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We ran another inventory with the last 107 birds added to those who have already been settled 3 days ago.  The last inventory we ran on 4-21 had 335 birds, add to that the 107 we added 3 days ago and that comes up to 442.  We clocked in 437 today and we ran the birds back out in to the aviary to make sure we did not miss any birds.  If any birds show up now that the clock is off we will post those bird's band numbers here.  We did remove 3 birds since 4-21 that were either under the weather or injured, two of those have been returned to the loft but are not in the group flying they are in the next group who will be settled.  This means that we are down just 2 birds since 4-21 and these are either young birds who were just let out for the first time 3 days ago, older birds who were out flying, or a combination of both.  Needless to say, we are very pleased with only not being able to account for 2 birds, anything could of happened to them while out flying. 

I believe we mentioned this in the last update but it is worth mentioning again.  Do not ship birds past Wednesday.  Our worst fear occurred last week, breeder sent on a Wednesday and we did not get the birds until Monday.  Our post office is closed on Saturday, all post offices are closed on Sunday, and the main hub in Yakima did not contact us to let us know that they had received them and the tracking showed they had left Spokane but never arrived in Yakima, that is until Monday.  So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ONLY SHIP ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY!

732 birds in the loft as of today, we brought in 69 more this week.  Only accepting birds through May so if you have not shipped or plan on sending more, get them to us before the end of the month. 

Oh, back to today's inventory. 

Birds 408-430 trapped in later than the rest because they continued to fly after the others had already went in.  If you own one of these birds, keep your eye on them!  We ran all the birds back out in to the aviary, quite the chore by the way since they had already eaten and were acting stubborn, then let them come back in through the trap.  The birds who clocked in 431-437 were obviously missed by the clock when the birds were gang rushing the trap when we first opened the trap from the inside when 100 trapped in within the first minute, and the next 100 in the next minute. 

We have contacted all the breeders who either have had sick birds or were injured and no longer able to compete and have started to receive replacement birds.  Please take a moment to look over your bird list and if you know your birds have already been settled and you are missing a bird then please let us know.   If you sent birds this week, last week, or the week prior then your birds have not yet been settled, all previous birds have. 

It is Mother's Day Sunday, do not forget to tell your mom that you are glad that she hatched you so you can play with your pigeons. 

Rick & Olga 


PS:  PPH 8008 returned this evening, must of got chased off while out flying. 

5-9 UPDATE Vaccinated the next group of 107 birds to be flown today and let them out for their first fly.  Had a few come in late this evening who came from nowhere who had been spooked by ravens who were in the area this morning.  Give us a few days of getting them to trap well and past tomorrow since Wednesdays and Thursdays are hectic for us.  We get new birds primarily on Wed and Thur since we urge everyone to ship on Mon and Tue only.  One breeder forgot this and shipped on Wed last week, we did not get those pigeons until Monday.  For your bird's sake, please do not ship past Tuesday which we have mentioned several times.

We are over 700 birds in the loft as of today.  We have a bunch scheduled to come in tomorrow and still have three more weeks until we stop accepting birds.  Please get your birds to us ASAP so if something happens to your bird you can send a replacement to us by 15 June. 

If you are due free perches from last year, they are ONLY redeemable this year, not next year, or the year after, or the year after that.  There will be no discounts on the fees we decide upon next year if you decide to not send this year, so if you have free perches from last year it behooves you to take advantage of them while you can. 

So thankful we decided to switch from a late hatch to a young bird series this year.  It is warm and dry out and the birds are healthy and loving it, and so are we.  Cross your fingers and toes it stays this way!

Not necessary to call us to let us know your birds are coming, but as always, if you have questions then go ahead and get a hold of us.  Just make sure you ship on Monday or Tuesday, no exceptions and I do not care how close you live. 

Rick & Olga
5/3/2018 UPDATE We are up over 650 birds as of today.  We may have a few more filter in tomorrow from those who live in remote locations and it sometimes takes a extra day like it did with the Nanez Family Loft birds today.  Rick sent birds to us on Monday and we did not get them until today, this is not normal for us but it does happen to Rick on occasion due to his location.  This is why we keep repeating, ship on Monday and Tuesdays only since our post office is closed on Saturdays.  If you wait until Wed to ship you are taking a unnecessary risk of us not getting the birds in a timely manner.  Most of the birds have got here in 2 days, but it seems about 10% get hung up somewhere causing them to show up a day later than expected.  Please, ship before Wednesday. 

