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Hey folks, our new boxes that were supposed to be mailed Monday were mailed today.  Hopefully we can get them in time to start mailing birds back early next week.  

If you owe us a W-9 for winning $600 or more please mail or email it, do not text or IM since we have no way of printing them.  

Checks will follow the mailing of the birds, hopefully next week.  

Please take a few moments to check out our payout for 2020.  


Rick & Olga 

$100,000 GUARANTEED 1ST PRIZE 2020

Click on the Payout tab to see the new payout for 2020.  Guaranteed $100,000 on the final race, first drop split, all other prizes by clocking order. 

We are not quite done with updating the rules, please be patient. 

We will start mailing birds back next Monday, providing our new boxes arrive. 

Send W-9 if you won $600 or more. 


Rick & Olga


Congratulations to all of those of you who took home the $$$ today.  The first two birds belonging to Jing X Zheng and Van Den Bossche Brothers were truly out front today, truly awesome.  I was pulling in to the yard when they arrived.  Olga held up two fingers while I was driving up the driveway, I thought it was the peace sign and a nice gesture since I had just completed about a 900 mile round trip but she was actually saying there were two birds on the landing board who had just landed.  I whistled to them and they quickly trapped.  

Congrats to the following breeders and their birds for winning the AVG speed prizes.  

RDM Syndicate 10917 AA

Chaquez Syndicate 0008 VL

David Clausing 0168 IF

Jenkins Racing 0714 JENK

Nemeth Family Loft 0513 NEME

It was a perfect day, sunny, calm, so I have no answer for returns other than maybe it was too cold?  Last year we got 71% of the birds within one hour and most on the day, two different years, two totally different outcomes.  Until we GPS each bird I am afraid that we may never know exactly what is going on out there once the door drops.

We will let the birds rest for a few days and will come out with a gameplan for mailing back birds shortly and will let all of you know. 

If you won over $600 please send us a completed W-9


Rick & Olga



Game plan was to have the last race next Tuesday, however strong head and side winds in the teens forcasted for Tuesday have made us rethink that plan.  The new plan is to have the final race next Wednesday where there will be variable light winds along the course and hopefully sunny skies as is currently forcasted. This is the plan for now, but with this unpredictable NW weather as winter is nearing it can change in a moment's notice like it did last race.  If you plan on coming please pay attention to updates and emails as the final race date can always change at the last minute if the weather changes.  

We trained yesterday and today.  The birds will loft fly tomorrow, train Monday, and basket Tue evening for a Wednesday race.  Again, this can change as we keep a watchful eye on the weather so pay attention before making final plans to attend the final.

Thursday we handled every single pigeon for a overall health and chip check, all passed with flying colors with clear throats and bright eyes.  Most have a complete wing, a very few are about 90% complete on the 8th flight but those were the younger birds sent.  The droppings are absolutely perfect.....we are optimistic about this final race!  

If you do plan on attending, please send us a text or email so we can get a idea on how much food to have on hand and bring a comfortable chair.  The birds will probably not be here until at least 2:30 PM so a good time to show up will be lets say 1:00 PM.


Rick & Olga



The 250 did not go exactly as planned to say the least.  On the drive down to the release point I could see stars the whole way, maybe a patchy cloud here and there, but a nice star filled sky with lots of illumination from the moon.  Before release I checked doppler radar and there were no storms or rain anywhere near the course.  The first half of the trip home which is right on the line of flight it was sunny with a few patchy clouds, the last half of the course was a high overcast with the sun ocassionally peaking through.  As I approached Satus Pass which is 45 miles from the loft my heart sank as there were heavy low lying clouds all along the ridgeline and over the pass, no rain the entire way home.  The first birds most likely found a break in the clouds and came directly home, the rest tried to fly around.  Usually when Satus Pass and that ridgeline is covered in clouds they will come out of the east, this time they came out of the south to south west, very unusual.  At the time of writing this we have 289/429 birds home, hopefully we break 300 for the final which should be in about one week, weather depending. 

Congratulations to Crechendo Loft of NM for having the first bird through the trap, also for placing 11th with only two birds shipped from this breeder to the 250.  Congratulations to the other breeders who placed in the top 20 birds who all won $500. 

The final race should be in the next 6-7 days, weather depending.  We can not peg down a specific day to hold the final because weather changes here in a instant, just like it did on this last race.  Please be patient and pay attention to Wincompanion to see when our next race will be held.  Any of you are more than welcome to attend the final, just let us know the day prior that you are attending so we can prepare enough to eat. 

I know I posted awhile back that we would be sending out entry fee refunds shortly, however we have fallen behind on that.  Instead of sending out refunds at this point being so close to the finals, we have decided to wait until after the finals to send out refunds.  This way if you do not win anything this year we can ship your birds back with the remainder of your refund after shipping is deducted.

Thanks everyone,


Rick & Olga 




Looking at the weather it appears to be overcast and rainy at our next race station with a break in the weather next Wednesday.  We will keep all of you up to date on if the next 250 M race will be earlier. 

In the meantime the birds will continue to be trained and on days they are not road trained they will loft fly.  This way they will stay sharp and when we do have a break in the weather they will be properly prepared. 


Rick & Olga


Hello again Apple Cup breeders!

Yesterday we had our second race for the series from La Pine, OR which is 210 miles.  It was a sunny day with light variable winds all along the course.  The winning bird from Arlen Team had a winning speed of 1288 YPM, so not terribly slow and not too fast, a good working race. 

