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    Today wasn't fun at all. A freak little storm cut our power and I couldn't save the 350 or so birds that had gone thru the traps. I set it up a second time and it also failed. Third time, was the charm. It only had a small problem, me. The glow was off the chore and the desire to do my best was gone. I may have missed scanning a bird or two and you'll not know untill I do it again the end of next week. Check and if your down a quart, send one to fill up your team. Try to get them here by Monday night and please, vaccinate them atleast once.


MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2022

  The health of the birds continues to be excellent. The birds are locked out for two hours everyday and now fly the better part of an hour. Some, of course, are still lazy and need a tennis ball or two to keep moving. 

   All the birds now have their e-ring on. On Sunday, we completed this task and also repaired the odd one that wasn't working. Any other mistakes we'll find when it comes time to hand scan the birds. There were 455 birds fitted with e-rings which includes the spare birds on hand. On Wednesday, the last 120 birds will get their final PMV shot and at that time, these will be hand scanned and the birds that are out flying we'll let run over the traps two times{ going out and coming in } to give us tally of whose here. 

   If you want to replace what's missing, send it along. Any extra birds left at the end of July must be activated before the races start. 



    There were 353 birds that are tagged with their e-rings. There are 322 left in the loft. The basket list shows all birds that were in the loft. This includes the last batch collected and not yet ready to go out. They do not have their e-ring on as of yet. They will be done when they get their last PMV shot and sre ready to be released. If you can't figure out if you are missing a bird, email me or text and I will update you.



    The sound of my truck pulling up to the loft and the slam of the door sets of a symphany of sounds from inside the loft. They know who is here; they are about to be fed. Healthy, energetic birds that pay attention to you charge you up and a day of ordinary chores becomes a day that's enjoyable and stimulating. Gives a little get-up-and-go to my wobbly steps. Our health program set up with the help of Dr Rubin, is working well. So far, no young bird bugaboos to worry about. Knock on wood it stays this way.

    The birds look and act fantastic. Noise is constant and constant noise is music to my ears. They are starting to dress like adults and act the same way. Some of the boys have a line of girls following them around and the more serious ones are already making nests in corners. Flying time has increased dramatically and roaming has started. 

   There are 353 birds that have e-rings on and are out flying. We will hand scan on Monday and post the count against the basket list and you will be able to tell very quickly who is missing. The other birds in the loft do not have e-rings on and are not fully vaccinated and will not be outside for another week or so. They are all here and you can check for them by clicking your name on the breeders list or by checking under the birds list.

   The month of June will be spent loft flying with the flag being used if needed. They will also be loaded into the trailer for a learn to load, eat and drink and for releases at the far end of the field.

   We have a very sick daughter and Linda's time at the loft has been limited. Improvement is in the air and Linda will soon be able to play with her Ipad again.




     The birds were released this morning into cloudy skies. While doing chores, cloudy skies turned into a wicked storm. Most birds rode it out on the roof while a portion decided flying out of the storms path would be a wise move. It has taken some time but slowly they are returning home. 

   The last group of birds have not been entered into the computor. I am short handed this week and have to do all chores on my own. Being slow hasn't helped. Also, unvacinated birds donot have their e-ring as of yet. Upon their second shot, they will get their e-ring. We will do a complete inventory the first of next week. Of the 353 flying out, check the clock and see where you stand regarding the numbers you still have here. Birds not completely vaccinated and the last to arrive here, have not been out and all are here.


   There are 353 birds with e-rings flying out. There are 321 in the loft today.










SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2022

   The birds are healthy and flying well. Today we will set up the clock and record the birds as they trap. We have birds coming to the loft today and we have pickups tomorrow.  Next week, when all ebands are on, we'll do a hand inventory. If any replacements are needed, that will be the week to get them in to us. There are still birds who need their second PMV shot and they will not fly out today.


   A loose connection at the trap has stopped the bird count. We will redo inventory on Wednesday after all birds are entered. Sorry, Rick

THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2022

   The birds remain healthy and are flying longer everyday. They now form groups and are starting to roam the valley, going in all directions. The last group out are also up in the air but they, for the most part, only circle the loft. Linda's taken a couple of shots and you can check out the birds progress on her face book page.

   On Friday we will be traveling north of the city of Toronto and then working our way south to the airport for the supper hour. We will be at West Jet for awhile. On Saturday, we will be in the Port Perry area for pickups late morning. 



   The birds are doing very well. At the end of Sunday's inventory, we were 8 birds short. Monday we had three on the landing board waiting to get in. Monday was innoculating day with 150 birds getting their shots. I am still a bit surprised withn the number of you that don't prepare the birds for contact with so many others. The extra work for me isn't a bother but you are depriving your birds of three weeks of flying time. This week, more birds will be flying out for the first time so we will do inventory again this coming weekend. 



   Three hundred and fifty one birds are in the loft as of today. One hundred birds, collected this week, stayed inside the fly pens. The rest went out. There are fifteen birds that didn't go through the clock. Five because their team heading was changed and they need new ebands and ten because they were too young for the main group and are by themselves and I had no desire to chase them around today. Power shut down three times forcing us to reset the clock so we have no idea if all birds were clocked. We will do this again tomorrow to double check inventory.


SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022

   The birds are healthy and many are starting to fly. On Sunday we will do inventory. Those flying will use the trap and those just new, we will hand scan. Linda plans a video of the birds outside for her facebook page.

   We have several groups arriving in the middle of next week and another next Saturday. The end of the month is cut off day and it will be here sooner than you think.  I have one more trip planned for the east area, one for the north and three for the airport in TO. Call if you need a pickup.


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