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Wonderful Spring weather is upon us. One day is fantastic and the next it's winter again. Tuesday and Wednesday the birds will be staying in due to high winds and possible snow/rain Wednesday. Hopefully, the weather is nice enough to get them back out Thursday. 

Friday's 2nd 5-mile toss the weather was fantastic. Little to no wind. Groups took off nicely. No excuses for the birds as to why they didn't make it home since the first 5-mile toss they essentially all made it home.

Sunday's toss from 10 miles, there were higher than expected winds that lasted most of the day. Birds were kicked out in groups of about 100, with west winds of about 10-15 mph. The loft is directly North of the release point. The wind was originally forecasted to slow down and pretty much be nonexistent shortly after they were released. But it only picked up and was 15-20 mph west for the whole morning and into the early afternoon. All groups took off nicely but headed more east because of the winds. Back at the loft, the birds came in from the east. Most groups looked like they all came back together but one group. All things considered, the birds did very well. 

The toss today, the birds did great and were pretty much all back once we arrived back at the loft. The 10-mile toss is a great location as it puts us on top of the hills that lay directly to the south of us. We will try and get several tosses in from this area as it gives them a great outlook of the valley. 
Kenny and Corey

ROAD TRAINING UPDATE Gusty winds at the loft today, some reaching around 40mph. Birds will be staying in today. Tomorrow birds will be going 5 miles. Saturday looks like a crumby windy day again. Birds will probably be staying in then too. But after that next week is looking really nice. Should be able to have them down the road pretty much every day. 

Our goal is to have the activation race the first week or two of May. Depending on where the birds are at. 

ROAD TRAINING BEGINS Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Gusty winds at the loft today. Birds stayed in yesterday and today because of the weather. The weekend was in the 70's and then Monday we were getting some snow. Overall the weather is looking pretty good in the coming days. Every day it's nice enough the birds will be going down the road. 

The first two tosses the birds did well. They grouped up and took off nicely. The biggest thing is getting the birds used to coming out of the trailer.  A few barn sitters weren't too sure what to do when their normal place wasn't there. One of the neighbors has a big indoor arena that some birds like to go sit on. When the birds made it home they loft flew, some longer than others. 

The next toss will be 5 miles. Depending on how the birds take off and come home will determine how long we stay at each spot. They are looking really sharp and healthy. Should be a fun group to train and race. Thanks for letting us test your birds. 

Kenny and Corey

Cold snowy morning at the loft. Weather the past few days and for the next couple is cold, windy and some snow projected. But after that, the weather is looking better. 

Birds are looking good and all are flying 20+ minutes around the loft. A good group is flying an hour plus around the loft. Once the birds are looking good and ready we will start road training in the next few weeks. The goal is to have the activation race in the first week or two of May. 

Kenny and Corey
Good Afternoon,

Another cold day with snow on the ground. But it looks like the weather could be getting better in the next week? Hopefully, the forecast stays that way. If that is the case we will start getting the birds back outside. February was more like January this year. Based on the past, once we shut down the birds for winter it has been best to keep them shut down until the weather clears up consistently.  Too high of a percentage get wing injuries during the winter months if we try to sneak them out on the few nice days we have each month. 

An inventory was completed a couple of weeks ago and posted on Wincompanion. Looking forward to getting the birds outside again. Overall they are looking really good. Any questions let us know. 

Kenny and Corey
Foggy cold morning at the loft today. Forcast over the next 10 days includes several snowstorms/rain depending on temperatures and some windy days as well. At some point, the weather will be consistently better and we will start to get the birds out again. Hopefully sooner than later.

Your birds are staying fat and happy enjoying their off time. All the best, as I am sure many are getting ready to start sending out birds for the upcoming season. 

Kenny and Corey
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Holiday season. All the best for your matings in the upcoming breeding season.

Cloudy and breezy at the loft today. We have shut down the birds for the month of January due to the weather. Sometime in February, we will hopefully start to get them out again. In the next few weeks, we will do a hand inventory checking bands and worming the birds. Other than that not much to report. Your birds are enjoying the cold by staying fat and happy. 

Kenny and Corey

Hope everyone was able to enjoy their Thanksgiving week. It is a beautiful 19-degree morning here at the loft. We have been cold with several snowstorms in the last 3 weeks. Winter decided to come a bit earlier this year. 

Birds are doing well and handling the change in the weather very well. The lofts are ready to go for winter. We cleaned out underneath the lofts and sealed up the bottom to stop cold drafts coming in for the winter months. The last week has been chilly but lots of nice sunny days to get the birds out. Birds flew yesterday for 30 minutes plus. 

Our local club is putting on a show next Saturday in Jackpot, NV. Information and a live auction can be found here. A few people were very generous and donated some birds and some One Lofts were very generous and donated a free perch or two to help out our club. 

Any questions please ask and enjoy your holiday season!

Kenny and Corey

Hope you all have been enjoying your Fall and the other OLR's you are entered in. Best of luck in those.

Your birds are looking good and healthy. Birds are now in one group. We are working on getting them into shape. All birds are being forced off the loft. 98% fly really well. The bottom tier birds are flying 15-20 minutes. While the upper tier is flying an hour plus. Lots of groups are going out and tripping. Birds are out every day we have nice weather. It is nice to have the smoke finally out of here!

We have gotten a few loft flying postings on Wincompanion. We will try and put one Wincompanion posting up each week, as long as the birds continue to get out, so you can see what you have here. We still need to do a band check to make sure they are all correct. We will worm the birds again with Moxidectin Plus when we check their bands. 

Typically November is still good enough weather to keep the birds going in the air before we have to shut down because of snow. Any questions please ask. 

Kenny and Corey
1ST OF OCTOBER UPDATE Good Afternoon Breeders,

Your birds are doing quite well and have been enjoying getting back in the air. Over the last month, we have had two weeks with pretty heavy smoke in our valley. During that time we have played it very conservatively and we kept the birds locked up. We have the luxury of time and we see no point in putting the birds out with all the negative side effects smoke can have. The valley has been clear since last Friday which has been a nice change. Hoping to have some nice weather over the next month or so to get some good wing time on the birds before winter sets in. 

Best of luck in your OLR's and club races for the Fall! 

Kenny and Corey
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