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   The first group of birds have open hole and can go in and out as they wish. Not all, it seems, are ready for the great outdoors. I had a problem with the clock, or so I thought, but it was a faulty power bar that was the culprit. The clock will be on all afternoon.



    The birds are doing well and the first group are know going in and out of the loft. Unfortunately, I have forgotten one step of the clocking set up. They clock to the loft unit but not to wincompanion. I'll have the problem solved today and try again tomorrow. Rick

MAY 2. 2022

   The birds are all doing well. They have access to the settling cage all day long and they use it. A vey small group are settled and the rest will start this week. We will do their e-bands today and tomorrow so we can start tracking who is here and who is not.

    We are receiving birds today and are meeting others on Wednesday. We have an airport pick up for Thursday evening so we can meet Thursday night at Burger King. If you have your birds ready, text me what time I can expect you. We will be at the border in Reynolds on Tuesday, May 10 and in Cornwall on May 20. Another trip is planned for western Ontario around the 15th of May. 



   The birds now in the loft are doing well. All are healthy and have a hardy appetite. This week they have access to the settling cage and they will be ready to go out by the first of next week. We will put their erings on before they go out. 

   On Thursday, we will be in London, returning home to Brighton at 15:00. We will stop along the 401 to receive your birds as we travel east. We have an early pick up at the airport[18:30] and then we'll head home via the 401. We already have one pick up at Whitby but can stop anywhere along the highway home. Please call my cell 905 269 2348 if you need us to stop along the way.



   I will be at Pearson Airport, Toronto this evening, April 21. If you want to meet at Burger King on Dixie, or along 401 East,  please call or text me at 905-269-2348. Thanks, Rick


   Enjoy your Easter Sunday. I believe it's pretty cold across this continent in a lot of places and I've heard the rabbit isn't coming out. Santa will be delivering the eggs.

   We made a swing into Eastern Ontario to pick up a lot of birds. Very enjoyable seeing familiar faces after a winter apart. We will be in Cornwall on the 20th of May and at the US border the 10th of May for more east end pick ups. Toronto and area we do almost weekly so please call when you are ready to ship your birds. Birds are vaccinated upon arrival but you have to, if at all possible give them a shot 2 weeks before we get them. If not possible, let us know. We do have vaccine we can pass along to help you out.



   The picking up of birds is starting to accelerate quicker than what I had expected. Thursday , we will be at Toronto airport for our first shipment. We will also be stopping at Burger King, Britannia and Dixie and also in Whitby at McDonalds, 401 and Brock St. On Friday , Aprill 15, we will be at the Dutch Touch and what ever place needed along the 401 corridor. Call my cell for when and where. For those of you who are coming from far away or shipping by air, add a replacement bird. If needed, we'll have it here. If it isn't needed, you can activate it later. For those living close to our loft, there won't be any problems meeting down the road.



   The first of this years birds are in the loft. Feels good to get started again. On Saturday, April 9,2022 we will be in the rear parking lot of Tim Horton, Hwy 59 and 401 at 12 noon. we will also be stopping at McDonalds in Whitby, 401 and Brock St. at 9 am and Burger King, 401 and Dixie at 1:30 PM. If you plan to meet there or anywhere else, call my cell, 905 269 2348.

   If you have birds for Niagara Falls Loft, Give them to me. I cross paths with Rick Fyfe on a regular basis and gas costs way to much for us both to criss cross this province. 

Thanks, Rick

MARCH 30, 2022

   We have been busy sweeping out winters cobwebs and spraying the loft with Virkon. A couple of warmer days have been promised by the weatherman to help dry the loft. The first birds will be arriving on the weekend and our first out of area pickup will be in Woodstock on April 9. We'll be there about 12 noon. The next will be on April 15 in the eastern part of Ontario. we will stop along the 401 in Kingston, Brockville, Cardinal and at the Dutch Touch Loft. If you live in between, let us know and we'll meet to pick up your birds. I will be in Toronto the first two weeks of April and we can arrange where and at what time to meet. I have had my yearly haircut. You may not recognize me. I drive a white Dodge pickup with a grey topper on back.



    As if I haven't had enough to deal with, I have had Virtigo for the last 15 days. For those who haven't any idea what that is like, build a slingshot in your yard that is capable of hurling you thru the air at Mach 7. By the time you land, you'll know what Virtigo is. Four days of lying on the ground holding on to the edges while waiting for the spinning to stop, not able to keep a drop of water or a bit of food inside of you, that is Virtigo. It is not a fun way to spend your time. It is an excellent way though to loose twenty pounds. I am much better now except I sway to and fro when I walk. Luckily, on this island that doesn't matter. Almost everyman works on a boat and now I fit in. 

   This summer, I will have the help of Paul Mason, my landlord. Paul looked after my stockbirds this winter and has done an excellent job of keeping them healthy. The plan is to work together for a couple of years and for Paul to carry on in the future. 

   Thanks to those who have registered. We will be ready to receive your birds starting on April 1. If you need us to meet you somewhere, send an email or text and we'll make it happen.


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