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Looks like we will be well over 50% of initial intake making it to the final dance, providing we have good tosses between now and the final race next Monday.  On this course that is an accomplishment in itself for not only ourselves, but for those of you still in the hunt with birds still in the race. 

Game plan is to train tomorrow which is Thursday, loft fly Friday, train Saturday, load the birds up late evening Sunday and have the race Monday morning.  The birds are out loft flying now and I have the clock still running to see if any birds may of missed clocking.  Most have already trapped in and no new birds have scanned in so this should show that the scanning is working just fine.  One bird trapped in early AM but this was before the birds were let out to loft fly.  We use very sensitive TauRIS chips that we have experimented with holding two inches above the scanning pads and they can be read from that distance, we are very happy with this system we are on. 

If you plan on coming for the final race please BRING A CHAIR and an appetite, lunch will be served at 1:00.  If you plan on attending please text us at 254-247-9504 a few days in advance so we can plan appropriately. 


Rick & Olga


Very unusual results today for this course.  I called our club president who has been flying this course for 50 + years and he said he has never seen speeds like the first few birds turned in today.  It was sunny, clear, and calm all the way home.  All we can figure is the first birds got in a wind current up high and it shot them home, same as many of the subsequent birds who came shortly thereafter.  When I pulled in the yard 600+ had already trapped and the birds who were still coming were coming from way up high and diving down to the loft.  Only other time I saw this happen was when I was in TX and won by a large margin on a short race under 200 miles.  The final race will not be like this due to the step up in distance. 

As always, the release was recorded and posted to my personal Facebook page.  The birds went up right at 8 AM from the La Pine travel center. 

Congrats to the first 20 pigeons who all earned $500 each today. 

Congrats to all of those of you who have had birds return today and will continue to have birds return later today and most likely tomorrow.  We will evaluate the condition of the birds once it looks like we are not going to get any more and decide which days we will train to tune the birds up for the final race tentatively scheduled for next Monday, that is if the weather cooperates.  

Operating on 48 hours of no sleep so off to shower and bed.  If you have any questions please hold them until tomorrow, text is always best. 


Rick & Olga



Everyone has paid except just a handful of breeders who have sent us proof that the payment is on the way.  There is only one breeder who we simply can not get a hold of and we are hoping that one of you may know this breeder personally who live near him or have a different phone number than we have. 

Loft Name:  Christensen

Breeder:  Hal Christensen

State:  AZ

Phone number we have on file is 602-391-9954.  We keep getting a busy signal.  We have also emailed Mr. Christensen but no reply. 

I have a breeder who will take this pigeon if Mr. Christensen is unable to pay, so please do not contact us wanting to activate the bird because it will go to Yoandy Acosta who flys under Rottweiler Company Loft. 

If any of you have a different phone number for Mr. Christensen, or know his status, please text us at 254-247-9504. 

Pleased to announce that we are fairly certain that first drop will be splitting $150,000+ on the final race, providing all checks clear the bank. 

Tomorrow should be a fairly easy day for the birds providing the weather forecast does not change.  Sunny skies with just a couple MPH tail wind at the start of the race, variable winds during the path home, a ever so slight head wind when they get close to home which is about usual.  It is supposed to be sunny all the way so as long as the sky stays that way we should get good returns. 

Final race should be 7 days later providing we are able to get some good tune up tosses in before a final race day and that the last trainer goes smoothly.  

Birds were fed early AM so trapping should not be a issue tomorrow.  The trailer is being pressure washed, as it is before every race, and we will be loading up birds about a hour before dark. 

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!


Rick & Olga


This morning it was just above freezing up on Satus Pass where the birds were released for a tune up trainer before the 220 mile race currently scheduled for Monday.  As usual, they beat us home and since it was cool and they were fed late morning yesterday all they could eat after loft flying, most had absolutely no interest in coming in.  Once it started to warm up and they got tired of loft flying, yes after having just flown 45 miles, they started to trickle in.  Tomorrow morning as the morning prior to every race, they will be fed early AM so when they return home from the race they will trap much faster and on command.  They will be loaded about a hour before sunset, sit a few hours with water in front of them, then driven down to the release station and hopefully arrive 2 hours before release, given water again and released as scheduled.  Sometimes we adjust the release time up and down based upon how long the sun has been up and how the birds are reacting on the trailer to the sun coming up.  When they are peeking through the cracks in the crates at the sun, eyes dialiting rapidly and several are moving around and grunting, it means it is going to be a good day for them and for us.  If we do change the release time I call Olga and have her adjust the release time, if I can not get a hold of her I call Terry Gilmore who usually responds with, "Whats going on Rick"!  

Looks like we picked up a few more birds today, this is a very good thing!  

Currently we are still waiting on 7 breeders whose payments have not arrived.  Once they do and all checks clear, we will post the amount of first prize on the final race which is first drop split then clocking order.  All prizes other than 1st prize are set in stone.  First prize will definitely be above $150,000 however we will not know the exact amount until we get those checks deposited and they clear.  This will be done before the final race, please be patient.

