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We discovered this morning when we put birds thru the traps again that birds that clocked starting with 365 were clocked yesterday.  The reason they didn't show up in clock we discovered we had a power problem to the antenns and not all the birds clocked.  Therefore we made the decision to cancel the 150 mi. race as part of the average speed and the average speed will be determined by the 200 mi. race and the 300 mi. race.  The power problem has been corrected.  We just don't know when those birds clocked so we feel this is the only fair decision to make.  The 200 mi. race will be next Wed. or Thur and there will be prize money for the first drop.   Any questions contact Steve, 619-933=8188.

150 MI. RACE

Today's 150 mi. race, birds are up at 6:30.  Clear and calm, looks good.  This is the first race in the average speed competition.  Good luck to all!!


On previous message I put my phone number incorretly by mistake.  Should be 619-933-8188.

150 MI. RACE

Our 150 mi. race will be Friday, Nov.13.  This is the first of 3 races that determine the average speed winners.  Weather looks really good, hoping to get a 6:30 release.  We dropped more than we would have liked at the 125 however birds are loooking good.  We will do a hand inventory Thursday evening and have a shipping list.  

There are still some breeders that I have not received the $100/bird which is overdue now!!  If you have a problem call and let me know.  616-933-8188     Steve


We will be going short (50 mi.) until next week, probably Monday.  The weekend 's weather doesn't look too good so we are waiting until Monday for the 125.  Therefore the 150 will be probably be Thursday or Friday.  Good luck to all!


The training toss today from 90 miles was the first time we had a mass release.  There were strong tail winds for about 50 miles after they got into the mountains.  The desert was calm and clear sky.  All breeders should have received your entry forms in mail this week.  Please be sure to get your entries in on time!!  If you did not receive entry forms in the mail pleas call me and let me know.  Steve  619-933-8188


We had a tough toss Tuesday, our first release on the desert.  We think it got a little warm on the desert however it was overcast and not too good at home until @9:00 or so.  We will not be training again until Tuesday, tomorrow and Saturday calling for drizzle and overcast skies and Sunday possible rain.  We will traing according to weather.


Today was last toss before we go down on the desert.  The birds are still being released in groups of 100-150, will have mass release soon.  Training is going good, basically coming home in big groups just as they are released.  Will be going Tuesday to the desert.


We didn't train yesterday or today, we have had another hot spell hit us.  We are going to wait until the heat dies down a bit, it was 99 degrees yesterday all afternoon at the loft.  Birds are exercising in the morning and really flying good!  


No training today or probably tomorrow, air quality from local fires is not good and tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of hot weather for a while at least.  Birds are looking good.  We will be sending entry forms out in a week or so.  Because of Covid 19 all entries will be mailed in and there will be no activities at the hotel.  We are trying to minimize the number of people attending the race this year.  There will be no handling your bird(s) prior to shipping for anybody.  There will be a small committee for each race that will be scanning and shipping birds.  More info to follow.

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