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So far so good - lucky on the last few training tosses to have 5-15 SE tailwinds on cooler mornings. Birds had no choice but to go with the flow. We will stay at the 40 mile toss before jumping to over the Kearny mountains at 50 miles.

We had projected that we were 3 weeks behind schedule due to the erratic weather around here with heat, winds, rain and 30 degree swings in temperature. It has been the wettest October on record in Arizona - and we got more rain in October than we do for the entire year. The positive is that the body moult has been great - slicked out ~~!!

Tentatively we plan to have the 1st race the week of Thanksgiving. We will give ample notice as we get the birds out to 75-90 miles.

Best of luck in the series.



Rain and some 10-20 mph wind for the last 3 days - we managed to get a 10 miler in this morning with temps in the 60-70s and little to no wnd.

Birds were let out in 4 groups - with the cloud cover, two groups circled quite a bit but eventually oriented towards home. Some winds kicked up on the later groups and are still out a few birds. They should trickle in tomorrow.

We will rest them up and medicate for respiratory with all the humidity/rain the last few days..


Downpours on Sunday - some water on the property - not letting birds out as I do not want them to drink that muddy waters.

Birds have been routing due to early morning cooler temps (70's) and hawk migration. I have never had a hawk issue here - the plus is that they got the birds up in the air .... clocks will be on later this week for inventory. We expect to start short tosses and basket training in a week or so - about 2 weeks behind schedule.

Best of luck



From 105 degrees to rain remnants from hurricane Rosa with highs of 82 - to now nice low morning temps - Birds are out in full force and readily taking to the skies. Unfortunately we have some predators out in full force too (hawks) that have been unusual. We are releasing one section at a time (3 sections now). We will not be flagging for the next few days until we address the current issues.


Best regards


Birds were on open loft this afternoon ..... From 105 degrees (10 degrees above normal) in Phoenix during the week - we envy our neighbours in Tucson to the South of us where they are enjoying 71/95 degree lows/highs - much more conducive to pigeon flying.

Hurricane Rosa makes her approach from the Baja tonight and will bring rain and the threat of flood to the desert Southwest for the next 3 days dropping our temps by about 20 degrees. Birds will be locked up during this time.


Best regards




I have deleted Sept 23/24th inventory due to Wincom/Unikon issues

We will run the birds out today and take a new inventory.

Temps are still in the 100+ range here - so still taking it easy on the birds. We expect overnight temps to start dipping to around 80 and highs to low 90's - these are optimal conditions for training/conditioning OLR birds. Absolutely NO need to overstress these birds in the heat after all the care/attention/hard work we have given in the Summer. There is also NO need to be traiining in these conditions - one wrong turn in the heat (= losses) - this is a One Loft Race that is under our schedule/control.


Best regards


 Birds are being let out in 2 groups for the next week or so... so inventory will reflect that...

All is well - waiting on the abnormal 102+ temps to subside before we start flagging birds....

Best regards


From 108 degrees this week to rain Wed and Thur and back to 103 degrees - not a whole lot going on with the birds this week ~~! Just continue to keep them healthy, monitor droppings. We are running a week behind schedule but as the cooler temps kick in - we should pick up the pace.

Best of luck ~!!



Praying for the safety of those under the effects of Florence this week.


All is well here in Arizona - temperatures have climbed back up to 109 degrees just when we thought it was cooling off. We should see daytime high temperatures of less than 100 degrees as early as next Wednesday.

Birds are in great shape - droppings are rock solid, moult is progressing nicely -

Best of luck

Steve F.




Today we pause to remember the fallen on 9/11 and to honor the heroes and victims.

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