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We're trpapping the birds in today to show our final inventory minus 10-12 birds we received this last week.  The trapping will take most of the day and even possibly tomorrow.  All the birds have had their 9th and 10th cut and pulled this past week.  Birds are looking good of course we have had some hawk problems but not any worse than normal.  All birds are poxed as well.  Looking forwared to another great year.  Last year was our 40th anniversary however because of covid we weren't able to celebrate.  This year we plan on having some special events to honor our 40th anniversary.  

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we are having a golf tournament.  If you are interested in participating contact me to reserve a spot.  Steve Miner, 619-933-8188 or


We now have @620 birds, our deadline was June 15 however we will accept birds for a week or so.  Will stop accepting birds at 650 or June 25 which ever comes first.  Replacements til July 1.  Will have a clocking inventory by the end of the week. 

Our hotel, Courtyard Marriott by the airport, 619-221-1900, is taking reservations for our week.  Just identify yourself as part of the San Diego Pigeon Races and you will get our special rates.  $99/night if 5 or more nights or $109/night otherwise.

Birds are looking good, out every day, no health problems.

Questions call Steve Miner 619-933-8188.


We now have 480 birds in the loft, we will be taking birds thru June 15.  We hope to have @650 birds.  The health is good.  We took an inventory this week and contacted those who had birds missing off the loft.  As usual we have hawk problems and birds go everywhere.  

if and when you make reservations at our hotel, Courtyard Marriott at Liberty Station, say you are with the San Diego Pigeon Races and you will get our special rates.  5 or more nights, $99/night, or $109/night for all others.

John Timmerman will be picking up birds this weekend at Coco's.  Contact John for arrangements.


John Timmerman will be picking up birds in LA tomorrow for his races as well as our San Diego Holiday Classic.  Contact John, 619-454-7696 for time and place of pick-up.

I am very sorry to inform everybody that John Steinbrenner (Ron's son) passed away after a bout with Pancreatic Cancer.  I will have annuncement of his celebration of life on this website.  John took over the Triple Crown when his father (Ron) passed a couple years ago.  John was his dad's right hand man for many years and was a very good pigeon man in hhis own right.  RIP JOHN!!


We now have over 400 birds in the loft, health is very good.  Birds are vaccinated and chipped before we put them in the loft.  The first 200 birds or so have been out around the loft occassionaly take off for a short spin around the loft.  We also have a big settling cage they go into for a couple weeks before they are let out.  700 will be the maximum number of birds we will take in.

You can now make reervations at our hotel, Courtyard Marriott near the airport.  The room rates are the same, $99/night for 5 or more lnights or $109/night otherwise.  Free parking.  Just say you are part of the San Diego Pigeon Races as your password.

Hope to see you in November for the "Best Week of Pigeon Racing in the Country".


We now have @150 birds in the loft, 500 perches spoken for, and hoping to get 600-650.  Birds are doing great, most are out in our settling cage we attach to the landing board, works great.  Weather has been really nice, all is well.  Keep em coming.  Any questions-Steve Miner 619-933-8188 or


We have started receiving birds for our 2021 race.  Will be accepting birds from March 1 thru June 15.  Please include perch fee with birds or you can mail perch fee to Steve Miner, 3511 Rolling Hills Ln., Bonita, Ca. 91902.

For Southern Calif. flyers/breeders, John Timmerman will be picking up birds every 2 weeks at CoCo's, at Hiwy 57 and Imperial Hwy. in Brea.  He will be picking birds up every other weekend starting next week.  He will post time and day on Friday on his California Classic website.  Any questions contact me: or 619-933-8188.

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