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1ST OF OCTOBER UPDATE Good Afternoon Breeders,

Your birds are doing quite well and have been enjoying getting back in the air. Over the last month, we have had two weeks with pretty heavy smoke in our valley. During that time we have played it very conservatively and we kept the birds locked up. We have the luxury of time and we see no point in putting the birds out with all the negative side effects smoke can have. The valley has been clear since last Friday which has been a nice change. Hoping to have some nice weather over the next month or so to get some good wing time on the birds before winter sets in. 

Best of luck in your OLR's and club races for the Fall! 

Kenny and Corey
MID-SEPTEMBER UPDATE High Desert Breeders,

If you received an email from the account please disregard. The account was hacked.

Your birds are doing well. The smoke has made it difficult to get them out lately. Birds have been locked down for the past 5 days. We are working on getting the last group settled. Getting closer to some serious loft flying

Hope you are all staying safe as fires rage in the west and hurricanes ravage the south. 
Kenny and Corey
SMOKE UPDATE Hello Breeders,

Quick update on the smoke in our valley. We were smoked in from 8/20 - 8/25. Birds were locked down during that time. Smoke was so dense in the valley that visibility had been at most a couple of miles. The hills to the south that are 5 miles away you weren't able to see until 8/26. A thunderstorm came through brought some rain and cleared up the skies a bit. The skies are continuing to clear up.

Birds have been back out the last couple of days enjoying the skies. They were given a bath today and overall doing really well. The birds are starting to body molt pretty heavily now. Best of luck in the upcoming Young Bird OLR you are in. 

Kenny and Corey
MID AUGUST UPDATE Good Evening Breeders,

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Overall birds continue to do well. Older ones are flying great in the mornings and we are settling the younger ones in the afternoon. Birds received from 7/8 -  7/17 are now chipped. If you shipped during that time you can see if you bird was settled or lost on Wincompanion. Birds received 7/22 - 8/1 are now being settled. The only birds left to settle are from the last two weeks. Once all birds are settled we will start loft flying with the hopes of getting some tosses in this Fall.

We currently have the settled birds in two groups. We are alternating days which they go out. We will do an inventory on Wincompanion in the next week or so of the settled birds. 

We are done accepting birds for the 2021 series. Thank you to all who have sent birds. We are looking forward to putting your birds to the High Desert Test in the spring. 

Kenny and Corey

Quick update on your birds. They have gotten to enjoy a little wing time and baths today. The oldest group is flying quite nicely around the loft. Birds received from June 24th-July 3rd have been out about a dozen times now. We chipped them last night. Those birds that were missing during chipping are now marked as lost in Wincompanion. If your bird was sent during that time frame you can check to see if you are missing any. Perhaps a few will show back up. All birds received July 3rd and before are now chipped. Birds received from July 8th - July 17th are now being settled to the loft. Once those have been out a couple of weeks we will get those chipped as well. The oldest group is flown in the morning and once they trap the birds being settled to the loft are let out in the hot afternoons. The health of the birds overall continues to be the best we have had in quite some time. 

Reminder: we are taking new birds and replacements until August 15th which is next week.  If you would like to send or replace birds please get them here by next week.

Looking forward to getting all these birds in the air.  Thank you to all who have sent. 

Kenny and Corey
END OF JULY UPDATE Hello Breeders,

Hope everyone is finding a way to enjoy their summer. Your birds are doing well. The heat has stayed the last couple weeks but your birds for the most part have been able to handle it. The oldest groups are ripping around the loft real nice. 

Summer is rapidly coming to an end. If you would like to send, get your birds here by August 15th. When we receive birds we are able to quarantine them in smaller pens for 7-10 days. These pens have been really nice to keep an extra close eye on the incoming birds. While there all birds are vaccinated for PMV, Parathyphoid, given a canker tablet, wormed with Moxidectin Plus, and then dipped in permethrin before entering the race loft. That process we break up in 3 days. Once in the racing loft the birds are given Primalac and Ropa B often in the drinkers. Birds are also given baths weekly. 

All birds received June 22nd and before are now chipped and those that were lost are marked as lost in Wincompanion. You can go into Wincompanion and see if you have lost any birds to settling. Again this only applies to birds received June 22nd and before. If you would like to send replacements get them here by August 15th. Any questions please contact us.

