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    Christmas day, the one day I that I so look forward to every year. I get to sit, eat and drink, three things I am very good at and enjoy very much. This year, Linda and I get to do it all alone and while I am OK with not having to share my food, I'll miss the conversations. My kids, when all together are loud and each works hard to make their point known [ must get it from their mother ]. You don't realizre how comforting all that noise is untill you sit alone and have snoring dogs to listen to.

    The new loft is coming right along. The deck is almost complete, with only a bit of framing left to do and the new grated floors to install along the back sections. By the end of next week we will be ready to stand up the prefabed walls. That will go quickly. My friends have been calling to see if I need a hand and when the walls go up, that's when I'll need it. Linda will be there to film a bit of it. She says it's like an old fashion barn raising and because it is being done by a group of men who passed the age of seventy some time ago, she has hired the Paramedic's to be on standby.

   We are so looking forward to the new year, one we hope that will eventually be without restrictions that keep us apart. 

   From Linda and I and all our staff, we wish you the best holiday season you can possibly have. Keep safe and warm and see you in the spring.

 Rick and Linda


    We have spent the afternoon packing up and we are ready to deliver your birds. We will be in Woodstock at 10 AM at Tim's on Hwy 59 north of the 401. We expect to be there for 15 minutes and then we are off to Tim's on Hwy 6 just north of the 401. We expect to be there at 11 AM and will stay for 30 minutes. Our next stop is the Best Buy parking lot just south of the 401 on Winston-Churchill. We will be there by 12:30 and will only be there for 15 minutes. Our fourth stop will be at Burger KIng on the north west corner of Dixie and Britannia, arriving at about 1 PM. We will be here for 30 minutes or so. If you need a stop between Dixie and Markham, please call my cell at 905 269 2348 at 1 PM and we will schedule a stop. If no calls, we will be at McDonalds, south of the 401 on Markham road in the back parking lot at about 2:30 PM. From there our next stops are by request only. No calls, no stops till I get home. If you have won money and are meeting me, I have your cheques and diploma and payout sheets with me. If you weren't so lucky, I have the payout sheets. 

See you on Sunday, Rick and Linda

PS All together, 210 birds have come home out of 221 sent to Englehart.


      Two hundred and four birds have come home so far. The last six are a little worse for wear but they will be fine. One of the results of our race, with the birds flying through a bit of sleet, is the wear and tear on the old flights not yet dropped and replaced. The tips are all ragged and worn down. None of the new flights where damaged. First time I've ever seen that. Hope I don't see it again.

      We have cut the cheques, finished the paper work and will have everything to the printer on Monday. We will start returning the birds and our package of resuts, money and diplomas on Thursday. First will be the east side. We will be in Ottawa and Kingston area plus stops in between. On Sunday we will do the west side and if possible, the airport run. West is from Woodstock and points between there and home. North and Hamilton will have to meet me along the 401 please.

Thanks, Rick


   To say that I am happy this race is under our belt is an understatement. All anxiety has left the building! The amount of birds that came on the day and the birds that are arriving this morning in the rain shows the quality of the birds you all entered and I can pat myself on the back for getting them home.

   Linda released the birds at 9:45 AM near the town of Englehart after being turned back by a snow storm from our preferred release point. Two hours later, on her return trip she hit two seperate short lived sleet squals. Heavy dark clouds stayed in the skies all the way home. The saving grace was the wind which kept the birds on the right path home with a bit of a push from the north and west. 

   Congratulations to all of you who managed to win a bit of coin.

1. Wolfhill Loft     20 WFHL 0110 BBWF    plus   First Ace Pigeon            $ 11,000

2. 4-C Loft          20 REG 0003 RED          $   7,000 

3. Adirondack Team     20 AA 4445 BB      $   5,000

4. Corbin's Crew    20-CU 17418 SLVR      $   3,000

5. Milandrej Team   20 SK 0777 0797 DC       $   2,500

6. John Black     20 MISS 8025 BLCK        $   2,000

7. FCQ-QC       20 LAVL 20965 BCWF       $   2,000

8. 4-C Loft       20 REG 0004 RED            $   1,500

9. Gold Star Loft Canada    20 CU 5002 BB     $ 1,500

10. Neromi Army   20 CU 1886 BLCK       $  1,500    First Master Breeder    $ 3,300

11. Bluesky Loft     20 YRI 2711 BC         $  1,250

12. Mazda        20 ARPU 57212 GRIZ       $ 1,250     Second Master Breeder     $ 1,000

13. Milandrej Team    20 SK 0777 0798 BB   $   1,250

14. Walt & Dan Gregoruk    20 TBAY 0222 BB    $ 1,250

15. Gaskin/Lopes     20 CU 11912 BC       $  1,000

16. Pigeonempire.com-B&B     20 CU 5526 BB   $  1,000

17. Roy's Boys     20 FLAM 0914 BBPD     $   1,000

18. Rick Fyfe       20 NIAG 0756 BB      $   1,000

19. Skyview Loft 2      20 HC 0016 BB    $   1,000

20. Walt & Dan Gregoruk     20 TBAY 0223 BB     $   1,000

31. High Octane       20 AA 4451 BB     Third Master Breeder      $   1,000

32. Bluesky Loft       20 YRI 2719 BB      Fourth Master Breeder     $   1,000

38. A Tanaka           20 CU 8492 BCWF     Fifth Master Breeder     $    300


Congratulations once again to all.

