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Ran another inventory today, 897 clocked.  If you read the previous updates you will know that there are 5 more which need to be assigned as we missed them when we gave booster shots a few weeks ago, this will take us up to 902. 

We removed 3 birds today, 2 due to irreversible injuries and 1 due to illness, owners notified. 

10th flights are in.  Will pull #9 this week and start short training mid August.  By time we get out to 20 miles the flights will be completely in before we progress to our normal training spots at 40 and 60 where most of our tosses occur.  The birds will have a few 70s, 85s, before they ever go to the activation race which is 112 miles. 

Hope everyone has a good week. 

Rick & Olga 
Just typed a long update and the internet made us loose everything, so here is a summation. 

We ran two inventories today, reason being we felt that we may of missed some birds on the first inventory.  896 this morning, 886 this evening.  Add to that the 5 birds who we still need to assign in Wincompanion which are listed in the update previous to this one, that gives us 901 birds.  Birds acted spooked this afternoon in the loft so we can only assume they were chased while out.  Hopefully the 10 birds who did not clock this afternoon will be sitting on the loft in the morning. 

Checked a few birds today and the 10th flight is coming in nicely which we pulled a month ago.  We will pull the 9th shortly and will not start road training until it is completely in. 

If you are missing a bird let us know so we can try to keep an eye out for it. 

Rick & Olga
We boosted the last group of about 150 birds a week ago and started to let them out a day later.  The last group has been out on their own each morning and once they trap in the older birds are let out to loft fly for a few hours before being called in.  If one of the younger birds gets sidetracked while out trying out it's wings away from the loft, they are most likely picked up by the flock.  As far as we can tell by checking everyone's bird lists, we have lost very few birds due to settling. 

When assigning chip bands to the birds we had a few birds in the last group which did not transfer from Tauris to Wincompanion for some reason.  Two days ago we caught all the birds whose chip rings were not showing up in Wincompanion and reassigned them in Tauris, then transferred these in to Wincompanion.  For some reason, probably our own mistake, the following birds while they are physically here, did not transfer from Tauris to Wincompanion again.  When we catch all the birds in about a week and pull flights, we will make sure we look for the following birds so we can assign them new chips.  Just bringing this up so when we run our next inventory in a few days the breeders will know that these birds are not missing, at least were not as of yesterday. 

Spring Break AA 22421
Mefferd Clan Lofts NPA 525
Mefferd Clan Lofts NPA 3611
Sparks Trio Syndicate RENO 19032
Sparks Trio Syndicate RENO 19060

The next bird I have no answer for.  It should of been in the last group of about 150 which I looked through yesterday and I found every bird whose chip ring was not assigned except this specific bird.  Only answer is that while feeding other sections this bird flew over our head and ended up in another section, or it was lost during settling.  Hopefully when we do a chip check and flight pull in about a week we will find this bird.

Billy & Dog PUEB 18225

So to summarize what I just put out. 

All birds have been boosted. 

All birds are flying together now. 

We will run a inventory in a few days, just want a few more days of them trapping quicker. 

Flights will be pulled in about a week and a chip check. 

We will start road training the first part of August, first race first part of Sept. 

A few of you owe perch fees.  If you know you owe perch fees please get them to us, we hate to have to bug you guys for money. 

It is extremely hot and dry here in the Yakima Valley and the birds appear to be in perfect health.  We have had very little health issues this year, lets hope it holds. 

Rick & Olga
VITA KING 2424 was sitting outside the loft last night, netted the bird and put it in with the youngest birds which will be settled in a few weeks.  This bird has been flying around for a few days so I decided it needed to feel more comfortable before being let out again, thus being put in with the youngest group. 

EASLEY 8872 finally came in, so KEN/ROLY you guys are back up to 20 for 20 birds!

Did a quick scan over for lost birds from those who sent 10 birds or more this year.  Most of these breeders still have all their birds, or are maybe missing one.  Many of their birds have been here from the beginning and like I said in other updates, the birds are really starting to fly and are out routing.  We don't have a major bird of prey issue but we do have large hawks out here in the desert.  I believe that some birds which are lost during settling, and believe me there are very few this year, are spooked off their first or second time out of the loft.  A few invariably will get wing injuries while out routing since there are so many birds in the air, or hit wires, these we hardly ever do discover.  As of today we are at about a 96% retention rate and 3% of that is losses due to sickness, so the other 1% must be from settling.  We will take that any day, any year!   

We will run another inventory shortly. 

Health still excellent, no sick birds observed in the loft and they look forward to flying each morning. 

Everyone spend some time with your families and have a great upcoming week!

Rick & Olga
Today's inventory included the birds who have been flying plus the new group which have been out for about 5 times now including today.  We were out of town yesterday and one of our loft managers must of really poured the feed to them because they were not too enthused about going back in the loft once out.  Part of that was it was breezy and about 80 F with lots of sun, guess they just decided to have fun playing in the sun and wind.  Once they all went in we let them sit for about a hour once they all had a drink, then let them out again after filling the feed trays and fresh grit in the grit containers just to make sure we were not missing any birds by keeping the clock running.  Our laptop acts as the clock and the lid accidentally closed, once closed I believe it stopped clocking birds once we hit 790/800.  All of the birds were in at this time with the exception of just a handful which may of got missed.  If you think you are missing a bird look for it on the next inventory which we will do again shortly.  We have about 150 more birds to settle which came in over the last few weeks then we will be all done settling birds.  Once we get all the birds settled we will post inventories more regularly leading up to the actual training.  Remember, we keep the birds in long enough for us to feel comfortable that they feel comfortable and we can give them their booster shots before being let out for the first time.  This gives us time to really keep a eye on new arrivals and to remove any unhealthy birds. 

