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   Best wishes to all. Enjoy your family time and we wish you all the best in the new year.

   We have had a few calls from people who have not received their package from this years race. In the last few days we have discoverd that there are mistakes on the info you supplied when you registered on our site. There was one without an apartment number, one with a mistake in their postal code and one who couldn't receive mail at that address. The rest, I have no clue where they are and asking at the post office only brought a shrug and we'll look into it.  Please check the info that you supplied carefully and make sure it is correct. We have checked on online banking and find that 14 have not been cashed. I will call you all the first of the week and deliver your package to you. On Thursday, Linda will put stop payment on the cheques and we will send by registered mail to those who live too far away to meet, the rest, again, will deliver by hand. 


MONDAY DEC 2, 2019

   All of our mail outs are done and will be on their way as soon as I get to the post office today. My terrible book keeping embarressed me into doing all the work by myself so sorry for the length of time it took. I am about to wrap myself into a cocoon for a week or two and return with a better attitude and some get up and go. 

   Don't forget, the payout is based on 178 teams that paid their fees, posted on the message board on July 11, 2019. On the website, the payout was based on 200 paid teams. Therefore, the adjustments.

   We will be posting up coming changes to the new season on both the website and on this message board. Stay tuned. 


NOV. 27, 2019

  Last night I received an unpleasent phone call. The kind that keeps you awake all night and just makes your stomach churn and makes you want to pack the whole pigeon thing in. I was accused of altering the payouts of this years race that I posted on July 11, 2019 on updates/wincompanion. I was accused of reducing the payouts for the 340 main race in my favour, robbing him of $ 500.00 that he felt he had coming to him. Now it seems to me that changing a payout after it had been published for all to see would be the dumbest thing I could ever do. I have done things that are stupid and I will continue to do stupid things but changing a payout after the fact, no! The payout was based on 178 teams at $ 700.00 entry fees per team, that comes to $ 124,600.00 in prize money. Total paid when you add all the prizes up, was $ 125.000.00 . I added an extra $400.00 to make the payouts in the 340 main race come out to 25 prizes.

   After listening to my caller babble on for 5 minutes and without having a chance to speak at all, I hung up on him. By that time, I had nothing nice to say and mom always said" if you can't say anything nice, hang up".  Sorry I hung up and also sorry your so upset. Nothing I say will make you see it my way but to accuse me of cheating, sticks in my craw. Enjoy your hobby, but no longer on my turf.

   I decided this had to be placed out in the open. If you didn't hear this from me, you would surely hear this from him.


MONDAY, NOV. 4, 2019

   Each year, when the racing season ends and all that's left to do is the crying, I get into a downward spiral of funk. Worse yet, I wrap it around me and I refuse to let anyone in to help cheer me up and lessen the load. I'm a great one for giving advice but I'm not very good at following it myself. Shorter days and a lack of sunshine is a bummer. I can't imaging what it must be like living near the top of the world in semi darkness for a good part of the year. And then, someone comes along and cuts off the birds eband and its permanent marker. We have a very nice , slate check bird that came home without either band. He's from the races and he's too nice to just not use him. If you check Linda's Salem face book you can have a look at him. If he is yours, I'll get him to you. Who ever did this, I hope you get fungus between your toes and it ruins your socks and shoes.

   I have completed all of the race, pools, Master breeder sheets and they are being printed the first of this week and the complete package will be mailed out as quickly as possible.

   We are making a few small changes to the race and we will try to update our website soon to let you know what's happening. 



  With the end of the racing season comes all the other tasks that you have let slide all summer long. We have sold our house, made arrangements for a rental and have bought a chunk of land within a half kilometre of the loft where we will build our new house, barn and lofts. Not only have we had to prepare our property for sale, I have also had to complete promises made to help others finish their construction projects. In between the work, we have met lots of people at various locations and have shipped almost everything that needs to go by plane. Time now to clean up all the paper work.

   My lofts are gone, my fly pens are all dismantled and all have been given away. We have helped a couple of new fanciers with new stock and a couple of friends with an infusion that we hope helps them. The balance of our birds are being housed by our friends Voyo and Josie and will be brought to the Salem Loft untill the new lofts are built. We have decided to reduce the number of birds we keep for ourselves. I want to do a proper job and be competitive. Too many birds makes it impossible to do that. A small team to race, a small number to send to other one loft races and a few to sell and trade, that's all I should need. This fall we will have a sale on Choice Pigeon.

