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   The frustration we all have with this new cell phone/techie stuff is driving me to drink, lots! Luckely, the end to all this frustration is near and I can go back to just sipping a little drink now and then . We are switching over to a land line based system that shows results in real time. I have asked to have it all installed by our main race and hopefully they will follow through and complete the turn over in time. 

   The birds had an excellent toss this morning. They had a helping tail wind today. Upon arrival, most did a few more laps. One group enjoying the cool air, spent a considerable amount of time dipping and diving. The birds were extremely high when they arrived and had to corkscrew their way down to the loft. Fifteen birds did not train this morning. Of these, ten will not fly the second race.

   After consulting with my weather expert/pigeon flyers and the many sites available on line, we have decided to race on Sunday. I will be taking the birds for the 370 KM/220 M race.

Good luck to all participants.




    Yesterdays toss went well. The release time was wrong. The birds were let up at 9:30 am.  A lot of birds went to the ground an picked at the soil. Don't let the arrival time bother you. The first four hit the trap from the inside while I was putting down feed and changing the water. The last few sat on the trap while I was feeding this morning. Next time I'll shut the clock off. Today, the birds have gone 60 KM and will be up at 9:50 AM. Our plan is to have the next race on Monday. The weather looks promising and there will be no clashes with the combines.



   The birds are home and in the clock. Topigeon is working on the clocking system and the results will be show as soon as possible.



   The birds are flying well around the loft. Most are ready to start a bit of road work. Today they will have a toss  from Havelock, 43 KM, from the loft. Eleven will stay home today. The next race was to be held this weekend but at this moment, I feel a couple of extra days at home will be better.



  The birds were released this morning into a clear sky with very little wind and with very comfortable temperatures. Half way home the wind picked up and by home it was strong from the east. By afternoon, the heat started to return. The first three birds came on the line of flight, from up high and made the drop into the trap before you could say " bird". The rest all came from the west, following the lake home and then turning north to the loft. The birds worked hard to get home and were tired. By late afternoon, the noise level had returned to normal and everyday activities had resumed. 

   Congratulations to all participants whose birds came home and hats off to the money winners.

1.   Les deux Suzannes

2.   Pigeonempire.com Guido Madrusan

3.   Marci/Briggs

4.   Archie and Sydney

5.   JK Loft 2

6.   West Coast Syndicate

7.   Wolfhill Loft

8.   Wolfhill Loft


  The birds will be rested a bit and enjoy the loft and surroundings for a couple of days before they start to prepare for the next race. The late ones will get special care before they join in with the earlier birds.



    On Friday, the birds had an excellent 80 KM toss in perfect weather. In the afternoon, they were let out again and they flew well over an hour without any incouragement from me. The birds left Saturday afternoon and will race today from our 180 mile station. They are up at 07:30 in clear skies with the wind from the north east . Good luck to everybody. 



   The irrational way that data displaying the race results on Wincompanion is done is directly caused by the lack of top notch cell service in our area. The strength of the Bell signal cannot provide the speed needed to keep up with the Topigeon clocking system. Packets of info are sent to Topigeon, not in any specific order and when each arrives, Topigeon shuffles it all into the proper order and then sends it to Wincompanion. The slow speed of Bell in our area, we cannot overcome. This will force us to use a cable/internet system. This will not happen with the snap of a the fingers. At present we will continue to use the satelitte system and change over when the cable is all set and done. The final results on Wincompanion is accurite. The pain is the length of time needed to complete the results.

   The birds left early this morning and there will be a toss today. Tomorrow they will go to the first race station, a bit North of Powassan for a Sunday race.



   Today we were working on the clocking system. Not all birds were out, not all birds went over the trap. We are in the process of trying to speed up the signal on the satellite system.



   Todays toss was awsome. About 300 pigeons appeared from over the trees followed within minutes by the rest. While loads went in, as many or more stayed out to have a quick dip in the bath. There have been concerns that the clock doesn't work properly. It does, it's the sending of data thru  Bell that comes scrambled as it is sent but is accurate when all it is finally recorded on wincompanion. We have double checked and all is fine. We have received the booster system and the techie is installing this afternoon. We'll test it tomorrow with a short afternoon toss. By 11:30, almost all birds had returned. Rick









   The birds will train today from the 115 KM station. They will be released together. The birds were loaded early this morning and Linda should be there by 8:30 AM. She didn't go quietly. Seems this is an ungodly hour to be up. The weather is gorgeous. No wind, cool and blue skies with high white clouds. On the next trip, Friday, the birds will be loaded in the evening before. Time to make the trailer feel like home. There were two birds waiting on the landing board this morning. Nine birds will stay home today, scraped and bruised, or just late and in need of a break. They will be outside this afternoon for the loft fly.

   The first race of the series will be held on Sunday and as always, it depends on the weather. While researching the long range weather forcast I found an interesting fact. In the last 30 years, it has rained 29 times on this day. Hope this isn't number 30. 

   John and Dyann will be taking them for Sundays race.



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