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   It is amazing how stress saps the ability to concentrate and get on with your work. You need to slap yourself real hard to get moving again. Compared to many, my life is so simple and yet I still have days when my left foot is stuck to the ground and I walk in circles. Time for a report.

   The day after the race, birds trickled in. Also on the second day. These are tired, but none are worn out. I was afraid to restart the clock on Monday so instead decided to run all the birds through the clock again. Today, all will go out together and we'll see who is recovered and who needs more rest. On Monday, the birds had open loft and about 100 flew without us having to flag them. On Tuesday, I let the early arrivals out for a fly after sorting the tired ones out and keeping them in. When the first group came down and were clocking, the tired birds were pushed outside. They flew from the exit to the landing board and went right back inside. The majority of the last 30 in the clock were late arrivals. 

   Today, all will go out together. We are to have a few days of stormy weather which is fine, a little more rest and then we'll start training again to get ready for the 400. Today, baths and open loft and lots of time in the grass. 

Master Breeders Awards

1. Buffalo Willies...............IF 19 BUF 1135.........$  3050.00 Plus the Clock      2nd position

2. Chinese Curry ..............CU 19 OSH 20153.....$  1000.00                           3rd position

3. Seal Team Six.............. PH 19 BB 0314 ........$  1000.00                           37th position

4. Granby Loft................. CU 19 CU 2924........$   1000.00                           46th position

5. Lofty Aspirations...........AU 19 ARPU ............$      50.00                           47th position

Cogratulations to All !




   While I had secretly hoped that one or two birds would be a few minutes ahead of the pack, I was as happy as could be when 40 some birds came dropping out of the sky onto the landing board. More than 3/4 of the birds arrived home on the day. More have shown up this morning and we will upload those later today. Congratulations to the money winners.

1. Weekend at Bernie's

2. Buffaloe Willies

3. Chinese Curry

4.Vintage Lofts

5. Walt and Dan Gregoruk

6. Gold Star Loft Canada

7. 4-C Loft

8. 3 Legged Loft

9. TNT Tom

10. Gallo and Feathers Elite

11. Skyview Loft

12. Gatti Vs Ward

13. Boris Sawycky

14. Cruz & Vasco Loft

15. Seal Team Loft

16. Bonneterre

17. FCQ

18. Derick Schleifer

19. Andre Gomes

20. Bonneterre

21. Luc Bazinet

22. El Dorado Lofts Canada

23. Nanez-Bator

24. Archie and Sydney

25. Mohammed


   Congrtulations to everyone whose birds came back. They have flown many miles and the time difference  between first and 200th was minimal.

   The Salem 400 Special will be flown in two weeks. The exact date will be determined by the colour of the sky.



   Good Morning. The birds were released this morning at 08:15 . The weather is perfect. There is a slight north west breeze but the weather network is calling for it to increase up to 20 KM as the day goes on. The sky is bright with few clouds. Times will be fast. Good luck to everyone!

Linda, Dyann, John and Rick


   The birds left this afternoon for our 340 M station. Tomorrow, depending on ground fog, they should be up at 8 AM. It looks to be a fast race and they may be home in the blink of an eye. The basket list will be on Wincompanion this afternoon. Pooling will stay open till 12 on Sunday and we will auction off the lofts not bought at 12. Lunch will be served at 1 PM. Your all welcome to attend. Don't forget your lawn chair. 



PS   Forgot to tell you that on Thursday, the birds went 80KM and came home very quickly. They came within seconds of each other but we did have several snall groups that went travelling.


   The birds were released north of Madoc at our 80 KM spot. The weather was cloudy with strong winds from the west and a tiny bit of drizzle. The were released at 12:15 which makes their arrival speed somewhat slower. They all arrived together. No slow pokes, nothing that took the wrong road home. All circled except one who dropped out of the sky and went in. I then closed the trap and with the help of the Topigeon supplier, we analyzed every step I had taken to set up the clocking system This to insure I don't keep making the same mistakes over and over. After 10 or so minutes, the traps were opened and the birds were allowed to come in. Tomorrow, we'll go 80 KM for the last time. One more chance to set up the clock. Friday, the birds will not be out and we will check and then scan each one.



   On Tuesday, the birds were released 43 KM from home. They had a strong headwind to fight. The sky had clouds but was very bright. They arrived in half an hour in three groups but all the groups came together, one from the north, one from the north-west and the other from south-west. They continued to fly at home with at least 60 birds staying out an extra half hour after the majority had gone in. Be happy if yours was the last to go in. Today they will go 80 KM.

   The weather reports have changed again. I am sure most of you, like me, check 10 times a day. Saturday calls for rain across the top of Quebec and into Ontario. As much as we don't want to interfere with the schedules of other one loft races, the weather forces us to fly our race on Sunday, September 8, 2019. Shipping will be on Saturday at 10 AM. Pooling will be open untill noon on Sunday. We will auction off lofts which have not been bought by the owner and after that, lunch will be served.

   Our loft is located just south of our house. It sits on Little Lake Road at the corner of Bailey Rd. When taking the 401, at the Big Apple exit, # 497, go south to the main intersection of Colborne. At the stop sign, turn east { Left }. At about the 2 KM mark, turn north on Little Lake Road. One KM north, look for the loft on your left hand side. We will also have signs at Little Lake Road and at the end of our driveway.



  The birds arrived in one massive group except for one single bird who was ahead of the pack by a half a minute. It stopped in front of the trap, turned around to see where it's mates were and was promptly trampled by the next hundred behind him. It was blue, that's all I know, no band number. As the birds were landing, a Red Tailed hawk flew over the loft and the pack turned back into the sky. Most flew another half hour, some much more. The gang is almost ready to go again.


SUNDAY, SEPT. 1, 2019

   Today the birds will have a 80 KM toss. It is cloudy and they have a side wind that will force them to work for their keep. The new clocking system certainly uploads much faster. I to am almost upto speed.



   The clocking system works, I almost work. Couple more goes at it and the kinks will be gone. By the time it got started, we missed the first 20 birds. Today, after loft fly we'll try to catch all the birds in the clock.

The birds went 43 KM yesterday and came home in a massive group. The sky was cloudy at the release point and the birds had a head wind. They will go 80 KM on Sunday.



 The birds went for a toss today. They went 43 KM. They were released in a cloudy sky and had a head wind. All flew straight home, none that farted around. I didn't have much goodluck with the new clock.  Started to work but then I messed it up. Have an apointment tonight with someone who knows and can teach. We'll try again tomorrow. There were 451 birds that registered in the loft.


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