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Good Morning All,

                         We only have about 4 weeks left to get our birds in for 2023. Birds are coming in , and we are still dealing with a very lothargic U.S. Post Office. I have had very good luck sending birds out of Phoenix. People sending in have not had the same success. It is currently Saturday and I have 2 people still waiting for thier birds to arrive that were shipped on Wednesday, one from Ohio and one from California. We are all trying to track these birds but are being told the system is down. It is hard to understand how it costs more than ever to ship birds but it takes longer to get where they need to go. Sorry about my attitude today. I just find it frustrating with thier attitudes toward live animals. Let's hope this all works out and all birds arrive safe.

                                                               I know that my post office does a cracker barrel job and I really appreciate them ,Keep up the great work !

                                                                       Have a Great week end,



Good Morning All, 

                Birds are finally starting to come in. Mike and I just came back from the A.G.N. Race up in Hilmar ,CA. We had a great time with Carl & Tim Perry. They put on a great race and we got to promote the GCC a bit. We also went to the Franchise Futurity in Texas where Paul & Kimberly put on an awesome show as well. It is always a lot of fun to go and hang out with friends , eat some great food , and just enjoy our sport. We have promoted the race a lot this year and are hoping for another great race here at the Grand Canyon Classic.

                                                       I will update as things move along.

                                           Thanks for Your Support

                                                         Bob & Mike


Good Morning,

                     Yesterday's 350 mile race went well with 12 birds arriving on the first drop with speeds around 1420 ypm.Another was 1 minute behind. After that they have been trickling in. The clocking went well,and everyone seemed to have a good time. We had plenty of good food for all , and most were very happy with the race in general. I really believe that we will have many more birds for next year. People are signing up for next year already. Hope you all enjoyed following the races and training for this year. I enjoyed this whole new experience and can't wait till next year. I am already making a slight change in the perch fee's. The perch fee will be the same , but $25.00 of each paid perch will now be applied to the Capital Prize pool. This should make the prizes a little more interesting for next year. Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. I look forward to working with you all again next year.

                                  Thanks Again for All of Your Support.



Good Morning ,

                          The birds are on the way ! They were released at 8:15 A.M. Overcast at release with no wind and 21 degrees. It should clear real quick. The hauler said they went real high up along the ridge and took off very quickly. I hope to see some of you later on to watch them clock, enjoy a good lunch, and some great comraderie. Good luck to all.

                                                                 Thanks for all your support.



Good Morning,

                            We shipped the birds last night. They are headed up to Richfield,Utah as we chat. We are expecting good conditions for a race tomorrow.

It's going to be very cold at release with a favorable wind. I have had 2 birds show up in the last few days who have been missing for months. It' s amazing how they show up just after race season ends. I will send these birds back to their owners after the holidays are over , along with all the birds that clock from this race.

                                           Good Luck to All,



Good Morning,

                The birds went on a 125 mile training toss yesterday. It went well with 24 birds on the first drop. The rest came in a little later,all birds home and getting ready for their big day. I will be shipping them on Monday evening. The hauler will drive them up on Tuesday, spend the night, and release on Wednesday morning if all goes according to plan.

                                                    Good Luck to All,



350 Miles                         300 Miles                      Average Speed

1st  $ 3,480.75              1st  $ 937.12                 1st  $ 1,249.50

2nd $ 2,320.50              2nd $ 669.38                 2nd $   892.50

3rd $ 1,740.37              3rd  $ 535.50                 3rd  $   714.00

4th $ 1,160.25              4th  $ 401.62                 4th  $   535.50 

5th $    580.13              5th  $ 133.88                 5th  $   178.50

6th thru 10th  $ 464.10


1st drop splits equally,then trapping order.

Total Payout $ 17,850.00

Paid Entries    (51) @ 350.00 = $17,850.00


                                      Good Luck to All,



Good Morning,

                    It looks like we are going to have a race this week! I will be shipping the birds monday evening. The hauler will drive to the release point on Tuesday, Spend the night and release Wednesday morning. They are predicting a favorable day with wind out of the North at 4 mph. Just enough help to get them over the Grand Canyon, and not to much to make it a blow home. Should be as close to a perfect day as we could ask for. We will be entertaining our guests on Wednesday, and hopefully watching our birds arrive. I look forward to seeing as many of you that would like to come.

                             Looking forward to a great day,



Good Morning,

                  It looks like we are going to have to hold the birds again. This weather is just not co-operating with us. At this point in time , I am going to have to take advantage of the first available good weather day I can get. This means racing during the week if that is how it works out. I will train the birds again this coming weekend. The bad weather is on the north side of the Grand Canyon, allowing me to train on Saturday. I will let you know what's going on as soon as I know.

                                     Thanks Again for your patience,



Good Afternoon,

                      I took the birds out to the 65 mile drop this morning which turned out to be a complete waste of time. The weather got real bad ,real quick. I brought them back to the 35 mile drop and released. They had a head wind and came on through just fine. All the birds are home and looking good. I have a bird with a bad chip band and I will replace it tomorrow. A-1 769 was the one.

                       We have been in a really crappy weather pattern for the last 5 days and it is not looking great for this weekend either. We are looking at high head winds on Saturday and then lot's of snow for Sunday. I will always take the side of our birds and not release in these conditions. I will decide real soon about flying this weekend or not.

                                  I appreciate your patience and support.

                                                               Thanks Again,


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