News and Updates

We once again hope  to have one of the most successful one loft racces in the country.  This will be our 39th year, the longest running one loft race in the country.  The rules have not changed, everything the same.  You can sign up for our race on Wincompanion.

This year the "San Diego Races" have added 2 more races to our "Greatest Week of Racing in the USA"  The Royal Cup, sponsored by Leach Feed will be on the same property as the California Classic and supervised by John Timmmerman.  That race will be flown on the first Sunday of the week.  The other new race for the week is "The Dehesa Classic", run by Ron Moden who has been very successful along with Dave Dudley in many one loft races.  This race will be flown on Thanksgiving Day.  Look on their website for details.