News and Updates

We now have over 400 birds in the loft, health is very good.  Birds are vaccinated and chipped before we put them in the loft.  The first 200 birds or so have been out around the loft occassionaly take off for a short spin around the loft.  We also have a big settling cage they go into for a couple weeks before they are let out.  700 will be the maximum number of birds we will take in.

You can now make reervations at our hotel, Courtyard Marriott near the airport.  The room rates are the same, $99/night for 5 or more lnights or $109/night otherwise.  Free parking.  Just say you are part of the San Diego Pigeon Races as your password.

Hope to see you in November for the "Best Week of Pigeon Racing in the Country".


We now have @150 birds in the loft, 500 perches spoken for, and hoping to get 600-650.  Birds are doing great, most are out in our settling cage we attach to the landing board, works great.  Weather has been really nice, all is well.  Keep em coming.  Any questions-Steve Miner 619-933-8188 or

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