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   Todays not my birtday but I got a birthday present anyway. Today was one of most enjoyable training tosses ever. Eleven birds came two minuted ahead of a larger group and then it was bird after bird after bird. Small groups, larger groups, singles, doubles, birds strung out one behind the other, just like on race day. There were no happy wanderers today. It was get up and go home day.

   First, the weather. We had lots of sunshine, high, wispy clouds with a stiff tailwind to push them south and to provide relief from the heat.{ I asked my wife how do you spell relief and she said r-o-l-a-i-d-s. Smart ass!} There were dark clouds over Lake Ontario that are to bring rain at the end of the day. 

   While the birds were quick to come home, when here, they continued with yesterdays game of drifting in the updrafts along the side of the hill. The birds gather in large flocks and fly along the tree line eventually drifting over the top and disappearing from sight. Count to four and they reappear coasting one behind the other and swinging down and around the valley to the other end only to do it all over again. Must be cool up there and must be enjoyable to just coast. Best I've ever done is go into a large curve on my motorcycle and go like lickity split into the wind. Maybe they get the same kick out of what they do.

   This year we are using the products of Henk de Weert. This week, because of the heat and humidity, the birds received a preventative treatment for respiratory. It certainly helped. No open mouths or squeeks and rattles.

Tomorrow, hopefully a simm card and the birds will go 25 KM.



       The following fanciers are participating in the Master Breeder series.



Rio and Max
Castleguard Loft
Sunshine Syndicate
Sunset Joe
K&B Cunningham
D&D Loft team 1
D&D Loft team 2
Upper Canada Loft
Flying K9'S                                               
Him and Me
Tatlong Bebe                                               
B&S Loft 4
Sumac Loft team 1
Bonneterre Loft
Sumac Loft team 2
Jason Mihalic
Le Deux Suzanne
Jack's Fire Loft team 1
K. Harry-Paul
Jack's Fire Loft team 2
Granby Loft team 1
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Granby Loft team 2
Jack's Fire Loft team 3
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Jack's Fire Loft team 4
Chinese Curry
Mario Rae and Son
Chinese Fried Rice
Texiera Loft
V&V Loft team 1 
Seal Team 6
V&V Loft team 2
Robert Richard
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Buffalo Willies team 1
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Dutch Touch Int.
Team Portuga
Vaccaro Heavenly Loft
Adirondack Team
A Tanaka
Joe and Mike
New York Friends
Please call,email, or send by pigeon post if I have left you off the list. At the end of next week I would like to post the payout. 
Thanks, Rick
JULY 20, 2019

   No simm card yet. This is very frustrating not only for me but also you. If the card does not arrive Monday AM we will do a hand inventory. I do not want to chase the birds around in this heat for my sake and theirs. At present, we have quiet birds that load well and do not get too upset with my demands but we do need to provide an update on what is in the loft. Monday is suppose to be the start of cooler weather, better for us and better for them.

   On Friday, the birds went a bit over ten KM. The sky was cloudy with a strong breeze on their left shoulder pushing them West. All were released within a half hour of arriving at the release point. The first half came home right on time and from the right direction. The second half took way longer and came mostly from the west. Upon arriving home, all flew for a considerable time in the valley. The winds provided the perfect updraft along the hill top and they took advantage. I suppose it is much cooler up high than on the ground and in the loft. Birds came in small groups and plenty of single birds arrived untill after supper. We received three phone calls from other fanciers and last night we picked up the happy wanderers, including one from my personal loft. There are fanciers who train along the lake shore and a number of their birds stop in for a visit. 

  Today, the sky has closed in with clouds that almost touch the ground, heat that at 7:00 AM is already unbearable and not a song bird flying about. If they sit still, the birds stay home. We will not take the birds out for a toss, Open loft and baths are the order of the day. Tomorrow promises to be better and they will go again.


FRIDAY 2019-07-19

  Yesterday the birds had a 10 KM toss. The weather was sunny. They were released in small groups but came home in sveral large flocks. Most flew around the loft for another hour or so. Today, another 10 KM toss and then we will step out to 25.

