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Itinerary 2023


The latest inventory is all the birds with the exception of birds received the past 2 weeks including replacements.  If you have bird(s) missing you can still replace them thru end of July.  We have notified all breeders that we have the bands of the missing birds, either by hawk casualty or sickness.  We have had quite a few birds that have come recently get sick and pass.  We are working very hard to keep holding cages clean and washed down with disenfectant.  The birds in the loft are doing great and in super health.  Approximately the first 400 or so have already had their 9th and 10th pulled and all are poxed.  Many of the younger ones we are not pulling flights however every bird has been vaccinated with PMV and poxed.  Good luck to all.


Approximately 400 of the older birds have been poxed and 9th and 10th cut and are shut down for 5-6 weeks.  The younger birds are being put in loft slowly and will be clocking in on the existing inventory.  Again if you have bird(s) missing you can send replacements until first week of July.  Any questions contact Steve Miner 619-933-8188.


If your bird(s) have been at our loft for more than a couple weeks and they are not on the inventory then they are missing.  Again we have had hawk, falcon problems most every day.  There are @ 80 birds that have not been clocked in because they are still in quarantine.  We will be shutting down the older birds and cutting 9th and 10th flights in a week or so.  We will wait 10-14 days before we pull them.  At the same time birds will be poxed.  Any questions call Steve Miner 619-933-8188.  Good luck to all.  We will be takeing replacements thru the first week of July.


OUr latest inventory is on the training tab, we have many birds that are in wincompanion however haven't been clocked because they are still quite young.  However if you are missing a bird(s) and they have been here a couple weeks or more then you can send a replacement and an extra bird if you like.  We have notified many breeders that have lost bird(s) to our ever present hawks.  We have now accepted 712 birds not counting the birds lost.  June 15 is our cut-off however we can take birds the next week as well.  Replacements by July 1 or fairly close to that date.  The large majority are out flying most every day with no problems.  Any questions contact Steve Miner 619-933-8188 or  Good luck to all.


Birds will be clocking in all day today, as most of you know we have 2 loffts side by side and birds will be out on settling cage  alll day.  We will be contacting breeders that will be able to to send replacements if necessary.  We lost @10 birds to general weakness and got sick plus we know we lost some birds to our constant hawk attacks when birds are out.  We are very happy with the overall health of birds and they are looking good.  We are taking birds until June 15 or when we have 750.  We now have @675 birds in the loft.  We will be pulling and cutting 9th and 10th flights at end of June and then birds will be left in loft for 4-5 weeks.  Any questions contact Steve Miner, 619-933-8188.


The last pickup for LA area flyers will be this Saturday, June 3 in Brea at the Coco's.  John Timmerman will be picking up birds.  Address is on previous updates.  We now have well over 600 birds in the loft, we are taking birds until June 15 and we will not exceed 750 birds.  We have had some clock problems and are trying to get an inventory for breeders to see if all birds are there.  We will be doing that asap.  Sorry for the delay.  Good luck to all.


This Saturday, May 20, John Timmerman will be picking up birds from Southern California.  He will be at the Coco's in La Brea, address is on previous updates.  He will be there at 8:00 AM.  There will be one more pickup in 2 weeks from this Saturday.  We will be accepting birds until June 15.  We now have @525 birds in the loft with many more committed to arriving in the next couple weeks.  We will take 750 birds and no more, first come first served.  Birds are doing great, we have been trying to do an inventory however we have had some clock problems.  Will do an inventory asap.  Thx, and good luck.


We now have @ 375 birds, we are expecting 700-750.  The health is great, many have been out and have learned trapping.  Please see message board, bird pick-up for Southern California will be Saturday, May 6.


If you are planning on sending birds with John Timmerman this Saturday morning for the San Diego Holiday Classic please text, call, or email me to let me know how many.  We may have to have 2 trucks to accomodate all the birds.  Please let me know by Friday so we can plan accordingly.  Thx, Steve  619-933-8188

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