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First off, thank you for sending birds on Monday and Tuesday at the latest as we have requested several times.  As we have stated in the past, this is so the birds primarily arrive on Wednesday and Thursday of each week which makes processing easier on us, and allows us to start the week's new arrivals on meds at the exact same time.  When the birds arrive we vaccinate them for PMV and Paratyphoid, then run then on meds for canker and anything they have going on bacterial with amoxicillin which is a great wide spectrum antibiotic and is easy on their systems for 7 days.  KNOCK ON WOOD, we have nearly 500 birds in the loft and have lost less than a handful due to illness this year.  Lets all pray, wish, cross your fingers, what ever you have to do, that it continues this way. 

We have been settling birds very slowly but carefully this year.  As far as we can tell, we have lost just a few pigeons off the loft this year which is probably caused by the birds panicking the first few times they have been out of the loft when any type of bird happens to fly by.  We have had some fairly old birds sent to us this year and no matter your location, these are always a bit of a challenge to settle.  We are in a wide open area with very few trees and the birds can see for miles, so settling birds is not much of a issue for us. 

Several inventories have been posted and these are of birds who have actually been settled, which means outside the loft and have the system down.  We understand that many of you are still sending birds or have already sent birds and want to know if your birds still are here.  We are going to start posting inventories of all of the birds in the loft, that means those who have been settled and flying and those who are still trap training, so you can identify if you are missing a bird and need to send a replacement.  We are accepting birds and replacements through May, so please keep a watchful eye on inventories we post to see if you need to send a replacement.

If you have read everything above then you will know that we are accepting birds and replacements only through May.  We hope to have all of the birds settled by mid June, then sometime around mid June we will pull the last two flights and start road training around 1 August with the activation race after Labor Day in September. 

We have several pre-paid entries at the moment with 473 actual birds in the loft.  Even though we are going to take a hit in numbers like all One Loft Races are due to the quarentine in parts of CA where many of our registered breeders are from and will not be sending this year, we still expect over 800 pigeons. 

Do not miss out on one of the largest One Loft Races in the US for 2019!  In 2018 we logged more mileage in training than any other One Loft Race in North America and many of our breeders have stated that this is why they continue to support us year after year.  We have a saying, "At the Apple Cup, we are not afraid to train!"

Rick & Olga



Hello breeders, hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend.  We spent the weekend in UT with our daughter and her husband.  She recently found out she is about to have her first child and that makes us first time grandparents, we are excited to say the least! 

Before leaving for UT we worked hard on getting the next group trap trained so when we returned the birds would be ready for their first loft flying.  Today the birds went out for the first time and we are running a personal inventory with 216 in the clock and there should be 227.  There are about a dozen hanging out on the landing board refusing to go in, so it looks like they are all here.   We processed new birds today and will tomorrow and possibly Friday, seems we always get a few boxes who got misdirected through the USPS.  Since our computer acts as the clock and we use the computer to enter new birds, we can not run a inventory until we are done processing birds.  So be patient for a few days, we will run another inventory as soon as we are done processing birds for the week. 

KNOCK ON WOOD, health is very good this year, cross your fingers that it stays that way. 

We are accepting birds and replacements through May, and no we do not have a limit on how many you can send. 

Great weather this week, hope it stays like this and that you are having great weather as well!

Rick & Olga

Yesterday we gave booster shots for PMV and Paratyphoid to the next birds in line to be settled.  We like the birds to look out the loft for at least 3 weeks before we let them out and going through the traps for at least a 5-7 days before we feel comfortable letting them out for the first time.  This allows us to boost the birds at 21 days after receiving their first vaccinations the day they arrive and to get them out flying at 26-30 days after they have been here.  We have found that by taking it slow, we have much fewer birds getting lost right off the loft during the settling process.  

Like many One Loft Races, we are going to take a hit this year due to the quarentine in CA and breeders not being able to send birds out.  CA has the highest concentration of pigeon racers and a high percentage of birds entered in One Loft Races around the country.  Having said that, we are about half way through our acceptance period and have about 350 birds in the loft and a ton coming this week, should be over 400 by the end of this week.  We are estimating over 800 pigeons entered, so do not miss out!

Yesterday we trap trained the birds we mentioned earlier that we gave booster shots to, 80 more pigeons to be exact.  These were added to the birds already settled and trap trained, basically big brothers and sisters showing their younger siblings the ropes.  Most of the birds trapped within a reasonable amount of time, some were reluctant to go through the trap.  As soon as this update is finished we will let the birds enter the loft, should go much quicker than yesterday.  After a few days of this, usually no less than 5 continuous days, we will let the birds out for the first time of course weather depending.

