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Merry belated Christmas everyone, and if we don't post before the first of the year Happy New Year to everyone!

As most of you already know, we decided to go with our same format that we used this year which is $100 perch, $300 entry fee after activation.  Our payout posted is based upon 1,000 birds, any birds over 1,000 will have their portion added directly to 1st Prize.  Click on the payout tab to check out our payout for 2019.  

We decided to cut out the Paisley, OR station for 2019.  This station has bit us in the butt two years in a row, both years being set up to get over 50% of the birds to the final race, if we could just get through Paisley.  Last year we fired our driver after having a smash at Paisley, hauled the last two races ourselves and had great results.  This year hauled all the races ourselves, got to Paisley and released on a nice sunny day and thought we would get most of the birds on the day for certain, and still had the same results as the year prior.  Then on the final race got 82% on the day and 90% overall return rate.  Does not make sense to have a smash at 267 miles two years in a row, but we can have such great results on the final race.  We give up on Paisley, time to make a change!

For 2019 we will be flying out of Chiloquin, OR for our 250 mile station.  Our 350 mile station will be at the Juniper Hotel which is 35 miles south of Klamath Falls, OR, 6 miles past Mocdel, CA.  These two new stations are directly south of us off of HWY 97 which runs from us here all the way down to Weed, CA.  Hopefully these two new stations will give us the results we want, more importantly the results our customers expect!

Enter the race that logged over 1,900 miles in training alone in 2018, more than any other race in North America!  At the Apple Cup, we are not afraid to train!


Rick & Olga


Hey folks, after much soul searching we decided to go back to the format we used this year before shooting for a big million dollar race next year.  Therefore, $100 perch, $300 entry fee after activation race.  We want to prove that we can get 50% + to the final race before moving forward with bigger plans.  The last two years Paisley, OR has precluded us from being able to achieve this, even though we were set up both years to get 50% or greater to the final if we could just get over that one hurdle....Paisley!  We decided that next year we will change our 250 mile station, and this will also change our 350 mile station.  We have some ideas as to where those two stations will be, and yes they will still be south in line with the other stations, but we want to see how our combine does from these new stations they will be using during their old bird series before we commit to them.  If they get good percentages from the new stations that will be 250 and 350 for us, then we will use those stations for this race.  If they have problems then we will adjust and search out some new stations that will benefit your birds, however still provide a challenging course. 

The new payout posted is based upon 1,000 birds going to the first race.  For now, first place bird on the final is $20,000, then 19,18,17,16, 15, and so on......take a look!  For every 100 birds over 1,000, $27,000 will be added to first prize.  This means the following. 

1,000 birds $20,000 first prize
1,100 birds $47,000 first prize
1,200 birds $74,000 first prize
1,300 birds $101,000 first prize
1,400 birds $128,000 first prize
1,500 birds $155,000 first prize

Hopefully we can get more than 1,000 birds to the first race so we can have a big payout for all of you, but it is going to require your help!  Enter a few birds and tell your friends, the more the merrier.  The loft currently holds 1,200 birds but if we need to add on we have plenty of space to do so. 

We will be posting pictures of the loft, inside and out hopefully in the next few days.  Many of those same pictures will be in the next Racing Pigeon Digest where there is an article on us under "A Chick's Point Of View". 

Enter the race that logged more training mileage than any other One Loft Race in North America in 2018!  At the Apple Cup, we are not afraid to train!

Rick & Olga


Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been asking questions and spreading the word on the Apple Cup Million Dollar Race.   We are going to be featured in the next Racing Pigeon Digest that comes out and look for our full page ad on the race next year.  Take a few minutes to look over our new rules, about us, and our payout for 2019 by clicking on those tabs.  

Most of the winners have been paid, if you owe us a W-9, get it to us.  We have sent out most of the entry fee refunds then ran out of checks.  We got some more and hopefully will have the rest of you reimbursed by next week. 

Most of the birds have been shipped.  One last chance to those of you who know you still have birds.  I have called and emailed, you have until Friday to let us know if you want the bird back or not. 


Rick & Olga




Tomorrow we will mail birds out to the following breeders.

ABC Loft 2
KC Loft
Sparks Trio Syndicate
Great Wall
Sonder Loft
Shi Loft
Ruybal Family Loft
Nanez Family Loft
Jenkins Racing
Shang & Dennis Yoh
L S U Loft
Barry Venn
American Chinese Pigeon Club

If anything has changed with the above breeders and you will not be home this coming week to receive birds then I need a call, not a text, email, or instant message, but a phone call at 254-247-9504. 

If we have not spoken and you do not have your shipping fees already sent, then I can only assume you do not want your birds back. 

We will start sending out checks tomorrow if we have a W-9 on you, thanks for your patience. 

