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   The birds are doing very well. At the end of Sunday's inventory, we were 8 birds short. Monday we had three on the landing board waiting to get in. Monday was innoculating day with 150 birds getting their shots. I am still a bit surprised withn the number of you that don't prepare the birds for contact with so many others. The extra work for me isn't a bother but you are depriving your birds of three weeks of flying time. This week, more birds will be flying out for the first time so we will do inventory again this coming weekend. 



   Three hundred and fifty one birds are in the loft as of today. One hundred birds, collected this week, stayed inside the fly pens. The rest went out. There are fifteen birds that didn't go through the clock. Five because their team heading was changed and they need new ebands and ten because they were too young for the main group and are by themselves and I had no desire to chase them around today. Power shut down three times forcing us to reset the clock so we have no idea if all birds were clocked. We will do this again tomorrow to double check inventory.


SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022

   The birds are healthy and many are starting to fly. On Sunday we will do inventory. Those flying will use the trap and those just new, we will hand scan. Linda plans a video of the birds outside for her facebook page.

   We have several groups arriving in the middle of next week and another next Saturday. The end of the month is cut off day and it will be here sooner than you think.  I have one more trip planned for the east area, one for the north and three for the airport in TO. Call if you need a pickup.


MONDAY, MAY 16, 2022

   The days are no longer long enough. Schedules planned are a waste of time. It seems airlines no longer care if deliveries are on time or not. Waiting and pacing are now part of picking up birds. It throws a wrench into all the other jobs that need to be done.

   The birds are healthy and active. Almost all go out everyday. At the end of this week, we will have a complete inventory of the birds in the loft. Our planned pickups this week are Wednesday, day time, north along the 400, in the  evening, Pearson airport, and Friday, Cornwall. On Thursday we have short trips to the east. Call my cell 905 269 2348 if you want to meet.


FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2022

  I will br at Pearson airport tonight. We will be at Burger King, Brittania and Dixie Rd at 7:30 this evening to take delivery of your birds. Rick



  The birds are doing well with 150 now going in and out. Plenty of sunshine certainly helps. We will be in the Burlington/Oakville area this afternoon and at Toronto Pearson airport for pickups this evening. We will be at the US border at Alexandria Bay tomorrow and again at the airport in TO on Friday night. If we need to stop to meet you, call or text my cell, 905 269 2348.



   On Friday, 81 of 102 birds in the first section took advantage of the open trap to explore outside. We donot push the birds out the first couple of weeks so those that don't find the trap stay in.  Today we are picking up birds in Toronto and the birds will have to stay in the fly pens and enjoy a bath. Our pick up at the USA border has been postponed untill Friday. Paper work is pending.  

    Next week our schedule will be Thursday afternoon, Burlington/Oakville and Toronto airport in the evening. Friday the border in Gananogue and Friday evening Toronto to deliver birds and the airport to ship. There's plenty of opportunities to meet next week.



   The first group of birds have open hole and can go in and out as they wish. Not all, it seems, are ready for the great outdoors. I had a problem with the clock, or so I thought, but it was a faulty power bar that was the culprit. The clock will be on all afternoon.



    The birds are doing well and the first group are know going in and out of the loft. Unfortunately, I have forgotten one step of the clocking set up. They clock to the loft unit but not to wincompanion. I'll have the problem solved today and try again tomorrow. Rick

MAY 2. 2022

   The birds are all doing well. They have access to the settling cage all day long and they use it. A vey small group are settled and the rest will start this week. We will do their e-bands today and tomorrow so we can start tracking who is here and who is not.

    We are receiving birds today and are meeting others on Wednesday. We have an airport pick up for Thursday evening so we can meet Thursday night at Burger King. If you have your birds ready, text me what time I can expect you. We will be at the border in Reynolds on Tuesday, May 10 and in Cornwall on May 20. Another trip is planned for western Ontario around the 15th of May. 


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