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  The birds arrived in one massive group except for one single bird who was ahead of the pack by a half a minute. It stopped in front of the trap, turned around to see where it's mates were and was promptly trampled by the next hundred behind him. It was blue, that's all I know, no band number. As the birds were landing, a Red Tailed hawk flew over the loft and the pack turned back into the sky. Most flew another half hour, some much more. The gang is almost ready to go again.


SUNDAY, SEPT. 1, 2019

   Today the birds will have a 80 KM toss. It is cloudy and they have a side wind that will force them to work for their keep. The new clocking system certainly uploads much faster. I to am almost upto speed.



   The clocking system works, I almost work. Couple more goes at it and the kinks will be gone. By the time it got started, we missed the first 20 birds. Today, after loft fly we'll try to catch all the birds in the clock.

The birds went 43 KM yesterday and came home in a massive group. The sky was cloudy at the release point and the birds had a head wind. They will go 80 KM on Sunday.



 The birds went for a toss today. They went 43 KM. They were released in a cloudy sky and had a head wind. All flew straight home, none that farted around. I didn't have much goodluck with the new clock.  Started to work but then I messed it up. Have an apointment tonight with someone who knows and can teach. We'll try again tomorrow. There were 451 birds that registered in the loft.



   In my haste to reschedule the main race, I did not check when the other one loft races were being held. Next Sunday is the Niagara Falls One Loft main race. We will have our main race on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Shipping will be on Friday, September 6, 2019 , 10 am. Lunch will be provided for those who are here to watch the race on Saturday. If you wish to participate in the loft pool { $ 50.00}  or want to pool your entries, send in your sheets and email or send by paypal your entry monies. We can email you a pool sheet. 

   We will start training today and will be using our new clocking system. There may be gremlins that need to be worked out. Most will be caused by my lack of computor skills.

   The birds look well and Linda will post video's tonight of the birds in the loft. Check out her Salem site on face book.

  Good luck to everyone.



                                                      Congratulations Everyone

   On Friday, the birds were released 480 KM from home. The weather person finally told the truth and provided us with a perfect day. North winds pushed the birds to an awsome speed. In less time that it takes to blow your nose, the prizes were gone. In two minutes, 75 birds were in the clock. 


1.   Gabes Loft                                            $ 4,000.00

2.   V & V Loft                                             $ 2,750.00

3.   Brother's Loft 2                                    $ 1,750.00

4.   Team Portugal                                      $ 1,250.00

5.   Domingos Loft 2                                   $ 1,250.00

6.   JC Loft 2                                              $ 1,000.00

7.   Pigeon Empire.com Guido Madrusan       $ 1,000.00

8.   Weekend at Bernie's                             $   750.00

9.   3 Legged Loft                                       $   750.00

10.  Cruz and Vasco Loft                             $   500.00

11.  Les Deux Suzanne                               $   500.00

12.  Friends of Fatima                                 $   500.00


Short Average Speed winners


1.   Les Deux Suzanne ....PH 19 BB 0303                              $ 1,000.00

2.   Marci/Briggs ....CU 19 CP 0032                                       $   500.00

3.   Wolfhill Loft ....CU 19 WFHL 0199                                   $   500.00

4.   Domingos Loft ....CU 19 BORD 9402                                $   500.00

5.   Gabes Loft .... CU 19 NIAG 0006                                      $   500.00


Again, congratulations to everyone.



   The birds are up in Earlton at 08:30 am. The sky is clear and the air is cool with a temperature of 10 C. There is a north wind at 10KM that will help push them home. The  wind is to increase on the way home but will disappear when close to home.

   Good luck!

Spanky and our gang.



   The birds have had a short toss this morning, 43 KM. They are out this afternoon having a bath and picking in the grass. Tomorrow afternoon they will be loaded and taken for the Salem 280 M race. They are in excellent condition and Friday should prove to be an excellent race. Weather calls for mostly sunshine, a bit of cloud and a wind that will help push them along. 

   We will not be holding our 340 mile race on Sept 1st weekend. I cannot guarentee that our new system will be up and running plus the slight delay in the third race forces us to wait an extra week before the 340 M event. Sorry for this change. I know some of you have made plans and now have to change them. Weather will dictate what day the race will be held. We will keep you informed as we move along.


MONDAY AUG 19, 2019

  Linda took the birds to our 80 KM station, north of Madoc, this morning. The sky was cloudy, a few sprinkles fell but not enough to get their windshields wet. There were plenty of areas with sun. They came like gang busters. There were two way out front who came exactly on line. One trapped, they other sun bathed. The rest of the birds came from the north west with the wind pushing them a bit further west than they should have gone. Before I packed for lunch, 11:300 am, there were 450 + birds in the clock with others still flying around the loft.

   I have just received a message that our new clocking system will arrive in the States by weeks end. We hope to have it here next week.Cheques and diplomas for race 220 have been mailed out.



   The weather is not co-operating at all. The birds like it, I don't. The rain doesn't stop them at all from loft flying or grazing in the grass, but it stops us from taking them out for a toss. Actually, the rain doesn't stop me, the clouds touching the tree tops stop me. Lots of times I have trained my own birds in a light rain and never have I found it to be a problem.  Hopefully we will be able to fly the 280 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

   The new clocking system is schedules to arrive next week. Hope it does. We have had soo much flack regarding the cell systems slow downloading that we will not fly the 340 special untill the new  system is up and running. We hope to have it together before the 1st of the month but if it isn't, the race will be postponed untill it is up and running. Tomorrow, I will have a better idea of when it may arrive. I know some of you have booked hotels and campsites and we hate to disappoint you. We will let you know as soon as possible what is happening so that you can change your plans if needed.


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