning - rest Wednesday and let that moisture dry out  - all set for Thursday ACD 250.


After much deliberation, monitoring, accuweather and the Windy App and in consultation with other top local flyers -

ACD 250 - postponed due to very windy conditions along the course Sunday/Monday and Tuesday (rain).

We were trying to pull in the schedule a couple days but the wind gods are not cooperating for Sunday race.

Our last race ACD 200 was last Wednesday - and so birds will have a few more days for which we will train on Sunday and Monday.

- Best regards


ACD 250 - Sun Mar 1.

Forecasted SW crosswinds and some breezy conditions - as such we will let the birds stay in today to build their reserves for tomorrow. We were previously short  tossing birds the day before race to keep them loosened up from the extremely cold nights. Monday and Tuesday expected rain/high winds - so Sunday is the best day.

Last night not that cold at 50 degreest and today is expected to test 80 degrees - so birds are resting up for tomorrow's race.

Stay tuned for basketing list this evening ~!

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