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    For those of you who didn't know, I am deaf. Partially due to not taking the care needed while running saws and other noisy tools and partly because of the number of times I have smacked my head against beams and things. Banging my head didn't stop me from hearing, it only slowed down the amount of time it takes for the words I hear to register. All this makes communicating with me frustrating, for both sides. I get tired of saying "could you repeat that please" and the rest of the world gets tired of telling me things over and over again. I have hearing aids, good ones to. I can hear a mouse fart in the next field. I can hear the clicking of the pigeons nails on the floor. I can hear my wife sneaking up behind me before she thumps me to get my attention. But, I don't wear them.

   When I wear them, I feels like I am under water or someone has clamped their hands over my ears. I'm told that if I wear them all the time, I will get used to it. Someday, I will do that.  For now, I don't want to hear farting mice, tapping toes and I enjoy the startling effect a whack on the back of the head brings. This brings us to trying to reach me. Forget the cell phone. Now that I am not running around picking up birds, I don't have it in my hand. At our house, stuck in between the hills, we have no reception and even if we had it, I can't hear it ring. I never check messages, not because I don't want to, but because I never ever picked up that habit. If it isn't ringing, I don't ever think" Gosh I wonder who called and left me a message". You need to talk to me, call back. It may be the wrong attitude for this day and age but it is the one I have. For the phone in the house, it works but call in the evening. After 9 PM is a great time but not after 10, I,ve fallen asleep. 

   I have learned to check my emails. I do that most evenings but I always check early in the morning. For most of my adult life, I read the paper and drank my coffee at the break of dawn, before my family got up. It was my Zen moment. Now, the paper boy doesn't want to get up that early so I check the computor instead. If I have a full day ahead of me, I sometimes put things off but most of the time, I answer right away.

About 7oo birds have been pushed outside to enjoy the fresh air. It is great to watch. The older ones create large flocks and are increasing the distance and length of flying time each time they are out. The newbies think they are Kamikazi pilots. A couple have whacked the end of the loft and have hurt themselves. Most pull up short. The last group will be joining the main flock this coming weekend. 

   Almost all of the electronic bands are on. We will have a hand inventory ready for this weekend. There are a couple of computer glitches that have to be sorted out. Most have to do with my fingers and my brain not communicating with each other.

  I have started sitting on the landingboard when the birds are out. I speak to them or rather mumble to them.  It amazes me how inquisitive they are, coming right over to me. Or, maybe it's just that I'm sitting on their spot.

   Enjoy the sun. Your birds and I do.



Hi All. 

The birds that are out are flying well. They are starting to explore the area. They are leaving the valley and disappearing from sight. Little by little, the late comers are joining the main flock. By the middle of June, all should be out and flying. Our traps are now working and the birds are recording when they come in. Next week we will start posting on Wincompanion and we can do a loft inventory. Until all the birds are all out and about, the inventory will be incomplete.

I still have birds to enter into the system and we will be much closer to the nine hundred bird mark. Between pickups, daily care, loft completion and a little time for my own birds, evenings get shorter and shorter and the time on the computor gets put off. 

The following is a list of people competing in the Master Breeder series. 

Upper Canada Loft

Flying K9'S

Tatlong Bebe

Sumac Loft 1

Sumac Loft 2

Le Deux Suzanne

K. Harry - Paul

Granby Loft 1

Granby Loft 2

Piotr Wilk 

Chinese Curry

Chinese Fried Rice

V&V Loft 1

V&V Loft 2

Weekend at Bernie's

Lucky 7

Rio and Max

Him and Me

B&S Loft 4

Pigeonempire.com Guido Madruson


Jason Mihalec

Jack's Fire Loft 1

Jack's Fire Loft 2

Jack's Fire Loft 3

Jack's Fire Loft 4

Mario Rae and Son

Texiera Loft

Seal Team 6

Robert Richard

Y2K Loft

3-Legged Loft

Brothers Loft

Oscar and Lucas

Lofty Asperations

Archie and Sydney

Nanez and Bator

Mike Bator

Buffalo Willies

Dutch Touch


Team Portugal


If I have accidentally left you off the list or you still want to join, please call asap and we will correct our mistake or add you on.




Ive been neglecting my responsibilities. Between loft work, meeting people and picking up birds, the days are too long and the evenings to short. I will do better though and keep you updated.

