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   Today, 150 birds were locked in the hallway and about 100 took advantage of the open trap. Some only wanted to lay in the sun but almost half flew around the loft and stayed on the roof for the afternoon. A few found the grass and picked away. With both Arlis and I enjoying the sun while we sat on the landing board, the hawk made a couple of feeble passes east of the loft. His memory is better than mine and the few times I shot at him was still on his mind. The birds watched him carefully but no one made any stupid moves to run.

   This Saturday, April 25, we will be in Cornwall at 11 AM for a pickup. If you live between Brighton and Cornwall and you need me to meet with you, call and we'll make arangements.



SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2020

     This afternoon, the sun appeared, the wind disappeared, the rain dried up and I opened the trap and let a few of the birds enjoy their first taste of freedom. They didn't go far. It was as usual, helicopter spins, fly from one end of the landing board to the other and the odd brave bird that reached the roof and then quickly found its way back down. It was a start. Each day, if the weather will allow it, the traps will be open in the afternoon and the brave can go exploring. It usually  takes a month or so before the gang gets the hang of it and start anticipating their daily fly about.  

    We will be in Toronto on Thursday, April 23 in the early afternoon on into the evening. If you need a pickup, please call the house [ 905 355 1804] or email [rickmbroere@gmail.com].



   The birds in our loft are in good health. We will be letting the early birds out this weekend. 

   On Saturday, we are heading to Woodstock for pickups. We  are stopping at 9 AM, 401 and Dixie at the Canadian Tire gas station on Dixie, north of the 401 that's at 9 AM. At 11 AM we will be at Tims on 59 just north of the 401 and at 1 PM we will stop at 401 and 6 Guelph area at Tim Hortons on 6 just north of 401. Any other requests, just phone me 905 269 2348 while I am on the road or call the house tonight, 905 355 1804. 



Several flights have now been booked. I will be in Toronto at the airport Tuesday evening. I will be at Dixie and Britannia [Burger King]at 7 PM untill 8 PM. Then I will be at the airport for pickups. I will also be at the airport Thursday morning for 8 AM pick up. I can meet you after that. Please let me know if you are meeting me. If all goes well, I will be in Woodstock Saturday morning for a pickup.



    Happy Easter Sunday. Hard to be happy when family and friends aren't allowed to visit and chat or share a meal. This too shall pass and when it does, it won't be soon enough.

   The birds in the loft are well. It takes a couple or three days to get over the shock of moving in to the condo but then its 'home sweet home'. Plenty of sunlight hits the floor and lots take the time to sun bathe. 

   This week will be a busy week for me. There are several flights coming in so we will be in Toronto on multiple days. Each day, someone shows up at the house with another team and each day folks also let us now when they will be ready. We are over booked if you check the numbers registered. I also know that some are not going to be able to ship this year. Job insecurity added to the enivitable breeding problems will force a few to cut back on the numbers they thought they could send. We have already been warned this could happen.

   Phone me a few days before the day you want to meet, email me or send your request by carrier pigeon.



   Thursdays pick up at the airport has been changed to Friday night due to a delay at WestJet. Sorry for this change. All have been contacted who were to meet me. If you haven't called and show, I am sorry for the delay. Rick


   Your birds are well. They are very active, moving throughout the loft looking for their own sweet spot and using the fly pens, the settling cage and the open shutters to absorb as much of the sun as they can. They are eating well.

   I will be in Toronto at the Burger King on Thursday night. I have a couple of flights and two pickups booked. If you wish to meet me, please call the house or send an email.



    The birds are eating well and are very active. The fly pens are open and lots go out for the sun and fresh air. Thankfully the birds are settling down and behaving themselves. Being in the loft so often and cleaning each day puts my face in their flight path and even though my mask covers the lower half of my face, the top half of my head has become their favourite launching pad. The blood trickle has slowed considerably and I will heal up by week's end.

   Two hundred and eighty birds have arrived at the loft. Birds were delivered on Saturday and Sunday. It is somewhat embarrrassing not being able to invite friends in for coffee but thankfully you understand. Hanging around the end of a truck [it use to be with alcohol] is not something I have done for a very long time.

   Please email me [ rickmbroere@gmail.com ] or phone the house [905 355 1804 ] to make arrangements if we need to meet this week. By air, send when you can. If you want to deliver to the house, just phone and let us know when you are coming. Schedules are out the window and we just have to do what we can to connect. 

   New feeders, drinkers, grit and and minerals have arrived and now we are set untill September. The truck has beem serviced, the trailer is ready and all I need are new loft muckers. Hopefully I can get them online. We are only a handfull of birds away from being full. Thank you for participating.



    Over 200 birds are now in the loft and settling down. In order to teach them that we are the ones  they have to deal with, we feed them 5 times per day. I give them 1/4 of their rations per trip and by the end of day 2, we are met with cheers of enthusiasm. All attack the feed troughs as if we are never coming back. No loose droppings and already lots of down feathers. The start up is going well.

   Anticipating the worst, we have purchased new vermin prove storage fascilities and 5 tons of feed. We now sleep a bit better at night. I will post birds in the next couple of days and our next pick up times.






  It's exciting watching the numbers go up an up. At the same time, it scares the crap out of me.  A lot of responsibility will rest on my shoulders. If it wasn't for the team backing me up I'd run for the hills.

   As planned, we will start our scheduled stops in Markham on Wednesday morning and finish at the Toronto Airport after supper. We have fanciers at every location ready to deliver their birds. Please have a list of the birds you are entering in the race with complete band numbers and their colours with you. Also add your name, address, email address and current phone number. This year we are sending out receipts for your entries using the system on wincompanion and not all of you have given us all the information that we need. We will also use the current protocol for social interaction.

   All air traffic has become somewhat of a problem. I cannot dictate what day you should send the birds . Send them when and while you can. We'll pick up as neccessary.

   Thanks again for all of your support.

Rick and Linda

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