During the settling process, there are some red tails that spook the birds from time to time and we did have a crop dust plane buzz right over the loft and scatter a group of birds that had only been out a time or two. The oldest group is kitting well and flying lots. We fly the homed in birds in the morning and once they are trapped, we let out the group we are working on settling. Birds received from June 23rd - July 3rd will begin the settling process this week. Once those are settled we will get them chipped and you will be able to see if you lost any birds in the process. 

Thank you all for your continued support. We enjoy the challenge of keeping the birds healthy and trying to get them to perform. Those who club race, good luck in your upcoming season! We are excited for young bird season as our club continues to grow slowly but surely.

Kenny and Corey
MID JULY UPDATE Good Afternoon,

Hope everyone was able to enjoy their 4th of July Festivities. We have archived the 2020 season on Wincompanion. All birds that have been received for 2021 are now in Wincompanion. That will be updated every week now. 

Overall birds are doing very well. So far it is the best year we have had health-wise in many many years. But that can always change in an instant with a OLR. 3 have been lost to health-related issues, all brought on by what I believe to be shipping stress. 

All birds that have been received June 13th and before are out flying. Birds received between June 15th-20th will be going out this coming week. We will try and get a live inventory up with all the birds that are out and about in the next week or so. That way if you lost one during the settling process you have a chance to get a replacement in. 

Thanks for letting us fly your birds!

Kenny and Corey
2020 WRAP-UP AND START OF 2021 Thank you to all the breeders who let us fly and test your birds this past season. The 2020 season is pretty much in the books. We have gotten all but a handful of the checks mailed out last Thursday and Friday. We will get the rest out this week. There are only a couple birds left from the 2020 season and that is it. 

The last few weeks have been busy. Between shipping out birds, checks, new birds, and getting the lofts cleaned up and ready for this next season. We have currently received 230 birds for the next season. Overall the bird's health has done really well. All birds that were received before June 1st have been out of the loft and flying. The oldest group is flying lots around the loft. The group received the 1st week of June will be going out later this week.

We will be archiving the 2020 season in Wincompanion in the next week or so. Once that is done we will start adding the birds for 2021 into Wincompanion. Thank you all for your continued support. 

Kenny and Corey
380 MILE UPDATE Congratulations to Gardocky Team for having the first bird by almost 2.5 hrs. JEDDS-4664 meant business coming home. Also, congratulations to Warbird Loft, L & L, and Mile High for having 2nd-4th place. Those three came in together. And congratulations to Transilvania Loft for having the last day bird. Warbird's 2nd place bird, FOYS-31200, is also the winner of average speed. The day birds were flat tuckered out when they arrived.

That race ending up being a much tougher race than expected. Based on how few came in the morning/early afternoon on the second day, perhaps they took a wrong turn down some mountain ranges, perhaps the winds blew them off course. Something broke them up real good. The heat also played a factor. It wasn't really hot but not a lot of cloud cover on race day and that sun was pretty intense. The weather has been really mild for previous race days. (Birds are given water before released). 

The course was really calm until around noon-one o' clock Around the 200-mile station it became gusty and blew the truck around a little bit. Winds were a Southwest at ground level. Racing after a storm the pressure systems the birds had to encounter could have played a role in how scattered the birds were. 

I am very impressed with how many 3rd day birds you breeders had come home. 39 came home, granted there are still a lot of birds still out there but to have that many able to make it back shows you something. 

Thank you all for letting us fly and test your birds. That last race can really be a challenge. Thank you for your support. That wraps up our tenth year of running this race. And each year comes with new surprises. 

Please let us know if you would like your birds back by this week. A few people have already gotten ahold of us. You can call, text, or email. Whichever you prefer. We plan on shipping out birds on June 8th and 9th. Also if you made over $600 please get us a W-9 form. Those can be found on our website under the forms tab. You can email a filled out form, no need to mail it. 

Kenny and Corey

Birds went up at 7 am. Very calm and clear conditions. It looks like a very nice day for a race. The first 150 miles so far looks like fantastic racing weather. Good luck to all!

Payouts are up to date on our website. Click here if you would like to see it. 

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