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The birds are starting to arrive, thanks to all who have sent such nice healthy youngsters thus far.  

When the birds arrive they will be vaccinated for PMV and Paratyphoid, then given a booster 30 days later.  We also give each bird a Trizole tablet which is a canker/coccidiosis treatment which is supposed to be good for 30 days.  

Once your birds are vaccinated and given the Trizole tablet, they are entered in to Wincompanion.  Check the breeder and bird list to see your birds listed there.  They are then moved in to the loft to where they are quarantined for at least 2-3 weeks in their own section with birds that only arrived that week.  Each section has sliding doors and is divided by wooden walls inside, as well as out in the fly pens.  Once we have more than one section settled and trapping well, providing the health looks good, the sections will be merged and the birds will be loft flown daily together.  We will run loft flying inventories on Wincompanion as soon as the birds are settled and we get the new traps installed, we are doing several renovations to the loft and will post pictures when they are complete.  Please keep a eye on your birds and let us know if you are missing one, if we do not contact you first.  

As always, please mail out on a Monday or Tuesday only.  We would hate for someone to mail the birds out mid week and they not get to us in a timely manner, keeping in mind that our post office is closed on Saturday as we have mentioned numerous times.

Keep sending nice healthy youngsters everyone.  If you know you have a health issue in your loft then please do not send, it just puts everyone's birds at a disadvantage not only yours.  

Rick & Olga
We will making some announcements this year via email, sent our first one last night.  We will post the day to day operations here on the Message Board, major announcements will be here as well as sent via email.  This is being done because we know that some of you do not check email, some do not check our updates, so to get the word out more effectively across the board we will do both.  If you do not check this Message Board often and you are not already either a current participant or a past participant and just want to follow us, please email us your first and last name as well as the email address you would like updates to come to and we will be glad to add you to our email list.  If you are already a breeder past or present you will automatically be getting the emails so no need to contact us.  
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Email the following to and just put in the subject block, ADD TO APPLE CUP EMAIL LIST.
Rick & Olga 
First birds are arriving this week and we are all ready for them.  Please do not ship after Tuesday, just too much of a risk them not getting here by Friday and our post office not being open on Saturdays.  

Rick & Olga 
Please do not send any birds until Monday the 5th of February, and do not mail out after Tuesday.  We have a small but very accommodating rural post office in the city of Moxee which is actually closer to us than our assigned post office in Yakima which is quite a bit farther and much less accommodating.  In other words, we took out a PO Box in Moxee because they work with us, the main post office in Yakima which we are assigned to refuses to work with us.  The PO in Moxee is about 4 miles away and they call us every morning that we have birds come in, all we do is go to their back door and knock and they load us up before their main doors open.  If we use the PO in Yakima it usually turns in to a shouting match, think you all get the picture.  The PO in Moxee IS NOT OPEN on Saturday, so if you try to squeeze your birds in to us by mailing as late as Wednesday and they just happen to take a extra day, we will not get them until Monday.  DO NOT TAKE THIS CHANCE, MAIL OUT ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY ONLY!

As of today we are up to 900 reserved perches and will be accepting birds through May, replacements through mid June.  Our goal is 1,000 birds through activation, we are fairly certain this is going to happen this year.  Loft has 1,200 perches, if we get over that we will add on and keep going as needed as we have lots of room out here.  

Breeders keep asking about hawks.....we have little to no hawks.  There are no trees within 100 yards of the loft and the birds can see for miles, very easy to settle birds here.  We have some old pictures up on the site, this was our first loft which we are no longer using and used the first year.  We are renovating our new 84' X 12' loft, 15' if our count the new 3' aviaries the run the length of the loft we are currently working on.  Once it is all done we will replace the old pics and put some new ones up.

All birds will be vaccinated for PMV and Paratyphoid on arrival, also given a canker pill which is supposed to be good for 30 days.  In 30 days we will give the birds a booster and also another canker pill.  The Trizole tablets we are going to be using also help with Coccidiosis in pigeons, so in actuality your birds on arrival are being treated for PMV/Paratyphoid/Canker/Cocci. 

Looking forward to working with your birds this year!

1099s will be mailed today for those who won $600 or more last year in the race.

Rick & Olga 

Hi everyone,

We are having a mild winter this year, hope it stays like this.  We are going to start accepting birds in February and it looks like the first day you out of state breeders can ship is Monday the 5th of February.  PLEASE, ship ONLY on a Monday or a Tuesday.  Our post office is closed on Saturday so this means if you ship after Tuesday and we do not receive the birds by Friday then we will not get them until Monday.  

