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We are experiencing heavy clouds and some fog in morning hours the last few days.  We are planning on a 120 mi. toss tomorrow or Monday which will delay our 150 race to Thursday or Friday.  The desert is beautiful however we want to get an early release on the desert because it has been warming up to over 90 degrees the last week.  Hopefully it starts clearing up in San Diego earlier in the morning so we can train accordingly.

If you are interested in playing golf on Wednesday morning of our race week please let me know.  Right npw we have room for 6 more players.  Steve  619-933-8188 or


We have halted training until Wednesday due to poor weather conditions.  Rain expected today and tomorrow morning and then clearing and nice by Wednesday.  Entry forms will be in the mail before end of week.  Good luck!


We had to hold the birds today due to heavy ground fog at the release point.  It cleared and we had a good toss.  We are still letting birds out in groups however our next toss will be from the desert and we will release them all together.  Entry forms will be coming in a week or so.  Hopefully the birds continue to do well.


Training has been going very good since we had that 1 bad toss from 25 miles with not great weather.  Ever since the birds have been coming great.  We still are releasing them in groups of @ 100 birds/group.  Today we had some wind in the mountains and the heat will be returning for sure tomorrow.  Therefore we will not be training tomorrow, Sunday is questionable however starting Monday the weather will be bqck to typical San Diego weather.  We hope to be down the mountains to the desert in a couple more tosses.  Be sure to get your hotel reservations in soon.  We will be mailing out entry forms within a week or so.  Good luck to all.


Today's toss has turned out to be very challenging, hopefully we'll be ok.  We always turn birds out in groups of @100 until we get out to 60-70 miles.  The weather today is less than ideal, clouds and partly sunny.  Hopefully the birds do ok.

15 MILE TOSS 9/1

The first 51 birds did not clock on today's toss due to human error.  The weather is back to nice San Diego weather, actually a little on the warm side today.  We try to get birds out early when it is warm like today. We will be training most every day weather permitting for at least the next week.  No idea why we dropped 10-12 birds Wednesday.  We are releasing them in groups of @100 ea. and the last group came in all broken up.


Thhe birds are out every morning @6:30 and are starting to fly very good, routing etc.  We plan on starting training @ Sept 20.  It has been very hot 90-100 the last week however the temperatures are dropping this week back to mid 70's, typical San Diego weather this time of year.  Once we start training we will be going every day for at least a week or so.  We will be putting the results on wincompanion 2-3 times per week.  Everything looks good for another great year for the "Best Week of Pigeon Racing in the country".  We will be sending out entry forms in another 3-4 weeks as we get out further with the training.  Any questions contact Steve Miner, 619-933-8188 or


Started letting birds out yesterday, 9th and 10th pretty much grown all the way in.  We will be flying birds around loft for 1 month and start training on Sepl. 20 is our usual start date.  They are very healthy and ready for "boot camp".  You should be receiving a letter from me in the next few days giving you info on the race and the hotel.  Our itinerary is on our website, looking forward to another great year.  We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year!!!  




All the birds are now in loft waiting for the 9th and 10th to grow out.  Therefore the inventory is what is currently.  The few birds we received are trap training and will be let out this week.  Their flights will not be pulled.  Will be doing weekly or biweekly trapping when we start letting birds out when their flights grow in.

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