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280 birds in loft; 395 reserved online ....  4 more weeks to go of accepting birds (until June 30th)...

All is well - get those April/May hatches in to a 5 race series - 150, 200, 250, 300, 350+. 

Test your best in the Arizona, New Mexico, Texas race course with the best local record of ANY OLR manager in the OLR business - flying against up to 65 flyers and up to 1500+ birds.

This is where  we (Irish Syndicate) also test our gene pool.

Thanks for your confidence ~!!



1st Average Speed, 1st Champion Bird, 2nd Champion Loft



1st Champion Loft, 1st Champion Bird



1st Champion Loft



1st Champion Loft, 1st Average Speed, 1-2-3-4 Champion Bird



1st Champion Bird, 2nd Average Speed, 2nd Champion Loft



1st Champion Bird, 2nd Champion Loft




Bird list updated~!

We did a hand inventory - missing 2 birds - breeders notified.

All else is well - 5 more weeks to go of accepting birds. All of the bigger OLRs are full - still time to get those May hatches to our race. We will accept until Jun 30. Any replacements an extra 2 weeks if you need the time.


Thanks for your confidence ~!!


Several breeders have boxes of birds on their way this week - Currently at over 370+ reservations with 230+ birds in house. We expect to get close to our reservation list numbers this year.

Our routine - all birds shipped this week are placed in a quarantine loft and given probiotics, ACV or oregano based supplements in the water. They will be also given PMV/Pox vaccinations after they have acclimatized out of the boxes.

Still several weeks left to sign up with those April/May hatches  - your birds are in VERY capable hands.

Here is a sampling of our results in our Arizona Federation (with 55-65 flyers typically and 1000+ birds flying). Our race record is THE best in Arizona ~~!!! Our OLR record also is second to none around these parts ~~!



1st Average Speed, 1st Champion Bird, 2nd Champion Loft



1st Champion Loft, 1st Champion Bird



1st Champion Loft



1st Champion Loft, 1st Average Speed, 1-2-3-4 Champion Bird



1st Champion Bird, 2nd Average Speed, 2nd Champion Loft



1st Champion Bird, 2nd Champion Loft


Birds enjoying their surroundings - As we head into the warmer months, much prep with Oregano-based, ACV, Probiotic based products to condition the gut. Along with the best of Versele Laga feed and supplements ~~!

Just over 6 weeks left to get those entries in - we start training in October, so lots of time left.

Last year we started training on October 11 - did 25 tosses for a total of 1167 miles of training. We believe this is the right balance - not overtraining and taking the race out of the birds before the races - and NOT undertraining like some races do with 10-12 tosses. We actively fly successfully in our local club, combine and Federation and have done this year after year winning all accolades, and championships on 3 different courses in our area.

This 2018 series is a 5-race series from 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350-400. The last race we would like to get 8 hours of wing time on the birds - to achieve that, if we have to we will extend the race to 400 miles max !

This will be an interesting series with a 300 and a 350 - it will take a special bird to achieve top honors here. Send your best to test and get great feedback on your pairings in the Arizona desert terrain across New Mexico and Texas - 


Thanks for your support ~



Birds continue to enjoy their lazy surroundings basking in the Arizona climate.

We are at 184 birds now with 353 signed up. There are also several breeders that have verbally committed.

One bird was removed and put back into quarantine section- looked a little bit down. We will treat him separately and keep a close eye on his section.

All else is well - still 8 weeks to get those entries in until June 30th.

Best of luck



349 reserved perches (with several more committed verbally); 169 birds out of quarantine to the main loft; several more in the holding loft before they get to join the main loft.

Birds are enjoying 80 degree temperatures this week ~!!

Nothing much to report - keep those entries coming through June 30th. Training starts in October - so plenty of time to send those May/June hatches ... Birds are thoroughly trained out BEFORE any activation money is due, and we train between races ~!

Five races to test your birds across 3 states of Arizona, Mexico and Texas 150-200-250-300-350+


Best of luck



Birds are coming in now that the bigger OLRs are full - still plenty of time to get those entries in. Our training starts in October and we are accepting birds until June 30th. If you are looking to get into a top One Loft Race - this is the one that will train and test your best along our race course from Arizona thru New Mexico to Texas. On the final race, if there are tailwinds, we will extend the race out to 400 miles. Our series 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 - 5 races to see what your birds can do ~~!

Health is great - all birds on property have received at least one PMV/Adeno vaccine in addition to the vaccines administered by the breeder - the birds are alert, healthy and enjoying life.

Best of luck


Pleased so far with the health of the birds.

Our loft emphasis is on space, natural supplements (ACV, garlic, probiotics, oregano-based) in the water, best of Jovatti minerals, Versele Laga feed (we are a distributor - import several containers per year) - so the birds are NOT lacking anything in nutrition and supplements. When it comes to training, we are at the top of the pack in OLR. We actively fly YBs and OBs and that keeps us razor sharp winning most championships in the tough Arizona Federation with heat, headwinds, dust and adverse conditions.

Your birds if you choose to leave them after the season will be flown to 540 miles on our tough Federation course or in an optional yearling series if there is enough support to make it meaningful and rewarding.

Our capacity is 800 birds comfortably - loft is elevated with expanded metal floors, twice as many perches as birds, walk out aviaries the entire length of the loft, and in the Summer months during the moult huge fly pen nets 30 feet x 48 feet.

We are not all hype as eveidenced by our results - consider all of the above when sending to the newer OLRs. Don;t just jump on the bandwagon and overload a loft without reason. An overcrowded OLR will naturally be reduced by health issues and excessive losses in training.


Best of luck, and thanks for your support.


1. Arizona Classic Derby and Tucson Triple Challenge are in collaboration for the breeders that are shipping to both Arizona races. We are just over an hour away from each other.

You can ship to one location (either one) - just designate which birds you want to go to Arizona Classic and which you want to go to Tucson Triple Challenge and Zaheer and I will get the birds to the respective lofts. This will save you some shipping $ if you are shipping to both races.


2. We will be at JEDDS in Anaheim, CA on THURSDAY APRIL 12TH. We can pick your birds up from JEDDS if you like - no shipping charge.


Best regards

Steve F.






All birds on property have been given at least a PMV vaccine (0.2ml). Several breeders have vaccinated twice prior to sending in - this is a good practice in the nest, and post-weaning.

Birds are rolling in now that the bigger OLRs are filling up. Our capacity is 800 - and we had one of the best statistical records  as an 2017 OLR handler.

Again here is your opportunity to send to a top handler (just winning 1st Average Speed by over 4 hours, 1st Champion Bird, 2nd Champion Loft in the tough Arizona Federation from 175 miles to 540 miles). We know what it takes to get your birds in condition year over year as evidence by our stellar and unparalleled performances in the Arizona Federation ~!!

Keep them coming - our final race is end of November, and training starts October ... so even June birds are prime for this schedule.

Thanks for your support ~!~!

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