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     We cut and pulled 9th and 10th flights and poxed all birds that were received priopr to May 15.  Some of the later ones will not have their flights pulled however all birds will be poxed.  We now have 625+ birds.  The birds with flights pulled will be locked up for 4-5 weeks, the rest will be let out daily working on trapping and flying around the loft.  We will be taking replacement birds til July 1.  Birds continue to have great health and we are looking forward to another great season.  Training will start @ middle of September.  Any questions contact Steve:  619-933-8188.


We now have almost 600 birds and still 2 more weeks that we are accepting birds (June 15).  We will be posting an up to date inventory on Wincompanion this weekend.  We notified all breeders that were missing a bird(s) 2 weeks ago however we know we have lost a couple since then due to hawks.  Please check our inventory and send replacement bird for any missing that we have not contacted.  

Birds are doing great, no health problems and many are out starting to range on a daily basis.  We will be poxing birds after all have arrived in late June.  We will also be cutting and pulling flights @ July 1.  The late birds(last 3 weeks) will not get flights cut and pulled.  Any questions contact Steve Miner  619-933-8188.  Good Luck to All!!!


We now have @ 500 birds and we expect @650 by June 15.  We took an inventory and notified the breeders that had birds missing.  The health has been very good, the birds missing were from hawks or just lost off the loft.  A couple times we let out some birds that was their first time and then here comes Mr. Hawk and birds go everywhere.  We will be posting an inventory in the next week for weeks 1-7.  We are taking birds until June  15, replacements til June 30.  Any questions contact Steve Miner, 619-933-8188.

John Timmerman is still picking up birds in Brea every Saturday from 8-9:00 at CoCo's.  The adddress is on previous updates.


We now have @400 birds in the loft, we are expecting to fill up again this year so reserve your perches with Steve Miner, 619-933-8188 or  Birds health has been very good and many have been out flying and some are still in our settling cage attached to the landing board.  

John Timmerman is in Brea every Saturday 8:00-9:00 AM to pick up birds.  Address is on previous update page.  We will start training towards the middle of September.  All birds are vaccinated for PMV when they arrive and then all birds are vaccinated for pox after all birds have arrived.  Good luck to all!!!


John Timmerman will be picking up birds for his 2 races and our San Diego Holiday Classic every Saturday from 8:00-9:00 AM at Coco's Bakery 1250 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea.  Please have your perch fee and list of birds in an envelope to give to John, helps him keep finances correct.  Any questions contact me.  619-933-8188  Steve


John Timmerman will be picking up birds for his 2 races and ours, San Diego Holiday Classic every Saturday.  He will be picking them up at Coco's Bakery, 1250 E. Imperial Hwy, Brea Ca. between 8 ad 9:00 AM.  Any questions contact me, Steve Miner, 619-933-8188.


Happy New Year to all.  We are looking forward to another successful year in 2024.  We will be changing our website cover page soon, displaying the 2023 winners.  Thank you!


Congrats to all our winners this year!!  If you would like us to mail your bird(s) back please let me know immediately, we plan to ship as many as possible this week.  If you have prize money coming from the Superbird I can deduct shipping from your winnings.  Otherwise you need to send me $60 for 1 or 2 birds, $70 for 3 or more.  If we don't get your bird(s) out this week we will definitely the followng week.  If you don't want your bird(s) back they will go up for auction within our club so some of our newer flyers can get some good birds for a minimal cost.  My number is 619-933-8188 or  Thanks, Steve Miner


Our Superbird Race is this Saturday, Dec. 2.  Weather looks very favorable for a good race, cross/tail winds not too strong along the course.  We wil be releasing with the birds from the California Classic and the Royal Cup.  We will have 146 birds in our race.  The prize fund and prizes are as follows:


146 birds @$100 ea  $14,600

$25/bird from Classic race   $7,778

Total                             $22,378

15%                             $3,356


TOTAL PRIZE FUND         $19,022


1.)  $8,000

2.)  $4,000

3.)  $2,000

4.)  $2,000

5.)  $1,022

6.)  $1,000

7.)  $500

8.)  $500




Congratulations to our top 5 winners, especially Dan Lionello and Adam Gluck for having 2 birds in first drop of 5 and they were nestmates!!  Amazing speed of the birds, 1929 YPM is the fastest SDHC in our 43 years of racing.  Extreme tail winds the last 75 miles definiely enhanced the speed of the birds.

If you would like to nominate your bird(s) for our 360 mile Superbird Race on Saturday, Dec.2 for $100 ea. please either contact Steve Miner 619-933-8188 or send in a check to cover your bird(s) made out to San Diego Holiday Classic.  Address:3511 Rolling Hills Ln., Bonita, Ca. 91902. It appears there will be approximately a $20,000 prize fund. We will be training the birds next week and they all go unless you tell us otherwise.  If you have $$ coming from our race I can deduct Superbird entry for you.  

Again thank you to all our breeders for making 2023 San Diego Holiday Classic another success!!  Note:  We are the longest running one loft race in the country, 43 years!!!!

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