Like we mentioned last year, if you use the Click and Ship option make sure you put your phone number on the label if it is not being printed out with it already on it.  If our phone number is not on the printed label then write it on there please.  

As of right now we are set up to receive checks only for perches.  When you send your check please tape it to the inside of the box where the birds can not step on it.  We received several checks last year who were in envelopes at the bottom of the box who either were purposely put there, or they fell down to the bottom of the box from where they had been taped.  Please take a moment before shipping the birds and the check for perches to put the checks in a sealed plastic sandwich bag, for obvious reasons.  

As of typing this we are sitting at exactly 800 perches reserved.  Thanks to all of you who have already signed up, and to those of you considering who will later on down the road in making this one of the laregest One Loft Races in the US for 2018. 


Rick & Olga    





In 35 minutes it will be 2018 here in Washington State, so I will make this real brief.  

Remember, if we owe you a few free perches from this past race series they can only be used in 2018, we will not carry free perches over to subsequent years.  

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that you have a happy and prosperous new year in 2018.

Rick & Olga
As of writing this we have 733 perches reserved and there is no sign that we are slowing down in the perch reservation department.  Our loft can easily hold 1,200 birds and if we outgrow it, we will simply start adding on sections as we have mentioned before.  

We are having a unusually warm winter, total opposite of the winter we had last year which broke 20 year records and was the main reason we decided to switch from a late hatch series to a young bird series.  Our spring, summer and fall here in the Yakima Valley is warm and very dry, perfect for hosting a One Loft Race.  Going in to our third year of doing this, we are confident that by simply switching things around insofar as the timing of the race, it is going to be ten times better than the two years prior combined.

Hopefully we will have a online payment option for perches, entry fees, and return mailing of your birds after the race series concludes shortly after the first of the year.  This is something that many of you have requested, please stay tuned.  

Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy New always, thanks for your support!

Rick & Olga 
The new payout is listed as promised.   

As of typing this we are sitting at 524 perch reservations and we are aware of several other breeders who just have not signed up as of yet, probably over 600 perches already.  We still have 2 months to go before we take our first birds in and at the rate we are going we will surpass our goal of getting a minimum of 1,000 birds to the first race after the 100 M activation race.  This means we will be closer to $500,000 in prizes for 2018 which will almost double the payout that we already have posted! 

Our current loft will easily hold 1,200 birds, if we get more birds than that we will start adding on to the west end of the loft 12X12ft sections as needed.  

Thanks for everyone's support!  

Rick & Olga  
Hey everyone, we received way too many complaints on the payout we posted so we had to rethink the way we would award prizes on the final race.  This new payout will be more progressive and will still be based upon clocking order, however will not have such large jumps in prizes between the first few placings on the final 351M race.  We will change the payout tab in the next few days to reflect these changes.    

351 M Final Race

1st 20,000
2nd 19,000
3rd 18,000
4th 17,000
5th 16,000
6th 15,000
7th 14,000
8th 13,000
9th 12,000
10th 11,000
11th 10,000
12th 9,000
13th 8,000
14th 7,000
15th 6,000
16-25 2,000 ea
26-45 1,000 ea

267 M RACE

1st 20 birds $1,000 ea


1st 5,000
2nd 4,000
3rd 3,000
4th 2,000
5th 1,000

Sorry for these recent changes everyone, but we feel they are necessary to keep the majority happy and is more fair to all.  The new payout structure also increases the odds of you the breeder recouping your investment in our race, also of your bird coming home with a small fortune!  

Rick & Olga 

Pay for 10 or more perches, receive the SAME NUMBER absolutely free!  

This also applies to those of you who we owe free perches per our rules during the 2017 series.  If you for example are owed 5 free perches from last year, then pay for 5 more birds which will be $500, then send 20 birds.

Yes we are taking a huge cut in offering this, but we have our reasons.   Main reason being we want to get at least 1,000 birds to the first race so we can have a big payout as advertised.  

Now keep in mind that if you enter a bunch of birds, you are responsible for paying entry fees on the birds who make it past the 100 mile activation race.  

We will not split up perches with this offer.  Meaning, do not expect to pay for 5 birds, have a friend pay for 5 birds, then you each enter 10 birds under your own loft name.  Now if you want to combine your efforts and form a syndicate, we do not care if 10 of you pay for one bird each and collectively you send 20 birds, but they must be all listed under one loft name.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, contact info under the Contact tab.

Rick & Olga Mee 

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