Rick & Olga
Hello everyone!
We will ship out 15 more boxes tomorrow to the following breeders.  If you do not want your birds shipped out tomorrow then you need to call us immediately, no texts, instant messages, or emails, a phone call please. 
Da Dong
L& L Breeding Station
Horse Heaven Hills
Flyhome Loft
Barry Venn
Yong Sheng Chinese Pigeon Club
Gerardo Temores
M Merrills Loft
Blue Bucket Stampede
Arnold Balatbat
Kennier Palmira Loft
Danny Lum (Bob Robertson)
James Wiese
Sooner Challenge
The following breeders we have not received shipping on yet, please get shipping to us ASAP.  $60 first bird, $10 every additional.  These birds will not be shipped tomorrow, they will be shipped the following week because there is not time this week due to Thanksgiving on Thursday.  If we do not receive shipping on these birds next week then we can only assume you do not want them returned. 
Huan Qiu Zhang
Spring Break Race
Ruybal Family Loft
L S U Loft
Adirondack Team
Fleet Washington
Bill & Luca
K C Loft
Black Oak Loft
Sparks Trio Syndicate
Shi Loft
K/N Loft (Is this the bird I am supposed to donate?  Please email.
Ganus Family Loft (Got a email Mike, please send shipping if you want the birds returned)
Great Wall
Nanez Family Lofts
G & L Loft
Igor & Sons Loft
Kwan Loft
Yang Family Racing
Dave Dudley/Ron Moden
Ceyx Loft
Sonder Loft
Shang N Dennis Yoh
Alan Porter
Hawaii Syndicate
ABC Loft2
Kim & Lena
Mefferd Clan Loft (Got the email, send shipping, ($70)
Drama Queen Loft
3 K's Loft
Thunder Birds/Rodriguez Breeding Loft
Jenkins Racing
Floridian Loft
Platt Flyers
Ojibwe Loft
Be patient on the prize money checks and entry fee refunds folks.  Olga has started work again, she is a tax preparer and we are in pre-tax season already.  Once we get these birds mailed out tomorrow we will start getting checks mailed out to the winners.  However, we are real slow on receiving W-9s from everyone, so if you owe us one then send us one before we can release your check. 
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!
Rick & Olga
PS:  Just a side note, we are up to 92% return rate on the final race. 

We worked on inputting the addresses of those we planned on shipping birds back to today last night and in to the early AM through the USPS Click N Ship site and when we went to pay before printing the site froze up on us.  This happened last year as well, very frustrating.  So we went down and talked to our postmaster who agreed to let us dump 40 boxes off on her, she even called in another clerk to accomodate us.  However, after spending time on the phone with the Click N Ship folks this morning, then prepping boxes and manually filling out 40 express labels, we came to the realization that there just was not enough time left in the day to get the birds boxed up and down to the post office and give them enough time to process each shipment before the express truck shows up in the afternoon.  Now that 90% of the work is done it is just a matter of putting the right birds in the right boxes and getting them to the post office, which we will do tomorrow.  

We are only shipping to those who won money on the final race this week, simple deduction of shipping from winnings.  Had we thought about it we would of also contacted those who won money on the 267 mile race, totally slipped our minds.  We will ship back the remainder next Monday, providing you have sent your return shipping fees which is $60 for the first bird, $10 each additional.  Some of you have already sent return shipping to our PO Box, we will mail yours out next Monday.   

Once we have the birds shipped out we will send out prize money minus shipping, providing we have a W-9 on you.  If we owe you a entry fee refund this check will be separate from the prize money check if you won prizes so you do not have to pay taxes on the refund portion.  

Thanks for everyone's patience.  


Rick & Olga 


Sorry this is late folks.  Had 1% left on my phone last night and it died right after I sent out a update and then same message via email.  Went in the house and put the phone on the charger, then took a shower and hit the sack.  Had not slept in two days. 

Enjoy the video.  Cut and paste in to your web browser.

Rick & Olga
Today was a great day for racing.  It was cold at release, cool at return, and most of the day it was fairly calm and sunny.  As of writing this we have 83% in the loft and we are certain more will come in tomorrow. 

Our average speed winners are the following:

1st.  Burge Family Loft 0134

2nd  David Trunell Lofts 8037

3rd   BTF 5652

4th   Fassio Loft 0920

5th   L&L Breeding Station 8251

If you won $600 or more print out a W-9 form and send it to us, you can click on the link at the bottom of our page.  If you won money in the past with us and nothing has changed then no need to send again. We prefer that you print out a form and mail it to us through the USPS, or email it to us.  Do not text a W-9 to us, send it in a instant message, just too hard to keep up with everyone. 

If you won money then we will deduct shipping from your winnings.  If you did not then it is $60 for the first bird, $10 per bird thereafter.  We must know in the next 7 days if you plan on having your birds returned or not by email only.   Once we receive payment for shipping from everyone wanting their birds returned we will pick out a day to ship.  As in previous years, we ship all of the birds out on the same day.  We print out the shipping labels Sunday evening, coordinate with our post office the week prior for pick up, then ship on a Monday.  If your birds are not claimed within 7 days of today then they become the property of the Apple Cup. 

We have big plans for next year folks with a different race format and a lot more prize money on the line.  Lets first get everyone paid, that goes for refunds we owe you as well for overpaid entry fees, birds mailed back, then we will unleash our plans for next year! 

Thanks everyone!

Rick & Olga



Birds are released at 7:00


Good Luck Everyone


The birds had their 39th training toss today from Goldendale, our favorite 60 mile station.  The birds came home together, a few decided to play around outside the loft.  We just did some quick calculating and it looks like your birds logged 1,919.3 miles in training this year, this does not include the actual races.  There are only a very few races who train like we do, but it looks like we logged in the most training miles this year of any races in North America.   

We boosted the corn today and will tomorrow before the birds are loaded on to the trailer and we head down to Alturas, CA.  We plan on getting down there before dark so the birds can get a good drink before going to sleep.  They will have water in front of them all night and of course in the morning as well. 

The birds are tentatively scheduled to be released at 0700 Thursday morning but if the sun is up before then we will release a bit earlier.  The days are getting shorter so we want to give your birds as much daylight as possible to make it home on the day.

If you plan on coming for lunch please let us know via email or text, lunch will be served at 1 PM.  The earliest birds could possibly arrive would be around 2 PM but that is 50 mph and we do not usually hit speeds like that on this course.  We are very busy today and tomorrow getting ready for the final and we don't have a lot of time to spend on the phone, hope you understand.  Please bring a comfortable chair.

Good luck to everyone on the final race!


Rick & Olga 



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