Knock on wood, health is still great this year!  Due to health we have lost about 3%, then lost probably another 1% due to settling.  Of course we know if a bird is lost due to health, but once they are out flying anything can happen.  We are wide open out here but like anywhere in the developed world there are power lines and even though we have not seen any birds hit power lines around our house, we have spotted the birds routing over a mile away and when they are out checking things out anything can happen.  We have very few birds of prey out here but we do have a few larger hawks that while they can not catch them, they do like to chase them around when they are up high.  I believe that if we do have a bird come up missing it is mainly due to wing injuries when the birds break up in to more than one flock and when they come in contact with each other while away from the loft they do at times clash causing wing injuries.  We have had a few birds this year with wing injuries near the loft we spotted where some have recovered, some did not and the owner's were notified and in most cases were able to send replacements.  Obviously when the birds are out of sight of the loft anything can happen.  I mention this because invariably someone every year demands to know where there bird is because it did not show up on the most current inventory.  If the bird is not for example the only yellow in the loft, which we currently only have one of, and your bird is a blue bar or a blue check, well then there is really no need to call.  If your bird gets sick we will call you, if it gets lost we most likely will have no idea what happened. 

Remember, if your bird is lost BEFORE the first training toss, you will get a free perch the next year.

We are no longer accepting birds!  Most know this but we just received another call from a guy wanting us to take birds in 2 weeks, we have to draw the line at some point and the line was drawn on the 15th of June. 

Health is the most important thing in running a One Loft Race.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that the health continues to hold and that we can get most of the birds to the first race. 

Rick & Olga   
This is the last week to send.  Either mail out today or tomorrow, Friday is the cut off date. 

We boosted 214 birds a few days ago.  This is the remainder of the birds which we received prior to last week, and will receive this week.  We like to keep the birds in for a minimum of 3-4 weeks so we can boost them for PMV/Paratyphoid before letting them out for the first time and they being merged with the rest of their loft mates.  While vaccinating we did not find a single bird who was thin, weak, had wet eyes or didn't have a nice clear throat.  We are not done yet with accepting birds so we are not out of the water yet, but up to this point we are absolutely tickled pink with the health of your birds. 

We have only had 34 birds this year which have either got sick or injured.  Most of these have been replaced.  Not bad for nearly 950 pigeons thus far, hope it stays this way!

Shortly we will have all of the birds settled and trapping good.  This is a big celebration day here at the Apple Cup which we celebrate each day.  It means no more picking up birds at the post office, no more vaccinating, no more calling/emailing breeders to let them know their birds arrived.  This is the time where we can let all of the birds out of the loft and just watch them fly around and be pigeons, a little piece of heaven to us. 

I do want to apologize to those who sent birds this past week and we did not let you know your birds arrived.  We ALWAYS call or email letting you know your birds arrived.  This past week was very hectic for us with just many different things happening at once.  Our daughter got out of school for the summer, had basketball games which we had to travel to, just one thing after another.  For those who we did not notify, please look at your bird list to make sure we got your birds entered.  Again, we apologize for not informing you of the status of your birds. 

Significant events coming up:

1 July we will pull flights

First week of August we should start training. 

First week of September we should start racing.

350 M final race 13 October. 

Rick & Olga
6-3-2018 UPDATE
We are accepting replacements up to 15 June.  We had a few of you talk us in to accepting birds in June which are not replacements.  We have no problem with this, just keep in mind that we keep the birds in for 2-3 weeks before we let them out for the first time so that we can make sure that their health will be good and we have time to give them their booster shots.  This means that if you send birds up to 15 June, you just will not be able to send replacements past 15 June. 

Rick & Olga
Happy Memorial Day everyone, take a few minutes to reflect on what this day truly stands for. 

Three days ago we settled around 200 new birds.  We held off on posting a inventory until today because we like to have a few days of getting them to trap well before we start posting inventories.  Today was the third day and looks like most are there.  We have put a few birds in in the sick bay who are either under the weather or are recovering from wing injuries from clashes with other birds while out loft flying.  There are three birds who are being stubborn so we disconnected the clock and brought it inside where we could do some computer work and post updates, too hot out there today to wait around for a few stubborn birds as our laptop is the clock and we didn't want to wait around all day for a few stubborn birds who should already have the system down, next inventory will pick these birds up.  The first day out a big raven got a hold of one and ate most of it before we discovered this and we could not find the band.  So as far as we can tell we are only down a few birds.  Please take a few minutes to look over your birds and if you are missing one then please get a replacement to us before 15 June.  All birds have been settled with the exception of birds who have arrived over the last 3 weeks.  These will be settled soon and added to the inventory.  Oh, all birds who we settled 3 days ago were boosted for PMV/Paratyphoid and had a throat inspection, all had clear throats and had good weight and condition on them.

Since today is Memorial Day and the USPS is closed, you will only be able to ship tomorrow which is Tue the 29th of May. 

Thanks everyone,

Rick & Olga

ACCEPTING BIRDS COMING TO A END. We are only accepting birds through the end of this month so if you plan on mailing then mail out tomorrow or the next day, or next Monday or Tuesday.  That is the 21st and 22nd, or the 28th and the 29th. 

Do not ship after Tuesday, someone shipped on Wednesday and we got them Monday. 

There are over 150 breeders with birds here and more sending over the next two weeks.  Currently we have over 800 birds in the loft and expect a bunch the next two weeks.....we may reach our goal of 1,000 yet!

This puts us only behind the Hoosier Classic and the CA Classic in total birds entered.  Do not miss out on entering the Apple Cup, one of the largest One Loft Races in the US for 2018. 

If you were owed free perches from last year they are ONLY redeemable this year. 

Shipping address is always the same:

Apple Cup
PO Box 313
Moxee, WA 98936


If you have any questions whatsoever please let us know. 

Rick & Olga
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