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380 MILE UPDATE High Desert Breeders,

As of right now, the plan is to do the last race Friday, June 11th. If the plans change we will let you know. If you plan on coming to watch the final race, food will be ready around noonish. 

Birds are looking more and more rejuvenated each day. Day 1-3 birds are looking good. Day 4-6 birds, some look good and some are in rough shape. Took everything they had to get home.

The previous four days we have had the birds out loft flying. And today they did well from their toss, all except the 2 that haven't arrived yet. Been asked several times about the group that traps an hour or two after everyone else. A majority of those birds are out exploring and then show up and trap in. SAM-158 is one of those birds that is out flying extra every toss and that bird came in on the drop from 300 miles. Birds will be resting the next two days before they go on the trailer for the finale. 

Kenny and Corey
300 MILE RECAP AND 380 MILE PLANS High Desert Breeders,

Congratulations to the three breeders that had birds on the drop for the 300-mile race; 208Lofts, Sam Haslem, and PNWC! All the birds in the money earned it. With the heat, it ended up being a tough race for the birds. The first three came in nice and tired after their long journey. Most of the course for winds at ground level was pretty calm. The winds did start to pick up a little the last 60 miles are so. But you never know what the birds encounter at different elevations and especially with all the different mountains, they go across. The heat was the biggest factor in making this a tough day for the birds. But hopefully, that is what you have come to expect from the final two races. A good tough test for your birds. 

The 2nd-4th day birds that have made it back are tough pigeons. The temperatures from Wednesday - Friday have been mid to upper 90's for the birds. These birds have been flying in 60 degrees and occasionally 70-degree weather to put that into perspective. It starts cooking up about noon here and doesn't really cool down until nighttime. We couldn't believe all the 2nd-day birds that kept coming home during the heat of the day. 

After a tough race like that, we will make sure the late birds get the rest and feed they need to compete in the final. In the past, we have had multiple 2nd-day birds from the 300-mile race on the drop at the 380-mile race. We also have had 3rd-day birds on the drop from the 380 as well.  Don't count your late birds out! They received a good education this go around. 

As far as the final race goes we are shooting for perhaps next weekend. But we will take the best day available. Will keep you posted.

Remember we are currently taking in late hatches for next year. We are currently at about 80. The first few weeks of birds have started to be let out. Just a reminder that you won't see your birds on Wincompanion for next year until we close out this year's current race.  Please send the Perch Form when you ship birds. It makes it way easier on our end for keeping track of your birds.  

Thanks and best of luck to all on the final! 

Kenny and Corey
BIRDS LIBERATED! Hello Breeders,

Birds were liberated at 6:40 am from Bristol Wells Junction. It could be a 6 hour race or it could be a 7+ hour race just depends on what they run into today. Today should be a good test for your birds. Best of luck to all!

Kenny and Corey
300 MILE RACE AND PAYOUTS High Desert Breeders,

Tomorrow looks like it will be a good day to race. Should be a good test for your birds. Winds from all directions as they journey through the Nevada mountainous terrain. By afternoon the temperature through the course will be in the mid-'80s. Best of luck to all!

$62,400 total in prize money.

200 Miles - $100 to the top 20 through the trap.

300 Miles - $18,120 to the top 10% through the trap. 1st drop then trapping order.

380 Miles - $30,200 to the top 10% through the trap. 1st drop then trapping order. 

Average Speed:
1st - $3988
2nd - $2899
3rd - $2,174
4th - $1570
5th - $845
6th - $604

Kenny and Corey
300 MILE UPDATE High Desert Breeders,

Quick update on the 300-mile race. Don't have a day picked out yet as the next few days are calling for headwinds for pretty much the duration of the race. And then we have a few hot days. Birds aren't used to the heat as we have had a very cool spring. We will be doing some tosses and the weather will give us a break sooner than later and we will get the birds onto the 300. Once we have a day we will let you know. 

Kenny and Corey
200 MILE RECAP AND 300 MILE PLANS High Desert Breeders, 

Congratulations to the top 20 through the trap and the #1 trapper from Gary Gross! We had a guest at the house who was able to watch the first groups come in as they beat us home.  There was an initial group of about 10 followed shortly thereafter by a group of 50 +. Birds came home from all directions the rest of the day. The birds looked to be in good condition throughout the day as they came in. Even the late late birds didn't look too exhausted. The benefit of having a nice cool day for a race. 

The course was clear until the Nevada/Idaho border.  Then the skies turned overcast. Wind in the valley the last 20-30 miles had gusty west side winds. The first groups were definitely cooking as they arrived.  

We will see what the weather looks like but the plan is to have the 300-mile race this coming weekend.  30% of the prize money is up for grabs to the top 10% through the trap. Will have the figure for you later in the week. 

Kenny and Corey
BIRDS LIBERATED! High Desert Breeders,

Birds went up at 7 am, with a brisk temperature of 35 degrees in clear skies with virtually no wind. Should be a nice day for a race. The first 20 through the trap win $100. Best of luck to all!

Kenny and Corey
Hello Breeders,

Change of plans. Lots of clouds and rain in the forecast over the weekend along the course. Planning on Monday for the 200 miler if the forecast holds. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Kenny and Corey
200 MILE UPDATE Hello Breeders,

Saturday might be the day for the race. We will keep you posted. Will hand scan the birds tonight. 

Flying yearlings sometimes you just shake your head. Looks like a few have been lost on the couple tosses we took them on. It's like trying to understand and manage teenagers. Somedays they are spot on and others who knows where they are at. The nice weather and a big group of birds makes for some fun challenges. 

Thank you to all who have gotten in your entry fees. Lots more should be arriving by mail today and tomorrow. All entries we have received (have not gotten today's mail) have been entered into Wincompanion. 


Kenny and Corey
200 MILE UPDATE Good Afternoon,

Looks as though we will be pushing back the 200 mile race to the end of the week. We have some windy/stormy weather coming through the course over the next couple days. A few of the days are calling for 20+ mile an hour tail wind. Will keep you updated as the weather forecasts change. 
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