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   The birds were released in one group this morning. They didn't arrive as one. There were eleven or so different bunches that came from all around. There were dark, heavy clouds on the way home but we saw no rain. A hawk kept the birds flying for some time at home but he didn't manage to score. It maybe that they were also attacked after the release causing them to split up. Haks are already travelling through the area getting ready to migrate south from Presqu'ile Provincial Park, just south of us.



   The weather in our area has become very unstable forcing us to wait for openings in the sky favourable for a training toss. The birds were released at two pm for a quick warmup toss. They had strong winds to face that pushed them to the east. They were released in one group but came home in three groups several minutes apart. A couple of birds from each group didn't trap well staying out for a long time. On Friday we will take the birds 60 KM.



   The birds were released Sunday into bright skies with a few clouds. The wind, from the north-west, while on their shoulder pushing them east also helped a bit with the speed. The birds were home half an hour befor their expected time of arrival. Ten birds came together and trapped quickly. Congratulations to all whose birds made the race and to the prize winners.

1. J&D Loft    AU 21 ARPU 19216 BB

2. FCQ Combine CU 21 CU 19211 BCWF

3. Calgary Boys  CU 21 CU 10802 SLVR

4. A. Tanaka  CU 21 MISS 1650 BPD

5. Andre Gomes CU 21 CP 21104 BC

6. Kieran Cunningham  CU 21 CU 6462 BB

7. J&D Loft  AU 21 ARPU 19236 BB

8. 3 Legged Loft  CU 21 NR 2069 BC

9. Pigeonempire.com Guido Madrusan  CU 21 CU 9903 BB

10. Andre Gomes CU 21 CU 11387 BPD

11. Rick Fyfe CU 21 NRRP 20078 BB

12. Rick Fyfe Niagara Falls  CU 21 CU 13447 BB

13. Neromi Army 2  AU 21 ARPU 19227 BB

14. Teixeira Loft 2  Port 21 PT 0063 BC

15. Appi's Loft  AU 21 ARPU 97225 BWF

16. A Tanaka 2  AU 21 ARPU 19322 BC

17. Dogwood Mountain Syndicate  CU 21 DW 0022 BB

18. Wayne Lochbaum  CU 21 NR 2438 BB

19. Eldorado Canada Team 4  CU 21 ELDO 21105 BPD

20. Fan Family Loft  CU 21 NOVA 21265 BC

21. Russel Spring   CU 21 MP 3198 BC

22. Jack's Fire Loft 3  CU 21 CU 9322 DC

23. Luis Silvestre  CU 21 NR 2032 BCPD

24. Derick Schleifer CU 21 CU 14880 BC

25. Jacks Fire Loft 7  CU 21 CU 9347 BB

27. Irene One  CU 21 CU 3939 BCPD

28. Henry/Silvio  AU 21 Vita 1700 BC

29. Chickady  CU 21 CU 6402 Red

30.  Cascade Syndicate  CU 21 MP 3223 BB


   Thirty or so came to watch and had a great time. We ate, we drank and sat in wonder that our tent, strapped and taped together, stood for the whole day.




    Sunday's race was perfect. The path home while not easy, did not have any unexpected rain showers or thunderstorms. The winds did push them east but also helped a bit with the speeds.

    The arrival of the birds caught us all off guard. They were a bit earlier than what eveyone thought. They came over the tree tops ten wide and dropped so quickly that I doubt any camera or phone recorded the landing. It was over in less then 30 seconds. 

    Congratuklations to the quick 10 and to all the other birds that made it home on the day, 74 in total plus one missing from a toss earlier in the week. I'll put up the complete list on Monday.



   My wife bought a tent. It's 10x20 and, so she says, perfect for the one loft race. It's pretty cause white vinyl and white posts stand out in a green field. Old men can use it as a place to be out of the sun when they forget their hats and old ladies can sit in the shade if they have  forgotten their carasols. We can serve food from one end. She was right. It was grand. I wanted to renew our vows the next morning, right here, while the dew was still on the grass. But, with anything that sells for the unbielveable price of...., it had flaws.

