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Good Afternoon,

Congratulations to TBBL  of Houston TX for having the first through the trap! We pulled into the driveway just after the first group was trapped. The last 75 miles ended up having lots of cloud cover and lots of showers throughout. Originally it was just forecasted to be mostly cloudy. The birds choose many different routes through the many rain storms back to the loft. Some groups were flying very high in elevation, they were dropping out of the clouds down to the loft. Others from the East, West, and some groups overshot and came out of the North. 

We are planning on running the 300-mile race next weekend. In between then we will try and get the birds down the road once or twice. 

We will have payouts for the 300 figured out by the end of the week. 30% of the prize money goes towards the 300-mile race. 20% towards average speed (top 6 birds). 50% for the final. 

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
RACE UNDERWAY Good morning,

Birds up at 7:30 am. First 100 miles calm and mostly clear skies. The final 100 miles will have more cloud cover.  

First 20 through the trap win $100.

Best of luck!

Kenny and Corey
200 MILE RACE PLANS Plans for the week. We will load up the birds again tonight and plan on doing another 50-mile toss tomorrow. This toss will be weather dependent, some storms are coming through. 

Looking like we can maybe get the 200-mile race in Sunday or Monday. Friday and Saturday storms are passing through the race course. 

Thank you to those who have paid entry fees already. If you haven't, please get those in. If your bird gets lost on one of these tosses you will be refunded your $200. 

We have started to receive birds for next year's race. Don't forget about the new addition of the 2-year-old series as well. Any bird from this year can compete in it next year. We have had many breeders show interest.

That is all for now. Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
RACE UPDATE High Desert  Breeders,

Well that was a highly disappointing race for us. Worst 125 Mile Race for Club and One Loft in our history. Once the birds are right and zooming home, which the birds were doing, usually we have stellar returns from that release point.

Based upon the terrible first day, second day, and direction of the returns. Our best guess is the birds followed the incorrect mountain range which put them way to the west. And based upon the results, a lot of birds got themselves into trouble. Birds are released between two mountain ranges and about 30 miles into flying they come to an open valley and that is where we would suppose the incorrect decision was made. Saturday morning birds came home in small groups all out of the west. Except for the first 7 birds, which came from the East. Half cup full, those that made it back put some valuable information into their wealth of knowledge. And those that didn't make it back saved you some money. 

Also yesterday and today were the hottest days we have had all year. High of 82 yesterday and 87 today. The birds have been flying in much cooler weather. Had things gone to plan, which they never do with pigeon racing, most would have been home before it had heated up that much. 

Anyways, looking past the disappointment, we are planning on doing the 200 mile race Saturday, weather dependent. Those that are late will get the rest and feed that are needed in order to compete. 

On a good note,  we tested out a 360 mile release point yesterday with our own birds. This years final will be 360 miles. It gets the birds higher in elevation and away from water with lots of birds of prey. And we had very good returns. Still a good hard working race but the birds came home on the day and second day like they should.

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
BIRDS UP Good Morning,

Birds went up at 7 am. Clear skies, 35 degrees, light winds out of the west (shoulder). Birds took off for home very well.

When your team makes it home. Activation is $200 a bird. 100% payout.

Please use:

1) Zelle - 208-420-4085 (Please put your loft name or breeder name on the payment) NO FEES. Most banks have the option for you to set it up on their website. 

2) Good old fashion check and snail mail.

Best of luck today! 

Kenny and Corey

TRAINING UPDATE High Desert Breeders,

Beautiful morning today in Southern Idaho. Your birds did well from the 75-mile location today. There were about 100 that went a little too far east and then worked their way back to the loft. We are happy with how the birds are coming along. 

Looking at the weather and where we are at. We are going to do another 75-mile toss tomorrow. Then have the 125-mile activation race on Saturday. Looks like the best day to have the birds on the wing for about 2.5 hours. Sunday through most of next week it is projected to have tailwinds throughout the course. We will hand-scan all the birds on Thursday. Thursday is projected to have high winds. If plans change we will keep you updated.

Also, we start taking in birds next week for next year's race. Lastly, don't forget next year we will have the two-year-old series as well. 

Until the next update.

Kenny and Corey

Hens came in together from the 40 mile station. The third release from this location. Cocks decided to go east and cruise by the loft. They are coming home from the East and North East mainly. Birds coming in now aren't looking too tired. Unfortunately the winds have continued to pick from the west (around 20 mph now). So depending on the direction birds are coming from, they have a nice head wind. They have been out enough that they should be able to navigate back but not all birds are created equal. Looking at the cup half full, those that make it back have gained very valuable experience from their journey today. 

Bad weather tomorrow. Looking to go back down the road Saturday. 

Until the next update.

Kenny and Corey
GOOD AFTERNOON High Desert Breeders,

In the past week, your birds have progressed very nicely. Most birds' navigational beacons have turned on. 

No training tomorrow as we have bad weather.

In the next two weeks, we plan on doing many 40 miles tosses. Then we will jump them out to 75 miles for a couple of tosses before we have the activation race.

At this time we are looking at some time in the first week of May to have the Activation Race.

Thanks and until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
TRAINING Breeders,

Spring has finally arrived. We have warmer weather headed this way. And the typical wind that comes with it in our valley.

Overall training has gone well. The first trainer after their 10 days of not going down the road got a little hairy. But in the end, was a good learning experience for the birds. Lots of birds broke off from the main groups and went ranging. Small groups and singles came home from all directions for the rest of that day. Many of the bird's navigational devices were awoken from that toss. Birds that had limited homing ability were the ones that got into trouble. 

During those 10 days of no-road training, they did loft fly for four days. We did not post those as we had to switch internet providers as a storm took out one of the towers our old internet provider used. 

In the last couple of tosses, except for today, we have had lots of birds doing extra loft flying and going ranging. For the most part, different birds are coming in late each day. The late birds are trapped in a separate section so we can see if anything is wrong with them. If they need a day off they are kicked out at the loft the next day and don't head down the road. 

In today's toss from 15 miles, the birds did great. In years past we have had issues with the birds overshooting the loft. We started working our way around the hills and now we will head toward Jackpot, NV.

Until the next update. 

Kenny and Corey
GOOD AFTERNOON Hello Breeders,

We have had quite the string of storms passing through our valley. Haven't had a window to get the birds back down the road due to wind, rain, snow, or heavy cloud cover. Looks like this current trend might continue until Wednesday? Once we have weather that is conducive enough for training we will be back down the road. Until the next update.

Kenny and Corey
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