PLEASE READ YOUR UPDATES BREEDERS!  We are extremely busy this time of year and there are just not enough minutes in the day to talk to everyone on the phone.  Text us your question, this is the most efficient and fastest way you will get a response.  Please read your updates before asking a question, usually the question can be answered doing so before contacting us.  

Again, we are not complete with the series yet but just another reminder to make sure your address and phone number on Wincompanion is 100% correct and up to date.  This is the information we will utilize when we start mailing birds back. 


Rick & Olga



Good evening Apple Cup breeders!

The last few days there has been a lot of confusion on which races are going to figure in to AVG speed.  We advertised a 4 race series with a 100 mile activation race.  Our Activation Race was the 115 mile race from Shaniko, this is where we always have the Activation Race from.  We had two tosses at 90 miles, but between Grass Valley and Shaniko there just was not a good place to release the birds from 100 miles so we had the Activation Race from Shaniko, OR from 115 miles and this race will count toward AVG speed.

The races that figure in to AVG Speed are as follows:

Shaniko, OR 115 Completed 20 October

Redmond, OR 165 Completed 27 October

La Pine, OR 220 Tentatively this coming Monday if the weather permits

Alturas, CA 350.  We have several locations that we can release the final race from, weather will dictate which day that will be as well as location. 

Currently in AVG speed there are 195 birds within the first 15 minutes, 370 within the first 30 minutes, and 653 within the first 60 minutes of the first AVG speed bird.  AVG speed awards are still very competitive and we are hoping this holds up to the final race. 

We just deposited all of the checks we have received this year thus far.  There are a few more on their way and once we get them all deposited and cleared through our bank we will publish what the first prize will be.  We had 1,237 make it through activation, 1,217 made it to the Redmond, OR race at 165 so this means 20 birds were lost between the two trainers that were held between Shaniko and Redmond.  If you paid ahead of time and had one of the 20 birds that did not make the Redmond, OR race you will get a refund at the end of the series.  If you are due a refund and you do not make any money during the series than we will deduct return shipping expenses from your refund and send you the rest back in the form of a check, not via PayPal.  If you earn money and are also due a refund we will not combine prize money and refunds together because you should not have to pay income tax on refunds.  If all checks clear first prize will be $158,590 on the final race, first drop then clocking order.

Sorry for the confusion on what races will be figured in to AVG speed everyone.  We posted our rules nearly a year ago and just did not take the time to make sure there were no areas that could leave room for different interpetations BEFORE we started racing.  Hopefully now we are all on the same page and we can all look forward to the rest of the series.  

Rick & Olga 





Yesterday was just about a perfect day for racing, sunny with not hardly a cloud in the sky, cool temps, very light tail wind which we do not prefer but better than strong side or head winds which we often get here.  91% return rate thus far with most of those within the first hour of the first trapped.  

Most have paid or have sent proof they have paid.  After all checks have cleared we will post the amount of the first drop on the final race.  There is already $100,000 guaranteed for 1st prize on the final race, any birds over 1,000 activated will have their prize money added to 1st prize on the final race.  It should work out to around $150,000 but we can not announce a exact number until all checks have cleared so please be patient. 

As mentioned previously, the Activation Race does not figure in to AVG speed.  Sorry for the confusion,. 

Game plan is to train Thursday, Saturday, next race will be Monday with first 20 birds earning $500 each.

If you activated a bird and it did not go to the Redmond race you will get a refund per bird, we will compute all of this at the end of the series.


Great job to everyone who had birds yesterday up front, too many to mention. 

Please hold off on the phone calls everyone.  If you have a question please send me a text at 254-247-9504 and I will get to it as soon as I can.  There is no need to call me in the morning or expect a reply until late afternoon, we start early and are doing pigeon stuff basically all day.  There is simply just not enough time to talk now that we are in full swing, hope you all understand.  


Rick & Olga 



We had a toss today from Goldendale in preparation for their first race Tuesday from 165 miles.  It was in the low 20s at release under sunny skies and a slight east wind all the way home.  Over Satus Pass there was a very slight blanket of snow, it will most likely burn off today.  We are still out a few birds at the time of writing this which probably got confused by the white ground, hopefully the remainder return today. 

The first official race that figures in to AVG speed is planned for Tuesday.  All activation fees are due tomorrow, no exceptions.  If you have not already sent a check and can not prove you sent a check then you need to pay by PayPal before 1800 our time tomorrow.   Any unpaid birds will be offered on a first come first serve basis, those who activate these unpaid birds will become the new owners of the birds. 

If you are interested in activating unpaid birds you will be required to pay via PayPal under our Payments tab. 

Currently we have 200 breeders paid out of 311.  We will pick up checks in the morning, our post office has all mail placed in the PO boxes by 1000 AM.  Anyone who is not paid up will have their birds offered to other breeders.   