   We have been asked about a 400 mile race and the answer is no. It simply will be too difficult to prep the birds and race from the north of Ontario with the late fall weather here and the early winter weather up there. There aren't enough nice days in the projected weather guessing game to even consider racing again. We will prepare our race reports and payout sheets and hopefully by next weeks end we can meet to distribute the birds back with our packages. 

   Not all of you will want the birds. I have a young man who is just starting out and he would love ten pair to breed his 2021 team from. Others will go to the dog man. To make the point again, CFIA believes these birds are disease free and should not present a problem in your loft. It's your choice as to what we do with the birds.

 Rick and Linda 



    The birds are released 9:45 AM into clear skies in Englehart. Linda encountered snow on her way to Kenogami Lake bridge so we made the decision to return to Englehart. They were released into a bright sunny sky, dark to the north. There was no wind but north west winds are expected all the way home. It should push them along. Good luck to all participants.



   The birds were released in small groups and came home that way. At home they continued to fly until almost all were home. The lower level would drop out and trap as the flock passed over the loft. Neat to watch. What's home now is ready to race. The few that are late we'll check over to see if they can continue on. 

    The weather in Nothern Ontario has started to turn from fall into winter. We are flying the third race on Tuesday. The rest of the week and into the next has so many pockets of crappy weather that it's impossible to pick a path for the birds to take home. The race will be 312 miles or 399 KM. We had hoped to fly on a weekend but it just isn't going to work out.

    Good Luck to all of you whose birds are participating in this race. 




     Today the birds went on a 43 KM toss after their morning loft fly. The first bird in the clock was a late arrival from last weekends race. When the birds came home they were greeted by a Coopers Hawk and spent an extra while flying around home. When I finally got a shot close enough to scare Cooper, they came down like rockets. At one point the trap was plugged with birds trying to get in, sort of like in high school when we tried stuffing 31 people into a Volkswagon. A number of the birds stayed out a bit longer to pick at the grass.

    When the birds fly home, they pass over a traffic circle, a roundabout and, as yet, some still haven't figured out which exit to take and once again, they are late coming home. This weekend we will handle all the birds and verify their ebands in preparation to next weekends 312 mile race. We will have it on the best day possible and as of this moment it looks to be Saturday. We'll keep you informed.



   More birds have been trickling in. Late today we will do an inventory. Yesterday, the birds spent 40 minutes flying on their own and ten minutes being terrorized by a Falcon. One gave up its life. When back in and settled down, I handled more than half the birds. A lot are ready for a toss and a weekend race but as many are not. We have decided not to race this coming weekend but will the first couple of decent days that come up the following week. It would be nice to have a weekend race but re the weather, I cannot guarentee that will happen. The number of people that asked to watch the race is less than twenty so if you asked to come, please do. I'll try to decide by this weekend of the date when we race. 



      The second race proved to be a lot tougher than what was expected. Starting with a strong tail wind, it quickly turned to north east gusts that pushed the birds way west. At home the wind was from the east, strong and cold. The sky was clear and the sun provided some heat but still, the five of us waiting were damn glad to have our long johns on. All the birds came from the west, none on the supposed flight path. Our time and numbers pool wasn't anywhere near to what we thought it should be though one fellow had the numbers on arrival correct. There were hardly any groups, mostly singles or doubles and the odd threesome.

 TOP TEN and what they won are as follows:

1. Big Andy's Loft       20 BGAN 0205 BB     Free entry for a team 2021

2. V and V Loft           20 WPG 2004 BC      Free entry for a team 2021

3. Bluesky Loft           20 YRI 2712 BB        Free entry for a team 2021 

4. JK Loft 2                20 JKL 0035 BB        Free entry for a team 2021 { 4 on the drop, also a winner}

5. Bluesky Loft           20 YRI 2719 BB        Free perch fees for a team 2021

6. FCQ                       20 LAVL 20965 BCWF   Free perch feed for a team 2021

7. Weekend at Bernie's   20 WPG 2025 BB      Free perch fees for a team 2021

8. Bartosz & Bill         20 CU 13302 BB       Free perch fees for a team 2021

9. Walt and Dan Gregoruk   20 TBAY 0222 BB   Free perch fees for a team 2021 

10. Tavaras & Son      20 MISS 7335 BC     Free perch fees for a team 2021





      The birds were released into a clear but chilly sky. The first twenty KM will have the wind pushing them home. After that, they have a side wind to make their trip a little tougher. Good Luck to all participants.


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