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SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2019


  First an update on the clocking system. As I understand it, there is nothing wrong with the operation of topigeon and Ipigeon. What the problem is is that Rodgers Comunications will not allow the use of our simm card and are blocking our signal. The new card coming will be allowed on their system and we will be set to go. 

 Bill Wiema has added a locking system onto our trailer so now we are secure on the road. A new water tank is almost complete and we will be on the road, training, very soon.

 The health of the birds, I am happy to say, is excellent. All are out and all fly. We walk them out in the early AM and allow them back in one hour later. They have food and open trap untill four PM. Then, everybody goes back out and with the help of tennis balls, they fly. We clean the drinkers and prepare dinner and all come back in. After they are in we open the traps again and a large number will go out again and fly into the evening. The only exceptions to this patern is Sunday morning when I type and answer every question that comes in. I am slow, but eventually you'll hear from me. The birds go out after lunch on this day.

  I have been asked so many times what food we feed and what we put in the water. We use Baden feed. We mix Baden Pigeon mix, Y2k Breeding mix, DB Racing mix, Baden Pellets and Candy mix. These are combined in a secret formula that only Colonel Sanders and I know. On Sundays we give clear water. During the week we use Apple Cider Vinegar, Health Guard, Ropa B, Garlic and Kastle Acidifier Plus. What they get just depends on what  I feel they need that day. We use Grit from Natural and Beyers. We use pickstone and minerals made by Versa Laga, Beyers, Natural and add two types of probiotics. All are mixed together and given fresh everyday. They'll go to this before they have their meal. If you notice, at the bottom of each door jamb, the floors are always clean. The wind from their flapping about keeps it tidy. In every doorway, and we have twelve, we put a teaspoon of table salt on one side and a tablespoon of charcoal on the other. They pick at this whenever they feel a need for it. Most days, all spots are cleaned up. 

  We have 890 birds entered this year. That means 178 teams and a total of 124,600 in prize money. Not everyone has paid their entry fees but I will assume they will so I will revise the payouts to suit these numbers. You will see the new schedule here on our message board within a couple of days. 

 The number of entries in the Master Breeder has risen. If you wish to enter, you have a few more days.  I will publish the revised list at the end of this week.

See you all soon, Rick





   The system is not up yet. There is a problem with the simm card and  Rodgers. A new card that does work with Rodgers has been sent by Pony Express. It will be here shortly. We are the first in Canada to use this system and its learn and fix it as we go along.



   Inventory will not be uploaded today. We have to wait for the techie to co-ordinate the connections between us, topigeon and wincompanion and that will not happen until Tuesday evening. At the moment, all the info is shooting out into outer space. Sorry for the delay. Rick


  Hi all   We are running an inventory today. For some reason, Topigeon is not transfering the data it is collecting to Ipigeon. It will happen but I do not know the time frame. Their techie is still in bed. In a couple of hours, their  part of the world will rise and shine.  Rick


   This week has been a joy. No birds with signs of PMV, nothing crouching in the corners looking like a dishrag and best of all. the ones in sick bay now flying back up to their perches, staying off the floor and regaining their appetite. Everything now goes out the door and all but thirty or so are now flying without me having to persuade them. The last group are the latest to arrive and we won't scare them up for another week or so. Their morning feed has had an increase in barley and that is helping them stay in the air longer. More and more are starting to travel, so soon, training begins.

   These last three days, the clocking system has been running. I have not installed the dividers in the trap so they come in rather quickly. In fact, the first day only 541 birds showed on the clock. We left the clock running and the second day, there were 625 on the system. last night, it went up to 732. Speaking with the manufactured of the system, we have found out that we need the dividers to force the birds to slow as they go over the reader board and not piggy back. Tomorrow the boards will be in and we will attempt to run a training inventory on Wincompanion..

Linda has been busy with her ipad so check her site{The Salem Special} on face book. You may be able to spot some of your birds.

   Don't forget the Young Bird Extravagansa. For those of you who are able to fly this open, Linda and Dave have a free bond for those who sign up before the end of June.



   The birds are flying well. The older settled birds are rambling and on most days, seven or eight different groups are going in all directions and disappearing from sight. The later arrivals are getting stronger everyday but they still stay within sight of the loft and basically fly round and round the mulberry bush. But, not all is OK.

   Health problems haven't completely gone away. A bit of PMV came back and Paratyphoid surfaced again. The hospital is at my house and all that were in sad shape reside there and are taking strong medicine. Those that looked a little down went into a clean holding pen at home and received individual doses of medicine and straight pellets for a few days. About forty got this care and are now back in the loft. There are stil about twenty in the hospital. About 22 have not survived. On a brighter note, This morning was the first time in a bit that I enjoyed opening the doors. The floor was covered in down feathers, the birds were very active and were ready to shoot out the minute I opened the traps. There were no slow pokes and hardly a tap of the stick was needed.

   I have had several birds rerported found and I have brought them back to the loft. Please call me asap if your birdis reported so that we can resettle any lost bird. The furthest away from the loft was 16 KM.

  The clocking system is working. This works with a cell phone that transmits directly to Wincompanion. It has had clitches, like picking other race info but I hope they have solved that pain. When I sharpen up on my Taiwanese and listen a bit harder, I'll let you know what they had to do to make things go well. Adam is assembling the solar panels and battery packs on Monday and Tuesday and then we are ready to go. We will do a inventory via a loft fly this week and when we start to train, each one will be live and on line.