The birds are doing well. Several hundred love their outdoor time. Lots fly with one group already starting to motor throughout the valley. Bath time and dirt picking are still the preferred pastimes. 

We have had issues with health. We've seen it all. If you didn't get a phone call, your birds weren't involved. Some of you poxed your birds. A little showed up in our loft but even that didn't go very far. Dr Rubin has been very helpful. We spray with Virkon each week and that, I believe, helps a lot. 

In the evening, some of your birds develope Sundowners desease. When the sun dips behind the hills behind us, the birds become skittish and stupid. The log shadows scare the crap out of them and then they can't remember how to land on the deck and find their way in. Sometimes, I can't get some in and they spend the night out. Come morning, in the bright sun, landing is easy and they are banging on the door to get in. Food is in front of them all day long so they are hard to call in. At present, they need to grow, later we will gain control.

Hawks have not been a great problem. We have an abundance of crows in the neighbourhood and they know their job well. We have been hit by a falcon of sorts, but only once have I seen that.

Each day I see wild turkeys in the field but none have tried to land on the landing board, as of yet. 

Our new clocking system is being installed this week. You will be able to see the birds as they enter the trap on Wincompanion. Not all birds will be going over the trap so please don't panic if you donot see the number of all your birds. Not all birds are out as of yet and about 250 will not be seen untill they get their freedom.

Replacement birds have arrived. If yours is not here yet, you still have time. One of us is home everyday but it is better if you call ahead of time. I will be at the Toronto Airport on Thursday, May 30 from about 5:30 till 9:00 PM. Call or text if you are planning to meet up with me. If other arrangements are needed, call me.



   There are still a couple of small problems to resolve. Three birds still need to be entered and I don't know where they belong and I have to teach my fingers to listen to my brain before they strike a key. Saturday I wiped out 400 birds. Having your wife in tears doesn't make you feel very good. Lucky for me, she still thinks I am a nice guy and we managed to do it all again and we completed the job on Sunday evening. It isn't a perfect list. We found a couple of mistakes and we have corrected the information but now the birds need to be scanned again. I have to wait for Terry to go over the whiole scheme of things and then we can run the birds through the trap. Meanwhile, we have our hand inventory and I will publish now, the list of missing birds. Some are missing because of desease, some have disappeared off the roof, two were struck down by the hawk. Replacement birds will be excepted till the end of the month. I have two sections that will take all the latecomers. This way, we can give them the time and care they need to settle in. We will receive birds up to sunday night, June 2, 2019. We hear everyday how far behind everyone is because of the new norm in our weather patterns.


3 Legged Loft   1, A Tanaka    1, Andres Gomes    1, Andy Lewandowski    1, Appi;s Loft    1,

Big Andy/Jack Black    1, Chinese Curry    1, Cruz/Vasco    1, Duhra Loft    1, Eastern Pearl Loft    1,

Eldorado Loft Canada    1, Faith and Feathers    1, Gatti vs Ward    1, Gold Star Loft    1, Granby   1,

JK Loft 2    1, Jaylbird    1, JC Loft 2    1, Joe Splinter    1, KC Moore    1, Lofty Aspirations    1, 

My Lucky Day    1, Oscar and Lucas    1, Peter Dyck    1, PhillippiansDe Guzman    1,               

Phoebe and Connie    1, Piotr Wilk    1, Rick Fyfe    1, Rio and Max   1, Russel Spring    1,         

Shah Khan    1, Shaw Family Loft    1, Stingray Loft    1, Sumac Loft    1, T & D     `1, Tn't    1,

Vettese/Monardo/Cheblowski    1, Wayne Lochbaum    1.




   Sunshine, what a day. I hope it lasts a bit longer than an hour. I saw fish swimming up our driveway. Yesterday, the five of us completed the e-ring and and pmv for all collected birds on hand. When downloading from Top pigeon to Wincompanion, a glitch in Wincompanion removed all our hard work. A tiny bit of a heartbreak there.  Fortunately, Terry at Wincompanion was able to use our files and restore the info for 473 birds and also repair the glitch. While that helps, I still have to handle all the birds again and redo the ones whose files are incomplete. A bit hard on the birds but I will be gentle. Bathing will help calm them down again. I will try my best to have the list ready for tomorrow. 



   Our schedule is a bit hectic at the moment. We are clipping on e-bands but have to stop to receive birds, pick up at the border, the airport and every second driveway in between. Not that I mind. I feel like superman { without the tights thank you} go, go, go, go! There are about 570 birds in the loft and almost 900 are registered.

