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Due to high winds on race course on Monday we are rescheduling our race to Tuesday.  There will be 2 races on the same day.  Our race and the California Classic, released 30-40 minutes apart.  Our race will be released first as early as possible and then California Classic.  The release points are @ 20 miles apart, so if we release 30 min before Calif. Classic the birds will be @50 minutes apart.  

We are still hosting lunch, raffle, and entering special races tomorrow at our clubhouse starting 10:30-11;00  We will be giving 4 $500 cash as part of our raffle along with perch fees to various races.

We are trying to give our birds the best opportunity to race!!   Hope you can make it tomorrow, thx, Steve


Due to inclement weather for Saturday, rain at release point, we are scheduling the Royal Cup for Sunday and the San Diego Holiday Classic for Monday.  We plan on training tomorrow 50 miles, and race on Monday.  The schedule for the activities at the hotel will stay the same.  We will have our City of Hope auction and our Breeder auction on Saturday night along with the live bird auction of 10 birds from Nanez Family Loft.  The activities are scheduled to start at 7:00 Saturday night however we will have the Nanez birds there by 6:00 for viewing and then start the auction right at 7:00.  The COH auction will follow, then the Breeder auction.  You are on your own for dinner that night.   Any questions-Steve Miner 619-933-8188.


Birds were released at 6:20, clear skiy, 5 mph head wind at release.  Yuma, 50 miles into the race 8-10 crosswind from the north, El Centro 100 mi. into race 5-6 cross winds, then at top of mountains 50 mi. from home 15-20 tailwinds.  The high today at the loft 81 degrees, fairly dry as it has been the last 2 weeks.

This year at the hotel on Saturday night we will have a live bird auction of 10 birds from Rick Nanez from Nanez Family Loft.  Rick has an outstanding record in one loft racing for the last 10-15 years.  

In addition we will have our annual City of Hope Auction and our Breeder Auction for our race on Sunday.  You will be on your own for dinner.  John Timmerman will have the sit down dinner at the hotel on Monday night this year.

Good luck to all!!  Any questions contact Steve Miner, 619-933-8188.


The 125 toss was a tough test, when they hit the mountains it was already @ 80 degrees.  This year has turned out to be very difficult mainly due to the dry heat we have had for the past 2 weeks.  It looks like the weather for Wednesday (150 race) looks better.  Good luck to all.


Yesterday we had the 125 mile toss and the results were on Wincompanion however this morning we had to do a inventory to identify a few bad chips and the 125 toss reslults are completely different because of our inventory today.  We will have a complete clocking inventory tomorrow morning which will include a few birds that came home this morning after we started the inventory.  We will be hand scanning Tuesday evening before we load for the 150 mi. race Wednesday.


We will be going on 125 Activation Toss on Saturday, Nov. 4.  The first race, 150 mi. will be Wednesday Nov. 8.  The 190 race will be Sunday Nov. 12.  The first 10 birds in clock will get $500 ea.  The final race, 308 mi. will be Sunday Nov. 19.  Lunch, raffle with $500 cash prizes will be at the clubhouse.  Also special race entries will be open til 12:00 on race day, Nov.19.


Entry forms were put in mail yesterday, Monday 10/30.  The activation toss will be from 125 mi. and after that the 150 mi. toss will be the first race of the 3 race average speed.  Entries need to be sent in prior to the 150 mi. race.  We had a tough toss today from 100 mi., hopefully many birds will return in late afternoon and tomorrow morning.  The weather has been above average heat and low humidity which is not a good combination however that is the prediction for the whole week and we need to get the birds trained.  Starting this weekend the weather looks to get back to normal for San Diego.


The past 2 days and the next 2 the weather has been very hot, especially on the desert, 95-105 and pretty heavy head winds.  We will try and get a toss in tomorrow however Tuesday looks like the best day to go 70 miles.  The rest of the week looks good for training.


The birds that came home late yesterday were left home today to try and recover.  The birds were released in groups again today.  The first mass release will be when we go and release on the desert, probably in a couple more days.


We canceled today's toss due to partial eclipse that will be in Southern California this morning between 9:00-11:00.  The AU and others advised no training or racing today.  We will continue training tomorrow.

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