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   The irrational way that data displaying the race results on Wincompanion is done is directly caused by the lack of top notch cell service in our area. The strength of the Bell signal cannot provide the speed needed to keep up with the Topigeon clocking system. Packets of info are sent to Topigeon, not in any specific order and when each arrives, Topigeon shuffles it all into the proper order and then sends it to Wincompanion. The slow speed of Bell in our area, we cannot overcome. This will force us to use a cable/internet system. This will not happen with the snap of a the fingers. At present we will continue to use the satelitte system and change over when the cable is all set and done. The final results on Wincompanion is accurite. The pain is the length of time needed to complete the results.

   The birds left early this morning and there will be a toss today. Tomorrow they will go to the first race station, a bit North of Powassan for a Sunday race.



   Today we were working on the clocking system. Not all birds were out, not all birds went over the trap. We are in the process of trying to speed up the signal on the satellite system.



   Todays toss was awsome. About 300 pigeons appeared from over the trees followed within minutes by the rest. While loads went in, as many or more stayed out to have a quick dip in the bath. There have been concerns that the clock doesn't work properly. It does, it's the sending of data thru  Bell that comes scrambled as it is sent but is accurate when all it is finally recorded on wincompanion. We have double checked and all is fine. We have received the booster system and the techie is installing this afternoon. We'll test it tomorrow with a short afternoon toss. By 11:30, almost all birds had returned. Rick









   The birds will train today from the 115 KM station. They will be released together. The birds were loaded early this morning and Linda should be there by 8:30 AM. She didn't go quietly. Seems this is an ungodly hour to be up. The weather is gorgeous. No wind, cool and blue skies with high white clouds. On the next trip, Friday, the birds will be loaded in the evening before. Time to make the trailer feel like home. There were two birds waiting on the landing board this morning. Nine birds will stay home today, scraped and bruised, or just late and in need of a break. They will be outside this afternoon for the loft fly.

   The first race of the series will be held on Sunday and as always, it depends on the weather. While researching the long range weather forcast I found an interesting fact. In the last 30 years, it has rained 29 times on this day. Hope this isn't number 30. 

   John and Dyann will be taking them for Sundays race.




   Yesterday, the birds flew a 115 KM toss. The weather was hot with clear skies at both the release point and home. The temperature was 27.5 Celsius. They started with the wind from the side but like most days, they had to deal with strong winds off the lake at home. Flying time was about 2hrs and 8 minutes. Except for the first group, there wasn't any circling about the loft and the first group made only a few short circles. Almost every bird landed directly in front of the traps and came straight in. The later ones who were tired, rested on the board before entering. It was a joy to watch them come home, falling from the sky like rockets heading to earth. There was hardly a moment when something wasn't landing on the board.

   Again, we crossed paths with some others training. Only a couple stayed on but at one time about ten landed on the roof. I know they were strays cause ours have been conditioned to stay off the roof with brightly coloured tennis balls. I just have to show them my bag with brightly coloured balls, and they skedaddle.

   As I write, rain is falling and the clouds are touching the earth. We will have open loft and some time off from the schedule today. Tomorrow, we will go a bit further. Our goal is to work our way to 160 KM before the first race next week.   

   The entries for the Master breeder are starting to arrive. Please send them asap. 


SUNDAY JULY 28, 2019

The list of birds is now on wincompanion. Please go to results, trainers and click todays info. There are 682 birds in the clock. There are two that have to have e-rings and I will do that tonight.

For those that are participating in the Master Breeder race, please send us your pick by email please. rickmbroere@gmail.com

Tomorrow the birds will go on a toss of 100 KM and they will be released in small groups. Tuesday may be to rough for a toss so Wednesday they will go 125 KM. 

Good Luck to all. Rick

SUNDAY JULY 28, 2019

  Yesterday the birds had an excellent toss. At the end of the day, 680 birds clocked. This morning, another was waiting to come in. 

  We are doing hand inventory today using the trap , top pigeon and Wincompanion. There will be sporadic activity on these sites and not untill the end of the day will it be completed. Check after supper and you will have your list. 

Thanks, Rick

JULY 27 AT 12:30 LUNCH

  By 12;00,  653 birds have clocked. Rick


   Yesterday the birds went 43 KM. The sky was clear and the wind helped push them home. Total into the clock was 681. They were released starting at 9:15 am.  Today the birds will be released at 50 KM.  The sky is clear with very little wind.  They should be up around 11 am.


JULY 25, 2019

   The birds were taken for a 43 KM toss this morning. The weather was exactly the same as yesterday, including the head wind. The first group consisted of about 100 birds and after that, it was a mixture of small, about 40 birds and very small groups. The last group released had 100 birds in it and only 50 came on the drop. The rest that came home came one at a time. There were a number of strays that I had to remove from the loft. Just to let you know, I force them to have a drink then bag them and toss them into the air. They may turn to see who that guy was but not many ever come bck. The were three birds that did not go to the race. I thought they were on the clock, but now I just checked, and they are not.

   Tomorrow, another toss with the weather deciding how far I'll go. 




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