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   We have our new clocking system and we have started with eband activation. By Tuesday we should have all on and ready to go. We hope to do inventory on Wednesday. Bernie Bedard will be coming to the loft on the 25th of May. Any one who lives out east can make arrangements with Bernie and he will deliver the birds for you. On Tuesday I am scheduled to be at the US border at Alexander Bay so you can also meet me along the 401 on that day. I am delivering the Niagara Falls birds on Thursday so you can also give those to me. Thursday I will also be at the Toronto airport for my weekly pickups. If you have any horses or cows or sheep you need transported, I'll fit them in to. Why not eh!

   The birds are developing well. Lots are eager to get out and fly. Baths are a regular thing now. I do not force fly them yet. That will hapen when everybody is settled and has had a few easy days.

   Thanks for signing up. 


MAY 6, 2019

    Hope all is well and that you and your house are still where you are suppose to be. Between wind, rain and melting snow, we've had enough. I don't know about you, but I am tired of trudging up hill in the mud and then sliding down. The grass is starting to grow but I'll need rubber tracks on my lawn mower to cut it.

   The birds are now outside every afternoon. There are about 320 that know when I open the trap  that it's time to go out. Some are so eager, they fly to it every time I walk by it. The largest flock I've seen flying together was about 200 birds. It was only for 5 minutes but was great to see. Mostly it's up and down, twice around the field and then back again, They bathe every couple of days and this they all look forward to. I wish my kids had been so eager to clean up when they were young.

   A touch of youngbird sickness came with a small group of out of town birds and we lost 7 of them. I have been giving all the birds aroniaberry syrup in their water and no other birds have become ill. I take a bit of the syrup every day. Helps keep your system working well so what's good for me is good for them.

   Each day brings a few more birds. Get in touch if you need directions or need to meet at a special place and thanks for entering the Salem Special.





   The first group of birds are comfortable with their daily life. Eat breakfast, digest your food, have a bit of lunch, digest your food, listen for the trap to open and then scoot outside for a bit of flying. After an hour or so of mucking about, the trap is opened again and it doesn't take them very long to head back in and wait for the main meal.

   The second batch, about 160 birds, know where the trap is for their area and most spend the day going in and out of the settling cage. With the first group out, they are chomping at the bit, waiting for their turn to fly free. By weekend, they will be out to. This group has been vaccinated and soon all will have the run of six sections. 

   The weather has slowed down loft flying a bit but not their desire to pick in the dirt. Besides bathing, dirt picking is the number one activity of the day.

   More birds are arriving on Thursday. On Sunday, we will be in Woodstock. Thanks to those who have signed up.



   We are picking up along the 401 today and on Dixie at the Burger King. There are flights arriving from the west coast and the prairies. On Saturday, I will be in Woodstock at 9 AM for the west side pick up and on Sunday at the Irving Gas station near Cornwall for the far east side. 

   The birds are doing well. The first group have been in an out several times and the second batch have been in the settling cage while the rest are flipping about. They will be out on Saturday afternoon to try their wings.

   The rest of our perches are here. The birds look very confused. They don't know where to sit, just too many places to go. 



     The landing board of our new loft is no longer known as the landing board. It is now the poop deck. Doesn't take them very long to leave their mark. The birds have been out two times. On Saturday, just a few found out the settling cage had been moved. On Sunday, all of the first group found out. They spent about two hours going from the loft to the piles of top soil and all had the scare of their short life time when a pair of noisy geese came over the loft. A couple of circles around the loft and then right back down. They are already listening to my tapping stick when I want them to move and I was able to walk them into the trap with my tap tap tap. Very good for the first time out. Their was one who was stubborn and decided that being out was better. Came from a loft south of Ottawa, home of the stubborn people.

     There are about 160 birds in the loft, I will update the list as the week moves on. Next week will see a major increase in jail mates.  For those who wish to know, feed is Baden's DB breeding mix with peanuts added plus Badens pigeon mix. I mix two pigeon to one DB, add a few peanuts every day and add 10 percent Baden's pellets. Their appetites have doubled since they have grown used to their new home. At present, water has garlic and cider vinegar a few days per week. This weeks arrivals will spend time in the settling cage and then will join the rest next weekend.

