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   The birds here have settled in to their new home in record time. Already they are using the aviares and the settling cage on the landing board. Soon we will start the breaking process. Health is excellent. While a few birds were only vaccinated once, the rest were done twice. For that, I am gratefull. All received a booster shot from us.

   Thursday evening, 15th,  I will be at Pearson airport for my weekly pickups. There are some late arrivals so I can meet you well into the evening. 

   On Saturday, 17th,  I will be at Tim's, 401 and 59, at 11 AM. By 11:30 I will be heading east and I can meet anyone who has birds along the 401. Please call and let me know where you want to meet.



   Birds are arriving at a quick pace. We are in Burlington, Ontario for business reasons on Monday. We are already meeting one fancier. Feel free to join us. Call my cell at 905 269 2348 if you wish to meet me. I will be at the  Burger King on Dixie Rd at Britannia Rd at 6;30 PM Monday evening. Several will meet me there, feel free to come, just let me know what time you'll be there. After that, if you need me to stop, I can as I go east along the 401. I will be at the airport Thursday for flights arriving from the west coast. On April 10, I will be in the Ottawa area stopping at the Dutch Touch Loft. On the 15th of April I will be at the USA border near Gananoque. On April 17 I will start in Woodstock at 11 AM for my usual run. I will give an update  when we get closer to the day. On the 18th, I want to rest.

   We all need to follow the Covid protocols. 

   The birds here now are enjoying their vast accomodations.



    The season has begun. The first group of birds arrived on the first day of April. All were vaccinated twice. Thank you for listening to the experts. Please call when you have birds that are ready for pickup so that we can arrange a time. I will be in Burlington on Monday so for those that live in the surrounding area, we can meet. Please call my cell when we are on the road. 905 269 2348. Thanks, Rick

MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2021

   Today I am taking the time out to give you a bit of an update. In the evening I fall asleep the minute I step into the house and take off my boots. Mornings are the times to get things done. The new loft has kept us off the streets, that and the Virus. Actually, I picked a great year to rebuild, there's nothing good on the television anyway. 

   The loft is, for the most part, done. The fine tuning will be an on going thing and the painting will be done over the summer. The driveway, the new office and hospital are next on the agenda. 

   Our first pickup for 2021 will be at the border to the USA, in the morning of April 1, at the Gananoque crossing.. There are also birds being delivered that afternoon to the loft and there is a flight arriving from Western Canada in the evening. Birds are coming from the Ottawa area so if yours are ready and you need a ride, check with your fellow fanciers entered in our race in your neighbourhood.

   I will be at the Dutch Touch Loft on April 10 to deliver my own birds and to pick up the first shipment from the province of Quebec. If your birds are ready soon please send an email to make srrangements to meet. Once we are rolling we will hit all our old pick up spots on a weekly basis.

   This year we have added a printable entry form on our website. You can find it by going to our home page and checking under Events and Races. Please use it when delivering your birds. It makes my life a little easier. The little bits of paper and cigarette packages were too easy for me to loose and too difficult to decipher.  

   Keep safe, stay healthy and I'll see you soon.



   Our new loft is almost complete. The couple of missing roof panels will be here on Tuesday and the new landing board will be done at the end of next week. Inside is moving right along with all perches now ready to be installed on the new white partitions. The exterior painting will have to wait untill April. We will be up and ready to go for the April rush.

   Don't forget to vacinate your babies. If you can do it twice and wait until they are 50 days old, that would be perfect. If you can only do it once, we will give them the second shot. Infact, all arrivals will get a shot. If you can't give them a shot at all, we will give them the required shots but you're the one taking the gamble. 

   At present we have over 900 birds registered and are expecting lots more. If you are bringing your birds around the first of the month, please give me a heads up. 

  Stay safe and see you soon. 



  The framing of our new loft is complete. The exterior is 80% closed in. Today we are completing the soffits and fascia and then we are ready for the steel roof. The cold and the snow has made the job a bit tougher but not impossible. 

  When you express a thought to a few people, they soon become rumours so I best explain my future plans right now. Linda and I are buying an ocean side home in Nova Scotia. When the restrictions are lifted we will be going there to hopefully make a deal. We are not moving there. It will be a summer home for my extended family and a fall place for us. When I am ready to pass along the OLR, we will move there. My retirement age has been moved to eighty, that's still a bit away. Our right hand man, Arliss, has agreed to continue with his apprenticeship and with luck, he'll learn only my good habits and none of the bad. When he has passed your approval, he'll be the man to take over. In the meantime, I'll be here to crack the whip.

   We are getting closer to our hoped for limit with 805 birds now registered.

