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We now have @ 400 birds in the loft, health is very good, most birds are out and learning the area.  We have a big settling cage they go in first and that seems to really help them getting comfortable with surroundings.  We anticipate we will fill up with 750 birds this year and we will be stopping at 750, that is our maximum.  So don't hesitate getting your birds to us.  

Those of you that are involved in the City of Hope Derby (auction from last years shipping) don't forget to send your COH bird when you ship your birds to our race.  Much appreciated!!

We have negotiated with our hotel for another year with room prices staying the same, $99/night with 5 or more nights or $109/night otherwise.  Our hotel is the Courtyard Marriott in Liberty Station near the airport.  619-221-1900.

Any questions contact me, Steve Miner.  619-933-8188 or


We now have @ 80 birds in the loft, everything is good so far.  We have 717 birds signed up and we are not taking more than 750 so if you want to get into our race please sign-up on wincompanion or contact Steve Miner, 619-933-8188.

Just a reminder for the breeders that committed to put a bird in our City of Hope Derby need to send a bird (free perch fee) and designate it as your COH bird.  Thank you!


Tomorrow, Saturday March 12, John Timmerman will be  picking up birds for his races as well as our San Diego Holiday Classic.  He will be picking them up at Coco's restaurant in Brea, Ca. from 8:30-9:00 AM.


The 2022 Holiday Classic will have the following rule changes:  1)  Perch fee will be $125/bird, 6 for $650, 8 for $800, or 10 for $950.  2)  The entry fee is changed to $300/bird payable prior to the 150 mi. race.  $25 of the $300 will go toward average speed for the 150-200-300 mi. races.  $25 of the $300 will go toward prize fund for 360 mi. Superbird race.  For the 200 mi. race we will have $500 prizes for birds clocked 1-10, that money is coming from perch fees.  

We hope to fill up with maximum of 750 birds and if we have 500 or more birds activated we will have $50,000 first prize with prizes for the top 10% of birds activated for the race.  First 750 birds reserved and paid for will close the race.  You should be receiving a letter in the mail spelling out the new changes.  Any questions contact Steve Miner, Race Coordinator.  619-933-8188 or

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