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   The birds have been out flying everyday. They are locked out before morning feed for an hour and are encouraged to exercise and they have open trap in the afternoon. Thursday was the first day I felt comfortable with their efforts. Today we will release them 40 Km from the loft in small groups. Weather permitting, we'll take them Saturday or Sunday again and then on Tuesday for a long toss. We'll have race 3 on Thursday.



   The birds were released into a bright sky laced with a few white clouds. There was a slight wind from the east. The temperature was a cool 12 C. There was just a hint of groung fog over the water but it was dissipating at a rapid rate. We were just south of Clarence-Rockland, on the border of Quebec, just west of Ottawa. The birds left the trailer quickly and in one group. They headed south west. 

   On the drive home, I observed the rapid rise in temperature and the stiffening of the wind, which had shifted north-west. By the time I reached home, the wind was north at 12 with gusting up to 17 KM with the temperature now at 24.

   How all this affected the birds I'll never know, but it did. The  first drop came from thhe north, almost all the others from the north west and mostly west. There were six of us watching and we all agreed the birds had flown by. They were in excellent shape when sent with no health issues.  Those home at this time are still in good flesh. They're tired but not worn out. 

   Congratulations to the first four birds that were on the drop. I unfortunately spooked them a little and three backed away from the trap while clocking but it was a four bird drop.

1. D & D Loft       CU 22 Lavl 22075 BB

2. Jules Hou        CU 22 MP 22534 BB

3. Pigeonempire.com Guido Madrusan  CU 22 7730 BB

4. Marie Schlieffer   CU 22 PKC 0120 BC

These four will each have an equal share of $6,000.00  

   We will wait a few days and then decide when race 3 will be.



   We loaded the birds this morning even though the sky was iffy. Iffy got worse so Linda brought them back home. They were released at home with some wanting to eat while others simply wanted to fly. All eventually went back out and had an hours worth of air time. The last group to come down flew in the rain then showered and dried out on the deck when the sun came back out. On Sunday we will be having our 250 Km race.



   If it's in the cards that every one loft owner has to have a training toss from hell, I was dealt the winning hand today. I'd like to meet the dealer and tell him he doesn't have to do this to us cause as a group, all of us one loft workers are going to bite the big bullet a lot sooner than the rest of the world. There are more than enough things that can go wrong than right. We don't need unexplainable training tosses to add to the stress level.

   The birds were released with sunny skies above. They formed a tight circle and climbed higher than what Linda had ever observed before. Once up there, they went north and disappeared out of sight. The first group home, about 20 birds, came from the north, circled a little and came right in. They were followed by smaller groups all coming from the north west. Each group that arrived home had over flown and ended being further west. From 2:00 oclock on, all the birds are arriving from the south east. They have travelled past the loft, gone south to the Lake and are now working their way home. 

    I have handled more than half of the birds as they arrived. I have been checking for respiratory problems and have not found a one. Their weight is fine, they are in excellent shape, they are not tired, and those that arrived before 1:30, had not lost any weight. The later ones are thirsty and down a touch, but not enough to worry about.

   I believe the birds, as a group, made the mistake of going north a bit further than necessary and were enjoying their flight and not thinking about home until it was to late. I had teenagers like that once.


 The last bird on the results received a bruise yesterday and was excused from work today.





AUGUST 23, 2022

    The birds are doing well. They loft fly each day and are staying up longer and longer as the week progresses. Today I messed up the clock. I simply stopped half way as I was setting up. Todays count won't be accurate. Tomorrow we will go 70 KM if the sunshine is here as promised and we will have an accurate count

   Upon arriving home, the birds flew longer in the light rain. When the heavy rains came, they sat and had a shower. We all feel better after having one and I'm sure they do to. The weather report has kiboshed another race until Sunday. That's when we will have our second race from Danford Lake, Quebec.



   Our first race of the 2022 season ended picture perfect. The birds came over the tree tops spread out, side by each. They did a quarter turn and landed with their feet almost touching the trap. As the last disappeared from sight, the next group came over the tree tops followed by most of their friends. 

    The first drop consisted of 20 pigeons who will share the $ 4000.00 .