   There are 45 birds left in the loft and these will be shipped and delivered in the next few days. Then, time then to prepare for next year. 

   After the birds arrived home from the 400 mile race, there were 3 late birds that died after arriving home. All three had dirty, rough beaks with black marks, dirty faces and died an unpleasant death. All were late comers and died in the night of coming home. We believe they picked at winter wheat being planted at race time and were poisoned. I took their bodies home and placed them on our back deck and forgot about them that night. The next day, Linda tossed them in the garbage and off they went. Neither of us wrote down the numbers. There was a fourth who came home 4 days late and died sitting quietly on his perch. It had flown it's heart out. That one I reported to the owner. Also, I gave one bird to the wrong person. This year there were a large number of birds that had the same numbers but different letters. An example Nia 105, CU 105, CP 105, NR 105 and so on. Please check your bird. I am missing  CU 19 HC 108 BB. I know he was here, I handled him twice. Your help would be appreciated and we will pay an award. 

   Our hearts go out to the Ward family of the Hoosier Race. A disaster such as the one that struck them is an awful cross to bear.



   Approximately 160 birds have been shipped out or picked up. On Saturday, I will be shipping from Pearson airport but only a couple of shipments. I find I make too many mistakes when I have to count over ten. I will also be in Woodstock at Tims, 59/401 at about 11 AM, give or take a bit. On the way back I will make a couple of stops to hand over a few birds I missed Wednesday. Early in the week I will again be at the airport for the BC birds and Alberta birds. Thanks, Rick


  I have started handing out pigeons. I have delivered the birds for Quebec and those north of Oshawa. On Wednesday birds will be at the Burger King, Dixie and Britania Ave in Mississauga. I have a lot and I will also have the birds for north of TO. All the Borden banded birds will be with me. If we don't connect, I'll be making another trip on Saurday for Windsor birds and those who were missed. Call my cell, 905 269 2348. Rick


   Last evening, a local mishap shut down our phone lines. They will be up and running later today. I will have the sorting of the birds completed tomorrow and will start meeting with you all next week. Out of town birds will also be shipped at the end of the week. There are 307 birds in the loft at present. 


TUESDAY, SEPT. 24. 2019

  The number of birds returning home  from the last race has slowed to a trickle. The last few home are in dire need of a rest. We are working at sorting the birds out by areas of the country and when we are ready, we will meet you at a central point that suits both you and me. Birds that need to be shipped by air will happen next week.The birds home on the first and second day are ready to go racing again. Tough little creatures aren't they.

  We thank everyone who participated in our race series and hope you will join us next year. The concept of the race will stay the same, 5 races and 3 average speeds plus prize money that is spread out over as many spots as possible. There will, however, be some changes. We'll let you know soon what they will be.

   Again, thanks to everyone and congratulation to all the winners.

Adam, Dyann, John, Linda, Rick


   So sorry for the delay in congratulating those of you who own such fantastic racers. In a month or so, they have flown 1420 miles in races ( 2272 KM ) plus I don't remember how many trips they made in training tosses. My guess is they covered well over 3000 KM in the month. I would be proud to own any one of them

   First, the winners of the Salem 400 Special.

1. V&V Loft

2. Stingray Loft

3. Pigeonempire. com

4. Joe and Mike

5. Castleguard Loft

6. Majk

7. Wayne Lochbaum

8. Seal Team Six

9. Seal Team Six

10. V&V Loft

11. B&S Loft 4

12. Pigeons of Peace

13. Cruz and Vasco

14. Vintage Loft


Long Average Speed

1. Seal Team Six....................PH 19 BB 0308

2. Seal Team Six....................PH 19 BB 0314

3. Majk................................AU 19 ARPU 47047

4. Vintage Loft......................AU 19 VINT 0005

5. Castleguard Loft................AU 19 ARPU 69858


Overall Avrage Speed

1. Seal Team Six...................PH 19 BB 0314

2. Silvercreek Loft.................CU 19 HV 2096

3. Seal Team Six..................PH 19 BB 0308

4. Stingray Loft.....................CU 19 CU 3114

5. Silvercreek Loft................CU 19 HV 2095

Congratulations for such terrific showings.

   Today, my club mate Ashley and I watched the birds come home just minutes apart and almost all from the north. Without the strain of the previous day, it was pure pleasure to see them circle, dive and drop right in. 






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