Rick & Olga


When we got home the birds had just started to trap, at about the 8 minute mark a young Cooper Hawk took a swipe at the remaining birds outside and to say the least it really screwed with trapping.   Good news is that it appears that from the birds who are in the clock and still outside that most if not all are back. 

We will update later after all of the birds have clocked in. 

Get those activation fees in please.  

UPDATE at 3:37 PM, that is 15:47 for you military folks! 

That young Cooper really screwed up trapping today, sorry about that everyone.  Most of the birds went in on their own and I fed them lightly, was frustrated as 100+ birds refused to come in after the attack so went inside for a quick sandwich.  Came outside and drove all the birds back out hoping they would drag their lingering and scared buddies in with them, for the most part it was a success with just a few still outside. 

At the moment we have 1222/1240 in the loft, this comes out to a 99% return rate.  Hopefully the few outside will trap in here shortly and we will be up to 100%. 

As per our rules, all races end 48 hrs from the time of release.  So if you have a bird show up within 48 hrs of 0930 today, that being 0930 Thursday, you are required to activate it.  Most of the birds have already returned today, so this will not affect many of you at all. 

On our home page it states the following:  4 Race Series, 115, 165, 220, and 350 for average speed.  The 115 is the Activation Race held today and is not part of AVG speed, only the last three races are.  Sorry for the confusion. 

As per our rules, the payout chart posted on our site was based upon 1,000 birds activated and so was the $100,000 guaranteed 1st prize.  As per our rules, any birds over 1,000 activated will have their prize money minus expenses which is our 10% cut added to 1st prize on the final race.  As of writing this we have 222 birds over 1,000 in the clock, and I am sure more will clock this evening and early the next morning.  Based upon just 222 birds over 1,000 who made it back from the Activation Race, providing every bird is activated, another $59,940 will be added to 1st prize making 1st drop on the final 350 mile race splitting $159,940! 

Another bird just clocked in while typing this, so add on another $270 to the $159,940, 1st prize just grew to $160,210 and will grow $270 for every bird that clocks before 0930 Thursday, providing all are paid for. 

Friends, I have been flying pigeons most of my life and have had a lot of success flying rollers and racers alike.  Without question, running a one loft race these last 5 years is by far the greatest challenge I have ever faced and will continue to face as long as I am "crazy" enough to keep doing this.   I am absolutely on cloud 9 today with the returns we had on the Activation Race, and with the overall percentage of birds we started training with which was 1464 and at the moment have 1,222 in the clock.  On this course that is something to be proud of, and I am not ashamed to say that today I feel about as proud as a peacock! 

Thanks again to everyone who gave words of encouragement today, means a ton!

Now get those activation fees in ASAP!  If the weather looks nice the next race at 165 may be as early as next Tue, weather dependeng.  This means you have until next Monday to get your fees in to us.  Again, we only accept PayPal and payment through the mail. 

For those of you who are a friend of mine on Facebook, I will post the release video here shortly. 


Rick & Olga


If the weather is nice enough we will have the Activation Race tomorrow.  If you put a check in the mail today or pay via PayPal today and a bird(s) is lost on the Activation Race we will refund your entry fees at the end of the series. 

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!


Rick & Olga


Today was the 2nd toss at 90 miles from Grass Valley, OR.  Stars all the way down to Grass Valley, but as typical NW weather goes it can quickly change.  At release there were patchy clouds but the sun was fully visible, 12-15 west to NW wind which would be a side to left shoulder wind.  As we approached the river 15 miles toward home and 5 miles from the river it was overcast with the sun barely showing through with wind, it was like this up to Satus Pass which is typical for that part of the course this time of year.  On the north side of Satus Pass home it was bright and sunny with only patchy clouds and calm, this was the last 45 miles.  It is a little breezy along the course at this moment so any stragglers will be challenged.  When we arrived at home most of the birds had just arrived and were starting to trap, many took their sweet time doing so.  It was and still is cool out and the birds have been fed lately around noon, therefore they were not real hungry or thirsty at arrival.  Tomorrow the birds will be fed very early in the morning so when when we have the Activation Race Tuesday, weather permitting, they will trap quickly. 

We have mentioned several times in the updates, we only accept PayPal and payments through the mail.  We do not do Zell, payments over the phone, and there is no need to send us pictures of your sent checks.  If you want to wait until after the Activation Race to send your entry fees in that is fine, just have a envelope with stamp already to go so all you have to do is throw it in the mail the day of the Activation Race or the very next.  Also, if you want to pay through PayPal you will incur fees.  Some have asked if they can pay through Friends and Family to preclude paying fees, the answer is absolutely not.  The reason for this is because once you reach a certain number of PayPal transactions PayPal starts to keep a eye on you, and they are not in business to provide a completely free service.  If we get audited, we have to account for every penny.  I know some One Loft Races allow individuals to do this, but we do not want to get caught with our pants down, if they are willing to take this risk then that is up to them. 

Tentatively the Activation Race is scheduled for Tuesday, please stay tuned!


Rick & Olga


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