  When you go on line to our site, go to wincompanion, results, trainer, loft inventory, view complete report and click on your loft or name and it will show the birds that are in the loft as of Friday.

Thanks, Rick


  Approximately 500 birds are flying well. The balance are just coming out of the loft and starting to flip around. We still have a few problems with health but for the most part, all is well. We have completed the inventory of the birds. All now have their e-bands. There are a couple of bands that didnot work and we will replace them this week. We will not force the latest birds to arrive, outside. When they are settled and go out on their own, we will start using the clock to do weekly up dates. This should be in another week or so. About 300 birds are starting to travel and fly an hour or more.

  On wincompanion, under results, trainers, you will find the basket list. It lists 911 birds and the ones with e-rings are the ones that are in the loft. This is a hand inventory that we completed on Friday, June 14. The ones with no e-rings are not in the loft. This list will be placed on line later this day.

Thanks, Rick. 


    For those of you who didn't know, I am deaf. Partially due to not taking the care needed while running saws and other noisy tools and partly because of the number of times I have smacked my head against beams and things. Banging my head didn't stop me from hearing, it only slowed down the amount of time it takes for the words I hear to register. All this makes communicating with me frustrating, for both sides. I get tired of saying "could you repeat that please" and the rest of the world gets tired of telling me things over and over again. I have hearing aids, good ones to. I can hear a mouse fart in the next field. I can hear the clicking of the pigeons nails on the floor. I can hear my wife sneaking up behind me before she thumps me to get my attention. But, I don't wear them.

   When I wear them, I feels like I am under water or someone has clamped their hands over my ears. I'm told that if I wear them all the time, I will get used to it. Someday, I will do that.  For now, I don't want to hear farting mice, tapping toes and I enjoy the startling effect a whack on the back of the head brings. This brings us to trying to reach me. Forget the cell phone. Now that I am not running around picking up birds, I don't have it in my hand. At our house, stuck in between the hills, we have no reception and even if we had it, I can't hear it ring. I never check messages, not because I don't want to, but because I never ever picked up that habit. If it isn't ringing, I don't ever think" Gosh I wonder who called and left me a message". You need to talk to me, call back. It may be the wrong attitude for this day and age but it is the one I have. For the phone in the house, it works but call in the evening. After 9 PM is a great time but not after 10, I,ve fallen asleep. 

   I have learned to check my emails. I do that most evenings but I always check early in the morning. For most of my adult life, I read the paper and drank my coffee at the break of dawn, before my family got up. It was my Zen moment. Now, the paper boy doesn't want to get up that early so I check the computor instead. If I have a full day ahead of me, I sometimes put things off but most of the time, I answer right away.

About 7oo birds have been pushed outside to enjoy the fresh air. It is great to watch. The older ones create large flocks and are increasing the distance and length of flying time each time they are out. The newbies think they are Kamikazi pilots. A couple have whacked the end of the loft and have hurt themselves. Most pull up short. The last group will be joining the main flock this coming weekend. 

   Almost all of the electronic bands are on. We will have a hand inventory ready for this weekend. There are a couple of computer glitches that have to be sorted out. Most have to do with my fingers and my brain not communicating with each other.

  I have started sitting on the landingboard when the birds are out. I speak to them or rather mumble to them.  It amazes me how inquisitive they are, coming right over to me. Or, maybe it's just that I'm sitting on their spot.

   Enjoy the sun. Your birds and I do.



Hi All. 

The birds that are out are flying well. They are starting to explore the area. They are leaving the valley and disappearing from sight. Little by little, the late comers are joining the main flock. By the middle of June, all should be out and flying. Our traps are now working and the birds are recording when they come in. Next week we will start posting on Wincompanion and we can do a loft inventory. Until all the birds are all out and about, the inventory will be incomplete.

I still have birds to enter into the system and we will be much closer to the nine hundred bird mark. Between pickups, daily care, loft completion and a little time for my own birds, evenings get shorter and shorter and the time on the computor gets put off. 

The following is a list of people competing in the Master Breeder series. 

Upper Canada Loft

Flying K9'S

Tatlong Bebe

Sumac Loft 1

Sumac Loft 2

Le Deux Suzanne

K. Harry - Paul

Granby Loft 1

Granby Loft 2

Piotr Wilk 

Chinese Curry

Chinese Fried Rice

V&V Loft 1

V&V Loft 2

Weekend at Bernie's

Lucky 7

Rio and Max

Him and Me

B&S Loft 4

Pigeonempire.com Guido Madruson


Jason Mihalec

Jack's Fire Loft 1

Jack's Fire Loft 2

Jack's Fire Loft 3

Jack's Fire Loft 4

Mario Rae and Son

Texiera Loft

Seal Team 6

Robert Richard

Y2K Loft

3-Legged Loft

Brothers Loft

Oscar and Lucas

Lofty Asperations

Archie and Sydney

Nanez and Bator

Mike Bator

Buffalo Willies

Dutch Touch


Team Portugal


If I have accidentally left you off the list or you still want to join, please call asap and we will correct our mistake or add you on.



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