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The birds were released at the base of Rattlesnake Ridge today between 0830-0930 in 7 groups, the second ridgeline they must cross on all trainers and races 20 miles south of the loft.  Most of the birds are in, we will see how long it takes to get the rest in today to determine our next move tomorrow. 

Everything is going great, birds are responding to training well and health is great!


Rick & Olga


The birds had their first toss across the ridgeline which is 5 miles south of us that they have to cross on all trainers and races.  It looks like all of the birds are here, either already in the clock and outside flying around.  We will decide at the end of the day whether the birds are ready to jump to the next station or repeat from the one today based upon returns and late arrivals this afternoon. 


Rick & Olga


The last two days we have trained from the base of the ridgeline that the birds must cross which is about 5 miles south of our loft.  The objective is to get them high enough so they can see over the south side of the ridge so that the first toss over that ridge does not result in heavy losses.  Tomorrow will be their first time on the south side of the Rattlesnake Ridge, wish us luck!

Good toss today, most are home and we will keep the clock running to pick up any stragglers. 

Birds look outstanding, no birds have been removed for several weeks due to sickness. 


Rick & Olga



The birds had a good toss today from the same place they had been the two tosses prior, they were released in 6 groups starting at 0830 and ending at 0900.  Tomorrow we will move back this way and release on this side of the ridgeline that runs west to east to get the birds used to comming from Konowack Pass area.  This forces the birds to get high enough so they can see on the other side of the ridge so that once we jump on the other side of the ridge they do not get confused.  So a few short tosses on the north side of the ridgeline, a few on the south side, then we jump them to the base of the next ridgeline which is 20 miles away.  Once we get them out to 20 miles due south we head SE to a spot that is 25, then 35, and see how it goes from there and make adjustments as needed. 

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Rick & Olga



As mentioned before we left Olga and I went out to Texas for the birth of our second grandchild.  Being a parent is one of the true blessings in life, becomming a grandparent is the reward for all the hard work you put in to your children and for growing old.  This is our second grandaughter and I can tell you one thing, I am one very proud pappa! 

I got home from Seattle last night about 2 AM, it was cloudy when I pulled in to the driveway but still hoped for clear skies this morning so I could resume training after taking a 5 day break and visit out in Texas.  This morning it was heavy overcast with light rain so the birds were loft flown.  Hopefully in the morning it will be nice enough to take the birds down the road so we can get this show back on the road. 

As long as the smoke stays out of our area, we should be able to have the activation race at the very end of this month or the first few days in to September.  We reduced our intake this year from 4 months to only 2 so we could start training a month earlier than we have in the past.  The last two years we have advertised a optional 400 miler but it just has not been feasible due to when we have finished our final races which were already in to the winter months.  Here in central WA we can have mild winters some years, but when we get out to 350 we are releasing down in northern CA and a 400 will be just this side of Mount Shasta, folks the weather down there is brutal starting as early as October.  Again, this is why we stopped taking birds this year in April whereas we took birds through May in the past, just gives us another 30 days of wiggle room to get these races in before it becomes pretty much impossible due to snow, fog, and icy road conditions.  

Once we have a few more 15 mile tosses, or maybe just one more depending on how it goes tomorrow, progression shoud go pretty smoothly. 

Remeber, we are offering two optional categories this year called the Silver and Gold, the main race is the Bronze and all birds must be entered.  When Olga gets back from Texas on the 14th and well before the activation race she will put a form on our main page that will be printable for those of you who will be mailing in paper forms of payment.  For those of you paying via PayPal which is our only form of electronic payment, you will be able to pay for your Silver and Gold separately from the Bronze. 


Rick & Olga (Proud Grandparents) 





The birds were released starting at 0800 and the last group of six groups at 0900.  There was about a 10 MPH head wind out of the west, the birds flew directly west in to the wind. 

The birds will be given baths this afternoon after all have trapped, a few still out screwing around because they feel good!

Olga and I head out next week for a few days to be with our daughter for the birth of her second child.  I come back after a few days and will resume training, Olga and Angelina return on the 14th of August.  Hopefully I will have time to go visit Lelton at the Texas Dash For Cash, he is about 45 minutes from where our daughter and her family live in San Antonio. 

If I do not update again while out in Texas just always remember, pigeons are always on my mind and I really look forward to progressing with y'alls pigeons when I get back!  When we get out to about 50 miles that is where the fun really starts for us here!


Rick & Olga


Good morning breeders!

Today the birds were released between 0820-0900 in 6 different groups.  They are still clocking in while posting this, looks like all are here just waiting on the last 800 to go in 

The birds will be trained again on Sunday, this will be the last toss before Olga and I head to to Texas for the birth of our daughter's second child.  We will be gone the 1st through the 5th of August, the birds will be loft flown a few days when we return then we will resume training shooting for an activation race right before Labor Day weekend which is the start of dove season.   

Birds are looking great!


Rick & Olga


We think we are on the right track to having our clocking issue resolved.  The clock is working, however times are being combined.  We put a call in to Scott with TauRIS, so between Scott and Olga we should have this fixed by tomorrow. 

The birds were tossed again from 8 miles, same spot as on Monday.  The mornings have been cooler lately so the birds just want to fly, fly, fly!  As mentioned before, as we increase distance trapping will take care of itself due to thirst and increased calorie burn. 

Have a great day!


Rick & Olga


The birds had a 8 mile toss yesterday, most had no problem with it but a few struggled.  We are keeping the trainer running through today to pick up a few birds who will come in this morning.  There were 3 that came in before we let the birds out to loft fly and more should follow, one was completely missing a tail so they must of been hit by a bird of prey. 

Plan is to return to the same place to release tomorrow.

We have dropped to mid 80s this week instead of mid 90s like we had last week, the birds are really responding well to the weather change flying high and long.  


Rick & Olga 


We conducted the 5th toss today about 2.5 miles south of the loft.  Today there was very little circeling, the pretty much shot toward the loft as soon as they were released. 

The birds were released in 6 groups today, we will continue to do this until further notice. 

We will be attending a racing pigeon seminar/auction, and general BS session tomorrow so the birds will get a day off.  The birds will be fed early tomorrow morning and we will resume training Sunday, probably from the same spot. 

Rick & Olga

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