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   The birds are doing well with more and more starting to travel out of the valley. The last group into the loft will join up with the main bunch early next week. Most were not vaccinated and so they had to work through the process of being done twice. A royal pain for me and a major delay for them regards joining the main group. We are without a computor untill Tuesday or so. Mine crashed on Friday and the techy is not available until Tuesday. I will update on Wednesday, I hope.



     First, the birds are doing well. We give all the birds, except the last 170 or so collected, a lot of free time to enjoy the fresh air, orient around the loft, bathe and pick in the grass. We do not force them to fly or push them out. The ;last birds collected have been out a couple of times and in another week will join the main group. We have several teams that were not vaccinated for PMV and they have been living on their own. They have spent a couple of days outside while the rest were in their flypens. Another week and my chores will be just a bit easier. We will activate the electronic bands when all the birds can be released together.

    Linda and I have moved this week.We are now living in what will be our summer home. It is in Castleton, 5 minutes north of the Big Apple. We are 5 minutes from the one loft location. We have also bought a house on Grand Manan Island. It lies in the bay of Fundy along the coast of Maine and New Brunswick and is a part of New Brunswick. We will live in Grand Manan from the middle of October untill the beginning of April for the next few years . When I finally retire, it will be where we hang our hats.

    Expect to see more photos and videos of the birds from Linda and I will update you on a more regular basis. 



   All of the Canadian birds coming to the race are in my hands. I need to confirm numbers and colours and then I will enter them on the computor. On Thursday, the birds from the USA will be brought over the border and then that is the end. I am glad this is done. I have spent more time in my truck these last two months than what any sane person would want to do. Most of the time I am on auto pilot and on Monday night, auto pilot failed. As I opened the door and stepped out, I slipped, pulled the gear shift into low, fell out of the truck and kissed the rear wheel as it went by my head. The truck went across the parking lot and re-arranged the double doors to Burger Kings garbage storage compound. Tuesday, my son and I repaired doors. Boy live is exciting.

   Inside the loft, all is well. When the last of the birds are settled, we will activate the electronic bands. 



   The end of the road is almost here. It was my job to collect all the pigeons and lucky for me, it is Linda's job to drive the training truck. Last year she also took the birds to the race points. I haven't asked yet this year but I am hoping.

    We collected a group of entries today and have a couple of flights and a few more local people to meet tomorrow. There are birds at the border but an issue with papers has held Dale up. We hope to see the birds Wednesday or Thursday. Then we're done.

    The health of the birds continues to be beyond expectations and 800 are starting to stretch out beyond our patch in the valley. One hundred more will get their freedom this week and the balance will have to wait untill the the end of the second week in June. Linda will take a few videos for her site and we will also activate the electronic bands so that we can give you an inventory when all the birds are here.

SUNDAY MAY 30, 2021

   Today we have been asked to do pickups. I will be in Woodstock at 10:00 AM at Tim's, hwy 59 south of the 401. At 11:00 I will be at Tim's on hwy 6 south of the 401.. At noon I will be in the  Mississauga area and by 12:30 I will be at Burger King on Dixie at Britannia. Call my cell if you need a pickup. 905 269 2348



   I have heard from several of you the problems you are experiencing with booking flights. Do not worry about what day you ship. We will pick up your birds no matter the day or time. Just let us know and send the waybill number. Last day for pickup is May 31 but as long as the birds were sent on the 31st, we'll pick up on Tuesday in the AM.

Thanks, Rick

SUNDAY MAY 23, 2021

   The birds are doing very well with the flocks getting larger and with more of and the birds flying longer and further afield. I couldn't be happier with the progress being made. 

   We will be in several parts of the province this week. Monday, early am, I will be near the US border by the Reynolds Rd Diner { 7:30 am]. On Tuesday I will be at Baden Feeds and will make stops in Guelph and any place along the 401 that you wish to meet me at. On Wednesday, I will be in Port Perry and the Oshawa area. On Thursday I will be at Pearson airport and our favourite Burger King.

   We have been asked by several people if they can enter the odd bird they have left over. At first we said teams only but since most birds are now here, we have been persuated by a smooth talker into excepting single birds. The cost will be  $ 263.00  apiece, $ 113 for the perch fee and 150.00 for the price money portion..



   The birds are well with an increase daily in the numbers flying further a field. Check Linda's videos on her Salem Special site on face book. Health continues to be the best we've ever had. We are using several natural products including Primalac, Health Guard, Ropa and the health system of Ocean Fly King. It's a bit of a balancing act deciding what they get and when cause it's been a long time since I was a nutrisionist, but so far it has worked well. Come June, when we start our training, we will par the use of these products back. By then, the birds own resistence to bugs will be in full swing and they should be able to handle the world without too much help.

   Besides our Thursday pickups, on Friday we will be in Cornwall, in the east end of Ontario, to meet with our friends from Quebec and the Ottawa areas. If you are looking for a pickup, please let us know at 905 355 1804 or my cell 905 269 2348.

Thanks, Rick

TUESDAY MAY 18, 2021

   Your birds are doing well. Untill the collection stops and all are settled, we donot push them out but give them open loft for 6 hours a day. By now, about 600 find their way out for baths, short laps around the loft and picking in the grass. A hundred or so have started flying over the valley. Hawks are few and far between these days with plenty of crows and ravens living in the area. Linda's had a fall that has slowed her down a bit but she will take a few videos this afternoon for her Salem site on face book.

   We will be in Toronto at Burger King and the airport on Thursday night, May 20. We should be there about 6:30 PM. Please call if you are delivering birds to me. 905 269 2348




TUESDAY MAY 11, 2021

   The bird  are doing very well. Four hundred and fifty are now going out and enjoying their freedom. Baths and picking in the grass are what they do best at this time. Their health is excellent with very little problems to deal with. So far, only 6 have had to visit sick bay and they have now returned to the flock. The hawk has managed to damage and snaffle a couple but he paid dearly for his mistakes. Linda will take a couple of video's this weekend for her site.

   This Thursday, the 13th, we will be at Pearson airport and Burger King on Dixie at Britannia Ave at 7 PM. Please call my cell if you are delivering birds that night, 905 269 2348.


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