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HAND INVENTORY High Desert Breeders,

Flying, the molt, and the health of the birds is progressing nicely. 90% of the birds are flying 30 minutes plus. Most are grouping up nicely. More and more groups will be routing in the next few weeks. Birds are looking good after their body molt. They are continuing to work on their primaries. Overall birds are nice and healthy. 

We have posted a hand inventory of the 2-year-olds. We will also be doing a hand inventory of all the 2023 birds under the same inventory. That will be completed in the next day or so. 

Other than that things are going well. Enjoying getting the birds in the air. 

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
INVENTORY High Desert Breeders,

We posted an inventory on Wincompanion, on 9/21 of all the 2023 Birds. We will complete a hand scan in the next month and might find a few that did not scan. But that list should be 99% accurate of what birds are in the loft. 

Birds are looking good. Old group is flying well. New group, slow and steady wins the race with settling. But we are making progress each day. Looking forward to getting all the birds up in the air and routing. 

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
SETTLING High Desert Breeders,

Thanks for your patience as we work on getting the late arrivals outside and settled. This Sunday we will start letting out the last group for the first time. By the first part of October we will start kicking all the birds out of the loft and will get an inventory posted on Wincompanion. Sometime in Mid October we will start forcing all the birds to loft fly. 

The first group is really starting to fly well and grouping up. With the cooler weather the birds are doing well. Health is looking good for the vast majority now. Appetites are starting to increase. Hoping for a long lasting Fall to get these birds lots of air time. 

Until the next update. Thanks.

Kenny and Corey
CLOSED FOR 2024 High Desert Breeders,

Thank you all for another year of sending us birds. We appreciate the support and look forward to putting them to the test. 

Plan for the next month is to get everything settled and outside. Once we have pushed them all out then we will start running inventories again. Our goal is to have all the birds out by the 1st part of October and by mid October will start pushing them to loft fly. We are working on getting the late arrivals settled. Some need more time as we received some older birds.

The older groups are flying well and enjoying the outdoors. Health has been fair. For us, August arrivals have always been the hardest to keep healthy. Many factors aide to that, heat being the biggest factor. 

Best of luck to all who club race and have birds entered into OLRaces.

Until the next update.

Kenny and Corey

We have decided to extend the deadline an extra week because of the heat wave we are having. If you wanted to ship this week please look at your forecast and plan accordingly. Next week we will be 20 degrees cooler in our area. Birds will be accepted until 8/26. Any questions please let us know. 

Birds are doing well. Working on settling, trap training and trying to keep them healthy through the heat. 

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
TWO WEEKS LEFT Good Evening Breeders,

We are accepting new and replacement birds for two more weeks. August 19th is our goal for ending intake. Please look at inventories to check your teams. All 2023 birds but this last weeks were in the latest inventory. 

We are working on settling a big group from the past couple of weeks. Might be a little slower on running another inventory as our loft is starting to fill up and not every section has a sensor where we trap train. Our goal has been to get you an inventory about once a week. Might be a few weeks before the next one. 

The 2022 birds are looking great. We will run an inventory with them at some point. All 2022 birds are all still here.  

Looking forward to getting all the birds here, settled and buzzing around the loft. 

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
INTAKE UPDATE Summer time heat is here. Always adds an extra layer of complexity as we bring in 2023 birds. Overall the 2023 birds have handled the heat very well. We are sitting at about 387 birds for next year. Reminder that we have both yearlings and 2-year-olds listed on Wincompanion. Whatever the total is subtract 110 and that will give you the number of 2023 birds. 

We will post another inventory here in a couple of days of all the birds except this weeks. We will be taking in birds until Mid August. New and replacements. 

Until the next update. Thanks

Kenny and Corey
GOOD MORNING BREEDERS Your birds have been enjoying warmer weather. All birds except the last two weeks have been venturing outside now. We did get a loft fly inventory of those birds up the other day on Wincompanion. The cooler weather has made the first two months of taking in birds very easy. Health has stayed great. We have about 260 youngsters in the loft now. 

We are taking in birds for about another month. Also remember 4th of July is Tuesday. The only day you can ship birds this week is Wednesday. 

I think that is all for now. Happy Independence Day! 

Kenny and Corey

Thanks again for letting us fly your birds this past season! We were able to fly some excellent racers. 2023 is in the books and we are looking forward to another year. 

Wincompanion is up to date with all birds currently in the loft. If you see a mistake on a bird number let me know. Or  we will find it in the next few days as we start to assign ebands. Going to be yearlings and 2 year olds will all be housed in the same Wincompanion page. Or whatever  you would like to call it. Yearlings and 2 year olds will be separated by Team 1 and Team 2 designations. So if you have both ages, go over to the Team column and the going to be yearlings will have Team 1 and the 2 year olds will have Team 2 in the same column. In the coming weeks we will start running some inventories and get the kinks worked out for having Wincompanion filter the 2022 and 2023 birds correctly. 

We currently have 161 youngsters in the loft. Birds who have been here for at least two weeks are going out on every possible day. The youngsters are doing great.

We do have eight yearling birds for sale, for the 2 year old series. Those can be found on under our Breeder name, High Desert Yearling Classic. Reach out if you would like to add one to your team. We currently have 101 birds for the 2 year old series. 

Some food for thought. We normally have about a 50/50 split of the sexes but some years it leans more towards the cocks. A lot of people assume that yearling cocks are better flyers and depending on the handler they can be. In the past 3 years the average speed bird winner has been a hen. This year 5 of the top 6 for average speed were hens. 2 of the 3 on the drop on the final were hens. 

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey

Happy Friday to all. Birds were shipped out Monday. 34/35 boxes made it to their destinations on Wednesday. The other box was delivered first thing Thursday morning. We used Pirate Ship this year and saved everyone approximately $5 - $20 for every box that was shipped. 

All checks went out yesterday. So those should be getting to most of you early next week. Or perhaps Saturday if you are lucky enough. 

For the 2 year old series we have 100 birds participating so far. The following 8 birds are for sale: 

For Sale Birds
2267-AU22-FARRGriz H
22831-AU22-RMRBC SP C
22834-AU22-RMRBB H
22819-AU22-RMRBB C
22823-AU22-RMRBB C
2230-AU22-KFLYBB C
99885-AU22-ARPUBB H

You pay $100 and the bird is yours. Please email or text 208-420-4085 before you pay. So I can confirm the bird isn't sold. I will send out an updated list once they start selling. 

We are working on getting the logistics figured out for how to run two races simultaneously on Wincompanion. The yearlings will be released first, followed by the 2 year old's. Just like a club race. Should have that figured out next week. We are holding off on clearing out the 2023 data on Wincompanion until we have that piece figured out. We ended up with more birds than expected. Thank you for participating. 

We currently have 99 birds in for next years yearling race. We are taking birds until the 1st of  August. The weather is looking to stay cool for the next bit around these parts. 

Hoping next week we can get all the birds for next years races entered into Wincompanion for you. Thanks for your patience. 

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
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