It is starting to get hot here, but will cool off one of these days if not this week next week.  We will pick a nice day to give this next batch of birds we need to get flying who have been here 2-3 weeks their booster shots before they are released for the first time.  We do not want to put undue stress on the birds by boosting on a real hot day, much easier on them if we administer boosters on a moderate temp day.  The big mob we have flying now are starting to route a bit and are flying high.  They will be flown early each morning and called in before these younger birds are flown.  After these younger birds are flying well on their own and trapping on command the section between them and the older birds will be removed and they will all be flown together and inventoried, this only takes a few days after they have been let out for the first time.  We are wide open here, very hard to loose a bird off the loft. 

We had a slight bout with some sort of virus a few days ago which claimed the lives of a handful of pigeons.  We were able to get a handle on this quickly and everything seems to be back to normal.  Thus far we have only had about a dozen birds get sick, or die due to injuries.  One hit the house, one broke it's wing, a few were medicated for respiratory issues and quickly cleared up and a few for bacterial issues and cleared up.  What we can not do anything for is viral issues other than just try to support the bird's systems with probiotics, vitamins and minerals.  Thus far this seems to be working nicely, but we are still crossing our fingers.  If we get a sick bird and it is not something minor, then we would rather you replace the bird.  If the bird has to be heavily medicated to get it back to normal then it most likely will not do any good in the races anyway, just better off replacing it in our honest opinion. 

The door is still open everyone until the end of the month.  Lets work together to get this race up as close as possible to 1,000, which was our original goal.  That way you guys can have a nice big race and a nice big PAY OUT!

Rick & Olga  
4-26-18 UPDATE

Hi everyone, been super busy with accepting birds this week, 53 yesterday and 51 today.  We are up to 568 birds in the loft and we are sure that by next week we will be well over 600 and if we have a week like this week we will be nearing 700.  Next week if the weather is good we will try to settle some more birds.  As we have mentioned several times, we want the birds to be here at least 3 weeks before we let them out for the first time and a day or two day prior is when we give them their booster vaccination for PMV/Paratyphoid.  We have a system and thus far, it is working great and as far as we know we have not lost a single bird due to settling.  Health is great this year and we keep the look out each day for birds who may look a bit off in the general population.  Scraping the perches each morning all of the droppings are well formed which means the birds are feeling well, cross your fingers that it stays like this!  We are accepting birds through May, replacements through 15 June.....don't be left out! 

The birds who have already been settled are absolutely tearing up the sky flying high and long.  We will most likely hold off on posting another loft flying inventorty until we get the next 100 or so settled, but as far as we can tell all of the birds are still here.  Next inventory will be conducted next week some time, depending upon the weather. 

Rick & Olga 

LOFT FLY 4-21-18

The last group has been flying for a few days and it seems they have the system down pat.  We trapped in about 270 today real fast and a large group continued to fly high and longer, when they finally came down they quickly trapped.  One bird, EPL 0369 did not clock today.  We were with the birds all morning, we hardly ever have any hawks so unsure what happened and we even ran the birds out out in the aviary and through the traps to see if we may of missed it during trapping but it did not show up.  Hopefully this bird will show up on the next inventory. 

Yesterday we ran a inventory and noticed a bird missing from American Loft.  All afternoon we tried to figure out who this bird may be and then about 4 PM the bird is spotted on top of the house.  We tried to whistle the bird in which usually works, but the bird was having no part of the loft and right before dark it took off not to be seen again.  This morning the bird was sitting on top of the loft and went in like it had the two days prior.  Only explanation is something spooked that bird on or near the loft and it just did not feel comfortable going in.  How did we know it was a bird belonging to American Loft when it was spotted on top of the house.......easy, it is the only yellow!  We only tell this story because when the bird arrived we told the owner we were going to keep it because it was too pretty to take a chance on.  Just want to let you know Bob, we did not keep your bird!!  Ha Ha

Remember, we are accepting birds through May, replacements through 15 June.  We let the birds sit in the loft for a minimum of two weeks before we let them out for the first time so get us your birds here ASAP so we have time to settle them and you can send a replacement if need be.  Thus far we have only had to put down 5 birds due to health and about the same number have been treated for one thing or another and returned to the loft.  As far as we know we are only down one bird due to settling which is that EPL bird, hoping that bird will return tomorrow.  We mention this to let you know that while replacements at this point probably are not going to be necessary, things do happen and we can only accept replacements up to 15 June.  Thus far anyone needing a replacement has been notified via email. 

Hopefully we will surpass 500 birds next week, still shooting for 800-1000.

