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Weather man is right one day, wrong the next, but today the weather man was right.  It was overcast today in Goldendale our 65 mile station, sat there for a hour and it just did not appear that it was going to get any better.  Drove over the pass to the north side of Satus Pass, sat there about a half hour, sun would peek through for a few minutes then disappear behind the clouds.  Finally drove back toward the loft and stopped off at Oak Springs road which is out of the hills and back in the flat lands of the lower Yakima Valley, we live on the other side of Rattlesnake Ridge in the upper Yakima Valley to the direct north on the other side of Konowock Pass.  The sun peeked through just enough for me to feel comfortable releasing them.  At release they headed directly north toward home, which they should because they were released there a few times early in training and fly through there every toss no matter the distance, at least should.  As of typing this there are more birds than we shipped today, so it was a success.  Since the birds were sat up for a 65 mile toss and loft flew yesterday, then fed around 1:30 PM, they had absolutely no interest in going back in the loft under overcast and slightly raining skies.  So if you see your birds trapping in slow today that does not mean they arrived late, just means they were being stubborn and are most likely some of the stronger birds which we will see at the top on the final, at least been my experience. 

It is supposed to rain tomorrow so they will just loft fly.  Wed is supposed to be pretty good with Thursday being sunny, the rest of the week patchy clouds with sun.  If Wed is nice they will get a good 65 mile toss, from there we will make a decision on whether to train again or to have the activation race Friday.  We may toss them 85 Fri and set the birds up for Sunday or Monday for the activation race, just depends upon the weather everyone and how their last toss goes.  


Rick & Olga


It has been raining off and on the last three days.  We are loading up now and going to give the birds a toss from Goldendale this morning.  Tomorrow is supposed to be raining and it is forecasted to clear up toward the end of the week.  If it looks good we will have the activation race late this week or possibly as late as this weekend. 

Thanks to those of you who have already sent your entry fees in, refund per bird if you end up overpaying.  Hopefully we will have the issues with Paypal worked out in the next few days for those of you who wish to pay that way. 


Rick & Olga


Been raining the last 3 days.  Going to shoot for a toss tomorrow.  Supposed to be rainy Tue, rest of the week not too bad with end of the week fairly sunny.  Shooting for a end of week activation race or this weekend. 


Rick & Olga

9-9-2019 TOSS

As we approached Satus Pass today it started to lightly rain and the sun was obstructed by the clouds with heavy cloud cover and fog down low.  Since the birds have to fly over Satus Pass from Goldendale we decided to release them just this side of Satus Pass, they got about a 42 mile toss in today.  The birds had been just loft flying for several days since Grass Valley and the stronger ones just wanted to play this morning, thus trapping was slower than usual.  It is also cooler than usual so they had no real desire to go in to drink coupled with basically being fed all they could every morning since Grass Valley.  As of writing this a few are still out playing around, probably the stronger ones who will do well as the races start and distance increases.  So if your bird did not trap in fast today, nothing to worry about. 

Tomorrow we will attempt Goldendale again, our drop back as usual will be Satus Pass.  If the birds do well from Goldendale this week we will try Grass Valley again, most likely twice, then set the birds up for the activation race early next week. 


Rick & Olga



We had a lightening storm last night with light rain here in the high desert.  This morning it is heavy overcast and windy, so we decided to hold off and see what tomorrow looks like. 

Game plan for next week is to get them out a few more times to 65 miles, then a few tosses at 85 across the river.  If all works out we will shoot for the Activation Race next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday weather depending. 

Rick & Olga


Today was the bird's first toss across the river and they obviously had a tough time with it.  The Columbia River is about 7 miles south of Goldendale where they have had 3 tosses from 65 miles and were for the most part all coming together.  In year's past we took the birds to Wasco, OR which is about 5 miles on the south side of the river for their first toss across the river.  We have found that 5 miles just did not give the birds enough of a running start at the river so they could get up high and just cruise over it, so the decision was made this year to take them to Grass Valley so they could get their bearings, head north, and cruise right over it.  At release the birds circled for about 5 minutes, about 250 broke off and headed SW, the rest started to head for home.  On the way home it started to get a bit cloudy which probably messed up their bearings, clear skies all the way to release and lots of sun at release.  Weather can change very quickly along the Columbia Gorge.  We believe that the birds may of got hit by falcons as they tried to cross the river, which probably further complicated matters today.  Some of the birds acted spooky when they returned, thus the belief that they probably got hit trying to cross the Columbia River.  

All we can do at this point is hope that a bunch of birds make it in early AM tomorrow, give the birds a much needed rest, then proceed with training and have the activation race at a later date than scheduled.  

Please hold the phone calls folks, most of the answers to your questions can be answered in this update.  

Rick & Olga 


Shooting for the activation race next Monday Sept 9th.  Please start sending in entry fees, $300 per bird.  Any bird you paid for who does not make it through activation will be refunded. 

Happy Labor Day everyone!


Rick & Olga


Good toss today for their first 65 mile trainer.  Unfortunately the clock shut down after 668 birds had trapped with, called Terry Gilmore and I think we have this rectified. 

Dove season starts tomorrow and the hunters will be out Sunday and Monday which is Labor Day.  Training will resume next Tue at 65 again from Goldendale, WA. 

Have a great Labor Day everyone. 


Rick & Olga


Headed out early this morning for a toss at 45 miles but quickly realized that it was just not in the cards today.  Heavy overcast and light drizzle.  It is 12:45 right now and the sun is trying to peek through, tomorrow is supposed to be clear. 

It has been very hot lately and today it is cool and rainy.  The birds are not thirsty, they would rather play outside.  Still fighting with the last few trying to get them to come in. 

Plan is to go to Satus Pass tomorrow, 45 miles. 


Rick & Olga


Got home today and most had already went in the loft.  A young falcon was chasing the others who had not entered and as typing this we are down 30 birds and not sure if these got temporarily driven off like others which we saw coming back after most trapped, or if they got sidetracked in the mountains today. 

Just wanted to give a quick explanation before the phone starts ringing. 


Rick & Olga

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