Thanks everyone and keep those healthy birds coming!


Rick & Olga





The birds who arrived the first two weeks have already been settled and outside the loft 3 times.  We then merged the 3rd and fourth week birds with the first and second birds and it is these who are trap training together.  We have posted inventories the last three days of the birds simply trap training.  If the weather is good this weekend then we will let the birds out to fly. 


Rick & Olga


Some real quick updates everyone. 

We currently have 305 birds in the loft as of today and KNOCK ON WOOD, not a single sick pigeon yet!  Cross your fingers, pray, what ever you need to do like we are that it stays this way. 

The birds that arrived the first and second week of March are out flying, this is their second day out.  We really took our time this year with the settling process, trapping, and responding to the whistle which means chow time.  First time out yesterday, you would of thought they had been out for several weeks.  They went out on the landing board on their own which runs the length of the loft and just flew from the landing board to the ground, then to the roof, and when called in to eat they all trapped quickly......even I was impressed!  We did a head count before the birds were let out and all returned, no problems.  Let us get another group settled and we will start posting inventories in lets say 7-10 days. 

Currently we are just a few shy of 200 breeders and we are over 850 perches reserved with new breeders signing up daily.  We keep telling everyone that we will have well over 1,000 pigeons this year entered and if we keep having new breeders sign up at the pace they are then first prize is going to be well over the $20,000 we currently have posted under the payout tab.  Remember, for every 100 birds over 1,000 that make it through activation that is another $27,000 added to first prize.  So keep sending your birds in and keep telling your friends, this is going to be huge!

This is our 4th year running this race.  First two years we hosted a late hatch race, then switched to a young bird race this past year.  I have had pigeons most of my life and can tell you this with absolute honestly, I have learned more about pigeon health in the last going on four years than I have learned in all the years prior combined.  It may be a bit early, but what we are doing seems to be working insofar as maintaining health goes and if this can continue then we are going to have a great race series!

Thank you for most of you sending your birds on Monday, Tuesday at the latest.  This allows us to receive most of the birds on Wednesday, a few on Thursday, then just the few stragglers on Friday that may of got misdirected through the USPS.  Each breeder's birds go in a different wire floored cage with water and feed after being processed with catch trays, then on Sunday we move them in to their own section where they are kept away from the other birds in the loft for a few weeks provided their droppings look good in the catch trays.  On Monday we start to treat for canker and give them Amoxicillin which is a wide spectrum antiobiotic and treats a plethora of pigeon diseases.  They are kept on this for 7 days and then put back on a combination of Primilac For Pigeons, Red Cell, and Avian Solution which is a strong oregano extract sold through Jedds Pigeon Supply.  This seems to be working and we will continue to do so as long as it is not broken. 

If you have any questions give Olga or myself a call and we would be happy to address your questions and concerns. 

There are a few pics of the loft on the site under photos, more to come.

Also worth mentioning, we video each race.  Several of you have stated you really appreciate this, so of course we will continue to do so. 

Thanks everyone, keep those champions coming!


Rick & Olga



As the title says, the birds already here are doing great and health is holding.  It has been dry and warming lately, snow FINALLY all gone after a record breaking year (so glad we decided not to take birds in February like we did last year, that would of been miserable) and the health is holding in the birds.  We will start giving the birds booster shots for those who have been here at least 3 weeks.  Trap training is done each week and the birds who arrived our first and second week are already trained to run through the trap when being whistled to.  This coming week we are forecasted to have very good weather and first arrivals will finally get to hit the sky.  We have learned that it is imperative to get the birds really trapping well and responding to the whistle before being let out for the first time, just makes it so much easier getting birds to return to the loft their first day out if they do happen to get spooked by anything that flys by. 

Today we received two boxes of birds which were sent mid week.  As a reminder, our post office is closed on Saturdays and we had to call the postmaster in to open the office for us to receive the birds.  We have a great working relationship with the Moxee post office, and we do not want to do anything to mess that relationship up.  PLEASE, only mail on Mondays, Tuesday at the latest and if you are wanting to deliver your birds in person please do this on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  As we have stated before, this is so we can get the new arrivals for the week all in at the same time and start them on their first round of meds on the same day.  If birds are coming in all week it is hard to do the aforementioned. 