  The e-bands are taking a bit more time than what I had planned. We will be done in time for a run through the traps on the weekend to give us an inventory list. If you need to replace a bird but can't get it here next weekend, don't panic. The birds will stay seperated for a couple of weeks so a bit late won't matter much. I am late, you can be a bit late.

  Building the loft was more of a challenge than I cared to admit. I am glad I did it but fishing in the Caribbean, I don't know for sure but that may have been the better one to pick.

  This Thursday, May 16, I have 4 stops that you can take advantage of.

1, Bowmanville at 1:30 PM

2, McDonalds on Markham Road just south of the 401 at 2;45 PM

3, Bradford at Tim's on the main darag, west end of town near the 400 and on the North side of the road by the CIBC Bank around 4, 4:30 PM.

4. at Burger King, Dixie at Britania on the north,west corner from 6 on till my last flight comes in.

Please call my cell if you plan on being at any stop. 905-269-2348. I donot want to miss you.

Three hundred birds are flying well. Others sre starting to dip and dive and flip around the loft. Baths and picking at the dirt pile are their favourite things to do. The end of the month will see their schedule change as work will replace play. Soon, Linda can take some time to take photos for her face book thingie, Check Friday.

Thanks, Rick


   We have our new clocking system and we have started with eband activation. By Tuesday we should have all on and ready to go. We hope to do inventory on Wednesday. Bernie Bedard will be coming to the loft on the 25th of May. Any one who lives out east can make arrangements with Bernie and he will deliver the birds for you. On Tuesday I am scheduled to be at the US border at Alexander Bay so you can also meet me along the 401 on that day. I am delivering the Niagara Falls birds on Thursday so you can also give those to me. Thursday I will also be at the Toronto airport for my weekly pickups. If you have any horses or cows or sheep you need transported, I'll fit them in to. Why not eh!

   The birds are developing well. Lots are eager to get out and fly. Baths are a regular thing now. I do not force fly them yet. That will hapen when everybody is settled and has had a few easy days.

   Thanks for signing up. 


MAY 6, 2019

    Hope all is well and that you and your house are still where you are suppose to be. Between wind, rain and melting snow, we've had enough. I don't know about you, but I am tired of trudging up hill in the mud and then sliding down. The grass is starting to grow but I'll need rubber tracks on my lawn mower to cut it.

   The birds are now outside every afternoon. There are about 320 that know when I open the trap  that it's time to go out. Some are so eager, they fly to it every time I walk by it. The largest flock I've seen flying together was about 200 birds. It was only for 5 minutes but was great to see. Mostly it's up and down, twice around the field and then back again, They bathe every couple of days and this they all look forward to. I wish my kids had been so eager to clean up when they were young.

   A touch of youngbird sickness came with a small group of out of town birds and we lost 7 of them. I have been giving all the birds aroniaberry syrup in their water and no other birds have become ill. I take a bit of the syrup every day. Helps keep your system working well so what's good for me is good for them.

   Each day brings a few more birds. Get in touch if you need directions or need to meet at a special place and thanks for entering the Salem Special.





   The first group of birds are comfortable with their daily life. Eat breakfast, digest your food, have a bit of lunch, digest your food, listen for the trap to open and then scoot outside for a bit of flying. After an hour or so of mucking about, the trap is opened again and it doesn't take them very long to head back in and wait for the main meal.

   The second batch, about 160 birds, know where the trap is for their area and most spend the day going in and out of the settling cage. With the first group out, they are chomping at the bit, waiting for their turn to fly free. By weekend, they will be out to. This group has been vaccinated and soon all will have the run of six sections. 

   The weather has slowed down loft flying a bit but not their desire to pick in the dirt. Besides bathing, dirt picking is the number one activity of the day.

   More birds are arriving on Thursday. On Sunday, we will be in Woodstock. Thanks to those who have signed up.



   We are picking up along the 401 today and on Dixie at the Burger King. There are flights arriving from the west coast and the prairies. On Saturday, I will be in Woodstock at 9 AM for the west side pick up and on Sunday at the Irving Gas station near Cornwall for the far east side. 

   The birds are doing well. The first group have been in an out several times and the second batch have been in the settling cage while the rest are flipping about. They will be out on Saturday afternoon to try their wings.

   The rest of our perches are here. The birds look very confused. They don't know where to sit, just too many places to go. 


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