A few stats on the race yesterday. 

74% within the first 30 minutes

86% within a hour

95% returned thus far. 

The birds were in shape and ready for the task.  We are looking for a decent weather day for the next race from Chiloquin, OR at 250 miles.  We would prefer to have the next race 7 days from yesterday, but at the current time the forecast is for rain and heavy overcast at the time in Chiloquin we should have the next race.  Forecast is showing for good weather a few days after the rainy weather passes so we may have to wait for the weather to change which means the next race may not be exactly 6 days from today.  We will keep everyone up to date as we get in to next week, possibly the weather will change down there in OR and we can have the next race 7 days from yesterday's race. 

We have a few of you who we owe entry fee refunds to, we have not forgotten you and please be patient. 

Thanks everyone for the pats on the back yesterday, sure feels rewarding when everything comes together.


Rick & Olga


Tomorrow we will have our second race from La Pine, OR at 210 miles, this is an AVG speed race only.  The birds trained well this week and are ready! 

Below is the much anticipated payout based upon 519 birds activated which is the same number that made it back from the Activation Race.  We will pay out 50 positions on the final 350, the first 20 positions on the 250, and the top 5 birds in AVG speed.  There are 75 Total Prizes!


350 M Final Race

1.  15,000

2.  13,000

3.  11,000

4.  9,000

5.  7,000

6.  6,000

7.  5,000

8.  4,000

9.  3,000

10.  2,000

11-50 1,000 EA


250 M

1st 20 birds 500.00 EA


AVG Speed

1.  5,000

2.  4,000

3.  3,000

4.  2,000

5.  1,000


All prizes are based upon clocking order. 

Good luck to everyone tomorrow and in the upcomming races!


Rick & Olga



As most of you know we had to briefly drop everything for a few days and head to Utah for the birth of our first grandchild.  Momma and baby were both being stubborn so the doc had to perform a C Section.  Everything came out great, no pun intended.  Now our daughter and son in law have their first child, a beautiful healthy little girl named Brooklyn, and Olga and I are beaming ear to ear being grandparents for the first time.  Thank you so much to all of you who sent your prayers and best wishes.  

We rolled back in to the pigeon farm at about 1 AM this morning.  Yours truly hardly got any sleep at all, finally drug myself out of bed at 6 AM and met my helpers out at the loft at 6:30 AM and started loading up birds for a toss this morning from Goldendale.  The weather was perfect today and the birds had very little trouble, at the time of writing this just a handful still out messing around.  

Game plan is to have the next race Thursday, as this appears to be the best day this week.  I will either train the next two days in a row giving the birds 3 tosses from 65 miles in a row, my favorite way to set birds up for a race by the way, or they will loft fly tomorrow, train Tuesday, rest and basket Wednesday evening right before dark.  Whether to train tomorrow or just loft fly solely depends upon the weather, so we shall see.  

Before we headed to UT we only had 5 individuals who still owed us entry fees.  We had intentions on depositing the rest of the checks Thursday but when we got the call that our daughter was going to be induced in to labor, which later turned in to a C Section, we decided the checks could wait until Monday.  So this afternoon we will drop by the post office and pick up any remaining checks, check Paypal again, and deposit all checks received tomorrow afternoon after I get done taking care of the birds, loft flying or another toss. 

It is a little early to talk about shipping, but might as well bring it up while it is on my mind.  Seems my brain works best when I am sleep deprived, must of been those 20 years of military training! 

As most of you know, shipping costs have nearly doubled.  Whereas the USPS used to charge us solely upon weight, now they are taking the dimensions of the box in to consideration.  I for example had to ship 16 birds to CA to a exporter for my friend Arnold Swain (Top long distance loft in the AU a few years back and several top placings mainly in long distance over the years) who recently moved to the Phillipines.  Arnold is now in a 50+ member club and a combine with I believe he said 500 just north of Manilla, dream come true for Arnold.  Anyway, on the scale it came up to about $150 for one of those 16 bird double decker shipping boxes, but when they measured it the price jumped to $325!  None of the boxes that were shipped to us this year with your birds meet the dimensional restrictions now imposed by the USPS so we will be purchasing the new boxes that do fall within dimensional guidlines from our friend Rex Urbany with the Sooner Challenge.  This means that shipping will go up about $10 per customer per box we have to use to ship your birds back and I believe the box will hold 4-5 birds comfortably.  If we need more than one box to return your birds after the race is completed, then it will be $10 more per box which will still be cheaper than sending all of your birds in a big box which does not meet the new restrictions.  This is a good thing because it means that all of you will get a brand new box.  I never liked using old boxes, some which look like they have been reused for 20 years, because there is always the chance of disease spread.  When we figure out how much shipping will be using these new boxes we will let all of you know and yes there will be a option via our Paypal link to pay for shipping right under our new option to pay for entry fees like many of you took advantage of, perch fee payments will be available for next year as well. 

Again, thanks to all of you who were understanding that we had to take Friday and Saturday off to attend to personal matters and thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 

Rick & Olga

"Proud Grandparents"


Our daughter was due today with the birth of her first child.  Complications have arisen so we are headed to UT to support her while they induce the labor, or perform a C section tomorrow.  We should be headed home Saturday and will resume training Sunday, weather permitting with the next race early next week.  

Keep our daughter Sasha and her husband Josh in your thoughts and prayers. 


Rick & Olga

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