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Good morning everyone!
Game plan is to train today, Sunday, Tuesday, and either train/race next Thursday the 8th of November, or have the final next Saturday the 10th.  Weather is sketchy at best tomorrow and it is supposed to pour on Sunday so having a race this weekend is out of the question.  We prefer to race every 7 days, but we will not let the birds out in adverse conditions just to stick with the every 7 days philosophy.   
If you plan on attending let us know ASAP so we can plan properly for food.  Earliest birds should be at the loft would be 2 PM, so show up around 1230-1300.  Please bring a comfortable chair if you do not wish to sit in a fold up style chair.    
We do not like the birds to sit for more than a day between training.  On this course the birds need to stay in shape so they have every opportunity to make it home if the weather gets bad.  This time of the year the weather in the Pacific NW is unpredictable at best with constant shifting winds and rain showers that one minute are not on radar, then the next they move across the flight path.  This was evidenced last Saturday from Paisley, OR. 
Be patient everyone.  We are doing our very best to make sure the birds are ready for the next race and that we pick a good weather day for them to race in.  Remember, it is first and foremost about the birds!   
Rick & Olga
Click on the link below to show the conditions at the loft.  Fogged in on all four sides.  Hopefully the sun burns this off and we can get a bunch of birds to return yesterday. 

It was bright and sunny at release, calm with patchy clouds.  On way hit some low lying fog and high overcast, never saw any of that on any weather reports.  Sun was shining through the fog so they should of been able to fly over it.  Last 150 miles sunny with patchy clouds, calm and was same at loft.  Before dark it started to get overcast and it rained lightly throughout the night.

Rick & Olga

I got down to the release point about 1:30 AM, stars shining through with a cloud here and there, checked radar one last time and weather along the way and all looked great.  About 6:45 the sun started to come out, checked radar one last time and at 7:30 the birds were released, 42F, calm, birds headed off in the right direction.  Headed home and along the course encountered some overcast, but not bad and the sun shining through in spots.  With about 2/3 of the way left to go it got sunny with just patchy clouds, the closer to home the better it got and all the way thinking, man we are going to have a great race today......boy was I wrong. 

Now I hear a lot of talk about overfly, I usually just think that is a excuse for poor returns.  Once out of the mountains and I had reception again about 20 miles from the loft I see no pigeons on Wincompanion.  Olga called me when we had the first two, I get excited thinking we are about to start getting big drops, but that just never happened.  When I did get home about 20 minutes after the first birds arrived I watched as the birds came out of the N and NW, so they must of overflew, at least some did.

Hopefully we get some more birds this evening, still about two hours of daylight left, and we get ther rest tomorrow. 

Sorry folks, I really have no explanation.  It was very nice at release, slight overcast once I got down the road a bit with sun shining through, then it cleared right up and was sunny and warm, not a drop of rain hit the windshield all the way home.  Possibly they hit some bad weather along the way shortly after release, another flock of pigeons, got blown off course by unforseen winds, we can guess this all day long.  All I know is those pigeons looked great and were ready for the task, wish I had better news. 

Congratulations to Burge Family Loft and Flying Pilgrims for having the first two birds 16 minutes out front, awesome birds guys!  Also congratulations to L & L Breeding Station, Fassio Loft, and Hawaii Syndicate for having the next three birds.  The aforementioned won all the money today!

Rick & Olga




Slight smoke in the area so we had to postpone the race.  Hopefully we can train tomorrow, if so we will also train Tue, rest and load up Wed, race Thursday. 

Rick & Olga
The birds got chased by a Prarie falcon yesterday and did not get fed until around noon.  Today we tried to get a toss in early because we have a Veterans Fair to attend here shortly.  The birds arrived in good time but just played around outside the loft since they were not real hungry, eventually they all went in and we picked up another bird who has been missing for awhile. 

We are keeping a close eye on the weather.  It is supposed to be hazy tomorrow due to smoke and may lead in to Monday.  We may end up putting the race off until Tue or Wed, just depends upon if this smoke blows out or not.