UPDATE:  EPL 369 trapped in at 17:30 today.  The bird has no apparent injuries and flew from my hand to the floor of the loft for feed and water.  Probably got chased by a Raven or a Crow, we have plenty around here which help keep the hawks away, but they can be a nuisance at times themselves. 

If you are going to ship next week, please ship on Monday or Tuesday.  No need to call, text, or email, but if you have a question then by all means contact us. 

We get asked every week if the PO Box on our site under the contact tab is the right address to mail the birds to, the answer is YES. 

Have a good weekend everyone!  

Rick & Olga

We picked up 10 birds yesterday, 30 today so we have a total headcount of 430 and a BUNCH more coming tomorrow and a few being delivered Friday.  We will be up over 500 if not this week next week, still shooting for 800-1000 birds.  Seems everyone is waiting to send toward the end, which we are quite OK with.  
Yesterday we gave booster vaccinations to 95 birds who have been here 2-3 weeks.  These birds were released today for the first time and after a few days of teaching them to come in when we want them to come in by whistling to them, we will run another inventory.  Our first inventory we had 244 so this next one should be 338.  One bird was pulled out while vaccinating which seems healthy, however it is a bit thin so we will try to figure that bird out.  Every bird in the race with the exception of the 43 who came in last week, and the 40 who arrived this week, has been settled and gets to go play outside each day weather depending of course.    
Before we let the birds out for the first time we give them their booster vaccinations.  We have not found one single bird, with the exception of the bird who was slightly underweight yesterday, that was unhealthy or did not have a nice clear throat.  Lets hope it stays this way!  
Keep sending healthy pigeons everyone, we really appreciate it!
Rick & Olga
4-16-18 UPDATE
We are sitting at 390 birds in the loft as of today and have quite a few arriving this week.  It is very windy today and the birds have already flown and been called in for the day.  We have about 100 more who will be settled this week and once they learn to trap fast a few times, which usually is by the 3rd time out of the loft, they will be merged with the rest of the birds already settled and we will start running loft flying inventories.  

When we receive birds they go in their own section.  Each week's birds are kept separate until it is time to start flying them which is 2-3 weeks after arrival.  Before we let any new birds out for the first time they get their booster shots.    

As for now the birds are looking very good and we are crossing our fingers hoping it remains that way.  

Rick & Olga
4-12-18 The birds are really starting to flock up and fly, some going high and trying to route already. 

Trapping went great today with the birds trapping very quickly with the exception of the last three.  Those last three were out flying and came in together after the others were already in.  The owners of those three should keep an eye on them, they already love to fly!

Rick & Olga 
Before I forget, looks like we picked up a bird today who must of stayed out over night.  

Birds were released early AM under overcast skies and very light rain.  They really enjoyed themselves and they started to flock up today and flew for about 15 minutes as a group.  After the loft was cleaned, sanitized, fresh water, feed and grit was put in the loft it was time to call them in.  The first half responded immediately and started to filter in pretty fast, then it started to rain.  Once it started to rain no matter how much whistling we did, they just were not going to come in the loft until they felt like it!  We finally just got frustrated and walked away from the loft.  Early afternoon the sun broke through and it got real windy and most decided to go in the loft with a little whistling and rattle of the feed can.  The last two birds to trap sat on the roof well after the rest and finally came in after whistling to them for a few minutes.  USUALLY they do what we want to but today was just one of those days.  If anyone has ever tried to get their birds in once it starts raining then you understand what we went through today.  

Lots of calls this week from guys sending birds.  Really pleased with health thus far, please keep sending healthy pigeons!  

Rick & Olga    
4-9-2018 UPDATE
Last inventory we clocked in 244 birds.  Since that inventory we discovered a bird who must of injured it's wing while outside the loft, AU DALLAS 2120.  This bird has been removed from the older group who are loft flying and was placed with the young birds who will be released in a week or so, breeder was emailed.  

Today we turned out 243 birds, most trapped in quickly but there was a group who decided they just did not want to come in when called like a bunch of rebellious kids!  They eventually all got in and the very last bird 19406 must of got spooked or something because it acted spooked all morning.  First it landed on our other loft about 100 yards away, then the neighbor's house about 250 yards away, it took some real persistent whistling for that bird to finally trap in.  If something got after it today, we sure didn't see it happen and we were out here the whole time supervising them.  

Weather is really turning nice out here and the birds are enjoying it.  The bath pans were out in front of the loft and several birds took baths today, probably the ones who took their sweet time going in when they were supposed to.  

We could not be happier about the current health of the birds, lets hope it stays that way!  

Supposed to get a bunch of birds in this week, going to be a busy one.  

Rick & Olga
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