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     Happy new year.

    Hopefully, this is your year to shine. I have this feeling that this is mine. Don't enter one loft races were you see my name on the breeders list. You'll be wasting your money.

    We are hard at it with the one loft changing a few small things that didn't fancy us. We are doing a thorough cleaning in preparation to disinfecting the loft and are adding more perches. On the outside will be adding new siding and enlarging our office and feed storage.

     Having so many people enter your race gives you a bonus feature, it gives you an incredible amount of advice to draw from. Some makes sense, some doesn't. Success happens for a lot of reasons including sheer luck or despite everything we do. Our success last year only came about because of a very helpfull vet, Dr Rubin, who took the time to sort out the problem and provide the solution. So now I will give you some advice. Listen to the person who has DVM behind their name, not JAPF [ justanotherpigeonflier ]. I am as bad as the next fancier. I have had birds for 58 years and have experienced it all. Doesn't mean what I did was right. Vets spend a lot of time with their noses in books and now, me thinks they might know a bit more than us.

   For 2020, we have a program, vet approved. It is comprehensive. It means I have to work hard. It includes, keeping the place cleaner than clean, regular disinfecting, regular use of supplements both natural and vet subscribed. It includes a feeding program that we perfected in 2019 and a training program that with a little tweeking will be even better than in 2019. We feel confident that this will be our year that surpasses all our expectations and we hope, yours too.

   We have 80 teams signed up as of this morning [Jan 28]. Thanks to those who are on board. We are excepting 200 teams so please don't wait, we don't want you to miss out.





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