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   The birds had a 80 KM toss on Thursday. They were released in small groups and except for a very small number, they came home that way. The winds were on their shoulder all the way home and they faced strong gusts at home. We will have our second race on Sunday.



    The weather just doesn't want to co-operate. The forcast for Friday and Saturday is not good . We will hold the race on Sunday, Oct. 11. 

    The birds are doing well. Twice per day they are loft flown and, if needed, flagged in the morning to get in an hour and a half of exercize. In the afternoon they fly an hour on their own. Half of the birds bounce back from a hard toss, or race, overnight but they other half needs a bit more time to regain their strength. A few days of R&R helps these a lot. Since we are not racing till Sunday, I will take the birds, today or tomorrow, if possible, for a toss. PMV has stressed their bodies in ways we don't know and pushing them too hard simply doesnt work. Before any work out, these birds need a couple of days rest.



    Our Second race will take place next Friday from Temiscaming, Quebec. Untill that time the weather is just too unstable. If things improve, we will move the date forward. 



   The birds were released into a bright sky. There were dark clouds to the north and some in the far west. There was little wind at the ground but strong west winds up high. At the loft, as always, there was a strong wind from the south, off the lake. The birds incountered a band of heavy rain that moved in rather quickly from the west, 10 KM from home. A good portion navigated their way through but the wandering few that arrived too late  got caught behind the pouring rain. I don't expect them for a while as I can see the weather north of us from the loft. As it clears away we'll see them come home.



   The weather has been very unstable. The race will likely be held the end of next week. The birds have just started loft flying again with every bird out and up yesterday for the better part of an hour. After this mornings flight, we may have a toss this afternon. It will be on wincompanion.



      Having spent months living through hell, I am very proud of the birds that have made it home. Some of you have experienced serious illness in your life and I can only imagine how tough that must have been. I take my hat off to you. 

     At the last minute on Thursday evening, I made an executive decision to move the race release point further east. The birds had more training tosses to the east and there were others who were now racing on Friday. They really wouldn't interfere with the fast birds but the pedestrians might find themselves caught up in the wrong crowd. The birds were released in Pembroke into a cloud covered but bright sky. They left quickly, going into the right direction. At home, the sun was extremely bright and the sky clear as can be with the heat increasing as time moved on.

     The first group of twenty or so birds came from over the hilltop and surprised us. They clocked very quickly. By the time they were inside, the next group showed up. The rest came from very high up. By mid afternoon, the balance had a much tougher time with headwinds and heat to fight.

     While I was doing my evening chores, the internet shut down and I missed it. I will upload the clock this AM and do inventory on Sunday.

      Congratulations to all and here are the top five.

1. J&L Loft          MISS 7216   BC        Free team for next year

2.  Wolfhill Loft   WFHL 0110 BBWF      Free perch fees next yesr

3.  Tavaras & Son   MISS 6420 CHOC    Free perch fees next year

4.  Adirodack Team    AA 4448 BB          Free perch fees next year

5. RPC Network-Racingpigeonsca   GALT 777642 BC    Free perch Fees next year.





   Yesterday, the birds exercized well, flying in small groups all over the valley. The last dozen or so to come down were attacked by what I believe was a falcon with bad eyesight. He missed but he did cause the birds to scatter and hide in the trees. They all made it home.

   The birds were released this morning at 8 AM into cloudy skies with very little wind. The flock did not hesitate and left for home  after only a couple of circles over the release site. 

    Good Luck to everyone.



    On Tuesday, Linda took the birds to Bancroft which is 115 KM[plus] to the loft. The birds were released into a slight headwind and arrived into a headwind that was at times quite gusty. Half took the direct route home and had a great workout. The other half went too far west and had to work their way back home, turning it into a long distance race. I plan on getting this half of the team a seeing eye dog. The birds are not worn out and all but about 4 will fly the race on Friday. It will be about 216 KM [135 miles] in length. We will post a basket list of those going to the race on Thursday evening.

Good Luck to all.


PS   The new regulations have thrown a wrench into what we planned on having for the main race. Please call or email us and we will draw names for the 25 people that are allowed to be on the property.


   Today, Linda missed our usual release spot and instead let the birds out in a church parking lot. It didn't dawn on her that church might be in session and was rather surprised to find part of the congregation watch the release. The birds were blessed and if yours was of the wrong faith, it's probably the reason it was late. 

   The birds were released into a clear sky with a slight north to west wind helping them along. At home it was much cloudier with gusty south winds off the lake slowing them down. It was quite the sight as about two hundred birds in two flocks came down the valley. The ones that landed were quick to trap. The birds stacked up and followed each other down and in. Two hundred and fifty were ready to come home. One hundred still have a problem with slowing down and stopping. The last birds all came from the west.

   While waiting for the birds I saw one of the biggest and shiniest fifth wheel trailers chugging up our road towards a nearby trailer park. It was attached to a brand new, equally as shiny little Chev pickup truck. Not a full size, a small one. Now who do you think was the better salesman. The guy who said "This truck can pull that rig, easy" or the guy who said " Sure this rig is light enough for that truck".


MONDAY, SEPT. 07,2020

    There are 66 participants in the Master Breeder Award. I checked my phone and email and home message board. If I have missed any one, I am sorry but it is too late now. 

                     Prizes.    First                 3,300.00

                                  Second             1,000.00

                                  Third                1,000.00

                                  Fourth              1,000.00

                                  Fifth                   300.00

     There are 386 birds in the loft tonight. Depending on the weather, the birds will go again tomorrow, 10 KM.. The clock will be on. Topigeon is upgrading their server and they tell me my problems should be solved. Today, all the birds in the loft flew for a half hour in the morning and for forty-five minutes in the afternoon. Ninety-nine percent now fly with the flock.


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