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IT IS COLD.............. High Desert Breeders,

Cold weather has decided to come early this year. The past couple of weeks we have had several storms pass through and snow on the ground a few mornings. Lows have been in the teens with highs in the low to mid-thirties. 

Overall the birds have been doing well and have adjusted to the cold. Appetites have increased greatly with the lower temperatures. We are in the process of winterizing the lofts. 

Air time for the birds is starting to increase. Birds are flying from minutes to 30+ minutes. As long as the temperatures stay in the mid 30's and above we can continue to loft fly. If temperatures are colder we have noticed over the years that wing injuries are much more prominent. 

Hope you all enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends. Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
LOFT UPDATE High Desert Breeders,

We have had a great Fall so far in the high desert. Lots of sunshine and t-shirt weather. The weather looks to be getting colder this next week. We are usually able to get the birds out on a regular basis until Mid December when we shut them down for the winter. We will see how this year shakes out. 

Birds are through the heavy body molt and now mainly working on their primary flights. Birds are healthy and enjoying getting outside.

The birds are in one group now. We chipped the last of the birds last week. If your bird is marked missing on 10/11, it was not here. We had a lot of older birds in that final group and we were very happy with the minimal fly-off rates. 

We are getting close to kicking all the birds out and getting you a current inventory of all the birds. Been extra patient this year getting everything settled and ready to start being pushed for loft flying. 

Hope you all enjoy your Fall Festivities. Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
Afternoon Breeders,

We are entering the chilly fall mornings here in the high desert. Birds are doing well. Appetites will be increasing greatly as the temperatures start to drop.

The main group is through the main body molt and just working on the primaries. The last group we are settling is still body molting very heavily. We are getting close to mixing all the birds. 

The plan is to continue to have open loft for several weeks once the birds are mixed. Then after that, we will start to push all the birds out of the loft and make them fly. At that point, we will post weekly loft inventories. 

This stage of the game is a slow process but getting them all on the same page before we start pushing them we feel is important. Thanks for your patience. 

Hope you all enjoy some fall festivities. 

Kenny and Corey
UPDATE Breeders,

Birds are doing well and are enjoying some cooler weather now that Fall weather is arriving. Most of the birds are in a heavy body molt right now. 

Due to unhealthy levels of smoke in the valley, birds were locked up for just over a week. The smoke cleared a few days ago and the birds are continuing to be let out on a daily basis. The smoke this year has been very limited compared to years past. So we are very thankful for that.

We are still working on settling the last group. Once we feel comfortable with their abilities to go in and out of the loft we will mix them with the main group. Then we can start working on getting the whole group into shape. As a reminder once all the birds are outside we will start doing weekly loft fly inventories. 

Best of luck in the upcoming young bird races. 

Kenny and Corey
INVENTORY UPDATE Good Afternoon Breeders,

Another hot week here at the High Desert. We should start to see cooling weather after this. Overall the birds have handled the heat very well this year. 

We posted a Hand Inventory of your birds yesterday on Wincompanion. It does not include all the birds we received. The first hundred birds in the clock, is the group we are currently working on settling. We still have about 70 birds that are not on that inventory list as they are being trapped trained in preparation to being settled. If your birds are not on that list and not marked as lost, they are still in the loft. We do have a few birds that ended up lagging behind from when they were received. We either held them longer in quarantine based on how they were looking or based on their age they stayed in the trap training section longer. All that to say if you have a bird that isn't on the list and should be, go check your breeders list. If its marked lost, it was not in the loft yesterday. If it is marked as eligible and wasn't on the Inventory list, it is still in the loft. 

Once we get the last group settled we will post another Hand Inventory of all the birds in the loft. When all the birds are together and being forced out we will start posting weekly loft flies for you. The goal is by the beginning of October to have one main group and start working on getting them into condition. The main group is given the option of going outside on all days that allow for it. The main groups health is the best we have seen in years. Hopefully that continues with the heat hopefully subsiding soon. 

Until the next update. Take care and thanks again for another year!

Kenny and Corey
CLOSED FOR 2023 High Desert Breeders,

Thanks to all who have sent for the 2023 Yearling Series! We are finished accepting birds and are looking forward to another year. Those who have sent year after year, thank you for letting us continue to test your birds. Those of you who are are new, good luck, and thanks for giving us a shot with your birds. 

We will be going through the birds received in July this week and see who isn't here. At this point all the birds going outside it has been free choice. So there is no point to run the clock as many don't go across the pad. We open the top hatch and birds are free to go outside if they want. Once all birds are settled then we will start to loft fly the birds. But that is a ways out. Have to finish getting the August birds quarantined, trap trained, and then settled. Once all birds are settled we will do weekly inventories until the snow flies. 

Overall the birds are doing well. The excessive heat makes it really difficult on some birds. '

Good luck to all that Club Race and have entered Young Bird OLR's. It is an exciting time of year. 

Kenny and Corey
3 MORE WEEKS............ Hello Fanciers,

We will be taking birds for three more weeks. Replacements and new birds. Last day to ship here will be August 17th, which is a Wednesday. 

This next week we will have a little break from the hot weather. We will also work on settling birds from the first two weeks of July. 

Overall birds are doing well. The main group is given the option to go out daily. 

Thanks to all who have sent so far. Until next time.

Kenny and Corey

We have done an inventory on birds that are outside and were received from 5/1 - 6/18. Birds that are missing are now marked as lost on Wincompanion.  If you have sent during that time frame please go look at your birds on Wincompanion. We will be taking in birds for another month. 


Kenny and Corey

We have been nice and warm the last couple of weeks. Overall the birds have handled it well. During transport in these hot days throw in some quartered oranges or any other fruit that can benefit the birds. We will take in Replacements and New Birds until the Middle of August and then we will be closed for 2023. As a reminder, as a handler we earn all of our money in the Perch Fees. We are one of the few OLR's that continue to pay out 100% of the entry fee money. Thanks to all that have sent. 

All birds received May 1st - June 18th have been chipped and are settled to the loft. Was going to mark the birds that have been lost on Wincompanion today but had an issue with the internet on the designated One Loft Computer. Will get that figured out this week and I will send out an email once the lost birds are marked. That way you have some time to send replacements if you would like. 

This week we will be settling birds received from 6/20 - 7/2. 

Think that is all for now. Enjoy the heat!

Kenny and Corey
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