Keep the entries coming and good luck to all in the races.

Rick, Linda, Dyann and John


  The birds are doing well. They are now OK with the settling cage and bop in an out of it all day long. End of the week and the first group will be out and about. The inside of the loft, except for a few sets of perches, is done. Now to complete the exterior. Hopefully the weather will be on our side.

    On April 28 we will pickup the Eastern Ontario birds along the 401 starting in Cornwall at the Irving Station at 11 AM. I will stop where necessary on the way home. We will be at the airport in Toronto this Thursday. April 18, in the  evening at 6 PM or a bit earlier depending on traffic. We will also be in Hamilton at Tim,s at 4 pm. We will pick up in Woodstock when ever you are ready in the west. Please call me.



    I've become a robot. Every morning I drag myself out of bed, dress, eat what I can find, pick up what ever tool is laying about and do some work. At least, that's what it feels like. I'm glad I am retired. I would never have the time to do this much work if I had a job.

   The little things in a building are dragging on. We are so close to completing the inside. I hate the little details. I like banging up the walls and roof. At the end of the day, you feel like super man.

   The birds here are doing well. They have adjusted to their new home and are ready to start the breaking process. There are fanciers coming to the loft this weekend and lots have phoned for next weeks pickup. 

   As is life with Rick, I have destroyed another phone. I'll have that problem solved shortly, sorry if it has frustrated you when you have called. Bugs the pants off me too. Linda will be back soon to take photos and update her face book thingy. 

   Thanks to you who have signed up for our events.



  Finally, a little sun, a lttle heat, no snow or rain. It seems it takes longer than in the past for spring to kick into gear. It's probanly just me. I've  become an old fart, just like my dad. My next job is to drive my kids mad, just like my dad did to me. It's the only way you can get them out of the house and keep them out. 

  We are coming along with the new loft. Loads of small things still need to be done but everyday, we accomplish a bit more. Mostly, we need to move our tools out of the building, install the traps and a few more doors to close off the hallway. Painting can wait a few more weeks. The addition for storage, sick bay and our office will begin at the end of next week.

  We have youngsters in the loft and they look great. They spent a day of them trying to hide from us but now they have taken a shine to their new digs and they are busy exploring. Most any time of the day, you will find a mess of them lying around enjoying the sun{ when its out} and fresh air when the shutters are wide open.

  Call and let me know when your birds are ready. We'll make arangements to meet or if you want, you are welcome to come on out and see our new place.




    Snow, lots of it. What a thing to wake up to. March came in like a lion and I think the lion stayed around and ate the lamb. Today, three brave souls are coming over to help complete the skin on the building. The east side is covered, the south side is covererd, the west side is covered except the solid shutters have to be hung. The north side we will finish today. The doors for all the sections are here, ready to go and all the track is already in the loft. Perches will be brought over and placed in their sections. Tomorrow we will start at one end and clean up the bits and pieces as we find them. Birds are coming tomorrow and we'll hold them in our receiving loft for 24 hours, vaccinate them, keep an eye on them to make sure all is well and on Wednesday they will be into the new loft. 

    Our first pickup is on Thursday at the airport in Toronto and at the Burger King on Dixie Road at Britania Ave. I have 2 flights and 2 appointments now, call to book yours if you are ready.

   Thanks to those who have signed up.



    It snowed again last night. Not much, just enough to make working on ladders and joists a little tougher. Great fun for us who have a touch of virtigo. Not much got done on the weekend. Those of us over the age of seventy needed a time out. That left the site empty of workers. 

   The frame of the loft is up. The rafters are installed for the landing deck. The ceiling joists are all in place and the ceiling wire/netting is installed . Today, Tuesday, we are  cleaning up a bit of oddds and sods of framing and starting to install the roof framing. All should go quickly with the amount of help that we have.


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