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No new news to report. Birds are moulting nicely - with the rain and swing in temperatures has triggered a lot of body moult. We turn on the clocks this week - please check your inventory.

For those of you that took advantage of the 50% perch fee deposit - the remaining 50% is now due. 

For those that have paid their perch fee in full - any missing birds receive a credit towards entry fees.

We do not believe you should have to pay perch fees if a bird is MIA early on in the acceptance/settling process - hope this policy catches on to some of the OLRs that lose a lot of birds early.

Health is optimal - we have 3 birds in the recovery bay treating for respiratory with all the blowing dust around here lately.


Best regards


Monsoons daily with afternoon high winds and rain .... I counted 20 trees down/uprooted along the road on Monday morning near the loft from Sunday night storms. As such birds are on lock down for the remainder of this week. We will ramp up on live inventory updates next week as we get the birds back up in the air and release in two groups on alternating days.

Best of luck in your OLR endeavours...


Temperatures around 110-112 for the past few days - 

PMV booster given to all the latter arrivals - this concludes our vaccination regimen.

During this time, we continue with the "all you can eat buffet" for optimal development and feather growth - no cutting the feed with barley ~! 

We will continue with our weekly updates (or more frequently if anything changes or needs updating) during August.

Best of luck in all your 2018 racing endeavours...




Finally got Wincom to work with new computer, new USB serial drivers, new cables .... We will run the birds through the clock 7/31.

*** A hand inventory will be done on Wednesday to verify any missing birds, birds that did not scan, or incorrect band numbers after today's clocking ***

Last week with the heat wave, we hit 115 - 117 degrees for a couple of days - birds are looking well and seem to have adjusted to the heat by now. The 9th and 10th are growing in well on the earlier arrivals.


Intake period for entries and replacement is officially closed. We are at about 360 birds with very few replacements needed. Remember any bird not making the inventory list prior to start of training WILL have any paid perch fee refunded/credited.

The 9th and 10th on older entries are about 3 weeks in and they have all been booster PMV and Pox.

The later arrivals (about 80 birds) will have their secondary/booster PMV and Pox vaccines by August 1st.

All Birds are doing well - all e-bands have been assigned and placed on the last few entries.

Unfortunately we are having issues running the live inventory with Wincom - using a brand new computer running Windows 10, new serial cable, new USB to RS232 connector (from Deister). At this point we are not sure if it is RS232 port on the Unikon clock itself. We are diligently working to continue to debug and have a live inventory ASAP !!!

Thanks for your support ~~!


From 114 degrees hot down to 80 degrees and rain - The monsoon is officially here ~~! We had 70 mph wind gusts at the airport and several microbursts reported over the valley. No damage here at the lofts - This week we will keep the birds in as we do not want to risk them breaking a wing or leg with these dust storms. Instead we will focus on a hand inventory/chip check with the clocks and all the birds with our first live inventory.

Our replacement period ends this Sunday July 15th.

Now to get through the moult in July/August....

Best of luck to all ~~!



We want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th July as you enjoy with family/friends/time off etc...

Our current intake is at 359 birds. We have a few more entries incoming by breeder request and also a couple replacements  by July 15th.

99% of the birds are looking and feeling well, with lots of wing flapping at feed time, chasing, hens laying, perch joustling, etc... all great signs of health.

The first 250 birds have had their 9th and 10th pulled, booster vaccinate for PMV/Pox (0.2ml).The best of Versele Laga for feather growth and development (Junior Mix, Show Mix, Energy Mix), All n One grit, B-pure, Digestal, and feather supplements. The later entries that were/will be given PMV shot on arrival (~100)  will be allowed to settle and mature for another month before giving a follow-on PMV/Pox booster full dose. Training does not start until October - so ample time ~!


Thanks for your support - we do our very best with your birds to realize their full potential.



Hello everyone,

If you need a few extra days for those youngsters in the nest - please
contact us (480) 215-4255

We are very pleased with the overall health of the birds with very few
replacements needed.

Currently at 348 birds in loft; 400+ reserved; loft capacity 800 birds
...Get those May/June hatches in to a 5 race series - 150, 200, 250,
300, 350+. Training starts in October for a November series. If we
lose your bird prior to the start of training - full perch

Test your best in the Arizona, New Mexico, Texas race course.
If your birds can win on this course - they can win anywhere in the world ~~!.

Thanks for your support
Steve F.


328 birds in loft; 400+ reserved; loft capacity 800 birds .... Accepting until June 30th ...Get those May/June hatches in to a 5 race series - 150, 200, 250, 300, 350+.

Test your best in the Arizona, New Mexico, Texas race course with the best local record of ANY OLR manager in the OLR business - flying against up to 65 flyers and up to 1500+ birds.


If your birds can win on this race course - they can win anywhere in the world ~!

My Arizona FEDERATION race record:

2018 - 1st Average Speed, 1st Champion Bird, 2nd Champion Loft

2017 - 1st Champion Loft, 1st Champion Bird

2016 - 1st Champion Loft

2015 - 1st Champion Loft, 1st Average Speed, 1-2-3-4 Champion Bird

2014 - 1st Champion Bird, 2nd Average Speed, 2nd Champion Loft

2013 - 1st Champion Bird, 2nd Champion Loft


Rain, rain and rain ..... was planning to pox/booster pmv this weekend - will have to do that during the week when it clears. Officially the start of the monsoon here.

317+ birds in loft, 418 online reservations - TWO more weeks to go of accepting birds until June 30.

If need be, you can send replacements to July 15th.


All is well -

Thanks for your support ~~!

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