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I left out of here this morning around 1:30 AM, fulled up in Toppenish and hit the road.  Very light mist close to home and in Toppenish before heading in to the hills then mountains, over the mountains and in to Goldendale.  The further I drove, the stronger the mist and the fewer stars in the sky.  Finally got to the half way point, a rest stop just past Shaniko which is real close to the Blue Bucket.  Got out of the truck to have a look around and it was evident that things were going to get worse, not better.  Nonetheless, being the optimist that I am, went to sleep in the truck and waited until the sun came up with the plan to drive to LaPine, OR to get the race in if the weather got better.  Needless to say, when I opened my eyes I was heartbroken, there was not going to be a race today.  Satus Pass did not look too bad so instead of wasting a entire trip, gas, and a lot of sleep, decided to at least get a good toss in on the birds.  574 went out, 574 returned.  When I pulled up in the yard it was evident that they were ready for 200+ as they had no desire to go in, just flew around like saying, IS THAT ALL YOU GOT! 

The Blue Bucket and Crooked River are right on line with where the birds come through when racing.  Since they are training during the middle of the week and trying to get their own races completed for the season, we do not want to try to force a race during the week and take a change of our birds mingling.  Therefore, we will shoot for next Monday.  This works best for us because we can take our time loading the birds Sunday since our helpers are off work, if we try to get it done during the week before they have to report to work in the morning it would really be pushing it and not enough time after work.  No one is racing and training on Mondays in this area, another reason we picked Mondays as race day this year.  

Only a few more checks to collect.  Once we get the last we will post a updated payout.  Sorry for the delay.  


Rick & Olga 


RACE POSTPONED - due to rain

LAPINE 10-8-18

Birds loaded on the trailer, will pull out of here in a few hours and get down to LaPine so the birds can rest and drink on the trailer before being liberated in the AM, earlier the better.  Health was great!

Good luck to everyone!


Rick & Olga

10-6-18 UPDATE

Today the sky looked good all the way to Satus Pass, once past heading in to Goldendale it got more and more foggy with low clouds and 99% cloud cover.  Waited over a hour for it to clear, decided to back track to Satus Pass where it was patchy clouds and lots of sunshine.  The birds beat us home as usual, some we had to fight to go in the loft.  They look to be in EXCELLENT health today, we are very proud of them!

We will load birds up tomorrow evening for Monday's race. 

Still a few who owe checks, frustrating is a understatement! 


Rick & Olga

10-4-18 UPDATE

Good toss today.  When I pulled in the yard there were 100 birds outside the loft.  I have tried and tried to teach Olga how to whistle, but to no avail!  When I got home it took a little work, but all the birds trapped fairly quickly.  On these short trainers they just are not worn out enough to go in, and when it is cool they are not thirsty.  They also were loft flown yesterday and fed a little later than today so they were not real hungry.   Race day this is not a issue, they are hungry, thirsty, and they just want back in their home.  So if your birds do not trap fast on training days do not fret, they are probably outside screwing around.  Anyone who has flown racing pigeons themselves knows this is a sign of fitness and health, and these birds are healthy and fit at the moment and we are doing everything possible to keep it that way!   

I want to be clear on loft flying.  The birds get loft flown every day except the day prior to the race, which is Sunday unless we adjust that due to weather during the week.  The reason we do not loft fly on basketing day is because we want to make sure that we get to basket every single pigeon for the race held the next day.  If they are attacked by a hawk, heck anything can happen when they are out routing, they may not trap in the day of basketing and therefore will not get to go to the race.  Besides, the way we train they need at least one day of the week to just hang out in the loft and be fresh for the race the next day.  I think most always rest the day before a race, we always have when racing ourselves as well as out here in WA and when we flew in TX.  In TX we won AVG speed every season we flew in the Central TX Combine when we had as many as 55 flyers at one time.  2nd in the AU Presidents Cup, 2nd Middle Distance, 5th Long Distance, 2nd All Distance.  Came out here to WA and flew late hatches as old birds, 5th Middle Distance, 24th Long Distance, 5th All Distance.  In TX 7th best Yearling AU, in WA 9th best Long Distance AU, not to mention RPD awards.  Hey, but who is counting!  Ha Ha  Point being, we love to train!  If you send birds to the Apple Cup, your birds will be trained! 


