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   The birds have had a short toss this morning, 43 KM. They are out this afternoon having a bath and picking in the grass. Tomorrow afternoon they will be loaded and taken for the Salem 280 M race. They are in excellent condition and Friday should prove to be an excellent race. Weather calls for mostly sunshine, a bit of cloud and a wind that will help push them along. 

   We will not be holding our 340 mile race on Sept 1st weekend. I cannot guarentee that our new system will be up and running plus the slight delay in the third race forces us to wait an extra week before the 340 M event. Sorry for this change. I know some of you have made plans and now have to change them. Weather will dictate what day the race will be held. We will keep you informed as we move along.


MONDAY AUG 19, 2019

  Linda took the birds to our 80 KM station, north of Madoc, this morning. The sky was cloudy, a few sprinkles fell but not enough to get their windshields wet. There were plenty of areas with sun. They came like gang busters. There were two way out front who came exactly on line. One trapped, they other sun bathed. The rest of the birds came from the north west with the wind pushing them a bit further west than they should have gone. Before I packed for lunch, 11:300 am, there were 450 + birds in the clock with others still flying around the loft.

   I have just received a message that our new clocking system will arrive in the States by weeks end. We hope to have it here next week.Cheques and diplomas for race 220 have been mailed out.



   The weather is not co-operating at all. The birds like it, I don't. The rain doesn't stop them at all from loft flying or grazing in the grass, but it stops us from taking them out for a toss. Actually, the rain doesn't stop me, the clouds touching the tree tops stop me. Lots of times I have trained my own birds in a light rain and never have I found it to be a problem.  Hopefully we will be able to fly the 280 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

   The new clocking system is schedules to arrive next week. Hope it does. We have had soo much flack regarding the cell systems slow downloading that we will not fly the 340 special untill the new  system is up and running. We hope to have it together before the 1st of the month but if it isn't, the race will be postponed untill it is up and running. Tomorrow, I will have a better idea of when it may arrive. I know some of you have booked hotels and campsites and we hate to disappoint you. We will let you know as soon as possible what is happening so that you can change your plans if needed.



   The birds have had a 3 1/2 day treatment for respiratory. Yesterday, a lot of the birds were handled and it was nice to see that they have recovered nicely from their last race and are almost ready to fly again. I was looking for a couple of birds that were here and then disappeared again. Two birds have come back late from the last race without their electronic bands. Such a pain when that happens. The process of reloading takes a bit of time and I spend all of it cursing the fool who forces me to do this. Yesterday, the birds had a 43 KM toss. The birds left the release site without doodling around and came straight home. We were installing more outlets for the new clocking system and were unable to run our clock yesterday. We are going again this morning and we will turn on the clocking system. Our new clocking system is ordered and when we have the delivery date, we'll let you know. Today, Bell is installing our land line for the internet. 

  The list of master breeder participants and their birds can be found on our website on our home page under events and races, Bernie's Master Breeder Award. 

  The next race in our series will be flown next week on the earliest suitable day possible.


2019-08-13 INVENTORY

   Today and yesterday were great for birds coming home. This morning there were 17 birds on the landing board when I went to the loft. It was suggested to me that the number of different combines now racing and people busy training their birds draw the birds back up and give them the desire to come home. If that's it , thanks for the help.

   I had to restart inventory because I put the wrong group in the wrong pen and lost count. these are all the birds in the loft and includes those that didn't race because of health or injuries or they were picked up or  returned to late and were to tired to race so soon. Most all of these birds will be ready for the main race.

   The Master breeder bird list will be up shortly on our website. 



   The birds were released at 8 AM into a blue sky with white clouds up high. The wind was from the north west blowing at a very steady pace. Half the birds came out of their crates and headed straight south without any hesitation at all. The other half headed east and then north, circling a few times before proceeded to chase the first flock. The wind did not change direction for 90 % of the way home. It did increase in strength. The last forty Kilometers to home, it came straight out of the west and along the lake, while at home, it became south west. While the first group came directly from the north, the end of the day saw the rest of the  birds coming from the south east. Check Linda's video on the Salem facebook site.

                                                     Congratulation to the money winners.

   1. Les Deux Suzannes....................$  2,750.00

   2. Seal Team 6..............................$  2,000.00

   3. Skyview Loft.............................$  1,500.00

   4. Jimmy Zheng Loft .....................$  1,000.00

   5. Him and Me .............................$     750.00

   6. Peter Dyck................................$     750.00

   7. 1-Tonyloft ................................$     500.00

   8. Jimmy Zheng Loft .....................$     500.00

   9. JK Loft 2 ..................................$     500.00

  10. TNT Tom ................................ $     500.00

  11. Marci/Briggs ............................$     500.00

  12. Siver Creek Loft ...................... $     500.00

   The birds will rest for a few days. We will do inventory of all the birds in the loft on Tuesday afternoon and evening.



Ricks computer doesnt work. Birds were up at 8 am. Weather was awesome. Good Luck - Linda


   The frustration we all have with this new cell phone/techie stuff is driving me to drink, lots! Luckely, the end to all this frustration is near and I can go back to just sipping a little drink now and then . We are switching over to a land line based system that shows results in real time. I have asked to have it all installed by our main race and hopefully they will follow through and complete the turn over in time. 

   The birds had an excellent toss this morning. They had a helping tail wind today. Upon arrival, most did a few more laps. One group enjoying the cool air, spent a considerable amount of time dipping and diving. The birds were extremely high when they arrived and had to corkscrew their way down to the loft. Fifteen birds did not train this morning. Of these, ten will not fly the second race.

   After consulting with my weather expert/pigeon flyers and the many sites available on line, we have decided to race on Sunday. I will be taking the birds for the 370 KM/220 M race.

Good luck to all participants.




    Yesterdays toss went well. The release time was wrong. The birds were let up at 9:30 am.  A lot of birds went to the ground an picked at the soil. Don't let the arrival time bother you. The first four hit the trap from the inside while I was putting down feed and changing the water. The last few sat on the trap while I was feeding this morning. Next time I'll shut the clock off. Today, the birds have gone 60 KM and will be up at 9:50 AM. Our plan is to have the next race on Monday. The weather looks promising and there will be no clashes with the combines.



   The birds are home and in the clock. Topigeon is working on the clocking system and the results will be show as soon as possible.


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