   We now have the tracking number for the simm card and it has cleared customs and is now in transit. Hope today is our lucky day. 


THURSDAY 18, 2019

  The rain kept us from training yesterday morning. When it stopped raining, the fog off the lake closed up the sky. We let the birds out for a loft fly in the middle of the afternoon. Today, they are going up the road, 10 KM. 


TUESDAY 16 2019

   The birds were taken just short of 10 KM on Tuesday morning. Loading was a dream with most of the birds walking in without too much fuss. They were released into a strong headwind in a blue sky with a few high clouds. Except for the first two groups, all cleared well. The first two joined together befor leaving the release point. Almost all missed the loft and came home from the south instead of the north. When they came home, all flew for another hour or so. The last group, released at 10:40, didn't enter the loft till almost one o'clock.We brought home a handfull of strays so I'm pretty sure we managed to clash with other birds being trained. At 2 PM, there were 23 birds still missing. By evening all had returned with 3 birds coming minutes apart at 20:50 PM. There were 748 birds that registered in the clock.

  The simm card was sent Monday by courier. Today it should be here.


JULY 15, 2019

   Topigeon has sent another simm card by courier today. Thank God.

   The birds were released at 5 KM in groups of fifty or so this morning. They, of course, hid around the corner and waited for their friends to show up. They arrived at home in three groups. There were the usual straglers including a small group that were gone for about 6 hours. Today, they were in the trailer in one hour, which is four times faster than yesterday. Trapping was good and there were only a small number that managed to piggyback their way in. I will lower the top of the trap another notch. We clocked 739 birds and there were seven that didn't go because of cuts and bruises and one with two broken legs. He is managing very well, eating and drinking on his own and going out on the landing board for the sun. Linda will tape the loading process and put it on her facebook site so that you can see how it works [ Patent pending).( Just kidding).

   Tomorrow, they will go about ten KM and will be released in small groups 



   Still no simm card. On Friday we found out it was sent by ordinary mail, not express. For just a few dollars, we suffer. Very annoying and emberrassing for us. 

   Yesterday, the birds went on their first training flight. It took for ever to load them into the trailer. The new shute upset the applecart. A few more trips and they'll get the hang of it, I'm sure. They were released in small groups over a two hour period. A few turned left instead of right and spent the better part of the afternoon coming home. All we need is that damn card and we will be live. 

   The birds are going again today.



JULY 11, 2019

   The birds are ready to start training. Our trailer has been serviced and we are ready to go. Depending on the weather of course, Monday is when we'll start. We still donot have the new simm card for the clock but still hope for this week. Card or not, we will begin to train. 



                                             Prizes as per 178 Paid teams

The 160 Special:    1------1,750.00


                            3------   750.00

                            4-------  750.00

                            5 to 8--- 500.00

The 220 Special:    1-------2,750.00

                            2------ 2,000.00

                            3------ 1,500.00

                            4------ 1,000.00

                            5------    750.00

                            6--------  750.00

                            7 to 9-- - 500.00

The 280 Special:   1--------4,000.00




                           5------- 1,250.00


                           7------- 1,000.00

                           8-------    750.00

                           9-------    750.00

                          10 to 12---500.00   

The 340 Special:   1-------19,000.00

                           2-------- 8,500.00

                           3-------- 5,500.00

                           4-------- 3,750.00



                           7 to 9--- 1,750.00

                          10 to 15--1,000.00

                          16 & 17--   750.00

                          18 to 25--- 500.00

The 400 Special:   1-------- 6,500.00

                           2-------- 2,750.00

                           3-------- 1,750.00

                           4  & 5--- 1,000.00

                           6 to 9-----  750.00

                           10 to 14 -- 500.00   

Short Distance Ace: 1-------1,000.00

                              2 to 5..   500.00

Long Distance Ace:   1-------1,500.00

                              2 to 5 --  500.00

Overal Ace:              1------ 4,000.00

                               2------ 2,000.00



                               5-------   500.00


Thanks, Rick



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