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We are still wired after today's race - pigging out on the food from today's race at 10:30pm.

To accelerate the payment process - if we don't already have a w-9 from previous years, please send one by email or scanned photo to text message 480-215-4255.

We believe in immediate payout.

Birds will be shipped out starting Wed Jan 2 and Monday Jan 7. We will deduct shipping from winnings or send $60 per 2 bird box ($10 each additional bird).

If you would like us to fly your birds in our OB series to 540 miles - results will be on under "Arizona Federation" Irish Syndicate. Breeder retains ownership of bird at any time.


Same strategy for 2019

1. 5-7 days max between races with 50-75 mile training in between races

2. Pre-Final races could be fast - that's why we make the schedule more aggressive to flush out true champions.

3. Continued 100 mile training AFTER initial Activation Toss (we don't believe in blowhome Activation toss just to get Entry fees).

4. 125 mile Activation, 150m-200m-250m-300m-365m series.

5. We will adjust to the best info on the weather apps to avoid blowhome races.


With the following tweeks:

1. GPS tracking on trailer for more transparency.

2. Final race - 365 miles Ft Hancock Texas (change from Tornillo TX 348 miles).

3. Delay routing/training until early morning temps are below 85 degrees

4. Optionals 400 mile race - 10 days after Final.



A very LONG day.... took us 12 hours to get back from the release. A deadly crash that resulted in ALL West bound lanes of Interstate-10 being closed for 6 hours. After a standstill for several hours, we had to jump the median and back track to take a different route home. We missed our own party and had to watch the race on Wincompanion~!!!! Thanksfully we have promoted a new Race Day Manager that will be doing all our race day activities going forward - she is the beautiful Irish 1/2 of Irish Syndicate. Thanks to all that helped with the droppers, the phenomenal food and making a good day of lively banter and conversation.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE BIRDS TODAY that were ALL HEART ~!!! 147 out of 226 home on a very challenging day with NO wind help and 10-15 degrees hotter than normal.

After 8 hours on the wing at 3:05pm at 1260ypm, we had 4 shadows eeriely come out of the deep South. They seemed spooked on their first attempt at 350 miles and took a few laps before landing and running in the traps. The pilots in our club use ForeFLight and Garmin Pilot apps to do flight simulations. They have been dead on all season with the projected arrival times. Today they were predicting 2:15pm arrival and then changed to 2:45pm. The early birds must have climbed up higher and gotten a better wind speed. Surface winds are different than at higher elevations is the only explanation we have.

We were beginning to be discouraged and to think "SMASH" when another 9 came right on line followed by another 11 - all spent - where they went we have no idea. With the  steady West and SW winds for the first 150 miles - they could have tracked North up to Globe would be my guess - These birds did 9 hours on the wing. A steady stream followed with birds arriving near dark at 10 hours on the wing VERY TIRED. This showed that the birds were WELL-CONDITIONED to get them coming home on pure will-power and desire to home ~! We know they were loaded right with Versele Laga Energy Mix and Champion Black Label - we spared no expense on feed and supplements.

This race series flushed out some real champions. We aggressively worked them from the Activation toss, several 100 mile tosses after that, short breaks between races to keep them active, training tosses between races, rest on day following race and rest on day preceding the race.

We expect to see some more home early in the morning. Later on Saturday the winds will kick up to 24 mph headwinds along the course.

More to follow..... thanks for your support in 2018 ~!



Best of luck to all ~~

41 degrees, partly cloudy, Light SW winds 5-10. Birds out of the baskets broke into two packs, one went North immediately and the  bigger group circled to the East and then oriented towards home gradually.

The first 150 miles still looks W 10, SW 9 along the flight window on the Windy App which will slow them down???

I don't see any winds above 10 anywhere along the course - mostly light variable winds - definitely no blowhome conditions today ~!!


Lunch will be served at 1pm from one of the best BBQ specialists in town.

Start looking for birds at 2pm.

The winds have not changed since last update - still looking at 5-10 W and SW winds for the first 150 miles. There is no where along the course where there are > 10 mph in any direction during the timeframe and locations where the birds should come. Additionally its 10 degrees above normal temperatures - should be a good working race.

Parking is restricted to the open acre lot on the South West corner of the loft location. Please follow the directions of those in charge when you show up. 

Best of luck to all and thanks for your support this year !




Birds loft flew well today. The clock was not reset today - we had a few stragglers show up.

We are monitoring the weather closely - right now looks like the first 150 miles will be SW winds. If any of that changes to tailwinds we will possibly extend the race to get more wing time.

Stay tuned for basketing list and race day particulars.

  350 mile       Average Speed
1 6000     1 6000  
2 5000     2 5000  
3 4000     3 4000  
4 3500     4 3000  
5 3000     5 2000  
6 2500     6 1000  
7 2000          
8 1500          
9 1200          
10 1000          
11 900          
12 800          
13 700          
14 700          
15 600          
16 500          
17 400          
18 300          
19 300          
20 300          
21 200          
22 200          

CONGRATULATIONS to the first drop of 10 birds - well done ~~!! They will split the first 10 prizes.

I am very pleased with the performance of the birds today - 

The day started off with light NE winds which pushed them a little south, and then a period of tailwinds SE-10mph, and dead calm at the lofts. There were still later groups showing up from the West - which means they took the scenic route home - seems habitual now.

What's next?

Monday - Open loft

Tuesday - Light 40 mile toss

Wednesday - Loft fly

Thursday - Rest

Friday - ACD350 mile with SW winds side/head winds - I checked multiple apps with no sign of tailwinds - a Champion will be determined ~~!

Stay tuned for race day specifics and complete prize payout info.



Cloudy and 42 deg at release, light NE winds... winds are picking up along the course 7-12 SE is what the Windy App is saying...


best of luck


Payout for the ACD300

  300 mile  
1 2500  
2 2000  
3 1800  
4 1500  
5 1200  
6 1000  
7 900  
8 800  
9 700  
10 600  
11 500  
12 400  
13 300  
14 300  
15 250  
16 250  
17 200  
18 200  

ACD300 is on Sunday due to blowhome conditions on Saturday. Sunday looks to be better race speeds with variable SE(tailwinds) and NE (crosswinds) conditions along sections of the course. Hopefully they neutralize each other. 236 birds will make the journey - best of luck ~~!

Today's clocking will be uploaded later as the computer/Wincompanion was powered off.

Birds will be rested tomorrow Saturday, bath and fed at 8am...

ACD300 basketing list to follow...

300 mile payout posted tomorrow ~!!

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