See you soon, Rick


     The construction of our new loft is coming right along. Walls and flypens are up, front of the roof is up and all the rafters for the back section are cut and ready to install. With a little help from my friends, the framing will be complete by the end of the coming week. Lucky for me that there are a diehard group that hate to see me struggle along on my own and come out to help on their days off. I feel sorry for wallflowers that have no friends cause friends are your saving grace.

   We are past the halfway mark for entrants into the race. While we now have room for 2000 birds, we prefer to cap the race at 1400. We look forward to our upcoming season and if you haven't yet decided wether to join the excitment or just watch, I leave you with the last text I got from one of the last fancier to join the race when I thanked him for participating. " If you don't enter, you can't win.'


JANUARY 17, 2021

   We are in lock down. When I say we I mean the province of Ontario, not me. Grandkids move and they need help. Lofts need to be built, birds can't do it on their own. Lock down for me means I can't go to my most favourite breakfast spot and enjoy reading their paper while I eat and have a coffee.

   I am what my kids call "an old fart with old fashion ideas". I forget I am not allowed to shake hands and I want to do that. Most times I forget to wear my face mask. To them I am a walking germ. To ease their concern I got tested. I am negative. I figure all most all pigeon fanciers will be negative. We come in contact with so many different ailments that come with the breeding and racing of pigeons that after fifty plus years of exposure, we are immune to it all. 

   The building of the new loft is moving right along. The walls, except for 15 feet along the front, are up. The inside partitions are up. Next week the front and the front fly pens and the framework for the landing deck will go together. Most of the roof structure is ready to be lifted into place and the steel and clear roof panels are all here.

   I am enjoying the build. The cold weather, not so much. Hitting your hand with a hammer and dropping partitions on frozen toes gives a special feel to it in the artic cold. { It hasn't been that bad really, I just enjoy feeling sorry for myself at times.}

  Emails and phone calls are constantly coming in and the almost all have the same query. Do I have to inject my birds for PMV. Honestly, I can't understand why you would want to send your birds without the proper protection and gamble your money away. We vaccinate the birds upon arrival and we will again vaccinate after 3 weeks in the loft. This is just to catch the ones you missed and to protect our season. We and you have been told by the vets that the first shot only provides 15%  protection and second shot provides 85% protection. Do yourself a favour and inoculate at 15 days and again at 30 days and keep them home untill they are 50 days old. What we do at the loft will only enhance what you have done. Arliss, Jorja, Paul, LInda and I are looking forward to racing your birds this summer and what you do will start them off on the right track. We will have crossed all our t's and dotted our i's by the time the first bird arrives. You doing your part just makes our part so much more enjoyable.

   Most all of you have mated up your breeders by now and are banding your future champions. We have ours and we too anticipate one becoming our champion.



    Christmas day, the one day I that I so look forward to every year. I get to sit, eat and drink, three things I am very good at and enjoy very much. This year, Linda and I get to do it all alone and while I am OK with not having to share my food, I'll miss the conversations. My kids, when all together are loud and each works hard to make their point known [ must get it from their mother ]. You don't realizre how comforting all that noise is untill you sit alone and have snoring dogs to listen to.

    The new loft is coming right along. The deck is almost complete, with only a bit of framing left to do and the new grated floors to install along the back sections. By the end of next week we will be ready to stand up the prefabed walls. That will go quickly. My friends have been calling to see if I need a hand and when the walls go up, that's when I'll need it. Linda will be there to film a bit of it. She says it's like an old fashion barn raising and because it is being done by a group of men who passed the age of seventy some time ago, she has hired the Paramedic's to be on standby.

   We are so looking forward to the new year, one we hope that will eventually be without restrictions that keep us apart. 

   From Linda and I and all our staff, we wish you the best holiday season you can possibly have. Keep safe and warm and see you in the spring.

 Rick and Linda


    We have spent the afternoon packing up and we are ready to deliver your birds. We will be in Woodstock at 10 AM at Tim's on Hwy 59 north of the 401. We expect to be there for 15 minutes and then we are off to Tim's on Hwy 6 just north of the 401. We expect to be there at 11 AM and will stay for 30 minutes. Our next stop is the Best Buy parking lot just south of the 401 on Winston-Churchill. We will be there by 12:30 and will only be there for 15 minutes. Our fourth stop will be at Burger KIng on the north west corner of Dixie and Britannia, arriving at about 1 PM. We will be here for 30 minutes or so. If you need a stop between Dixie and Markham, please call my cell at 905 269 2348 at 1 PM and we will schedule a stop. If no calls, we will be at McDonalds, south of the 401 on Markham road in the back parking lot at about 2:30 PM. From there our next stops are by request only. No calls, no stops till I get home. If you have won money and are meeting me, I have your cheques and diploma and payout sheets with me. If you weren't so lucky, I have the payout sheets. 

See you on Sunday, Rick and Linda

PS All together, 210 birds have come home out of 221 sent to Englehart.

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