When we send refund checks to those who paid for too many birds prior to activation these checks will be made separate from any winnings you may earn, that way you do not get taxed on the refund portion. 

Rick & Olga
Sorry for the delay on posting the payout everyone.  Most of you followed the rules and paid after the activation race and before the first race, but about 10% of the breeders did not for an array of reasons, in some cases not within their control.  We are considering collecting all fees up front for next year and will just refund your entry fee portion if your bird does not make it to the first race, but we will tackle that after we finish this series so this is not set in stone yet but definitely the way we are leaning after having dealt with this for three years now. 

The next race is from Paisley Airport, Paisley, OR.  Believe me, there is nothing out there and if you forget to fill up on gas before you leave civilization headed to Paisley, well then you are playing a very dangerous game.  We will pay the first 5 birds through the trap, $600, $500, $400, $300, and $200 for 5th bird through the trap. 

Here is the long overdue payout, again sorry for the delay.

All prizes are by clocking order.   

FINAL RACE 351 Miles

1 $15,000
2 $14,000
3 $13,000
4 $12,000
5 $11,000
6 $10,000
7 $9,000
8 $8,000
9 $7,000
10 $6,000
11-20 $2,000 ea
21-40 $1,000 ea

267 Mile race, tentatively scheduled for 22 October

1 $600
2 $500
3 $400
4 $300
5 $200


1 $5,000
2 $4,000
3 $3,000
4 $2,000
5 $1,000

This is based upon 600 paid entries.  600 X $300 = $180,000 - 10% = $162,000 in prizes. 

There were actually 602 birds who made it through activation.  Two birds did not get paid for because the owners birds were lost before the first race during training after they made it through activation.  They refused to pay their entry fees, therefore are banned from future participation in our race.  At the Apple Cup we refuse to stop training after the activation race, if we do it will just mean disaster if the birds hit adversity while they are trying to make it back home on race day.  Continue to train and the birds stay physically as well as psychologically fit, at least that is our motto and it seems to work. 

Good luck to everyone in the next two races. 

Rick & Olga

We have 4 birds available for activation, I prefer that someone take them all but they can be split up if need be. 
Don Ogren, 1 bird.  Only sent one bird this year.  384 STIL   
Hogtowns Loft, 1 bird.  Sent 2 birds this year.  129 22530
Ramon Guerrero & Refujio Martinez 2 birds.   Sent 2 birds this year.    0077  PSF, 0066 PSF 
Out of these 3 breeders 5 birds were sent, 4 remain, they are all very nice pigeons who have been doing quite well. 
First to contact me gets them!
Rick & Olga 
Congratulations to Transilvania Loft for having the first bird through the trap on today's 209 mile race from La Pine, OR. 

87% returned on the day, of those birds 77% trapped in under 30 minutes, 82% under a hour.  This shows us the birds were tuned up and ready to go, congrats to everyone who got birds home today.  We are confident that there will be birds early AM tomorrow and a few through out the day.

The next race is tentatively scheduled for next Monday the 22nd of October, 267 miles from Paisley, OR. 

I took a video of the release.  That reminds me that I need to post it to Youtube so I can share it with all of you.  We post every release, that way you can see we are where we say we are and see what it looks like where your birds are being released.  I got down to the release point at about 1:30 AM today and froze my butt off until release, it was 13F at release and was 14-15F from the time I got down there to release in the morning.  We feel it is very important to get to the release point early so the birds can rest, not be bounced around in the trailer and released shortly after arriving.  The birds had absolutely no interest in drinking, just way too cold. 

One more race to tackle then the final two weeks from today.  The goal is still to get 500 to the final, we shall see tomorrow how many more trickle in. 

Rick & Olga 

Plan was to release in Goldendale for a 60 mile toss today but when we came over Satus Pass it was foggy on the south side so we turned around and released at Satus Pass.  We were able to catch up to the birds about half way back to the loft, enjoy the video, this only happens rarely.

Rick & Olga
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