   The first flaw showed up in the morning. A slight rain took advantage of vinyls ability to stretch and took a little dip behind the top wall rails to make a forty gallon gutter. The viyl stretched but the itty bitty posts and rails bent. Wasn't so pretty any more. The vows were off.

   The second flaw we noticed was that bent knitting needles will not pin a 10x20 structure to the ground. When the wind hits 30 K, it doesn't matter if you are hanging on with all your weight. Lucky for me, it only flipped onto it's back and I managed to hold the carcass down with step ladders and extension ladders.

   If you plan on coming tomorrow, men bring your lawn chair and a hat. Ladies, bring a lawn chair and your parasol. Lunch will be served out doors. 




   Friday's beatiful morning sky turned ugly very quickly. We decided to keep the birds home. They were locked out for two hours and except for three late comers, all flew the largest part of that time. When called in, all responded quickly. This morning we will scan the birds and check their condition. Not all are fit to race. Tonight will post the basket list and on updates I will post the list of the birds staying home.

   If you are coming to watch the birds arrival, please don't forget your lawn chairs. We have a few but not many. Lunch will be served 0ne PM. With the onset of an early fall, we will also have coffee.

   Hope to see you there.

Rick and Linda


   What a day! The storms that hit our area today were the most intense I have ever seen. My son, Adam who was with me today, experienced hurricanes while in university in Virginia and in his opinion this was hurricane weather. 

   This morning, the sky was perfect and where the birds were released, east and north of Madoc, everything was fine. By the time the birds got home, black skies fringed with steel grey had crept into our area from the west and the wind had increased a consideral amount in strength. The birds arrived in one group and were greeted by a winged warrior. I saw him sneak up from the south and managed to distract him with my screaming and the waving of my coat. He kept the birds up an extra 10 minutes but he did not manage to snag one. Unfortunately, the dark sky caused the wifi to skip out and I could not make the clock connect to the internet so we missed a large portion of the birds. We did, after several tries manage to do an inventory. Every bird except 3 of the 4 missing bird flew the 80 KM toss and all arrived at the same time. The bird from Eldorado marked missing flew the toss. This afternoon, some of the birds simply didn't want to come in and wanted instead to play in the rain. Another hawk attack kept a few birds up and one spent some extra time in a tree.

  Tomorrow, a short toss and five feedings to prepare for Sunday. At present, only the late comers are not ready to race. we will hand scan and make the decision as to who does race Saturday morning.

  We expect to have visitors on Sunday. We have a tent to hide from the sun{ we hope to have sun} and we will have a barbecue. The loft address is    410 Dingman Road, Cramahe Township.  We will have signs posted to send you out back to the loft. At the Big Apple{ exit 397} turn north and Dingman is 3 roads up, about 5 KM. Turn right{ east} for about 1 KM and look for the signs. Please let us know if you are coming to watch.

Hope to see you here.





   We lost the internet at 11;26, came back at 11:34 but we cannot load what birds went through in that time period. We have 106 recorded in the top pigeon clock. We will run the birds over the trap again after lunch.



   The amount of rain that fell Tuesday night and Wednesday morning was incredible. If that is the new norm, we'll be in trouble one day. Wednesday, around two in the afternoon, the sky cleared and I quickly packed up the birds and Linda took them for a thirty KM toss. All came home together and after feeding I counted 107 birds. Within an hour of being home, the sky filled with thunder heads. Today, Thursday, the sky is clear and we will take the birds 80 Km and have the clock on all day.










    We will take all the birds except those picked up yesterday, for a toss this morning. Those picked up will go out this afternoon for loft fly and we'll run the birds through the trap this evening to give you loft inventory. Health is well and all, even the late commers, are in great shape.


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