Rick & Olga




Weather was great for our first race from Redmond, OR today, 160 miles.  I took a video of the release and put it on youtube.  Search for:


Redmond, OR First Race 2018


95% return rate today, 86% under 30 minutes, 89% under 1 hour. 


Hopefully we get the rest tomorrow. 


Great job everyone.  The birds will have a few days off and then we will hit the road in preparation for the next race which will be next Monday. 


Rick & Olga


The birds will be loaded up late this evening to reduce the amont of time they need to sit on the trailer before tomorrow's race from Redmond, OR which is 161 miles.  We will leave here in plenty of time so the birds can sit for several hours before the release in the morning and take a drink.

We have received nearly all of the checks/money orders from all of you, a few on the way from breeders who were out of town who have sent us photo confirmation that their entry fees are on the way.  We do however have a few breeders that we have not heard from, or have decided to not activate their birds.  Those breeders are the following. 


Great Wall  5 birds

Huan Qiu Zhang  12 birds

Valdes & Rudy Loft  3 birds


I have some friends checking on Great Wall and Huan Qiu Zhang to see if they either sent their payments, or if they are not going to activate their birds.  The Valdes & Rudy Loft birds are definitely for sale. 

Before sending a payment, text me and I will let you know if the birds are still available.  254-247-9504

Good luck to everyone tomorrow,









Good toss from Goldendale today, a little over 60 miles.  Most of the birds trapped quickly but when we pulled in to the yard there were some still outside screwing around, so do not get too excited if your birds did not trap real fast today. 

If you check your account you will be able to see if we have deposited your check, no need to call, text, or email.  I am usually out in the loft or on the road and it is impossible to remember every envelope that we open and every text, instant message, email, phone call, you get the picture. 

If you have not sent your entry fees yet, overnight them today through your USPS. 

First race is still on for Monday, weather is supposed to be perfect!

Any birds not paid for by Saturday will be up for grabs.  If you are interested please let us know and we will add your name to the list. 


Rick & Olga

Today I took the birds out to Goldendale, our favorite 60 mile training spot.  As of writing this 600/602 are back in the loft and all in very good time.  I went back and looked at the last 20 birds to trap on the activation race and all but one is home and in very good time.  This tells me that the pigeon I am aware of may have a issue, and also that the birds rebounded very well by being rested Tue and Wed. 

PLEASE, get your activation fees in.  The most frustrating part of hosting a One Loft Race is collecting entry fees.  I know, some want Paypal, so do I, but Olga wants to deal with checks so at least for this year that is how it is going to be.  Everyone knew that the activation race was this past Monday, so even if you were going to be out of town a check could of been put in the mail before you headed out of town and everyone should of been able to drop a check by Tuesday, Wed at the latest so we could get all the checks in by Saturday.  Some like to wait to see another trainer after the activation race, but that is not in the rules.  If your bird returned from the activation race, you owe $300 per pigeon, plain and simple. 

Providing we have a good series, we are going to collect all fees up front next year.  This will simplify everything for everyone involved, you and us that means.  We will keep the perch fee portion and any bird who does not make it through activation will have the activation portion refunded after the activation race.  This way you do not have to worry about sending in perch fees and activation fees separately, and we are not in a position to where we have to hound anyone for money.  Too easy and less stressful for everyone. 

First race will be next Monday depending upon the weather of course, but it looks like it is supposed to be very nice next Monday for the first actual race. 

Rick & Olga

Activation race went well today with most of the birds returning within a few minutes of the first.  Most are currently home, just waiting on a few who decided to take the scenic route.  Started off with a little west wind which is normal for this course, then a slight head wind as they got closer to home. 
Activation fees are due by Saturday.  Please send us a check and get it in the mail no later than tomorrow so we can get it before Saturday.  Any teams not paid for by Saturday will be offered on a first come first serve basis and the list of birds available will be published either Saturday evening or Sunday morning, next race will be next Monday and all races will be held on Mondays. 
Mail checks to:
Apple Cup
PO Box 313
Moxee, WA 98936
Here is a video of the release, hope you enjoy it.
Rick & Olga
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