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150 MI. RACE

Today's 75 mi. toss the birds were released in small groups.  Our first race, 150 mi., will be this Wed.  We will hand scan all birds on Tuesday night to make sure all chips etc. are correct.  The $100/bird should be paid prior to this race, if you are having a problem getting $$ to me on time please contact me so we can make sure all is well.  Steve  619-933-8188


All entry forms have been mailed out and should have already been received.  This is a reminder that $100/bird is due by this Saturday, November 9.  The $100 covers the entry, $50 for the 200 mi. race and $50 for the average speed of the 150, 200, & 300 mi. races.

If you haven't made reservations at our hotel, Marriott Courtyard at Liberty Station you should immediately before our special rate expires.  Any questions-Steve Miner 619-933-8188 or


We are not training until Friday due to very strong winds in the mountains the next 2 days.  Friday looks like a good day. 

Deadline to get our special rate at our hotel is Nov. 1, there are still a few rooms available.  Our hotel is the Marriott Courtyard at Liberty Station, next to the airport.  Go to our website and the icon "contact us" will give you all the info necessary.


Our last toss from 90 miles turned out to be a tough toss.  The weather has been very warm the past few days and Wed. was supposed to be a little cooler which it was early in the morning.  We released the birds at 7:00 and it was cool, @65, however it got warmer after 10:00 that morning.  The heat and winds are always a big concern on this course and we didn't think it would get that hot on Wed.  It has been very warm this whole week, high of 95-100, however the temps are supposed to be back down in the 70's by Sunday.  We plan on trainng again on Sunday. 

You should have received your entry form for our race in the mail this week.  If there are aany questions give ma a call, 619-933-8188.   Steve

2ND 55 MILE TOSS 10/14

Today's 55 mile toss went fine, 349 birds clocked.  However we had a problem with clock/wincom and we didn't get birds on the website.  We are sorry and the next toss, probably Wednesday, everything should be good. 

Birds are training well, everything is good.


Training was going along very nice until yesterday.  The birds were released in 3 groups, the first 2 groups did just fine however the 3rd group came in all busted up.  Birds were coming in all afternoon, weather was perfect so we surmized the 3rd group must have been hit by falcon or something of that nature.  We're hoping we get many more home today.

Reminder to get your rooms reserved at our hotel if you plan on coming to San Diego for our awesome week of pigeon racing.  Rates are $109/night or $99/night if staying 5 nights or more.  No parking fees, see the icons on the cover page of our website for  info.  Good luck to all, see you in November.


Today is our 3rd toss, 2 miles, 3 miles and today 5 miles.   Birds are looking good and training well.


On today's inventory clocking only 309 clocked in.  Actually I counted 71 other birds somehow clocked in before 7:00 so there are 380 birds in loft (by my count).  We will do another clocking tomorrow morning to get the actual number of birds in loft.


Birds are doing great, out exercising every day.  We will start training on Sept. 19 and will put a clocking inventory on the training page tomorrow.  Make sure to make your room reservations at our hotel, Marriott Courtyard in Liberty Station.  Any questions contact Steve Miner, 619-933-8188.


The large majority of the birds remain locked up for another 8 days so the 9th and 10th flights are grown out.  The younger group are still going out and flying 4-5 days a week.  We still are having hawk problems every time they go out however they seem to be getting wise to the hawks.  Falcons is another story.  falcons show up every once in a while and scare the hell out of them.

The birds will be loft flown for 1 month before we start training.  Birds are looking great and we are expecting a super training season.  The weather in San Diego has been very nice, 75-80 degrees daily. 

The hotel is now taking reservations for our big week, just let them know you are part of the pigeon group for the Thanksgiving Week.  Our hotel is the Marrtott, Liberty Station, next to the airport.  Click on icon for hotel for info.  Any questions contact Steve Miner, 619-93-8188 or

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