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      On Tuesday, the birds were taken 20 KM from home and released, as always, in 6 groups, 5 minutes apart. The skies were bright with high, fast moving clouds. A cool north-east wind came off the lake which they had to fly into. It wasn't any more than 10 KM per hour. The first group did exactly as was expected. They did a half circle and headed straight for home. They arrived on time, came on the right flight path with their only glitch being they circled a bit too much. Half dropped and clocked and the rest kept flying. Half the second team arrived on the same path keeping the works up a little longer. The missing half of team 2 and teams 3 and 4 arrived together, from the wrong direction, after what seemed like eternity. They dropped like bombs and before you could count to 10, 250 birds were in the clock. Teams 5 and 6 [140 birds] screwed up. They over flew and caught their mistake way too late. They returned at a very slow pace in small groups or all alone. By dark, there were still 19 missing. My young birds train along with the group and I am also missing a few. I will reset the clock this AM so you can check the count. 

   One bird arrived after dark. It allowed me to pick it up off the landing board and take it inside. It was in excellent shape. It will be the first bird in the clock this morning.


MONDAY, JULY 25 2022

   The birds were released into sunny skies with a strong wind forcing them to work hard for their breakfast. That is, untill they almost reached home. Then it helped them reach speeds the haven't seen until now. They were released in six groups and came in six groups. The first were still flying high and far when the second joined. It took a bit before they started to trap but when they did, hey came fast and furious. Groups 3, 4 and 5 came their 5 minutes apart but none stopped or even waved hello. They flew right over the loft and continued west. It was a bit later before they returned and I have to admit, all I could see in my mind were a lot of empty perches in the loft tonight. I'm glad there was a strong wind to dry my shirt cause my anxiety attack left me soaking wet. Group six brought the flock home and down and mostly in. It's getting better but there are still a few who don't listen at all. Once we step out{right soon} they will toe the line. We opened the loft for a bath and almost all birds are out and have flown another hour or more. 


Ther are two birds, the last two, who didn't train today. They have bumps and bruises that will heal quickly and a day or so off will help them along.


   On Tuesday, we loaded up the birds and released them 1 KM from the loft and this morning we took the birds 5 KM and released them in small batches. A lot have come in and ate, but not all. I set out bath water and some would rather bathe then eat. Lots have gone back out and are flying high in the sky. A pair of Redtails live next door and they take great delight in scaring your birds into the air. Tomorrow, pending what combine is in our area, we will take them for another short run.


   7:15 PM    The first bird in the clock hit the front wall yesterday. It will need a day or two in order to regain his senses. My MiFi system shut down after 4 PM, battery ran down, and I failed to reconnect my clock to the system. My fault, I forgot to plug my MiFi in. As of now, CU  6851, 13023 and 5938 are also in the loft. There are still 60 birds out flying so the rest that maybe home will be shown in tomorrow's toss.

MONDAY, JULY 18, 2022

   It's a rain day today and it's heavy. Today the birds can use the flypens and have a shower. That will make them happy. 

   The birds have been loaded into the trailer three times. The first two times it was positioned at the loading chute and both sides of the trailer were open. The birds walked in, saw  where the buffet table was and the bar, then flew out the open side. Our compartments are about 4 feet by 8 deep with water on one and feed on the other side. The third time I loaded them up and drove into the field. I didn't force out the birds so the release took some time. There were those who hung back.

   The birds are healthy and now fly high and far. We will start our short toses this week.




   The birds health is excellent. Droppings are perfect and if I could get them to clean up after themselves, my world would be perfect. Each day the birds are now flying for the better part of two hours. A small group still enjoys the outdoors more than the inside of the loft which might be a good thing for their owners. They are constantly flying off and returning a short while later. They certainly have more air time than the ones inside.  There was a delay in the trailer inspection but I will have it tomorrow. We'll start using it as soon as it comes back for on the property tosses, feeding and an overnight sleep. Linda's gone for a week so no videos till she is back.




SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2022

   The health of the birds is excellent. With a little luck, we are well on our way to having a great racing season. They are midway in their respiratory preventative program and are bouncing with energy. The birds are out early every morning to avoid the late afternoon hawks and it has worked out well.  That is until yesterday. 

   We were replacing parts of our solar system on Saturday and because it is also race day for the combines, the birds were let out a little later than usual. It wasn't a problem for 90 % of the flock who listen and come in when called but it was at five oclock for the 10% who still think they are the boss. A pair of Coopers hit so hard that two weeks worth of down feathers hung in the air as the birds left the landing board. I don't believe it lasted for any more than a minute but it seemed like a 90 minute dogfight. No one lost their lives but they were still trickling in as the sun went down. The birds will stay in today.

      The trip down our loading chute has become a carnival ride for them. The first few two times it was a bit stressful for them and me but by trip four all was tickety boo. By trip five they had their shoes on and were waiting at the door.

   Our trailer is having its safety check done for this year and will be back on Monday so Tuesday is the birds first peek at the inside. 

   Check Linda's videos on her Salem facebook site for the videos.



   The clocking system that I use is a wonderful system except when I make a wrong entry. That's it for the day. I will clock the birds on Saturday afternoon to give you an update. 

A very frustrated, Rick


      Yesterday, the birds were released early in the AM into a very light rain. One hundred and fifty birds found their way out very quickly and proceeded to fly for the next one and a half hours. They were high and travelled far. I saw them three times, each time coming from a different direction. The light rain turned into heavy drizzle but it didn't slow the birds down at all. By early afternoon they were back inside and again beat the hawk. His time for a fly by seems to be five PM. Hope he doesn't change his pattern. The birds will be out again early today for a couple of hours of open loft.



   Today, the birds went out early. As luck would have it, no hawks. The sky was clear, the wind a bit strong but no humid heat. They flew high and travelled far. There was a group that took their sweet time coming home. Another five returned from yesterday. The birds started a preventative treatment for respiratory in preparation of training. Tomorrow and the next three days we will not force the birds out. They will have open loft for a couple of hours in the early morning.



  What started out, and almost ended, as a fine day was again spoiled by an attack from above. The birds are doing so well. They now use the loading ramp as the exit with absolutely no hesitation. All come in when called that is all except a dozen or so who haven't a clue what language I'm speaking. What they don't need now is to be driven from the board and chased from here to eternity. As last night, the birds scattered and are returning one at a time.


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