News and Updates
NOVEMBER 26, 2021

     We have moved, for the winter, to Grand Manan Island, lying in the Bay of Fundy of the coast of New Brunswick and Maine. It is all that I hoped it would. Quiet life style yet a busy place with a very active lobster fishing industry. Plus, the scenery is fantastic. Every which way I go, I see the ocean plus the winters here are mild.

     There are downside's to island living. A month to get internet, storms that stop the ferry and a somewhat slower post office, no bars, no restaurants that are open in the winter and shopping that covers the essentials but not much else. Great place to save money.

    All our cheques have been mailed out plus all the result/payout sheets to all participants who were not fortunate to claim a prize. Our website has been updated and now you can sign up when ever you have time.

   We will be back in Ontario the middle of March to prepare the loft for the 2022 season. Hope to see you all again in April and May. 

Keep safe, keep warm.