1.  R & E Ridder           CU 22 5928 BB

2.  R & E Ridder           CU 22 5929 BB

3. Les Deux Suzannes  CU 22 Sumac 0226 BB

4. Eli Griffen Pigeons    CU 22 13296 BB

5.  Franco Bisceglia      CU 22 Miss 2062 BBPD

6.  1CR Loft                 CU 22 1663 BB

7. Elfis Girls                 CU 22 5935 BB

8.  Lucky 7                  CU 22 2128 BB

9.  1CR Loft                 CU 22 1652 BC

10. Neromi Army         CU 22 6835 DC

11. Gaskin/Lopes         CU 22 7276 BBPD

12. Calgary Boys          AU 22 ARPU 63508 DC

13. Wayne Lochbaum   CU 22 NR 4077 BC

14. Granby Loft           CU 22 1614 BB

15. Fan Family Loft      CU 22 15331 BB

16. Neromi Army         CU 22 6829 Choc

17. Neromi Army         CU 22 6876 BC

18. Cruz and Vasco     CU 22 4075 BC

19. The Grootjans Team CU 22 2001 BBPD

20. 1CR Loft                CU 22 1656 BB


Congratulations to all.

Rick and Linda


  The last two day were great for loft flying. The birds enjoyed the little cooler weather and flew almost the entire two hours they were locked out. A couple of visits by our friendly neighbourhood birds of prey helped them decide rather quickly that it was saver way up high. This morning, the birds arrived in good time but trapping was a slow process. The longer distance on Friday will help sharpen their desire to come inside. We will take the birds 150 plus KM for an early Friday release. This is our first race.



   The birds were released this morning in Sharbot Lake in the parking lot of the General Store. They did a half circle and left in a tight ball going imediately very high in the sky. No mucking about this morning.

   The birds were loaded last night after their evening meal and had water in front of them all night long. All the troughs were almost empty. They drank their fill. 

   There wasn't anyone at the loft this morning to watch the birds arrive but the clock shows almost all did come together and entered promptly. I arrived home to see the last thirty or so circling over head. They didn't rush in. I think I'll stay away more often.

   Weather will decide which day, next week, we'll have the first race.



    I was asked if I could clarify the number of paid entries that we started with. Not a problem. Just match the entry ledger with what,s on the computor and Bob's your uncle. Unfortunately, I found a couple of missing entries and I have now corrected the numbers. 

    We had 95 paid 4 bird teams.  Four teams with 3, 2, 1, 1 entries and after the dust settled, only 18 birds were activated. This gives a total of 405 birds with prize money of 81,000.00. I have added the 2900.00 dollars to the payout for Overall Average speed. 



150 Special      $ 4000.00 shared, first drop                    2 Bird Average   1. $ 2000.00

250 Special      $ 6000.00 shared, first drop                     2 - 6.  $  400.00 each

350 Special      $ 8000.00 shared, first drop

450 Special    1.  $ 2000.00                                           Average Speed

                      2.  $ 1200.00                                         Short     1.  $ 1000.00

                      3.  $ 1000.00                                                      2.  $ 600.00

                      4.  $ 800.00                                                        3.  $ 300.00

                      5.  $ 600.00                                                      4-9.  $ 150.00

                      6-12  $ 400.00 each                                   

                     13-20  $ 200.00 each

550 Special    1.  $ 6000.00                                         Long    1.  $ 1000.00

                      2.  $ 2800.00                                                     2.  $ 600.00

                      3.  $ 1600.00                                                     3.  $ 300.00

                      4.  $ 1200.00                                                    4-9.  $ 150.00

                      5.  $ 1000.00

                      6-10  $ 600.00 each                             Overall    1.  $ 1800,00

                      11-30  $ 400.00 each                                           2.  $ 1200.00

650 Special     1. $ 3200.00                                                      3. $ 1000.00

                       2.  $ 1600.00                                                     4. $ 800.00                

                       3.  $ 1200.00                                                     5. $ 600.00

                       4.  $ 800.00                                                     6-10. $ 500.00

                       5-8  $ 600.00                                                  11-14  $ 400.00

                       9-10  $ 400.00 each                                         15.   $ 300.00

                      11-20  $ 200.00 each


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