The race is growing daily, and at a very rapid pace.  If you read our updates regularly you know that we live on 5 acres and have plenty of room to expand.  If we outgrow our loft we will not overcrowd the birds, we will just add on 12X15' sections as needed to accommodate your birds. 

Thanks everyone for your support!

Rick & Olga
We are already over 160 breeders and quickly approaching 700 perch reservations with breeders signing up daily.  At this rate we may just have to expand, and we are not complaining!

Thank you so much for everyone following our request to ONLY mail on a Monday or Tuesday.  We request this so that the birds will arrive on Wednesdays and Thursdays, also so that birds do not get stuck in the post office over the weekend due to our rural post office not being open on Saturday.  By getting all the birds each week within just two days it just makes things so much easier on the birds and us.  When your birds arrive they go in to individual cages separated by breeder after they have received their vaccinations and assigned a chip ring.  They have food in front of them at all time and in the water they get a mixture of oregano, vitamins and minerals, and Pigeon Primilac which really helps them rebound from the shipping process.  On Saturday we move all the birds from that week in to their own section and we continue to keep them separated from the rest of the birds in the loft for at least 21 days.  On the very next Monday we treat for canker and bacterial, just as a precaution.  We have learned that in a One Loft Race canker can rear it's head quickly if you do not keep a close eye on it, so we will treat for canker monthly alternating medications so no resistance can be built up.  After 30 days your birds also receive their booster shots. 

Thanks to those of you continue to support us each year and welcome to all of our new breeders for this season.  We are hoping for great things this year, thanks for coming along on this journey with us. 

Rick & Olga 

Hello Apple Cup breeders!

We are receiving a lot of calls on whether or not you can send birds yet.  We dediced this year to not accept any birds until March due to our unpredictable weather.  Last year we opened the gates in February but the weather proved to be hard on the birds and made it miserable for us to try to take care of the few we did receive.  Most breeders do not have birds ready until after February so in the interest of the the birds, our own sanity, we decided this year to hold off until the first week in March.  This proved to be a good decision because as of a week ago it looked like we were going to have a early spring, now we are covered in snow.  Good news is that the snow is quickly melting and everything will be nice and dry and sunny when we do start accepting birds in March. 

The earliest you can put birds in the mail is March 4th, this is a Monday.  PLEASE, mail only on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We have a small rural post office and if you mail past Tuesday there is a very good chance that your birds will not be delivered until Monday since our post office is closed on Saturday.  By mailing on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, we receive all the birds on Wednesdays and Thursdays which allows us to start new birds, which are quarantened according to the week they are received, on medication at the same time.  All birds are vaccinated for PMV and Paratyphoid and given a canker tablet the day they arrive, along with a chip ring. 

We changed our 250 mile station this year, Paisley, OR just proved to be the Bermuda Triangle of racing pigeon stations so we decided we had to make a change if we are going to continue hosting this race.  Our local combine will use this new station starting in April.  We will observe closely and if all goes well for them, we will have the confidence to do the same.  If it does not go well, we will find another location. 

At the moment we are sitting at 500 reserved perches and over 125 breeders, that number is growing daily and will continue to grow up to the last birds we accept through May.  Do not miss out on one of the larger One Loft Races in 2019!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us going in to our fourth year, and to those of you who are new to our race this year.  In 2018 we logged more training miles (1,900) than any other race in North the Apple Cup we are not afraid to train!


Rick & Olga





For those of you who won $600 or more we sent out the 1099s on Monday, they should hit your mailbox this week. 

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for 2019, previous and new participants.  Currently we are sitting at 113 breeders entered and about 450 perches reserved with new breeders entering daily and many previous participants who plan to enter but have not signed up as of yet that we have corresponded with.  We will be accepting birds March through May, this includes replacements and we expect 750-800 birds.

If any of you have a question please do not hesitate to give us a call! 



Rick & Olga

Hi everyone, please take a few minutes to check out our new 250 and 350 mile race stations.  These two new stations from Chiloquin, OR for our 250 and Juniper Hotel for our 350 are directly on line with the other stations which will be flown before them.  We feel this will help us in getting a high percentage of your birds to the final race!

Thanks to everyone who has reserved perches already.  We are nearly at 300 reserved perches already and we are aware of several breeders who have flown with us before who plan on reentering again for 2019.  Do not miss out on what will most definitely be one of the largest One Loft Races in North America this year! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Rick & Olga Mee
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